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The Tyrant King

Real Name
Bruce Tyrannos
Current Alias
The Tyrant King

Bio-rex, Doctor Dinosaur, the Avenger, Lord of the Dinosaurs, the Prehistoric Prince, Cryo-rex, Rex Kingsley


The Tyrannical Threesome, The Minions of Malevolence, the Treacherous Trio/Ferocious Four

Dark Overlord ("father"), Bryce Tyrannos (Bio-raptor, cloned “son”), Allorus (“clone of”), Eclipse/Blackmoon (“brother”), Polarios/Negnator (“brother”)


Base Of Operations
The Place Where All Sinners Go, The Museum of Natural History, Manhattan, New York City, NY, Mesozoic Island, Pacific Ocean



Black, with red, vertically-slitted pupils


Unusual Features
Bio-rex’s entire body is a near exact resemblance to the extinct Tyrannosaurus Rex, albeit in a more humanoid form. He has a double-pointed chin, as well as pitch-black eyes with red, vertically-slitted pupils. He has a tail that possesses three prongs that can be used as a weapon or an extra appendage. Unlike ancient T-rexs, Bio-rex possesses a bizarre style of blonde “feathers” on his head. All of his body's scales are pitch-black.


Marital Status

Would-be universal conqueror, archnemesis of all superheroes, megalomaniac; Former professional criminal, assassin-for- hire, mercenary-for-hire, etc.

Gifted with virtual omniscience; originally possessed a mere, superhuman intellect


Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Maximums #5


The Tyrant King is the most powerful and most evil supervillain in the Maximum Universe. Once a punk kid who was granted a superhuman, dinosaurian body by the Dark Overlord, Bruce Tyrannos' schemes have ranged from causing mass mayhem, to global and universal domination, to attempting the destruction of the human race. Later transformed into a dinosaurian cyborg, then later transformed into an undead mystic. Recently came into possession of the Reality Rings, becoming the most powerful and evil supervillain in the universe.

Bruce Tyrannos grew up in a rough neighborhood in New York City, where crime and gang wars were a part of the everyday agenda. His parents were extremely abusive and the entire community hated him for some reason. He despised every living human because of this. One day, however, he met a young girl who wanted to play with him. He grew happy, and in an unusually short time, he fell in love with her. However, when his parents saw them playing together, they shot her at point-blank range. Learning that he could never have true happiness, he slit his parent's throats and eventually went on a massive murder spree... at the age of 7. He was eventually captured by the police and was transported from school to school across the east coast, eventually landing in Delaware as a high school freshman.

He delighted himself in picking on every geek and weirdo in the school, especially in particular, a certain Brad Donovan. During his junior year, he decided to increase his popularity by dating Alayna Greenwood, the most beautiful and most popular girl in school. He didn't truly love her, instead wanting to grab her popularity. But, during the senior year, when Alayna found out about this, she dumped him immediately, six weeks before the senior prom. She turned her full attention to Brad Donovan and he asked her to the dance. Alayna accepted.

When Bruce found out about this, he was furious, and planned on attacking and pummeling both Brad and Alayna to death the night of the prom. The night of the prom, Bruce told one of his cronies to go ask Brad and Alayna to come outside for a moment. When they were outside, Brad and Alayna were ambushed by Bruce's gang. Brad tried to defend Alayna and himself, but to no avail. Bruce delighted himself into beating Brad to death, right in front of Alayna, causing her to cry. Bruce's beatings and Alayna's crying then caused Brad's latent mutant powers to activate.

Enveloping himself in flame, Brad beat Bruce's gang, and burned Bruce's face. Brad was then pursued by the police and flew off. Meanwhile, Bruce was sent to the hospital, secretly devising a plan to get his revenge on Brad. During his stay in the hospital, after being burned by Brad, all he could think about was his revenge for Brad and the hatred he had in his heart. This hatred emanated from him and spread throughout the universe in the form of unnoticeable vibrations, vibrations that could only be sensed by the darkest and most evil being of all: Dark Overlord.

When Dark Overlord found him, he offered Bruce a trade: a renewed body and any set of superhuman powers he wishes, to use against Brad, in exchange for Bruce's soul and service as his apprentice. Bruce unhesitatingly accepted. Always fascinated by dinosaurs as a boy, Bruce chose to become the master of dinosaurs. Dark Overlord then completely healed Bruce and transformed him into Bio-rex. He was trained by Dark Overlord into using his powers and abilities to their full extent.

