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Black King

Real Name
Carey Gallio
Current Alias
Black King

Son of the Black Priestess, Shadow Lad



Hell's Circle; Formerly Hellfire Club (Associates)

Kevin Ford (Father, Deceased), Selene Gallio (Mother, Allegedly Deceased), Trevor Ford Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Angela Ford (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased), Unknown Maternal Grandmother (Deceased), Amara Aquilla (Alleged Maternal Distant Relative), Julias da Costa (Alleged Maternal Distant Relative)


Base Of Operations
Unknown; Formerly Hellfire Club safe house





Unusual Features
Eyes turn solid black when using powers


Marital Status

Adventurer; Formerly Hellfire Club trainee

Taught by associates of Hellfire Club and private tutors


Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 Darkness rises to settle on the world once more, and I'm the catalyst to start it. Quote2
-- Carey Gallio


Carey is a young man born from the use of DNA of Kevin Ford, Aka Wither, and Selene Gallio, AKA Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. Created in a lab and carried for nine months by a surrogate, Carey was "created" for one sole purpose: to become the next biggest pawn for the Hellfire Club.

As early as anyone can remember, Carey was groomed from a very young age to begin taking over as the next Black King in the coming future. He was taught by private tutors in the basics for schooling involving Math, Science, Language Arts/English, and Social Studies to extending to other things that caught his interest. Topics he was interested in learning were also self-taught or with the occasional extra tutor just to keep him busy when not training. His upbringing though was far from being anything of love and kindness. Rather, it was incredibly strict and from time to time abusive, to the point that Carey was carefully monitored, his "caretakers" being careful of what he was exposed to.

But like any youth, Carey became bored and restless with being confined to a single area, namely the safe house he was kept for hours on end. To any normal person it wasn't a surprise when he began acting out from time to time, and even convinced one or two of his tutors to sneak in magazines, newspapers, etc. just so he could have some variety to what he normally had. During one of these forbidden items he was able to get Carey came across some old news clippings of things involving the X-Men and Brotherhood, something that intrigued him when he was twelve and onward. This finding was what triggered his true interest into the Hellfire Club's own history, surprising but delighting his caretakers who had no idea what really triggered his previous disinterest.

During his own research into the history of the Hellfire Club he uncovered similar past issues for it and their sole goal. These self-teachings began to shape Carey's ideals to not only continue the ideals of the Hellfire Club but also add the ideals Magneto himself once desired. The only problem was that he didn't know for sure if he had inherited mutant abilities like that of his parents before him. With his beliefs held in mind, Carey took his training more seriously, though he also became incredibly reckless as he began going into his teenage years to the point his caretakers began to grow worried he might kill himself.

Despite the concerns and disregard for his own safety, Carey's efforts began to show some results.

Dark Revival

By the time he turned fifteen, the young future leader of the Hellfire Club was growing extremely frustrated in seeing no signs of powers. Having tried all forms of dangerous things that would trigger a mutation, some more risky then others, he began to lose hope. Sitting on the estate of which he had been residing for years now, Carey contemplated more extremes of which to trigger his X-gene but discovered it by mistake when sitting in the shade of one of the many fruit trees growing on the estate. Delighted and full of wicked excitement, he kept this discovery secret as he continued his lessons while finding time to practice with his ability for a year before he felt ready.

Thus, he carried out his own personal plans, starting by ridding of his "caretakers" and tutors. Once rid of them and disposing of their bodies he began changing the safe house into more of a base of operations, investing a bit of money to alter it as such, even to the point of installing a basement area for various things. Once this task was completed, Carey began to seek out recruits to join his newest group based on the ideals of the Brotherhood with some of that from the Hellfire Club, reviving old views and calling the group Hell's Circle.

Powers and Abilities


  • Umbrakinesis:One power he inherited from Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. This allows Carey to manipulate darkness and shadow, whether it's a dark spot, his own shadow, or someone else's; he has proven himself quite adept in his ability as much as his mother was with her own. One main thing he can do is turn himself into complete shadow or create a dark aura of his own with shadows seeming to come off him like an ominous dark cloud. Though, the drawback is that most times Carey must have some kind of dark area nearby for him to have full access to some of his abilities or must rely completely on his own. This also has enabled him to access several types of this ability:
    • Shadow Teleport:Carey is capable of traveling at an unspecified distance by traveling or merging with shadows, literally seeming to "melt" into them and appearing in another location. Carey has a connection to the Darkforce Dimension allowing him to travel through various shadow portals at will but normally there must be some kind of dark area.
    • Shadow Constructs:Carey can create various constructs that extend from weapons to tools to armor and shields or necessary things like stairs and platforms. These constructs become solid enough others can use them or support several pounds of weight.
    • Force Field:Carey is capable of creating a force field made completely of shadow that is often made for protecting himself but can be extended to protect others should there be enough darkness or by connecting to their shadows. This force field protects from energy and elemental attacks, save for light which when strong enough tend to break through or physical attacks. But it can slow down the physical ones enough most times for a reaction.
    • Near-Invulnerability:Carey is capable of granting himself some invulnerability by combining his form with shadow, making him temporarily a shadow-like figure. In this state he is unaffected by physical objects but is more susceptible to energy and elemental attacks.
    • Concussive Blasts:Carey is capable of generating concussive force blasts made of complete shadow, usually varying in power based on the amount he can gather being capable of denting steel.
    • Shadow Marionette:Through his connections to the shadows, Carey is capable of taking control of someone else's body through these connections. Like a puppet on strings once he extends his own shadow to another's he can control their movements by psionic means.
    • Shadow Cloaking:Carey is capable of completely shrouding himself in shadow to where he cannot be seen in complete darkness and renders him nearly invisible by sight.
  • Limited Telepathy:Carey has also shown being capable of using telepathy from being able to communicate between several people at once, read the thoughts of others, and psionically shielding his thoughts and others from others.


  • Over the years, Carey has learned to be an excellent negotiator, organizer, and tactician, being able to strategize and plan according to different situations.
  • Carey has also been trained to be a decent swordsman, having learned swordsmanship since he was young.
  • Carey has also been trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat techniques, mainly to be able to hold his own against several opponents with anticipation to make use of his mutation into his fighting style.

Strength level

Carey has the average strength for a man his age, height, and weight.


  • Carey's mutant ability rely heavily on the shadows, therefore he must have some form of darkness or shadow to properly use them.
  • Light is also known to be a weakness for Carey, most especially since they cut through shadow.
  • Ironically, Carey himself has a great sensitivity to light which hurts his eyes and has an allergy to the sun that cause uncomfortable itchy, red rashes and blisters.


Equipment: Wrist communicator, Blackout sunglasses
Transportation: His own powers
Weapons: None known.


  • Carey is a What If? idea if Wither and Selene were to have a child.


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