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Real Name
Calvin Montgomery Rankin
Current Alias




Brotherhood of Mutants (previously), X-Men, Exiles

Dr. Ronald Rankin (father), Margaret Rankin (mother), Molly Rankin (sister), Thomas Rankin (brother), Wanda Maximoff Lehnsherr (Scarlet Witch, wife), Andrew Ronald Rankin (son), Margaret Agatha Rankin (daughter), Thomas Pietro Rankin (son)


Base Of Operations
Xavier Institute, Mobile





Unusual Features
None (unless mimicked from someone)


Marital Status

Teacher, Adventurer


Place of Birth

First appearance




The origin of Cal from Earth-1992 is very similar to that of Earth-12, the Mimic from the Exiles. He first discovered the truth about his powers when he gained the powers of the original X-Men, when they were shopping at a mall. Mimic then realized that his mimicry was the reason why he seemed to gain skills almost immediately, but he never put too much thought into it before because he thought that was normal for him. When he learned some more control over his powers, he accidentally let his emotions go out of check when he saw his girlfriend cheating on him with another guy at a restaurant that he went to with his family. His anger caused him to accidentally access the telekinesis he mimicked from Jean to cause the guy to go flying across the room to hit a wall, which caused a heavy decoration to fall on him. Objects in the immediate vicinity of where he used his powers also went flying in random directions as well. He didn't realize until it was too late that he was standing with his hand pointing towards the boy his girlfriend was cheating on him with. A woman in the building then said, "Look! Did you see what happened?! He through that boy across the room from just pointing at him! He's a mutant! Someone call for help! He's trying to hurt that boy!" "Yeah!," said other people throughout the building. Cal then panicked. He then ran out of the restaurant. He heard his family say, "Come back Cal. We can talk about this," as his family ran out the door after him. He suddenly gained super-speed and quickly ran away. But before he was out of sight from the building, he heard his mother say, "No matter what happens, you should know that we still love you." The next day Cal woke up in the middle of a park where he decided to sleep the night. He was very confused and frightened, and he didn't know where to turn to. While walking through the park, he came across a power signature that he had remembered sensing the night before, while running away from the restaurant. He then started to follow the signature because he wanted to find another mutant, maybe someone he could relate too. A few minutes later, he sensed that the power signature was very close. He then saw a couple walking down the path towards him. He then could tell that one of them had the power signature he came across earlier. Cal also then realized that there was a second super-power signature near the one he recognized. He thought that he had no one else to turn to, so he walked in front of them and said, "Hello ummm..." "What do you want," said Pietro in an annoyed tone. "Pietro don't be rude. Hi. My name is Wanda, and this is my brother Pietro. So, is there something you wanted to say to us?," asked Wanda. Cal then looked around the area to find that there was no one in earshot of them. "Well," said Pietro when Cal didn't immediately begin to speak. "The truth is I know that both of you are mutants, I don't no how to explain the reason why I know. For some reason I just know," said Cal to be then interrupted by Quicksilver. "He doesn't know what he is talking about, or know who he is dealing with. Let's go Wanda!," demanded Quicksilver. "Wait! Don't go. I came too you because I'm also a mutant, and I didn't know where else to turn other than another mutant," said Cal. "Don't worry you can come with us. We can provide you with food and shelter, and then we can talk if you want to come with us," said Scarlet Witch. "Wait! Prove it!," said Quicksilver. Mimic then ran around them with super-speed, which Quicksilver was able to see, and he then pointed at a large rock, which he then lifted up into the air through telekinesis. "Come on. There's someone we want to introduce you to. He will like to meet you," said Quicksilver. Wanda then using her ability of altering probability, teleported the three of them to their home. Cal was then introduced to Magneto, who took him as the next member of his brotherhood after Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. With Magneto's training, Mimic was able to hone and learned to use his powers with great skill. During his time with the Lehnsherr family, he and Scarlet Witch started a relationship. It started out like any other normal relationship, but it became more and more serious. Eventually, they admitted their love for each other, and they were almost inseparable, they also became best of friends and came to know everything about each other. They then started to talk about marriage when they were older. Eventually, Toad and Mastermind joined the Brotherhood of Mutants, and the Brotherhood first combatted the X-Men when the Brotherhood was first introduced in the mainstream reality.

