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Mind Flare

Real Name
Carol Evergreen
Current Alias
Mind Flare

Demon Girl, Monster, Devil's Daughter



X-traordinary X-men, X-men (Jean Grey School)

Azazel (Father), Unknown Mother, Merrick Evegreen (Brother), Kurt Wagner (Paternal Half Brother, Deceased), Abyss (Paternal Half Brother), Kiwi Black (Paternal Half Brother), Amethyst Moore (Paternal Half Sister)


Base Of Operations
Jean Grey School, Westchester, New York; California






Unusual Features
Demonic appearance, prehensile tail


Marital Status

X-men trainee, student

Home schooled, high school

Neyaphem Mutant

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I hoped being an X-man I could still serve my team as a support role, and use my telepathy just to coordinate with them. But it seems my reservations were true, there's no escaping violence in this job. Quote2
-- Carol Evergreen


Carol is the youngest of two children from a family originating from the state of California. Like her brother, she was born with a demonic appearance and faced a rough life of not being truly accepted in their town, which was in the city. To hide them, their family moved out to the country and faced a hard decision of home schooling since their mother was worried that someone would see them as freaks if she put them in a public school. Both Carol and Merrick had the basic education and learned some other skills which eventually lead to their different paths.

Eventually, Carol took an interest in gymnastics and was found to be a natural from a young age. For a while this worked for her since no one really expected anything besides her odd appearance until around the time she was thirteen, unaware of her superhuman reflexes and agility already, that things began to change. During her attempt at a difficult maneuver Carol nearly had a fatal hit into the wall when trying some aerial flips but caught herself. Instead of falling however she stuck to the wall and found she could easily scale it.

This made several others uncomfortable however, and this continued to worsen as she got older and began to realize how much different she really was. By the time she was sixteen her telepathy began to show itself as she couldn't stop thoughts that weren't her own coming into and out of her mind. During an event for her gymnastics team this happened again and already on the brink of insanity she lashed out with her thoughts, using a psychic knife resulting in anyone within twenty feet of her being mentally attacked. Others who weren't grew frightened and had had enough. A week later though, she was approached by X-men staff to join their school in the use of her powers which she accepted.

Jean Grey School

Unlike the rest of her team Carol has been at the school by this time for little over nine months before being approached to join the new team. Skeptical though she almost refused to join before Laurie managed to talk her into it by sharing her own experiences and doubts when she joined the Lights. Despite her doubts she became part of their team, coming to serve as their sole telepath and this is also when she met her half sister, Amethyst Moore, for the first time since they arrived at the school.


For the moment someone meets Carol they'll meet a very kind hearted and caring person. Though she tends to be fairly shy when meeting new people and can be a little soft spoken until knowing someone better. But after getting to know someone she is pretty talkative and always seems to be pretty out going after that.

Yet Carol is in no way close to being a fighter by nature, rather she prefers a pacifist one. She hates fighting and violence and will avoid it at any chance she can get, much to the annoyance of her teammates at times. This makes her seem a little cowardly but she has her reasons being the way she is and doesn't plan to change. None the less she is still deeply loyal to those she comes to trust and will fight if she must.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Agility:Carol's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are above the finest human athlete, enabling her to perform complex acrobatic maneuvers.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Carol has a greater reaction time then most humans, allowing her to react to short range and close quarters attacks if she is aware of them.
  • Wall-crawling:Due to microscopic discs on her hands and feet Carol can scale vertical surfaces without much worry though horizontal surfaces are something of a limit.
  • Telepathy:Carol is currently considered a weak or low level telepath, only having just gotten the power a year ago that allows her to read the mind of others along with various other abilities that work within 20 feet of her. Currently she has displayed the following powers:
    • Telepathic Communication:Carol can talk to about 3-4 people at once by projecting her thoughts to them or vice versa. Any more people tends to put a strain on her however without some form of anchor or aid.
    • Psychic Links:Carol can make a mental connection with certain people to which telepathic communication becomes easier despite distance though tend to be stronger when within her limited range. At the moment she is still learning to use this.
    • Psi-blasts:By concentrating the energy from her mind Carol can create concussive force like blasts that attack the mind or can do physical damage, strength of blast varies with concentration.
    • Psi-knife:Similar to other telepaths Carol can concentrate her thoughts to attack the minds of others to 'stab' their mind like a knife would to actual flesh, but varies again based on concentration.
    • Telepathic Cloaking:She can make it so her presence and others around her go unnoticed by mutant detection devices or other telepaths, this can also count for hiding their powers too.
    • Psionic Shield:A mental shield that Carol can create to protect her mind and thoughts from other telepaths along with others.
    • Mental Detection:An ability that allows Carol to detect the distinctive brain rave patterns of a mutant or other superhumans within the radius she can reach.
    • Astral project:An ability to allow her astral form to leave her body and travel on the astral plane or physical plane allowing her to travel further distances or places one cannot physically reach.
    • Neural Jumpstart:An ability that helps Carol increase the neural signals in the brain to augment another's powers for a temporary time.


  • Carol has shown herself to be a natural acrobat to where she's trained extensively since she was young, almost being considered a master but still has work to do.

Strength level

Has the average strength for a girl her age and height who engages in moderate to intensive exercises.


  • Despite her superhuman physical abilities, Carol can still be harmed or affected by conventional means like normal humans.
  • Her telepathy is very basic at the moment and she is still learning to not overstep her limits. Pushing herself too much can also lead to mental strain and exhaustion.
  • Carol is something of a pacifist and may not want to fight often leading her to run away or avoid a fight altogether.


Equipment: None
Transportation: X-jet
Weapons: None


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  • Carol is the only one on her team who is of a pacifistic nature.
  • Some people consider Carol a chocoholic since she loves chocolate over almost anything else.

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