Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a 2010 American animated superhero adventure direct-to-video film. 


In WWII, Captain America and Bucky Barnes infiltrate the Red Skull's base. Inside they find bodies in suspended animation which the Red Skull claims is part of his Winter Soldier project. Bucky is seemingly killed while Captain America and the Red Skull end up in suspended animation.

In 2006, Captain America's body is recovered by Shield and revived with the Red Skull's body being kept in suspended animation in a Shield facility. In 2011, a Hydra team led by Crossbones infiltrates a KGB bunker where Crossbones awakens the Winter Soldier. Captain America is sent to a vessel that Hydra are using to transport Super-Adaptoid. Captain America destroys Super-Adaptoid with help from Sharon Carter but is attacked by the Winter Soldier who nearly kills him.

Remembering the Winter Soldier Project that the Red Skull had planned during WWII, Captain America and Sharon Carter revive the Red Skull and interrogate him about it but the Red Skull denies any knowledge of whoever would continue his plan.

Captain America and Sharon Carter prevent the Winter Soldier from committing an assassination and chase him to a train station where the Winter Soldier escapes after detonating a bomb that injuries Sharon. Captain America and Sharon realise that the Winter Soldier trained and has knowledge of Captain America's tactics. Captain America recalls Bucky Barnes performed the same manoeuvres as the Winter Soldier.

The Winter Soldier leads a group of Hydra agents to another assassination. Captain America fights them but the Winter Soldier kills the target. Captain America tries to interrogate one of the Hydra agents but the Winter Soldier kills him. Captain America takes off the Winter Soldier's mask, confirming he is Bucky Barnes. He offers to help him but the Winter Soldier refuses.

Captain America learns that the Soviets recovered Bucky's body and confronts Bucky's last known handler, Aleksander Lukin. Lukin tells Captain America that the KGB appropriated Hydra's Winter Soldier Project and used Bucky to carry out several assassinations over the decades before Crossbones infiltrated the bunker where the Winter Soldier was kept and used the Winter Soldier code phrases to make himself his new handler.

Crossbones locates the facility where the Red Skull is being held and leads a Hydra team, including the Winter Soldier, there. Captain America defeats the Hydra team, including Crossbones, and confronts the Red Skull and the Winter Soldier. Captain America and the Winter Soldier fight but Captain America is able to get through to the Winter Soldier. The Red Skull shoots the Winter Soldier before making his escape. Captain America catches up to the Red Skull who has a helicopter waiting for him and the two fight. The Red Skull almost kills Captain America when the Winter Soldier blows up the helicopter and knocks out the Red Skull before disappearing.

The Red Skull is returned to his cell and Crossbones is arrested.


  • TBA as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • TBA as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
  • TBA as Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
  • TBA as Sharon Carter
  • TBA as Aleksander Lukin
  • TBA as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones
  • TBA as Nick Fury
  • TBA as Super-Adaptoid
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