Joining the X-Men

During the Brotherhood's first encounter with the X-Men, while the Brotherhood was escaping from the island, Mimic accidentally caused a wall to cave in. This caused him to black-out. He then woke up to find he was captured by the X-Men. They took him to jail. Before he was locked up, he spoke to Xavier. He told him all he knew about the Brotherhood, and then apologized for his actions. He explained that he knew it was wrong, but believed he had no where else to turn to if he left them. He didn't tell Xavier that his other reason was to be with the Scarlet Witch. Charles told Cal before he left that after he served his time that there would always be a place for him at the Xavier Institute if he needed somewhere to go. He explained that he could learn more control over his powers, finish his education, and be around with many other kids who were like him in a safe and stable environment. Cal thanked Charles for the offer and said that he would think about it. Cal served a nine month sentence, and then was released. He went and joined the X-Men at the Xavier Institute. Charles eventually let him become an X-Men member. The team didn't trust him out first, but eventually after many missions of trying to prove himself, the X-Men came to trust him. He became a valued member of the team. He also became best friends with Cyclops, Iceman, and Wolverine. He also became close friends with Jean, and developed feelings for her, but never pursued them because he knew that she loved Scott, one of his best friends, and he didn't want to get in the way of their relationship. He never did lose his feelings for Scarlet Witch over the years, and he believed that there was always a strong bond between them for the years to come.


At some time Mimic was plucked by the Timebroker from his native reality to join the inter dimensional mutant team, the Exiles, in order to repair damage done to various realities in existence. Mimic was told that his reality was affected by these events and that if he did not repair the damage done, his reality would change to one where he he would have killed forty-seven innocent people trying to kidnap Senator Robert Kelly as a member of the Brotherhood and ended up on death row upon capture. As the Timebroker has since been revealed to be a facsimile and the true reason for the Exiles to have been revealed, it is unknown if there is any validity to this warning, or if the insectoids residing inside the "Crystal Palace" manufactured the story in order to coax Mimic into joining their cause.

On a world where all super-humans had been confined to prisons, the Exiles' first mission was to find "the one who would lead them". They erroneously believed it was the Charles Xavier from this reality who was destined to lead them. Freeing Xavier, they found that he was an evil mutant who was bent on exterminating the human race in revenge for his imprisonment. Due to their error an entire town was mind wiped by this evil Xavier. Mimic was forced to kill the evil Xavier by extracting his claws into the evil mutants head, or face his own death. This action profoundly effected Mimic who couldn't work past the fact that he was forced to kill his own mentor, even if it was an alternate reality version of him that was evil.

Mimic developed a romantic relationship with team leader Blink. Missions never got easier for Mimic as they were forced to battle -- and often kill -- people who (in his own reality) were friends or people he looked up to. It started to weigh on Mimic, his relationship with Blink, and his desire to return home to his own reality.

Their next mission found them on a nightmare world where the Sentinels had killed or imprisoned all super beings. There they met another group of reality jumpers called Weapon X led by Sabretooth of Blink's home reality. The two groups worked together to save David Richards (The son of Rachel Summers and Franklin Richards of that reality), however Weapon X's mission was to kill the boy as he was destined to become a madman and rule the Earth. During the battle, Mimic was slightly jealous of Sabretooth's relationship with Blink, however when Sabretooth stayed behind at the missions end this would have no bearing on his and Blink's relationship until much later.

On the next world, Mimic played a key role in stopping a version of Namor, who had taken over Latveria and disposed it's monarch Dr. Doom and threatened to kill the human race with a device that would make Atlanteans breathe on the surface while humans would suffocate. During the battle, Mimic single-handedly defeated an entire army of Doombots and beat Namor to death. After this experience he resolved that he was sick of killing and resolved to get back home no matter what it took. His attitude after this mission continued to strain his and Blinks relationship, and endangered them in missions when he refused to kill. They saved the remaining survivors of a world plagued by infectious Vi-Locks, who were infected with a combination of the Legacy Virus and Warlock's transmode virus. On this world, Calvin was about to sacrifice his own life in order to destroy the Vi-Lock's main base and destroy their leader, the mutant formally known as Forge. When it was discovered he blood of the gods of Asgard could cure the disease he had to be rescued by Blink.

Upon completion of this mission, the Timebroker appeared and declared that Blink was being returned home and she was replaced by Magik. Mimic was assigned team leader and was given the Tallus and the group was sent on their next mission. Mimic, heaped with the fact that the woman he loved has been taken from him, now had to deal with the pressures of leadership, the addition to the cold and emotionless Magik did not improve matters.

