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Valkyrie (DR)
Real Name Brunnhilde
Current Alias Valkyrie
Affiliation The Ultimate Alliance, Asgardians of the Galaxy, Revengers, Defenders, A-Force
Base Of Operations Stark Tower, Helicarrier, Wakanda, Sanctum Sanctorum, Alpha Flight Space Station, Nidavellir
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-6110
Gender Female
Height 6'0
Weight 220 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Quote1For Asgard!Quote2

Valkyrie is a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Doom's Reckoning.


Brunnhilde has always been a loyal member of the Valkyries and sworn to protect the throne of Asgard. She is close friends with Thor, and has sworn her assistance to Midgard should they ever need it. When Doctor Doom and Thanos formed the Cabal, Valkyrie eventually joined Thor in the Ultimate Alliance to fight against them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Strength
  • Super Stamina
  • Super Durability
  • Invulnerability


  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Swordsmanship



  • Asgardian Armor


  • Dragonfang


  • Valkyrie is locked at the beginning of the game. She is unlocked after she partners with the player's team during the second mission in Niffleheim.
  • Valkyrie is voiced by Tessa Thompson, who portrays the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Alternate Costumes

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