Bullseye is a fictional superhero and an alternate universe counterpart to Earth-616 Bullseye.


Lester Hoyt was born out in the Appalachian Wilds to a rough, no nonsense hermit woman known to the local hillbilly's as Frontier Annie. From the time he was able to walk, Frontier Annie raised Lester in wilderness survival, showing exceptional skill in marksmanship at age 6.

Around the time he was 8-9, Frontier Annie had abandoned him at an orphanage near Chickamauga, where he would receive an education and be homed for another two years. During this period he would be bullied, in one such brawl against a gang of bullies, his dormant X gene would activate, granting him superhuman eyesight and reflexes.

He would eventually be adopted by the Hoyt family and enrolled in school, furthering his education and showing a natural knack for little league baseball. He gained a reputation for being the greatest pitcher of his team, never missing and striking out any who stood up to bat. By the time he was enrolled in high school he was a varsity league MVP and offered a full scholarship.

Tragedy would strike however on his senior year. During the senior championship game against a rival school, Lester grew bored striking out the opposing team and requested he be pulled from the game to give the opposing team a fair chance. The coach however refused and demanded he finish the inning out, accusing him of cowardice. In a rage, he threw the ball at a post, which would ricochet until it struck the coach in the back, paralyzing him. Lester would lose his scholarship and be charged with criminal assault and attempted manslaughter.

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