Following a mission to stop a group of vampire Avengers the group was blasted with a bolt of magic by the evil vampire wizard Union Jack which sent each Exile to a different reality. Mimic found himself on a world that had been taken over by the Brood and battled them there for four years. He was infected many times with Brood-eggs, but he was always able to rely on his healing factor to destroy it. When he was saved from this reality by the Timebroker and reunited with his teammates, he lied about the amount of time he spent there and kept secret that his healing factor was currently in the process of eliminating another Brood egg, this one an egg that would birth a queen. Further Details: Mimic with the combined powers of the Brood Queen Egg, Wolverine, Colossus, Beast, Cyclops, Northstar, Human Torch, Nocturne, Sunfire, Morph, Sasquatch, and Thing. PeteparkerAdded by Peteparker

Their next mission had the Exiles ensuring that a reality's Fantastic Four survived their rocket crash and that nobody in New York was killed by the now rampaging Thing. During the battle Mimic was severely injured which allowed the Brood-egg to gain the upper hand over his healing factor and began hatching. The queen dominated Mimic's mind before Mimic could convince Sasquatch to kill him, and attacked both the Exiles and newly formed Fantastic Four. The Brood queen was able to nullify the limitations of Mimic's abilities allowing it to mimic more than just five abilities. During the battle, Exile member Sunfire was smothered under a pile of rubble before the Brood-egg could be destroyed to save Mimic. This devastated team member Morph and put a rift between the two long standing teammates for a time.

The death of Sunfire brought the return of Blink to the team and restored as leader. She rekindled her romance with the now distraught Mimic. Their relationship continued to have troubles due to Blink's experience on the world with Sabretooth, and Mimic's guilt over Sunfire's death and failure as a leader.

The next mission found the group battling Weapon X, led by the murderous Hyperion who had gone rogue and sought to dominate any world they were brought to. The Timebroker decided that both teams should be merged into one and the excess members be liquidated. Mimic fought alongside his fellow Exiles against Hyperion, winning the battle with only the loss of Magik.

The next mission found them back on Earth-616 where the group gained Namora, a female version of Namor from another reality, as a new member. Due to theor explosive tempers and desire to get back home the Exiles found themselves in battle with the Fantastic Four and Namor until things were sorted out. The group later learned that they had to leave their teammate Nocturne behind to make room for their newest edition, the student of Xavier's school named Beak.

On Earth-5423, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were ready for the Exiles thanks to the clairvoyance of member Destiny. The shapeshifter Mystique secretly replaced Blink and led them to believe their mission was to rescue the "Big-M" from prison. They soon learned that the Big-M was that reality's Mimic, who was that worlds worst criminal. Both Mimics clashed and the evil Mimic probed the mind of his alternate reality counterpart and learned that the moment their lives deviated was when the good Mimic said yes to Xavier's offer to join the X-Men. Seeing the memories of where Mimic's life could have gone, the "Big-M" decided to return to his cell and reform and later became a great hero and teacher to mutants in his own reality.

The Exiles found themselves back on the world where they had left Sabertooth. Much time had passed and the nightmare reality that was deemed to occur had happened. It was learned that both Sabretooth and Blink had to murder David Richards. The Timebroker demanded that the group kill Sabretooth and attempted to goad Mimic into doing so. However, when this plan failed and the group refused to kill Sabretooth, so the Timebroker transported them to the Age of Apocalypse and added Holocaust,another mutant originating from this reality, to the Exiles to increase tensions.

Instead, Holocaust aided the Exiles in using the M'Kraan Crystal of this reality to travel to the Panoptichron, or the "crystal palace" as it was later dubbed by the group, home of the Timebroker. There they found that the Broker himself had never been real, but instead was controlled by a group of dimensional traveling insects who had accidentally caused the cataclysm that the Exiles have been charged with fixing. All of their fallen members were in stasis in this realm. Worse, the evil Hyperion had survived their last encounter and freed himself, taking control of the facility. Hyperion was finally defeated with the aid of two Hyperions from other realities who were recruited by Beak.

