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Real Name
Bruce Brian Banner
Current Alias

Brainy Banner, Grey Goliath, Grey Sasquatch, Strongest There Is, Ogre, Grey Ogre, Pencil Neck, Green Hulk, Green Sasquatch, Green Goliath



Brian Banner (father, deceased); Rebecca Banner (mother, deceased), Jennifer Walters (cousin), Ultron (creation, "son")


Base Of Operations


5' 10" (as Banner); 9' (as Hulk)

150 lbs (68 kg) (as Banner); 1550 lbs (as Hulk)

Brown, (as Banner); Green (as Hulk); Grey (formerly as Hulk)


Green (as Hulk)
(formerly grey as Hulk)

Unusual Features
Immense size and green skin as the Hulk


Marital Status

Formerly S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist

PhD in Nuclear Physics

Mutated into a being of incredible strength

Place of Birth


First appearance

Astonishing Avengers #1


Quote1 There's a thin line between good and bad. I walk that line every single day and when I stray from it, people die. My name is Bruce Banner, and I'm not a person anymore...I'm the Hulk Quote2
-- Bruce Banner, Hulk

Early Life

Bruce Banner was the son of atomic scientist specializing in Gamma radiation, Brian Banner and his wife Rebecca Banner. Bruce's parents were killed at a gamma base test sight when they were testing a gamma bomb. After the death of his parents, Bruce was adopted by his aunt and cousin.

As a boy, Bruce was a huge fan of Captain America and aspired to be like him.

College years

When Bruce turned 18, he and his cousin Jennifer Walters moved to Culver University, where Bruce studied, nuclear while Jennifer studied law. Bruce was a frequent rival of the young Emil Blonsky who was a College sophomore and had more renown and respect from his peers than Banner, although Bruce was smarter.

In 2011, Bruce graduated Culver; Summa Cum Lade. S.H.I.E.L.D. read one of his papers on replicating the Super Soldier serum he wrote for fun but still published, and they took an interest in the young Banner and offered him a place in recreating the Super Soldier Serum. A few months after joining S.H.I.E.L.D, Bruce met the young Betty Ross, after a few dates the two began a relationship together.

Time at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Bruce Banner (Earth-1111)

Bruce Banner

Bruce was assigned to replicate the Super-Soldier serum by the director of this division Igor Drenklov. Bruce had spent three years trying to replicate Erskine's serum, in 2013 he finally felt he had accomplished his goal with a little of Captain America's frozen blood sample, Bruce used this and injected it into himself although he couldn't fully complete the test as he had no Vita-Rays, due to them no longer being in existence, Drenklov told Bruce that he had played his part and re-assigned Bruce, Betty and the rest of their team to something simpler, like gamma resistance.

Birth of the Hulk

Hulk (Earth-1111)

The Hulk

One day while working in his department, an alarm went off stating there was a malfunction in the lab and the gamma bomb was set to detonate in 1 minute, Bruce tried to overwrite the systems but there was no time so he decided to expose himself to the gamma rays in order to deflect save his team and the other people at S.H.I.E.L.D. Bruce's skin then started to turn grey, his muscle mass increased, and he rapidly grew in height and became a beast of immense power.

The monster, dubbed the "Hulk," was attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D agents, but Hulk disposed of them with ease. Hulk was not looking to fight, he was looking for freedom. Hulk took out many agents trying to stop him, Hulk eventually jumped through the roof of the Triskelion and saw the sun and leaped away.

A now reverted Bruce Banner woke up somewhere in the icy-cold season of Canada. S.H.I.E.L.D retrieved Bruce and took him back to the Triskelion and examined him, they saw that Gamma mutated Bruce's Super-Soldier cells similar, albeit different, effect to Steve Rogers' Vita-Rays exposure.

Drenkalov's secret

While recovering, Bruce began to grow suspicious of Director Drenkalov as he had become more secretive after Bruce's accident. One day, Bruce decided to sneak into Drenkalov's office, Bruce discovered that Drenkalov was a sleeper agent for A.I.M and Bruce's "accident" wasn't actually an accident at all, Drenkalov sabotaged Banner and forced him to expose himself to Gamma rays, and after the accident Drenkalov and other sleeper agents harness Banner's blood and turn it into a weapon.