After five years of intensive training, Bio-rex was ready to exterminate Brad, once and for all. However, using his new cunning mind, Bio-rex decided to torment Brad by hurting or killing his loved ones. Tracking Brad with ease, Bruce found Brad in Tibet, happily living with Father Fire. Seeing how much Brad cared for this old man, Bio-rex decided that this old man would be his first victim. Throwing a bomb into the main chamber late one night, Bio-rex exploded the temple. Bio-rex confronted Brad and symbolically informed him he would die soon, very soon.

After leaving him, Bruce was assigned by Dark Overlord to gain a new member, a partner. Bio-rex reluctantly agreed, and chose Michael Wolfman, Brad Donovan’s best friend and secretly a mutant superhero called the Messenger, with the power of flight, as his partner. However, in order for Michael to work with him, he had to have a reason. Bio-rex chose to kill Michael's father, the superhero known as the Eagle. After this, Bio-rex, disguising himself as the Avenger, lied and told Michael that a new group of "mercenaries" called the Maximums, led by a man named Stryker, had killed Michael's father. Promising Michael the power to achieve vengeance, he unleashed a radioactive werewolf given to him by Dark Overlord on Michael, transforming him into a werewolf with the latent mutant ability to think, move, and react at superhuman speed. Bio-rex named him Bluemoon, then sent him after the Maximums. However, Bio-rex secretly transformed the wolf that bit Michael into an exact copy of him, which he named Blackmoon. When Bluemoon later learned the truth about him, he returned to Bio-rex’s headquarters, only to see that it was completely abandoned, except for Blackmoon, who was dying to meet his “clone”.

At first, Bio-rex was hesitant in partnering with Blackmoon, but quickly learned of his worth and loyalty when they easily robbed from Fort Knox. Deciding to add another to his team, he learned of an alien being named Magnator that had crash landed on Earth not long ago, and possessed phenomenal magnetic abilities. Deciding not to confront him himself, Bio-rex sent Blackmoon to retrieve a cellular sample for him. Blackmoon succeeded, making good use of his superhuman speed, and hardly even being noticed by Magnator. Using the cellular sample that Blackmoon retrieved, Bio-rex successfully cloned himself his own Magnator, dubbing him Negnator. When Negnator proved his utter loyalty to Bio-rex and Dark Overlord, Bio-rex declared his evil alliance complete. The three would eventually become the best of friends and split their profits three ways even. They called themselves the Treacherous Trio, and Bio-rex sent his two partners to the United Nations during a world peace convention in order to herald the coming era.

The Maximums saved the convention, but lost the Treacherous Trio. Next, they met at the Taipei 101, in Taipei City, Taiwan, where they threw a satellite into Earth's orbit. The Maximums were unable to stop the Trio, but managed to protect everyone in the towers. Afterwards, Heatstroke was seriously injured by a seemingly harmless prank. While in the infirmary alone, Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator entered the Hero Hood and Bio-rex controlled Heatstroke’s mind, utilizing his R-complex-controlling powers, making him take a device called the Resurrection Bomb to the center of the Earth, which detonated later, spreading a gas all around the world, revitalizing the bones of the extinct dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts that so long ago died out.

Finally, Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator prepared for one final showdown at their new headquarters, The Museum of Natural History. After containing the Maximums, and then them escaping, Blackmoon, Negnator, and their minions, the dinosaurs, fought against the Maximums, while Bio-rex taunted Heatstroke and the government spy Cheetari (who happened to be Alayna) to follow him to the top of his fortress. Once up there, Bio-rex revealed himself to be Bruce Tyrannos.

Brad and Alayna were shocked by this news. Brad then came to the startling realization that Bruce killed Father Fire. His anger was now at a whole new level. He nearly beat Bio-rex to death before Alayna stopped him. While Alayna explained to Brad that killing Bruce would make Brad just as bad as him, Bio-rex was recovering. He then attacked Alayna and told Heatstroke about how he was going to slowly skin Alayna alive, decapitate her, stuff her head and fur, and mount her head on the wall, while he made Heatstroke watch. Then, for the coup de grace, before he would kill Heatstroke, he would wipe his feet on her remains. Heatstroke, infuriated by this, unleashed his full power, at maximum temperatures known to most as the Planck temperature, almost incinerating Bio-rex in the process, leaving nothing but his skeleton. However, that was not the end of Bio-rex. He returned to the lair of Dark Overload, as a living skeleton, and began plotting his next major scheme.

His next plot involved using a prosthetic body suit and mask (since he was literally a skeleton), and the fake alias of Rex Kingsley, a wealthy billionaire industrialist and inventor who quickly became one of the top advisors to the President of the United States.

