This on-going fanfiction series is based from Great War RP which my DeviantArt friends had started in a Discord Server with crossover elements of Marvel Universe, SCP Foundation, RWBY, Bionicle, Dark Souls and others. The original characters are also from me and my friends.

Plot Summary

Amnon Montmartre (Amnon-Selah) got abducted and enslaved by the Kree-Lizard forces while his mother Carol Danvers-Montmartre had to find a way in reuniting with him.



  • Carol Susan Jane Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • Amnon Joseph Danvers- Montmartre/ Mr. Marvel
  • Gourai Titanius-Montmartre/Madame Quasar
  • Skouro Valour-Izaleith (created by Thunderdude2003)
  • Kai Izaleith (created by Thunderdude2003)

Supporting Cast from the following chapters:

  • Angela Cassini-Montmartre
  • Samuel Kai Titanius-Montmartre
  • Claire Rose Titanius-Montmartre
  • Peter Jared Titanius-Montmartre
  • Walter Lawson Titanius-Montmartre
  • Lux Valour-Izaleith (created by Thunderdude2003)
  • Gladius Fernal (created by sargechris)
  • Aqune Fernal (created by sargechris)
  • Jusis Vandark (created by thepsychosisknights)
  • Tahu Hellfire (created by sargechris)
  • Michelle Hellfire (created by sargechris)
  • Katean Knythe (created by AzabacheSilver)
  • Kree Supreme Intelligence
  • Mai Hellfire (created by sargechris)
  • Allen Stroud (created by sargechris)
  • Karena Lesproux
  • Ilyana Rasputina/Magik


  • Solaris Volkova (created by sargechris)
  • Darkvile (created by sargechris)
  • Kasius
  • SInara


Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/story/223488546-captain-marvel-my-mother-book-ii

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/e31/gallery/70995682/captain-marvel-my-mother-book-2


  • This is the second installment of the Captain Marvel: My Mother series which it started during Mother's Day.

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