Captain America and Bucky
Captain America and Bucky 6160
Gallery Captain America: The Animated Series Season 1 1
Season One
Episode 1X1
Airdate 12/8/18
Written by Rangerfan14
Directed by Rangerfan14
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Captain America and Bucky is the first episode of Captain America: The Animated Series. Captain America is reluctant to receive a new sidekick against Colonel Phillips' orders.


HYDRA Agent 1: OK, if we do this fast enough we can escape without the Captain even realizing. [The soldier had been picking up stolen weaponry and was going to give it to Skull with the help of 5 other HYDRA Agents. He was wearing a black HYDRA costume and a gun that disintegrates targets on impact]

HYDRA Agent 2: Look with these guns of ours, the Captain won’t lay a- [Before the Agent could finish he was hit by a triangular shield that had the American Flag colors with white stars and stripes on it]

HYDRA Agent 3: Where’d that come from?

HYDRA Agent 4: He’s here.

HYDRA Agent 5: [A grenade was placed in front of him and it blew up knocking him back]

HYDRA Agent 6: Come out Captain! I hope you’re not afraid of- [Quicker than he could see, that same shield that hit HYDRA Agent 2 hit him as well]

HYDRA Agent 1: [He was pulled into the bushes]

HYDRA Agent 4: [Shivering in fear, he threw a grenade at the bushes, but the grenade was tossed back at him. He threw it again, but nothing happened. There was a explosion heard and a body fell. Looking, he saw that HYDRA Agent 1 was the one who got hit with the grenade. Without hesitating, he put his hands up in the air, and had said……] OK! OK! I surrender!

HYDRA Agent 3: What are you doing?!

Captain America: [He came stood upon a hill/cliff like platform/surface. With his Star Spangled suit, his shield, his mask with wings on the top, and his holsters, he stood proudly] You made the right decision son.

HYDRA Agent 3: You Idiot! [He fired his gun, but Captain America was gone. He then was punched by Captain America and knocked out.]

HYDRA Agent 4: I already said I surrender. [The agent had a grenade in his hand, but it behind his back, as the lock was already pulled, and yelled out] HAIL HYDRA! [He put the grenade in front of him and Cap as it blew up]

Captain America: [He was able to put his Shield up, but he was still knocked down by the impact] Wow, have to give it to him, wasn’t expecting that. [Cap got on his motorcycle, and he had ridden it back to base]

[Intro theme plays]  

Peggy Carter: Hello Captain. How’d the mission go.

Captain America: It went good.

Peggy Carter: What happened?

Captain America: What do you mean?

Peggy Carter: You have that look in your eyes.

Captain America: A HYDRA agent tricked me. He said he surrendered but he committed suicide by blowing himself up with a grenade. He was trying to kill me as well.

James Barnes: [He ran to the base and saw Captain America] Hi Cap! Wow! I mean I’m such a big fan!

Captain America: [Cap still maintained a secret identity so that HYDRA couldn’t get close to the people he loved the most] Hey kid what’s your name?

James Barnes: James Buchanan Barnes! I’m just so excited to meet you.

Peggy Carter: How’d you even get her-

James Barnes: I may or may not have followed his motorcycle tracks.

Col. Phillips: Good job today Captain. So how’s about we-...wait why the heck is there a kid here?

James Barnes: I’m James Buchanan Barnes! Captain America’s biggest fan!

Col. Phillips: Kid, how old are you?

James Barnes: I’m 14.

Col. Phillips: Fourteen?! You do know that kids under 18 can’t be here right?

Captain America: Come on, Phillips. Why not? Let’s just give the kid a tour.

[Meanwhile at HYDRA Base]

Arnim Zola: Sir I-I-I-I [Said Zola stuttering] finished the design for your new grenades that are powered by the Tesseract. I also have new heavy duty suits for the HYDRA Agents. They’re black and they have flamethrowers and…..

