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Quote1.pngHero, friend, traitor. I have been called all of these things. By my allies of Earth, and then by my own kind in Hala. I decided to return now and fight for the safety of this galaxy once more, not as a spy, or a warrior...but a hero.Quote2.png
--Ms. Marvel


Car-Oll, also known as Ms. Marvel was a Kree spy and warrior who was sent to visit and monitor the Earth so the Kree could use it as a base in their way against the Skrulls. At some point, though, she aided the Avengers in their battle against the Chitauri, and was inducted into the team. Eventually, she befriended them, and though she was still loyal to the Kree, the mission was no longer her main focus: protecting the Earth was. Eventually, however, the Kree did invade Earth, during which time, her fiance Mra-El, revealed the invasion plans to her teammates. Distraught, she called off the marriage for his blatant destruction of humanity and for fighting the Avengers.

The Avengers would later find themselves in conflict with the Defenders (at the time consisting of Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, and Wonder Man). The conflict ended when they took on the common enemy that the Defenders had sought out all along: Annihilus, an ancient alien from another universe who could have destroyed it in the past had it not been for the efforts of T'Chaba, the first Black Panther. Car-Oll was subdued in the fight, and so Simon destroyed Annihilus with a heavily charged ion blast. Using his last words to inquire about the afterlife, Car-Oll ignored her atheist beliefs and comforted him, as he died.

Car-Oll was deeply affected by Simon's death, crying profusely at his funeral (attended by all Avengers and Defenders). She said at his grave, "I knew him for a just a little time, but he was such a great person. He wouldn't stop believing, ever, even at the direst consequences." Black Panther approached, and as he put his hand on her shoulder, he said, "It's faith, Ms. Marvel. You cannot explain just have it..." She put a rose on his grave and walked away.

After Simon's resurrection, he became immensely powerful, so much so that nothing could stop him. Kree energy, however, was magic-resistant, and since Simon was revived magically, it could stop or kill him. Desperately, she fought and tried to talk him down. In the end, however, she was forced to kill him in cold blood in order to do the right thing.

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