Mimic The Exiles

Mimic / Calvin Rankin


On Mimic's Earth, superhumans are considered examples of nobler beings, integral beings with high moral values. Superheroism has a more epic and grandiose tone, similar to the DC Universe, except the Marvel heroes live large epic sagas while fighting the forces of evil.

At some point, Calvin was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Secret Warriors, during which time Nick Fury, Jr. authorized a procedure coating his bones in an Adamantium alloy.

Powers and Abilities

Mimic has the mutant power to duplicate the powers of up to six different mutants and use them separately or simultaneously. Currently he has mimicked:

  • the capacity to transform into super-strong and virtually invulnerable Adamantium from Colossus
  • the ability to project highly destructive optic blasts from Cyclops
  • the manipulation of magnetic fields from Polaris
  • the intangibility of Shadowcat
  • the hyper senses, animal-esque agility, speed, and reflexes, hyper-accelerated healing factor, dual claws, and berserker rage of X-23
    • (he also wields a skeleton coated in an Adamantium alloy)
  • the metallic wings with bladed, neuro-paralyzing toxic feathers of Archangel

In addition, Mimic has been trained in and mastered several forms of combat.


This character is considered an alternate version of the Exiles' Mimic.

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