Bruce later told the Maximums a secret unrevealed in the past between Cheetari and him: they had a son. It was revealed that Alayna and Bruce had a one-night stand a long time ago, before she fell in love with Brad. Possessing Bruce’s “seeds”, Alayna began to become pregnant a few months after the incident that changed their lives and during her stay at the Hexagon, Dark Overlord was able to obtain the embryo within her womb, with which Bio-rex was able to gene splice his soon-to-be son with the genes of a velociraptor. Incubating him, Bio-rex soon hatched his son, proclaiming him the heir to his throne: Bio-raptor. Training him to become the perfect killer against Heatstroke, Bio-rex unveiled him a few years later after several run-ins with the Maximums. Bio-raptor nearly succeeded in killing Heatstroke, before he was stopped by his mother, Cheetari. Unable to harm his mother, Bio-raptor revolted against harming her, attacking Bio-rex. Bruce, however, merely devolved his age, reducing him to an infant state and left.

However, Bruce does have a soft spot in his heart. After he met a little girl who had autism, Bio-rex understood how life had made a cruel joke to this young girl's mind. Desperate to help her, after she showed him genuine kindness by giving him a piece of her chocolate bar, he attempted to alter her mind, with a mind-alteration helmet, so that she could have a normal existence. However, before he could complete the process, the Maximums, who defeated Blackmoon and Negnator, and thought Bio-rex was attempting to destroy the little girl, attacked him. Bio-rex lost his concentration and accidentally switched from mind recovery to mind destruction, destroying her mind, and killing her in the process. Bio-rex was utterly heartbroken. The Maximums now understood that he was trying to help her. They attempted to apologize, but to no avail. Bio-rex went on a mindless rampage and nearly beat the Maximums to death, before Heatstroke was able to calm him down. Heatstroke then finally realized that, deep down, Bruce did have a heart, somewhere.

Afterwards, however, Bruce and his companions, Blackmoon and Negnator, joined with Dark Overlord in his army of darkness, the Minions of Malevolence in an all-out attempt to reshape the universe in Dark Overlord’s image. However, the immensely powerful team was unable to stop the combined efforts of every superhero in the universe, including the Maximums, the reformed Super Squad, the Four of Nature, the X-Traordinaries, Vigilance Inc., the Supernaturals, the Pack and several loner superheroes. When Dark Overlord almost killed the heroes, however, he was stopped by the Almighty One, his benevolent brother, and helped the superheroes in stopping them. Dark Overlord was destroyed by the Almighty One, and the Minions of Malevolence were defeated. As punishment for their part in Dark Overlord’s attempt to conquer the universe, Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator were mystically imprisoned in the Place Where All Sinners Go. However, the Almighty One, and the superhero community, had not seen the last of them.

After the epic battle between Dark Overlord and his Minions of Malevolence and the Almighty One and every superhero in the universe, Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator were imprisoned in The Place Where All Sinners Go, where Dark Overlord used to reside. Growing increasingly insane from his tormented confines, Bio-rex grew desperate and searched the entire realm for something to help them escape. Searching through the library of Dark Overlord, Bio-rex came across an intriguing book known as the Dark Pages of Power. In this book, he learned of 10 rings of incredible power, capable of controlling the entire universe to the user’s whim.

Sarcastically believing them to be merely a made-up myth, his opinion quickly changed when he found the power source ring, the Ring of Beginning, in the back of the book. Excitedly, he began concocting a plan to escape from the Place Where All Sinners Go. However, he quickly learned that he had no need for that when the Ring of Opening suddenly latched onto his pinky claw. Immediately learning how to use the Ring of Opening, he learned that it could unlock any door, gate, etc. with but a thought, no matter how powerful, as well as track down and locate the other nine Reality Rings. Telling Blackmoon and Negnator that he had found a key, they escaped the Place Where All Sinners Go and Bio-rex began the unleashing of his plan.

Sending Blackmoon, Negnator, and several demonic forces to distract the superhero community for as long as possible, Bio-rex searched for the rest of the Reality Rings. Going to different places throughout the universe, thanks to an interstellar spaceship stolen from aliens visiting Earth, Bio-rex soon gained access to the Ring of the Mind, the Ring of Spirits, the Ring of Nature, the Ring of Life, the Ring of Change, the Ring of Time, and the Ring of the Cosmos. However, he then learned that the other rings could only be used if all ten rings were in his possession. He also learned that the last two rings, the Ring of Power and the Ring of Desire, were in Valhalla, the kingdom of the Almighty One.