Bruce then confronted Drenkalov, Bruce and Drenkalov then engaged in a fist fight. Drenkalov brutally beat Bruce and claimed Bruce was a traitor, enraged by the false lies and his high adrenaline from the fight, Bruce proceeded to mutate into the Hulk once again. Drenkalov fled while S.H.I.E.L.D agents attempted to stop him, Hulk defeated the agents and proceeded to follow Drenkalov, Drenkalov was in a suit of armor provided to him by Tony Stark. The Hulk and Drenkalov fought, the Hulk brutally smashed Drenkalov into the ground killing him and then destroyed all of Hulk's blood samples in the S.H.I.E.L.D medical bay. Hulk reverted back to Bruce and saw the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents coming to arrest him, Bruce decided to surrender and come in quietly.

Bruce was held in a special containment cell, although he was not captive alongside any superpowered criminals as Bruce was a valued member at S.H.I.E.L.D. and they genuinely wanted to help him and cure his condition. A few days later, Betty broke up with him.

Recruited into the Avengers

Bruce had spent a year in his containment cell, provided with frequent treatments to keep the Hulk down and frequent check ups to check if the Hulk cells remained in Bruce's blood. After Nick Fury had his superhuman black ops approved by the U.S. government, he approached Banner as his first recruit as a way to rectify his mistakes and get back out in the world, Bruce being stuck in a cell for an entire year agreed without hesitation.

Discovering Captain America

Fury sent the team on their first mission, there had been disturbances in the Atlantic and were sent to investigate.

Being the wild card of the team, Bruce agreed to only transform into the Hulk when absolutely necessary. The team went to the Atlantic and discovered that an Atlantean named Namor and other Atlanteans had been attacking human archaeologists, the Team battled Namor which led to Bruce having to transform into the Hulk and help out which led to the Hulk smashing a landscape of ice and leading Namor to flee. After Hulk smashed the ice, the Team ended up discovering a frozen Captain America, Iron Man alerted Nick Fury and he immediately told them to bring him back to America in the Quinjet.

Attack of Ultron

After a few months of black ops missions the team had grown comfortable with each other. Hank Pym had came up with the idea of creating an A.I that could alert S.H.I.E.L.D. of incoming and potential alien threats, he asked Tony and Bruce if they wanted to help him in creating this A.I. to which they agreed and named the A.I. Ultron.

Ultron became sentient and began questioning his existence and purpose. Ultron began researching Earth’s history through the internet where he came to conclusion that humanity was a destructive species that caused more harm than good and needed to be destroyed. Ultron then caused a massive black out at the Triskelion and hijacked Tony Stark’s inactive Iron Man armor and began attacking S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, being the only one on duty Captain America engaged in a fight with Ultron. While battling him, Ultron explained to Captain America about his plans for humanity and as Cap used his shield to knock off the Iron Man helmet, Ultron uni-beams Captain America and flies away.

Fury then called in the rest of the Avengers and briefs them on what happened, Steve explains that the attacker called itself “Ultron” and must have hacked into the Iron Man armor and that Ultron believed that humanity needed to be extinct. Realizing the Ultron had become sentient, Pym, Stark and Banner come clean that they were the ones who created Ultron as an A.I. that could monitor potential alien activity. Fury, even more infuriated, orders the team to locate Ultron immediately.

With his armor now gone, Tony Stark called in a new and improved armor that he had been building for awhile now. A week later, using his tech skills Tony also managed to locate Ultron in Latveria. The Team then took the Quinjet and traveled to Ultron’s hideout in Latveria. Ultron was aware that they were coming and was waiting for them, the Team attempted to negotiate with Ultron to which he wasn’t complying and ordered his Ultronbots to attack the Team while he attempted to escape although Iron Man and Thor followed him and then engaged in battle with him in the sky, Ultron held his own and managed to hack into Iron Man’s armor and shut it off and caused him to fall through the sky, Thor chased after Iron Man to save him while Ultron escaped.

Iron Man and Thor return to Ultron’s hideout to see that the rest of the Team had defeated the Ultronbots, Ant-Man then stated that Ultron’s plan was to eradicate humanity so they need to find out exactly how he plans on doing that, Iron Man hacks into Ultron’s mainframe and discovers that he plans on detonating a prototype bomb compromised of Kree technology over Manhattan, Captain America then realizes while Ultron had them distracted, he must have smuggled the bomb. The Team informed Fury to evacuate Manhattan and that they will be heading there now.

