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Captain Marvel

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Binary Powers: After being experimented on and gaining the original Captain Marvell's powers, she became one of the strongest beings in the universe.

Superhuman Strength: Binary possess Superhuman Strength that can rival that of Thor and Hulk. She's been able to go toe to toe to Abomination, Red Hulk, Hela, etc. She's been able to bench 100 tons and possibly more.

Superhuman Speed: Carol also moves at Superhumanly fast speeds. She's even been able to fly faster than Hulk (who commented on Thor being slow, showing he's faster). She's been able to speed blitz some of the fastest people and has been able to fly so fast that she can time travel.

Superhuman Durability: Carol has taken blunt force from the strongest beings in the universe. She's been able to take Abomination's punches (when he was enhanced by a Gamma bomb) and has tanked punches and hits from Hulk and Thor.

Energy Absorption: One of Carol's most powerful abilities and known abilities is her gift to absorb energy and limitless amounts. She augment everything in her body. She's been able to absorb so much energy, that she's been able to rival and take down the entire Phoenix Force herself. She can even absorb the Phoenix Force into her and knocked it out because of how much energy she has. She can drain energy from beings and has absorbed Gamma Radiation from the likes of Abomination and Red Hulk.

Photonic Blasts: When she's not using her Binary powers she can shoot large amounts of energy. Her blasts are stronger than Iron Man's Omnibeam and can disintegrate enemies if she charges enough energy in her body.

Energy Manipulation: Carol can manipulate many kinds of energy and with Marvell's powers, possibly all. She can tap into all the energies on the Electromagnetic Spectrum. She can discharge energy as she sees it.

Energy Blasts: She can shoot extreme blasts of energy. Her photonic blasts are now orange and fire based. The minimum amount is a nuclear bomb. A small blast is enough to knock back a whole army. When she charges her fists with energy,she has the strength of 50 nuclear bombs and possibly beyond that.

Microwave Energy: When she activates her Microwave energy, she has intense heat beams that at it's peak and prime has the power of the sun. She can turn her body red to super heat her body so she can burn through objects even metal. She can even hurt beings like the Juggernaut.

Gamma Radiation energy: One of her most devastating abilities is her Gamma radiation abilities. Her blasts are similar to the punch of the Abomination or Red Hulk. She can punch with that same amount of force. She can drain energy from Gamma beings to make herself stronger if not stronger than them. She can shoot her blasts and make them as poisonous and give it the same effect as Doctor Doom's from the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot.

X-Rays: Similar to the villain X-Ray, and even by her own standards, she can drain energy from others to the point where she can disintegrate them. She even has X-Ray vision with this ability and heat vision. She can knock out people using X-Ray vision or shut their brains down temporarily or permanently. She can drain the energy from others that she was able to turn Red Hulk back to General Ross.

Ultraviolet Light: Also one of her most devastating abilities is her ability to shoot Ultraviolet energy from her hands. It can easily give others skin poisoning and can break chemical bonds. Against beings with strong Durability it can be a total game changer as it can knock some out or damage them extremely.

Visible light: Carol can shoot blinding lights of energy to blind others or to potentially burn them. Some can be temporarily or permanently blinded by her choice. She can bend light to make herself invisible.

Infrared Radiation: She is able to make her energy Blasts invisible or phase through objects to hit a certain target.

Terahertz Radiation: One of her most powerful attacks are her Terahertz Radiation attacks. It can make others skin bubble and for some blow up. She can melt structures as well into liquid.

Radiowaves: One of her mysterious abilities is to be able to fly faster than a phones connect and can hack into technology and disrupt phone calls. She can travel through phones, face time, etc. She can even shoot a high frequency blast that even deaf people have claimed to be able to hear and is on par but no where more powerful than Black Bolt screaming at his full might. It's on par with a whisper from him.

Quantum Manipulation: One of her most powerful abilities is to manipulate energies that she doesn't even have access to like when she was able to access Odinforce energy when she absorbed it from Thor.

Gravity Manipulation: Carol is able to manipulate gravity on a level that rivals that of Graviton and Ultron. She has been able to toss beings away with just the wave of her finger.

Superhuman reflexes: Carol's reflexes were heavily enhanced to the point where her reflexes are virtually instantaneous.

Cosmic Rays/Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Her most powerful energy form is Cosmic Rays/Cosmic Radiation. She's able to disintegrate whole beings, show a form of cosmic telekinesis, matter manipulation, instant teleportation, energy based constructs, and fly beyond Warp Speed. She's even been able to knock out Thor and Hulk and remove them from battle fields.

Heat Manipulation: A form of Matter Manipulation for her is to turn any object into flames, gas, solid, liquid or ions to the point where they turn into ionic radiation and she can absorb that energy to power herself with ionic or zero point energy radiation to the point where she can even freeze enemies temporarily.

Electricity: One of her more useful abilities is the ability to supercharge her self with electricity. She is able to lift enemies in the air, create electrical storms, etc. She has been able to create force fields, manipulate metal and has the ability of ferrokinesis.

Metamorphosis: After realizing she had a new energy form that was a blue type color she experimented with it as it greatly increased her strength and she could reduce the strength of those around her. She started to over use it and an added benefit due to her symbiosis with the alien, Carol/Cru had the extra ability to alternate and optimize biological matter comprising of muscular, dermal and skeletal tissues. This would often cause her to shift between her normal Caucasian skin tone and the blue hue of her extraterrestrial partner.

Self Destruct: An ability she uses often is the ability to self destruct and release it outside her body instead of inside which can knock out enemies.


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Carol has had Romantic feelings for Steven Rogers, Thor, and Peter Parker.


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