Red Skull: Thank you, but that’ll be enough Zola. I want to be surprised. Especially since our mission failed! [Yelled Red Skull banging his fist on his desk breaking it]

Zola: [He jumped in fear hearing the crash]

HYDRA Agent: [He ran in hearing the crash] Sir are you ok? I heard a-

Red Skull: [Skull raised his gun and without looking shot the soldier]

Zola: [Zola had a look of terror on his face] I’ll start the designs for the suits.

Red Skull: Go on and do that Zola. I will find those HYDRA Agents out on the battlefield and teach them a little “lesson”.

[Back at Cap’s headquarters]

Captain America: And this James, is where I train, fight, lift weights, and other things. You see at a young age I would learn 5 different fighting skills with a teacher every year. I was very small. It wasn’t until I got the serum that I became bigger. Till this day, I still train to become a better fighter.

James: There’s this one guy I met. I think his name was Steve. He was so short and skinny. Well I need to get to the orphanage.

Captain America: Orphanage?

James: Yeah I go to the one down at Brooklyn.

Captain America: [He had a surprised and horrified look on his face]

James: [He ran to get to the orphanage and yelled waving,] Bye Cap!

Peggy Carter: Steve what’s wrong?

Captain America: My parents died when I was a kid. I was sent to the only orphanage that was in Brooklyn. I was tortured there. It wasn’t until I met Nick that I felt safe. I couldn’t really fight back because of my size. And Self Defense was well known so almost every kid took it.

Peggy Carter: Wow Steve. That’s bad.

Captain America: Yeah. I might head over there and ask the teacher if I could teach the kids a thing or two about bullying

Peggy Carter: Steve…..

Captain America: [He had a smirk on his face] Come on Peggy! I’m the star spangled man with a plan! [He got on his motorcycle and drove to the orphanage where Bucky stays at. When he arrived, because of his enhanced senses, he heard a little about what was going on. He heard the kids teasing James. Steve waited for the kids to leave so he could ask caretaker to the kids a lesson about bullying. He drove back to base.]

Peggy Carter: So what’d she say?

Captain America: She said yes. She was actually very happy about it. Apparently the larger kids even intimidate her. [The next day, Cap got on his motorcycle and rode to the orphanage. The kids were astonished to see him]

Kid #1: Hey that’s Captain America!

Kid #2: No way!

Kids: [They were all talking over each other]

Captain America: [He walked in the orphanage room as he smiled at kids and shook their hands.] Hello children. I’m sure you all know who I am. And I’m sure you know who this kid named James is.

Bully #1: That little squirt?! [He said laughing. Some of his friends snickered as well]

Captain America: Where is he?

Bully #2: Apparently he was “sick.”

Captain America: Well believe it or not, I was smaller than he was, and skinnier, and I was 17. Would you bullies bully me? Because that kid, is someone I befriended the other day. So, anyone who messes with him, has to talk to me first. So do you guys want to talk?

Bullies: [They shook their heads quickly]

Captain America: I used to go to this orphanage as well. I was bullied too. So I’d recommend you wouldn’t bully him, because when he grows up and becomes successful, he might not be as nice as I am. Good talk.


Captain America: Bye kids. [Cap soon walked out and drove back to base.]

Col. Phillips: Good job today agents.

Captain America: Colonel, why didn’t you tell me there was a mission? I would’ve gladly done it.

Col. Phillips: Didn’t want to interrupt your orphanage thing. Meet our latest recruit.

Rookie: Hi Cap.

Captain America: Phillips. What is this?

Col Phillips: Meet your new sidekick.

Captain America: Side- Side- What?!

Rookie: [He waved]

Army general: Captain!

Captain America and Phillips: Yes?

Army general: Your Colonel sir. We’re getting word that the Red Skull is at the same place the HYDRA Agents were.

Captain America: Skull’s too dangerous, I’m doing this alone.

Peggy Carter: Captain, you said it yourself, he’s dangerous!

Captain America: He ordered someone to kill Erskine!

