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Real Name Cadmus Way
Current Alias Starlight
Alias(es) Cad, Cadster
Relatives Howard Way (Father), Elena Way (Mother).
Affiliation Ridge Hill Hawkeyes
Base Of Operations Ridge Hill, Missouri
Alignment Good
Universe Paragon
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 164 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Quote1This is a gift. It has to be. A wake-up-call, to keep me from becoming like them.Quote2
--Cadmus Way

Cadmus Way, also known as Starlight, is a superhuman who saves lives while attempting to learn more about his mysterious origins. He is a teenager at Ridge Hill High.


Early Life

It is known that Cadmus spent his whole life in Ridge Hill, Missouri, growing up a popular and well-liked jock. In middle school, he was friends with Eliza Newman and Abigail Hartwood, even dating Eliza briefly before they drifted apart.

In high school, Cad joined the football team and befriended Parker Hayes. He began dating Nala Highland and, through unknown circumstances, somehow influenced Abby to commit suicide.

Becoming Starlight

The StarLight

Starlight when in his star form

In the midst of a football game, Cadmus woke mysteriously without any memory of his past, and with superhuman abilities. After becoming reacquainted with his friends and past life, he became cynical and disillusioned with his peers and rejected them. However, when a cult proved attracted to Cadmus and his abilities, Cad found his powers exposed to Parker and Hunter as he was kidnapped by a local corporation, FlyCo.

Parker and Hunter proved better friends than Cad could've imagined, rescuing him and jumpstarting the so-called "Team Starlight". In order to keep himself safe from FlyCo, Cad took to the skies as the vigilante Starlight.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength- Cadmus is able to lift great weights with ease. The limits of this power are unknown.
  • Flight- Cadmus is able to fly without aid through unknown means.
  • Energy Projection- Cadmus is able to project a star-like substance from his body, and use it to fight off or harm others.
  • Star State- When using his powers, Cadmus' skin begins to take a star-like effect, making him visually distinctive but invulnerable to such weapons as knives or bullets. This state is not instantaneous or reliable.


As of right now, Cadmus has not demonstrated any notable abilities.


Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


As of right now, Cadmus has not demonstrated any notable weaknesses.

Transportation and Accessories

As of right now, Cadmus has not demonstrated any notable transportation or accessories.


  • Starlight was originally created for The Mighty Mauraders.
  • Starlight's family is not religious.
  • Starlight is right-handed.
  • Above illustrationsby Sunder and BionicleTOA.

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