Deciding to return to the Place Where All Sinners Go, Bio-rex searched for a way to distract the Almighty One, so that he could capture the last two rings. Eventually, Bio-rex began to lose hope, knowing full well he could not just walk up to Valhalla and simply take the rings. That changed, however, when he heard Dark Overlord’s voice in his mind, telling him to look inside a jar within his throne room. Locating the jar, Bio-rex opened it, which released an unstoppable army of dark monsters that quickly escaped to Earth to cause mayhem.

Blackmoon and Negnator, meanwhile, had their hands full distracting the Maximums and several other superheroes. That quickly subsided when the monstrous forces attacked and began destroying everything around them, including the superheroes.

Powers and Abilities


  • The Reality Rings: The Tyrant King is currently the possessor of the virtually omnipotent Reality Rings, ten rings capable of altering reality on a universal scale in virtually any way or form or manner. Each ring controls a different aspect of reality, including Power, Space, Time, Life, Nature, Change, the Mind, the Spirit, and Desire. The tenth ring, known as the Ring of Opening, is the power source that enables the activation and usage of the other nine rings.

As the first mortal to actually find and obtain all ten rings, the Tyrant King is the sole user and wielder of the rings. When separated from the rings, the Tyrant King can control them over vast distances, mentally monitor any activities within each ring’s vicinity, and prevent others from using his rings without his consent.

  • The Ring of Might: The Ring of Power grants the Tyrant King the power to access all and any power and energy that has ever existed or ever will exist, grant others powers or amplified powers, possibly beyond their control if he wished, and back up the other rings and boost their effects when needed. It also grants him the power to duplicate any superhuman ability and become virtually invincible.
  • The Ring of the Cosmos: The Ring of the Cosmos grants the Tyrant King the power of complete and total control over space, enabling him to transport himself and others across space in the blink of an eye, exist in any location or all locations unharmed, move any space, being, or object anywhere throughout the universe, place and fit large spaces in any space, and warp and rearrange space at will.
  • The Ring of Time: The Ring of Time grants the Tyrant King the power of complete and total control over time, including the ability to travel through time at will. From the primordial past, to the distant future, any period is accessible and viable through its power. This allows him to also pause, fast-forward, and rewind time, create time-loops, transport objects and beings from any time period to any time period at will, control the aging of other objects or beings, including himself, etc.
  • The Ring of Life: The Ring of Life grants the Tyrant King the power to control all life on a molecular and universal level, allowing him to create life out of thin air, animate any inanimate objects, heal/destroy life, transform, reshape, and alter life at will, etc.
  • The Ring of Nature: The Ring of Nature grants the Tyrant King the power to control all of nature from the subatomic to the universal scale, granting him complete and total control over all the natural universe, including the planets and the cosmos, kingdoms of life, minerals, weather, the environment, the ecosystems, the natural order, physics, energy, etc.
  • The Ring of Change: The Ring of Change grants the Tyrant King the power to transform, alter, and/or reshape himself and virtually anything else into anything he can chooses, in any form, shape, or way, including transforming himself and others into other living beings, inanimate/animate objects, color, shape, size, etc.
  • The Ring of the Mind : The Ring of the Mind grants the Tyrant King the power of virtual omniscience, infinite-levels of telepathy and telekinesis, etc. With the Rings of Might and Nature backing up the Ring of the Mind, the Tyrant King can access, alter, and control the minds and matter of all living beings simultaneously.
  • The Ring of the Spirit: The Ring of the Spirit grants the Tyrant King the power to control, steal, manipulate, and alter the spirits, souls, and life essence of virtually any being, living or deceased.
  • The Ring of Desire: The Ring of Desire is, perhaps, the most powerful ring of all, granting the Tyrant King the power to fulfill any wishes, dreams, and desires he chooses, even if they directly contradict the laws of science.
  • The Ring of Opening The Ring of Opening unlocks, activates, and untaps the power of the other nine Reality Rings and also grants the Tyrant King the power to open, access, unlock, or lock any doorway, entrance, portal, etc., no matter how powerfully it may be sealed.


None known.

Strength level



The Tyrant King is normally invincible while utilizing the powers of the Reality Rings. However, the Reality Rings' properties are able to be mimicked by someone with enough power like Maximum Man or the Zoologist, and, when the Tyrant King taps into their energies, their energies can be absorbed by others, granting them power enough to face the Tyrant King head-to-head. Also, his arrogance and ego often lead to his defeat, and his unwillingness to surrender has often been his downfall. Cosmic-level beings, such as the Big Bang, Maximum-level superhumans, such as Maximum Man, Bluemoon, Macho Man, and Stryker, and gods, such as the Almighty One, the Zoologist, the Botanist, and Mother Nature, have proven able to face the Tyrant King and his Reality Ring's head on in combat.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Bio-Rex has a criminal record.


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