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Real Name
Cain Marcus
Current Alias

Battering Ram
Crimson Tank





Base Of Operations
Avengers Bunker




Unusual Features
Hulking size and body proportions.


Marital Status

Adventurer, Avenger, former villain and football player

High school dropout, military training

Cain Marcus was a former decorated soldier, who discovered the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak, and was transformed into the Avatar of Destruction on Earth by the jewel's true master, Cytorrak.

Place of Birth



Quote1.png I'm unstoppable. I knew that. I rampaged, I used by unstoppable nature to cause havoc. But then, I knew what was wrong with me. Hey, I know that the Avengers are only some sort of strike squad. But I do know, that we can be unstoppable as well. I'm unstoppable, and I'm gonna use it for good. Quote2.png
-- Juggernaut

Crimson Dawn

Cain Marcus was born to two parents who were war veterans. His mother was a medic, and his father a former fighter in World War II, who joined the fight after the Pearl Harbor bombing. Cain's parents, although retired, were still busy with their jobs. His mother became an engineering consultant, while his father became a manager at a fast food chain. Feeling neglected, Cain became a bully at school, known for his hot-headed temper and for being physically "unstoppable". His teacher described him as an "ex-bodybuilder". When he was a teenager, Cain became a professional football player, until he dropped out of high school due to financial problems.

He's the Juggernaut!

In adulthood, Cain became a soldier, just like his father. He joined the United States Army, and was a decorated soldier, at the rank of Colonel. But when he was given a medal of honor, he got news of his father's death after being hit by a train in a drunken state (he's old, anyway). His mother died two weeks later due to an unknown cause. Cain's career in the military was OK until a mission in Greenwich, England transformed him forever.

Cain and his squad were in pursuit of a terrorist cell, hiding in a forest near Greenwich. Cain and his men found the cell, shut it down, but at the cost of all his men's lives. Cain, seemingly desperate, ran away to a cave. However, he didn't know that the cave contained the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak, which was owned by the demon, Cytorrak. Anyone who touches the gem becomes a "human juggernaut". The Gem actually wasn't special or specific to England. The Gem actually can be located everywhere around the world. Cain just found one in Greenwich. Curious, Cain touched the gem, and seemingly blacked out. When he woke up, he found himself in front of Cytorrak, the Demon of Destruction, and a former Elder God. Cytorrak explained to Cain that anyone who touches the gem will be transformed into his avatar, by his will. Cain, surprised by this, panicked, until Cytorrak saw his past. Cytorrak deemed that Cain was appropriate to become his avatar, and informed him that he would be his avatar on Earth. Cain, thinking for a pretty long time, then accepted the offer, saying that he can do a lot of things when he's back on Earth. Cytorrak then happily transformed him into the "Juggernaut", and teleported him back to Earth.

Once Cain got back to Earth, he went out of the cave, and saw his new, bulky form, complete with a red "uniform". As he went out, he saw that the SAS was sent to find the remains of Cain's squad, and the terrorist cell. Surprised by the sight, the captain of the SAS strike squad ordered the team to open fire on Cain (not knowing it was Cain Marcus). After all of the SAS members ran out of bullets, the Juggernaut demonstrated his new powers on the soldiers, defeating and possibly killing them all. After that, Cain escaped, in the process destroying most of the buildings in Greenwich.


Some times after Cain's transformation into Juggernaut, he was branded as a superhuman terrorist, and watched (and repeatedly engaged) by HATE. He rampaged and destroyed through many properties and countries, until one day, he encountered the Avengers in Paris. The Avengers were there to fight the Juggernaut, in order to recruit him. At first, Juggernaut was "disturbed" by Boomerang. He nearly killed him, but Detroit Steel intervened. Cain easily dispatched Detroit Steel, and later, nearly all of the Avengers members. He was defeated by Troll, who overwhelmed him with her combat skills. He also encountered the Director of HATE, seemingly recognizing him. He was put in the HATE Helicarrier, UNN "Gamma" for his integration to the Avengers. During these times, Juggernaut actually got a little crush on Troll.