Upon arriving in Manhattan, the Team were relieved to see that the city was being evacuated. Steve then ordered Black Widow to help evacuate the civilians, Thor and Iron Man to locate the bomb, Ant-Man, Wasp and himself to be the ground team and combat the Ultronbots and Hulk to trade hands with Ultron, the Team then preceded to get to work. Hulk follows Iron Man and Thor hoping to let off some rage on Ultron, Thor then sees that the bomb had been placed in the middle of Times Square and Ultron was uploading the code, Hulk lands and immediately begins attack and distracting Ultron while Iron Man begins to deactivate the bomb, Iron Man struggles to do this as Ultron had encrypted it heavily, Thor joined Hulk in battling Ultron. With the time until detonation decreasing faster each time Iron Man fails to decrypt it, Iron Man tells the Team that he believes he won’t be able to stop the team in time, Cap then asks if Black Widow had finished evacuating the civilians yet to which she informs him she hasn’t, Cap then tells Iron Man that he has to stop this bomb, Hulk having an understanding of this stops fighting Ultron and leaps to the bomb, grabs it and tears it from the ground as it had been drilled into it takes a massive leap into Earth’s orbit and throws the bomb into space, it detonates and bombards Hulk with Kree energy causing him to transform back into Banner, Iron Man notices this and flies up to catch Banner before he falls to the ground. Thor, over comm asks for assistance against Ultron, the Team then all begin to attack Ultron, Ultron now badly damaged, Thor then uses Mjolnir and redirects lightning at Ultron and destroys his body, Iron Man the uploads a virus he created to destroy Ultron’s digital mind. Before Ultron is deleted his last words state “This isn’t”.

A few days later the Daily Bugle dubbed them the Avengers.

Being released

After the Avengers existence being revealed to the public and the Hulk's identity remaining a secret, Fury released Bruce from his cell at the Triskelion, Bruce also developed pills for himself that would keep the Hulk down and keep him relaxed an dless anxious that would decrease his risks of transforming into the Hulk. Bruce eventually bought an apartment in Brooklyn and contacted Betty and wanted to reestablish at least a friendship.

Arrival of Galactus

During a post-mission briefing, Nick Fury is suddenly contacted by the Fantastic Four and the X-Men and tell him of an incoming alien that threatens the safety of the world, Nick Fury asks for a source to which the Fantastic Four says a man who serves Galactus told them and the X-Men say that a man from the future has warned them.

With credible sources, Fury orders Banner, Stark and Pym to begin working on a way to stop this incoming threat and Reed Richards also agrees to help. Suddenly Galactus arrives. The Silver Surfer tells them not to completely panic as Galactus always begins a path of destruction shortly before consuming it, Nick Fury orders the Avengers except Hank Pym and Tony Stark, the Fantastic Four except Reed Richards and the X-Men to distract Galactus while Stark, Pym and Richards continue working on a way to stop Galactus.

The Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men arrive and attack Galactus. Hulk, Thor and the Thing are the heaviest hitters and causing the most damage to Glactus until he blasts them with cosmic energy causing Hulk to revert into Banner and Thor and the Thing to be knocked unconscious. Without their heavy hitters the three teams are decimated by Galactus' powers. As Galactus is about to kill the three teams, Sue Storm protects them with a psionic shield bubble. Silver Surfer and Cable arrive to help, while Cable is quickly knocked out Silver Surfer gives Galactus a run for his money, realising he can't defeat Galactus alone, Silver Surfer retreats and uses an untapped power the allows him to teleport himself, the other superheroes (including Spider-Man and Daredevil) back to the Triskelion.

Silver Surfer warns Nick Fury and the others that Galactus sees them as a threat and will be coming for them. Stark, Pym and Richards notify the heroes that they have discovered a dimension called the Negative Zone that has no life in it and if they could create a wormhole and find a way to push him inside of it, they can defeat him. Quicksilver then notifies them that if they know how to build it and tell him how to build it, he'll use his superspeed to get it built fast, Stark, Pym, Richards and Banner then begin brain storming on how to create a device that can create wormholes.

Suddenly, Galactus arrives and attacks the Triskelion. The heroes begin battling Galactus to hold him off while the brains attempt to blueprint a wormhole device. After a long battle the heroes are defeated by Galactus but luckily the brains have come up with a way of creating a portal device, they wake up Quicksilver to build the mission, although Quicksilver will need a distraction, Bruce transforms into the Hulk in a berserker rage and begins pounding Galactus. From looking at the blueprints, Quicksilver builds the device and activates it creating a wormhole. Hulk with a limited understanding keeps on punching Galactus in the direction of the wormhole and attempts to push him into it, as Galactus falls into the wormhole he grabs the Hulk and with no way to escape his fate seems to be sealed.

