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Real Name
Robert Banner
Current Alias

Bruce, Bruce Banner, David Banner


Avengers Defenders (Formerly)


First appearance

The Incredible Hulk Vol 1 1


History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Limitless Strength: The Hulk's strength is limitless. He's easily the strongest Avenger as he has been able to take down the entire Avengers, Smack away Thor's hammer, and his most impressive feat is being able to pick up Thor's hammer through straight anger (No one in the multiverse has been able to do that or can do that). He's easily been able to solo the entire Squadron Supreme. He has been able to overpower Captain America's Energy shield and The Absorbing Man when he touched it (Which is something Thor, Red Hulk, and the Abomination couldn't do).

Superhuman Speed: The Hulk's speed is very fast as he's been able to break the sound barrier. At his peak, he can move at the speed of sound. He's been able to blitz Quicksilver, run faster than the full speed of car, and swims like a living torpedo.

Superhuman Durability/Limitless Regeneration: The Hulk has regenerated from a lot of things and has superhuman durability. He has regenerated from being disintegrated and being erased from time. His most impressive feat is being able to take a multiverse/universal destroying blast and wiping it off and his response was, "That tickled". He's regenerated from his skin being destroyed in seconds.

Gamma Radiation Emission/Absorption/Charging: The Hulk's most powerful ability. The Hulk is already arguably the strongest hero to ever be on a superhero team, but when this ability is activated, he's the strongest person to be on a team. Iron Man dubbed him in this mode, World Breaker Hulk. Hulk uses this ability a lot but not at his full potential. This enhances everything about him. He ran so fast that he commented on Thor being slow as he was showing that he was faster than him (Thor moves beyond Warp Speed which is the Maximum speed in the Multiverse). Hulk can even react in Warp Speed. He's 99.9% indestructible in this form. He can drain Gamma Radiation from other beings as well. He was able to do the impossible in this form: He was able to absorb all the radiation from Abomination and turn him back to Emil Blonsky. Iron Man has stated that Hulk mainly wins his fights because when people punch or attack him, he drains their energy which makes him angrier and stronger. Hulk can even charge Gamma Radiation from the inside and not only on the outside to make himself much more stronger. He was able to beat every Hulk in the multiverse because of the ability. They had the same, but Banner was the original Hulk as he can access all of their powers, strength, abilities, thoughts, etc. He can even explode like a Gamma Bomb that can destroyed whole planets and can even knock out the likes of Thanos. (For more feats, view Respect Thread)

Superhuman breath/sonic scream: Hulk's voice is so loud that even Black Bolt claimed that it's stronger than his. When Hulk was charged by a large amount of Gamma Radiation, his sneeze destroyed an entire universe. His roar or yell has been known to blow enemies away. He can also breathe underwater and can breathe in the vacuum of space.

Superhuman Leaping: The Hulk's leg power is intensely powerful. He can jump from planets and using his Gamma Radiation he can last in the air longer.

Limitless Stamina: The Hulk has Limitless stamina He can fight for days, weeks, years, and months. When he entered a gladiatorial match, the leader of the game tried to cheat by making Hulk stay awake and fight and train. To his amazement and shock, The Hulk did even better and won every battle.

Self Sustenance: Like the previous ability, Hulk doesn't need food, sleep, anything to drink, or air to continue fighting. Hulk has some of the greatest Willpower out of the entire universe. When he was in the gladiatorial match, he was tortured but still won every fight and some of the gladiators refused the fight and surrendered to him.

Adapting: The Hulk can adapt to any situation. Weather based, element based, chemical based, atomic based, etc. When he was in freezing temperatures, his body adapted similar to hot temperatures. His body absorbed the element as it helped him get used to it. In his fight with the Molecular Man, he tried to take down the Hulk, but the Hulk adapted to his powers and when he used it on the Hulk, he redirected it.

Disease Immunity: The Hulk is completely invulnerable to all known Earth-based diseases and viruses, including AIDS. He can operate under intense conditions for prolonged periods of time due to his body not developing fatigue toxins quickly.

Decelerated Aging: For all intents and purposes the Hulk lives indefinitely. Because of an enhanced regenerative healing factor, derived from the properties of gamma energy that empowers him, Hulk has a prolonged lifespan. A possible future persona, the Maestro, was in his physical prime despite being over one hundred years old. In another alternate future it is implied that the Hulk's body effectively lasts forever.

Retroactive Immortality: For all intents and purposes the Hulk cannot permanently die. The exact nature of this ability is unknown. However, it is suggested that, every time the Hulk or Banner is killed since the day that Banner was hit with the Gamma Bomb, a metaphorical "door" is opened that allows one of the two to "walk through" in order to successfully enable their resurrection. It is suggested that it is the Hulk who walks through, as Banner would rather be at peace than be revived as the Hulk. It is also suggested that damaging the hypothalamus, an area in the forebrain which controls the nervous system as well as emotions, can effectively kill the Hulk, but the attempts to perform this action have been interrupted by outside interference from those preferring to use the Hulk for their nefarious purposes. Following his resurrection by the Challenger, if Banner should die, he would self-resurrect by transforming into the Hulk at nightfall.

Telepathic Immunity: The Hulk is very resistant to mind control and telepathy. Not even Red Onslaught could Mind Control him and get into his head. Not even the Mind Stone could do it.

Astral Form Perception: Because of Hulk's enhanced vision he can see ghosts. This happened when he got over the fear of his father.his power has come in handy when working with his fellow Defender, Doctor Strange, who is able to leave his body in an usually invisible, ghost-like state better known as an astral form. Bruce Banner subconsciously feared his father's ghost would come back to haunt him, and so the Hulk developed this mechanism to allow him to look out for him. More recent events have shown that the power to see astral forms may now extend to Bruce Banner. However, it was suggested the clarity of the astral forms is diminished when compared to the Hulk's ability to view them. The Hulk's ability to see astral forms may go beyond just seeing individual spirits. The Hulk once experienced a whole town in the middle of the desert that then faded away into nothing. While it is possible it was merely a mirage, it is possible the Hulk was able to see a town that did not exist in our plane of reality that no one else could see.

Homing Ability: The Hulk has a rather interesting ability where he can remember places exactly from his past. From his home, to the Gamma Bomb site where he became the Hulk or from days ago. He can even track down all the people he's been in contact with.

Super Genius Intelligence: Although he hates using it, The Hulk can have access to Banner's brain or voice if he needs to do something or say something only Banner knows. Even without this ability, Hulk has been able to see multiple patterns to see how his enemies' fight.


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