Peggy Carter: Your life is more important than revenge

Captain America: He gave his life for me Peggy! I have a chance at taking him down. [He got on his motorcycle and drive away]

Peggy Carter: Capt- [She started to walk forward but Colonel Phillips put his hand in front of her] Colonel what are you-

Col. Phillips: No he has to learn this himself. If he says he’s got it. Then he’s got it.

Peggy Carter: But he could be killed!

Col. Phillips: That serum gives him a healing factor. He needs to know that he can’t fight this alone.

Captain America: [He arrived where Skull was with his triangular shield.] Skull! Come out.

Heavy HYDRA Agent #1: [He shot his flames at Cap]

Captain America: [He ducked avoiding the blast] Wow that’s new. [Another wave was fired. He blocked it with his shield, but realized his shield wasn’t durable enough. He kicked the agent.]

Heavy HYDRA Agent #2: [He fired a wave of fire but was hit immediately]

Red Skull: Hello Captain! I see you were foolish to come alone.

Captain America: He could’ve helped you!

Red Skull: There was no cure for this! [He was referring to his face]

Captain America: [He ran towards Skull]

Red Skull: [He avoided it and punched Cap in the back]

Captain America: GAH! [He yelled in pain]

Red Skull: COME ON CAPTAIN! I know you’re better than this!

Captain America: [He went for a punch but it was caught by Skull and he was flipped]

Red Skull: [He grabbed Cap’s shield, and hit Cap with his own shield]

Captain America: [He was able to punch skull in the face, trip him, grab him by the leg, run dragging him, and slam him into a tree like a rag doll. He then hit Skull in the face with his shield when Skull got it.]

Red Skull: [He got up recovering from it with a lick of blood coming from his mouth. He bashed Cap’s head into that same tree 3 times and knee him in the stomach. He brought Cap to his knees, stepped on his leg, then twisted his arm]

Captain America: [He yelled slightly in pain. He used his left arm to try to block Skull’s punch, but it got a dent in it knocking Cap back. He ran to the tree, and bashed his arm into the tree to put it back in its socket.]

Red Skull: Wow Captain. I expected more from you! [He punched Cap to the ground and kicked him in the chin]

Captain America: [He got up, and grabbed Skull by the leg and tried to toss him, but Skull bit his arm]

Red Skull: [He started punching Cap repeatedly in the face. He then aimed his gun at Cap]

Zola: Sir! Come on! He might recover!

Red Skull: [Skull walked away and got in the car as Zola drove away]

[1 Hour later…..]

Peggy Carter: Captain! Captain! Please wake up! [She was shaking him]

Captain America: [He started to open his eyes but felt tired and blinked as everything was blurry. He started murmuring] Skull. Skull! [He started coughing]

Peggy Carter: Lay back down!

[Meanwhile at HYDRA Base]

Red Skull: [He was drying his hands off] This was a success Zola. Send agents back to that field, they should be able to finish him off.

Zola: Yes sir!

[Back at Cap’s base]

Army General: Captain!

Captain America [Saying weakly] and Colonel Phillips: Yes?

Army General: Again, you’re colonel. Agents are attacking that same field, again.

Captain America: [He got up limping and grabbed his shield with a dent in it]

Peggy Carter: Captain. I assure you they can handle that.

Captain America: I’m sorry Peggy, I can’t take any chances like that.

Col. Phillips: Well the rookie’s goin’ with ya.

Captain America: No! I can’t put him in danger.

Col. Phillips: He’s impressed. We’re sure he’d be perfect alongside you.

Captain America: Colonel! That’s-

Col. Phillips: That’s an order! Captain! [He then put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and said quietly] Look Steve. I wouldn’t just be saying this if I didn’t believe it. And you know me, I’ll keep it straight with anyone.

Captain America: OK. Come on Rookie. Let’s head to battle.

Rookie: [He grabbed his machine gun, his pistol, grenades, knives, 2 rapid fire guns. And a shotgun and put the guns behind his back, and put a load of bullets over him]

Col. Phillips: [He grabbed a Cigar] Damn! Kid got good taste.

Captain America: You sure you know how to handle that?