The groups next mission gave into Beak's demands to return to his home reality. When the group returned to Earth-616 they found that reality greatly changed due to the effects of the Scarlet Witch's reality warp. This new version of reality found Beak's girlfriend, Angel being stalked by the mass murdering Mutant-X, also known as Proteus. Proteus managed to scan the Tallus and the memory banks of the Panoptichron and learned how to reality jump. Fearing the worst,proteus using his powers force the exiles in their worst fear by creating ilusions,in mimic case he is forced in watching wanda being killed by proteus,enraged mimic uses his organic steel armor and wolverine claws to hit proteus who is in his energy form knowing that proteus weakness is contact with metal,calvin grabbinb proteus neck and be ready to delivery the final blow,however he esitate remember of sunfire and his promisse of never kill agin,proteus uses this chance to use his powers and revert mimic back to his human form and possessing his body,usin mimic's powers and memories proteus fught the exiles and ending teleportating to another reality,know that wolverine's healing factor will slow down the deterioration process Proteus traveled to Earth-15731, a world chronologically in the year 1986 and at it's dawn of super-powered era (called Paranormals). Here Proteus planned on possessing the body of Ken Connell who had possession of the Star Brand. Proteus ended up battling the vigilante called Justice and was able to knockin him unconsious but is unable of possessing justice's body because of the exiles intervention and his new member longshot (who thanks for his luck powers is immune to proteus'reality warping),proteus is forced to retreat and warping to another reality,the exiles made a plan that will both save mimic and stop proteus,using an mutant'inibitor colar (who is unstable) and a syringe full of ferrous components the team follow proteus to earth 928 when the mutant x search for hulk,when proteus find hulk and challenge him,the batlle was stopped by the exiles who engage in batlle with proteus in the deformed mimic's body,with the help of hulk longshot was able to placing the colar in proteus neck,depower him and injectim the syringe,this cause extreme pain in proteus when the colar fail and turn off,proteus regan his powers but sisce mimic's healing factor don't remove the ferrous of his body he is weakneed and is forced to leave mimic's body,unfortunately the mutant x also ending possessing hulk's body and after an batle with the exiles and spider-man 2099 he escape to another reality,mimic situation is very dangerous,proteus possession burned out his healing factor and severely injuried his organs,the exiles take back mimic to the crystal palace when he is better examined,concluding that he needing to healing his wounds and in order to survive,calvin is placed in The stasis wall when the groups trying to find a way to heal him. They sought the aid of one realities Dr. Strange who was a specialist in super-human medicine. Strange discovered that one former Weapon X members, Deadpool, had a phenomenal healing factor and revived him.Mimic was saved by mimicking Deadpool's amazing healing factor, however was left with severe body scarring as a side effect.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mimicry:

Mimic has the mutant ability to mimic the abilities of five different mutants at one time at full strength of the original. He also seems capable of mimic non-mutant superpower, like those from the Fantastic Four. Mimic can change by consious choice, any of the mutants abilities that he comes in contact with, he does not have to be near the person he is mimicking for an extended period of time to retain what he has decided to mimic. Mimic has exhibited having "residual traces" of previous mutant abilities in the past however the extent of these residual abilities and their duration have not been explored. Mimic constantly emits invisible, psionic waves that perform a full-spectrum genetic scan on anyone within a 30 yard radius of him, allowing him to imprint the personal enhancements. When interacting with normal humans, Mimic will imitate their skills, personality traits, and intelligence. Thus, when in the vicinity of athletes, he gains superior athletic ability. Also, when in the presence of a scholar, not only does his knowledge expand, but so does his potential to learn (I.Q., E.Q. etc...) If people have problems controlling there powers such as Cyclops with his optic blasts and Rogue with her touch, he doesn't have any of their mental or physical problems with the powers, so he doesn't gain their weaknesses with their powers in this regard,however are eceptions since he also gained an severe scared skin as result of copy deadpool's healing factor.

  • Current Power Templates:
  • Colossus: Oganic Stell Armor,Super Strength and Endurance
  • Cyclops: Optic Blasts
  • Deadpool: Enhanced Healing Factor
  • Northstar:Super Speed/reflexes,Fly
  • Beast:Super Strength/Agility.
Previous Power Templates:
  • Iceman: Cryokinesis
  • Beast: Super Strength/Agility
  • Angel: Winged Flight
  • Magneto: Magnetokinesis
  • Scarlet Witch: Probability/Chaos Magic Manipulation
  • Quicksilver: Super Speed
  • Toad: Super Jumping
  • Mastermind: Illusion Projection
  • Colossus: Organic Steel Skin
  • Shadowcat: Phasing
  • Nightcrawler: Teleportation
  • Gambit: Kinetic Energy Transference
  • Mystique: Metamorph
  • Forge: Intuitive Genius
  • Dark Phoenix:Cosmic Powers (attempted)
  • Power Sensing:

He also has the power to determine what powers other people may possess and track the movements of super-powered individuals. He is able to do this in a 10 mile radius. When coming across a person with powers more than once, he will be able to recognize that person's signature, since to him everyone has unique power signature.


  • Bio-Chemistry: Cal had a passion for bio-chemistry, so he got a degree to become a bio-chemist
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combat/Acrobat/Gymnast/Marksman/Etc.: Through his photographic reflexes, he has learned many skills through his career as an X-Man. He was able to learn how to control other's powers more quickly after watching them use their powers because of this ability.

Strength level

Mimic possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. His strength increases, if he mimics strength of others.


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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