Captain Mar-Vell Jr.

Captain mar vell dorrek vell

Real Name: Dorrek-Vell (On Earth-616 "Hulkling" / Theodore "Teddy" Altman)

Codenames: Son of Captain Mar-Vell , Marvel Boy, Prince Dorrek

Universe: 3014

Affiliations: Young Avengers; formerly: Kree-Skrull Empire (Prince)

Powers: Transmorphism, Super-Strength, Flight, Energy Bursts, Invulnerability, Solar Energy Metabolism, Super Speed, Cosmic Energy Absorption, Cosmic Awareness.

In Dorrek's alternate reality, his father, Mar-Vell, did not die of cancer. He was saved by Galactus by offering to be his new herald making the Devourer of Worlds confer the cosmic power to him healing Mar-Vell's cancer, an act that also spared the Skrulls' Imperial planet from being devoured. As a result, Dorrek was born and never sent to Earth, and the Kree and Skrull empires became one under command of Empress Anelle, the wife of Mar-Vell. He grew up and was trained by Kl'rt the Superskrull and Ronan the General along with his best friends Xavin and Noh-Varr. Dorrek also inherited his father's cosmic bracelets, as well as his name. Impulsive and funny , Dorrek saw in Young Avengers as an opportunity to escape an arranged marriage with Karolina Dean, a refugee Majedanean princess on Earth. Oh yes ... He's straight and not "homosexual" ... He doesn't want to marry Karolina Dean simply because he thinks it's wrong for someone to do something out of "royal obligation" not because of any  "different sexual preference or posture"... even think Stature very beautiful ...

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