Rookie: Trust me I got this Cap. [The Rookie smiled]

Captain America and Rookie: [They arrived at the scene and saw a load of agents.] Oh my God.

Captain America: [He said this quietly] OK on my call, we’ll

Rookie: Ahhhhhhhh! [He ran to the agents with a battle cry and jumped putting 2 grenades on one of the heavy duty HYDRA Agents, stabbed one of the normal ones in the stomach, broke one of the agent’s arms, jumped and hopped on a few kicking them swiftly, then jumped, did a flip and shot his rapid fire guns at the agents. When the two heavy duty agents ran towards him, they blew up because of the grenades. 4 Heavy Duty Agents arrived and surrounded The Rookie with fire. The Rookie used his machine gun and killed all 4.]

Captain America: Sweet Lord! [Cap threw his shield knocking out a few of the agents, then picked up two Heavy Duty ones and tossed them.]

Rookie: Hey I have an idea! [He jumped on Cap’s shield launching him in the air, and threw 6 knives at 6 agents killing them. One of the agents had a large cannon and fired it at the Rookie. Although he missed, the impact still launched the Rookie back. His mask came off. Revealing himself to be James Buchanan Barnes]

Captain America: Kid are you o- [He realized it was James] What in the world?! Barnes?!

Rookie: [He pulled out his pistol and shot a HYDRA Agent behind Steve.]

Captain America: We’ll talk about this later. [He continued to fight HYDRA Agents until one came with a grenade in his hand, and another one had a gun aimed at Cap’s head]

HYDRA Agent #2: Move and I’ll fire this- [Bur he was shot in the head by James’ shot gun because of the cliff/hill James’ was standing on]

HYDRA Agent #1: What the-

Captain America: [He tripped him and made him fall and kicked the grenade in the air as James shot it. Cap then knocked the agent out with his shield.]

James: [He jumped off the cliff and landed] So how’d I do?

Captain America: Just come on [Cap and James got on the motorcycle as he drove back to base]. [When he arrived he talked to the colonel alone] Really? You allowed a 14 year old kid.

Col. Phillips: Look I saw something in him. He's nearly peak human. Do you know how many fighting skills he’s mastered? Do you know how stealthy he is? If you saw what I saw, you would understand why I picked him. Again, if this wasn’t a ordinary kid, I wouldn’t have assigned him Rogers.

Captain America: OK. Just OK. I’m going to go get changed. [He went into his tent]

James: [He looked for Cap until he found a army soldier] Hey have you seen Cap?

Soldier: [He pointed at Cap’s tent] Alright thanks. [He walked into Cap’s tent] Hey I just wanted to talk about.....

Steven Rogers: [He turned around without his mask on and gasped]

James: Steve?! You’re Captain America?!

Steve: Oh God. I guess you found out.

James: Wow, that’s kind of, um. Yeah.

Steve: [He chuckled softly] Yeah you met a guy named Steve.

James: Sorry about that

Steve: It’s cool kid.

James: So I was wondering, after today, could I maybe become your sidekick?

Steve: I don’t know if it’s safe for you kid.

James: Come on Steve! You saw what I did out there! I know the dangers! I trained for years. Please Steve.

Steve: [Steve looked down but then looked up and smiled]. Hmmmmmmm. You know, to be my sidekick, you’re going to need a name. Like...Bucky.

James: [He smiled with excitement then chuckled] Why Bucky?

Steve: Sounds similar to Buddy, and boy! Whoo! The way you move, just wow! Let’s help make a costume for you.

[A few hours later…….]

Captain America: Let’s see what you look like Bucky Barnes!

Bucky: [He walked in with a black mask, a red collar, a blue suit/shirt, a blue waist, red pants, and black shoes] Ya know, this looks nice. But what are we supposed to do about your shield?

Captain America: Don’t worry about that. Right now, welcome Bucky Barnes. You’re now working with Captain America. [He put his hand out]

Bucky: [He smiled and shook his hand]

[Ending credits role]

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