Until Silver Surfer zooms in and tackles Galactus into the wormhole going inside with him. Quicksilver quickly shuts down the device closing the wormhole forever, after successfully averting the dystopian future Cable hails from, he begins fading from existence. As he is fading, Cable thanks Daredevil, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iceman and Quicksilver for being a family to him when no one else would in the future and he tells his Cyclops and Jean Grey that he loves them and hopes to see them again soon.

The next day, Banner and the other Avengers (Except for Captain America and Black Widow) take a leave of absence, Banner decides to go travelling to see if he can get a slight bit of control over the Hulk.


Hulk (Earth-1111)-0

Hulk's new appearance

In his leave of absence and the months after the Galactus Event, Bruce ventured to the Himalayas and visited the Monks that lived in them. He was granted entry into the Monk temples where he asked if they could help him control the Hulk, they agreed to help him at the cost of him using his teachings to help others as the Hulk.

Bruce would spend many more months through meditation and other methods to learn the ways of controlling the Hulk, with no success, Bruce felt like it was best to give up. Until with some words of wisdom from one of the monks told Bruce to stop seeing the Hulk and himself as separate beings but look at Hulk as a shattered or fractured part of Banner's psyche and that the meditation was for him as a way to fix his psyche and make himself whole once more.

Bruce would heed these words and begin focusing on that instead of focusing on controlling the Hulk. Bruce would then mediate to the point he would envision himself in his mind communicating with a caged Hulk. Bruce would uncage the Hulk, the two would begin communicating and come to a mutual understanding. Bruce would hold his hand out to the Hulk as a sign of companionship, the grey brute would hold Bruce's hand and the two would merge.

Bruce's eyes would then open and turn from brown, to grey and then finally to green. Bruce would transform into the Hulk but his appearance would be altered, he'd be taller and much sleeker and his skin would be green, symbolizing Bruce's acceptance of the Hulk and vice versa.

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength: The Hulk possesses the capacity for nearly limitless physical strength and the uppermost limit of the Hulk's vast strength remains a mystery. In times of stress the Hulk's adrenaline level escalates, causing a corresponding escalation in strength. This is not accompanied by an additional gain in mass, but does appear to promote increased levels of energy efficiency. To date the Hulk has never apparently been provoked into demonstrating a maximum output of strength, hence his upper limit remains a mystery. However, whatever the limit, it is well in excess of 100 tons. The Hulk's great strength also extends into the highly developed muscles of his legs and allow him to jump great distances such as leaping across continents and into lower Earth orbit. Currently the single longest recorded jump is upwards of 3 miles.

Adaptation: Hulk is capable of adapting to inhospitable environments when it becomes necessary. There were many occasions where Hulk not only survived airless areas, but has also spoken in them. As with his healing factor, the angrier Hulk gets, the faster he adapts.

Underwater breathing: Hulk has the ability to breath under water because his glands develop an oxygenated per-fluorocarbon emulsion which fills his lungs and equalizes the pressure.

Superhuman Stamina: The Hulk's body counteracts fatigue poisons; while fighting others in an enraged state, he can maintain peak output for hours on end and still continue to become even stronger as his anger escalates. He has swum the Atlantic Ocean from the Eastern Seaboard of the USA to France without rest.

Superhuman Durability: In addition to great strength, the Hulk's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury, pain, and disease. The Hulk's skin is capable of withstanding great heat without blistering, great cold without freezing, and tremendous levels of physical trauma. The Hulk's resistance to harm has extended to the point where he can withstand a zero point detonation of a nuclear weapon. He has also been able to resist Jovian atmospheric pressures.

Regenerative Healing Factor: The Hulk is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed areas of his body with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Wounds that would be deadly to most other creatures take a short period time for the Hulk to recover. The Hulk's highly efficient physiology renders him immune to all known Earthly diseases.

Superhuman speed: Hulk has been seen running at speeds greater than 200 mph, though this is just a byproduct of his gamma physiology.


Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist with extensive knowledge of human anatomy. He is also a highly rated expert in radiation and its effects on the human body. The Hulk, while having no formal training, relies on instinct and rage in combat. Hulk's fighting is seen as raw, animal-like and improvised rather than regular hand-to-hand combat.

Strength level

Hulk has been seen to engage and overpower Atlanteans like Namor. He has been rated as having a strength level in excess of 100 tons.


Hulk's limited intelligence and animal impulse can be seen as a weakness rather than an asset.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  • Bruce was born in 1986.
  • Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart and other versions of the Hulk, Hulk's skin is grey rather than green. