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Ionic Light

Real Name
Carolina Williams-Danvers
Current Alias
Ionic Light

Wonder Girl, New Ms.Marvel, Carol



Young Avengers, New Avengers Squad

Sanford Williams (Paternal Grandfather, Deceased), Martha Williams (Paternal Gandmother, Deceased), Eric Williams (Paternal Uncle), Joseph Danvers Sr. (Maternal Grandfather, Deceased), Marie Danvers (Maternal Grandmother), Joseph Danvers jr. (Maternal Uncle), Steven Danvers (Maternal uncle, deceased), Simon Williams (Father), Carol Danvers (Mother)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Beverly Hills, California



Yellow when using Ionic form

Blonde, with natural purple streaks

Unusual Features
Like her father can take on a full ionic form that is red violet in color


Marital Status

Student, hero; Formerly Vigilante

High School Level


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I just can't keep pretending there's not something more out there, that there isn't more I can't accomplish. I just can't stay in Beverly Hills, knowing there's others who need my help. I want to be part of something bigger! Quote2
-- Carolina Williams-Danvers


At some point in the later part of their careers, the budding romance of Wonder Man and Ms.Marvel resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Due to her earlier experiences with Marcus Immortus in her earlier times with the Avengers, Carol initially became spooked and worried such an event was happening again. Her paranoia nearly caused a break up between Simon and Carol before he finally convinced her to approach their teammates about the situation. Still holding deep suspicion, Carol was checked by Reed Richards, Henry Pym, and Tony Stark on the results of her developing child, all of which ran several tests to be absolutely certain of the results. She was found to be carrying a regular child and after several reassurances her paranoia passed.

The one thing that couldn't be confirmed though was Carolina's potential of being a mutate. Once she was born, Carolina seemed normal, being happy and healthy much to her parents' relief. Unfortunately, their life was anything but normal as her father had taken up an acting and stuntman career while Carol decided to retire from heroics to focus on family life. But the family was viewed as a "celebrity" family due to their past deeds as heroes, which put Carolina in the spotlight early in life and well into her later years. Nevertheless, her mother did her best to keep it normal as can be, even having her daughter enrolled in private school while her and Simon taught her basic hand-to-hand as she grew.

Due to also visiting many sets her father was a part of, Carolina early on grew a love for acting and sometimes would practice with her father. But during one of these visits, an eleven year old Carolina attempted to repeat a deadly stunt of jumping from a roof top of an action scene her father was practicing, causing dread for her parents when she attempted to repeat it. Rushing to her aid the two went to catch her only for Carolina to subconsciously slip into her ionic form for the first time out of fear and excitement, avoiding her of having serious injury and startling her parents and others witnessing the incident. For the first time, the confirmation of being an enhanced human was confirmed and prompted her parents to extend any training they were giving her to properly use those powers.

Once thirteen rolled around, Carolina began to hit that rebellious stage in life where she wanted more freedom and sought to become a hero like her parents. Creating a makeshift costume for herself, Carolina snuck out of their home often to fight street crime in the night, making use of her ionic abilities and newly discovered Light Manipulation to her advantage. But her secret didn't remain as her parents discovered her activities quickly from reports and sightings shown on the news and by fifteen Carolina revealed herself publically much to the chagrin of her parents who initially grounded her and forbade her from continuing her vigilante ways, largely due to the fact she didn't come to them about it in the first place.

Beyond the Hills

Being grounded didn't last long for the young heroine though, as Simon and Carol were approached by Sam Wilson Senior about the new Avengers Academy. Though they almost considered not allowing her to go due to her recent activities Simon once again was the one to convince Carol otherwise. Seeming as their daughter desired to be a hero, he figured she might as well get the proper training and discipline to be one. Convinced but still reluctant Carol allowed their daughter to be enrolled into the academy where Carolina eagerly moved to, for the first time meeting fellow young heroes who shared much of eagerness to make a name for themselves.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ionic Energy Body:Much like her father, Wonder Man, Carolina can shift to an ionic form. This form is more of an organic matter that permeates with the form of ionic energy giving her many properties similar to Simon while also having some differences. Unlike his form, however, her coloration is red violet in color and she can control her body's density and size.
    • Superhuman Strength:The organic matter that makes up her ionic form allows her to control her density and when solid she is able to lift 10 tons easily. When she alters her size this can increase to 20-30 tons at the most. It also gives her the ability to leap great distances and put more force behind her blows.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Due to this form having no real affect from her normal flesh and blood she doesn't suffer from fatigue toxins, enabling her to last for hours without tiring as long as she's in this form.
    • Superhuman Durability:By making her body completely solid she can withstand impact forces usually fatal to humans, such as falling from great heights, getting hit by a car at high speeds, or high caliber bullets. In general, her body is far stronger and harder then the average human body.
    • Superhuman Agility:Her agility, balance, and coordination are greater and far more superior to the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:Carolina has a much greater reaction time then the average human, reacting quick enough to dodge most attacks and other things.
    • Self-Substanance:In this form Carolina doesn't need oxygen, food, or water to survive due to the fact she is completely made of energy and requires nothing humans normally would need.
    • Intangibility:Thanks to her density control Carolina can make herself intangible, doing so by focusing upon her energy body and making it into a more gaseous-like state. This leaves her almost completely invulnerable to physical blows and weapons. But she can be affect by energy attacks and the elements.
    • Size Alteration:Much like her father, Carolina can alter her size to shrinking down to about 2 inches tall at minimum and as high as five stories for her maximum. She also makes use of it far more often then Simon ever did.
    • Flight:Carolina is capable of flight by the use of her own power and locomotion. So far, she has been able to fly at speeds of 450 mph and its uncertain if she'll go faster as she learns better control.
    • Possible Immortal:It's possible that also again like Simon Carolina could likely not age such as growing old and is immune to disease and radiation. She also does not require food, water, and oxygen to live in this form so it is quite possible if she retained this form she would outlive most humans.
  • Light Manipulation:A power inherited from her mother but on a much broader scale. Carolina can manipulate photons or light energy in various ways, allowing her to generate, manipulate, and absorb light, which she can generate on her own or from sources around her. It's been estimated that these might be inherited from when her mother was Binary for a time earlier in her life and those traces of Carol's power as Binary might have been inherited by Carolina, though it's unknown at this moment if she'll gain godlike-powers as her mother once did.
    • Light Ball Projection:Carolina can create spheres of light varying in size and density, making them either attacks like bullets, fist sized cannon balls, or even the size of a large beach ball that can cause physical attacks. They can also, if she wishes, explode on contact with the same force as a grenade.
    • Light Wave Emission:Carolina can release waves of light energy, sometimes three at a time to blast and or repel attacks and to blast others off their feet.
      • Omnidirectional Light Wave:A stronger form of her Light Wave Emission where Carolina can send out several light waves in all directions with enough force that can blast others off their feet.
    • Light Beam Emission:Carolina can fire a beam or several beams of light, varying in power depending on how she concentrates it from being a laser that can be harmless to a beam that can easily go through titanium steel.
    • Formulated Light Constructs:Carolina can manipulate light into various constructs, from animals to weapons which she can use for various situations.
    • Absolute Light:By generating a bright aura of light around her or her hands, Carolina creates a flash of light that blinds several people for a short time or allows her to create a light source in darkness.
    • Light Bending:Carolina can bend light around her, usually from her own generated light or a light source to project hologram-like images of herself or make herself invisible for short periods of time.
    • Light Absorption:Despite being able to generate her own light Carolina can absorb light from outside sources if it is present and store it inside her body or send it back at others.
    • Light Immunity:Due to her manipulation of light Carolina is immune to all forms of light-related attacks, usually just being able to absorb it or redirect such attacks.
  • Energy Vision:Due to her Ionic Body form and Light Manipulation she can see beyond the visible spectrum of humans, such as seeing certain other parts of the Visible Light Spectrum.


  • Since she was young Carolina has been trained in close quarters combat by both of her parents, showing she has some decent skill enough to hold her own in a fight.
  • Due to her mother's military training Carolina was taught how to use firearms, having shown to be quite the accurate markswoman.
  • Like her parents, Carolina is a gifted intellect and has shown to have some aptitude towards the use of technology.
  • Carolina also has shown to have excellent observation and analytical skills.
  • Due to years joining her father on set, Carolina has also gained some skill in acting, being able to play up certain roles rather convincingly and largely hopes to become an actress one day.

Strength level

In her normal form she has the average strength for a girl her age and height. In her ionic form Carolina can easily lift 10 tons and her strength can vary with her size alteration.


  • Carolina cannot always control when she changes to her ionic form, sometimes this being a subconscious way to defend herself.
  • In dark places her Light manipulation could prove useless or weakened, especially since she might have to generate her own light to manipulate.
  • Though it is uncertain at this time, Carolina could possibly be prone to mental breakdowns like her father.
  • It's also been tested by some scientists in the SHIELD labs per Carolina's request to see if her Ionic Form could become permanent. It has been estimated from the test results that this is quite possible the more she uses it and the longer time she spends in her Ionic body.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Her Ionic form, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: Various firearms, mostly her powers


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  • Her codename of "Ionic Light" is a combination of that of her ionic form and light manipulation powers.
  • Carolina has expressed some possible interest in being an actress if the opportunity presents itself. But she also has expressed interest in joining the Air Force someday like her mother.
  • Carolina's favorite flower is the King protea.

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