"I present to you, Taneleer Tivan, the Collector."
Carina was the Krylorian attendant of Taneleer Tivan, aka the Collector, and served him at his museum in the spaceport of Knowhere. Being a Krylorian, a race that had been subjugated by the Kree Empire at various points in history and sold as slaves, her lot in life was far from a unique one. In fact, there was at least one former attendant of the Collector, also a Krylorian, who had herself become part of his collection after displeasing him in an unknown manner.

Carina's jobs including tending to the exhibits in his museum and catering to the Collector's every need. She would also announce guests into his presence, such as she did with Balder and the Lady Sif when they brought the Aether to the him for safekeeping. She was initially against hiring Gamora as an agent to acquire more Infinity Stones, but kept these remarks to herself, lest she risk the wrath of Tivan. When she learned that the Orb of Morag contained the Power Stone, she took the opportunity to attempt to break free of the Collector, grabbing the stone. Unfortunately she could not control its power, and promptly was destroyed in a large explosion, which devastated much of Tivan's prized collection.

Powers & Abilities

Carina possessed no special abilities or powers that are known.


Krylorians in general are similar to humans, minus their pink skin tone. It can then be safely assume that they have the same weaknesses and abilities as normal human beings would.

Film Details

Carina appears in the following films in the Earth-11584 continuity. In all cases she is portrayed by actress Ophelia Lovibond.

  • Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
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