Juggernaut later helped the Avengers and HATE personnel in resisting the swarm of HYDRA agents led by the Red Skull, and former Avenger and HYDRA secret agent Crossbones. Juggernaut also saved Troll from being overwhelmed by a HYDRA exoskeleton. Later, after the Helicarrier nearly crashed, Juggernaut and Detroit Steel helped in preventing the Helicarrier from crashing violently. While Detroit Steel was unable to move the Helicarrier, Juggernaut, with Doug's help in flight, managed to push the Helicarrier, and it landed in a stadium. Juggernaut was present for Dirk's "rallying speech", and joined the Avengers in beating HYDRA.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magically Enhanced Physiology: Cain gained his powers after striking a deal with Cytorrak, the Demon of Destruction. After gaining his powers, Cain has been known as one of the strongest beings on Earth. However, he once has been classified by Dirk Anger as the strongest being on Earth. Cain possesses immense superhuman physical abilities, and can sustain himself, removing his need for food, air, or water, to survive. Another trait that Cain possesses is that when he charges at a certain direction, virtually nothing can stop him from charging until he hits the intended target, or he stops the charge by himself. However, he can be slowed, but not stopped.
    • Superhuman Strength: Marcus' primary power is his extreme strength. He has been identified to be able to lift up to 100 tons. Although classified as a 100-ton-lifter, Marcus' strength limits are actually unknown. He has been shown to lift objects more than 100 tons, such as the HATE Helicarrier, UNN "Gamma" (which Dirk Anger stated that it weighs 300 tons), and he did it with ease, while Detroit Steel was even unable to push the Helicarrier. Later on, he's identified as the strongest member of the original Avengers of Earth-4045.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Being magically empowered, Cain's body no longer produces fatigue toxins, allowing Cain to perform physical activities longer than a normal human. Cain himself states that he doesn't need to sleep anymore after being transformed into Cytorrak's avatar.
    • Superhuman Durability: Juggernaut's skin is thicker than normal humans and can withstand extreme trauma. He can endure extreme temperatures, ranging from lava-hot temperatures to absolute zero. He can also resist high caliber bullets with ease, being smacked by US Agent's Vibranium shield, and other types of damage. However, his skin still can be cut, and not totally invulnerable. Troll's battle axe, which is made of Uru, has been shown to be able to cut Juggernaut's skin. But in turn, Juggernaut is seemingly unaffected by Detroit Steel's super-heated chain-gun bullets.
    • Superhuman Speed: Juggernaut is faster than most humans and several vehicles. He has demonstrated his superhuman speed by running with the speed of Mach 0,5. As an effect of this, Juggernaut also reacts faster, and perceives things faster. Although "fast", he can be outrun by speedsters, such as Quicksilver.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Cain possesses vast healing factor due to his magical empowerment. He can heal wounds within a matter of seconds, or probably longer, depending on the damage. Cain has been shown to be able to heal within 30 minutes after being cut by Troll's axe. As an effect of this healing factor, Cain stays "young", or, he doesn't age.
    • Self Sustenance: Cain requires no food, water, or oxygen in order to survive. Coupled with his stamina, he has been stated to be tireless. As an effect of this ability, Cain is also still able to perform physical activities even under extreme external conditions, such as being in space.
    • Irresistible Force Embodiment: A trademark and iconic thing to the Juggernaut. Once Marcus moves into a certain direction, he can't be stopped, and gets faster and faster as he picks up momentum and distance. Many things can slow down Cain's charge, but not stop him. He stated that the only thing that can stop his charge is certain powerful magics.


None known.

Strength level

Cain is able to lift up to 100 tons, or more. His strength virtually has no limits.


None known.



  • Crimson Cosmos Armor: The Crimson Cosmos Armor is the armor Cain donned right after he became the Juggernaut. It is his "uniform" as Cytorrak's avatar on Earth. The armor looked like a normal piece of clothing with red color, but it is nigh-indestructable (cosmetically). The armor set also includes his "iconic" round helmet, that protects Cain's head while increasing the damage he can do while charging. The helmet itself is extremely durable.

Transportation: None known
Weapons: None known


  • Cain Marcus is 40 years old.


  • Juggernaut's name is changed for this universe. "Cain Marko" is changed into "Cain Marcus", as for J50A, "Marcus" as the last name sounds better.
  • Juggernaut's involvement in joining the Avengers is partly inspired by MC2's J2 (Zane Yama), who is the son of the Juggernaut and joined an incarnation of the Avengers.
  • Juggernaut proved to Doug Jones III that his Detroit Steel armor was far from being the most durable or strongest thing on Earth.
  • Juggernaut replaces Hulk in Earth-4045's Avengers, if compared to the mainstream Avengers.
  • The Juggernaut of this universe doesn't have the ability to summon personal force-fields.

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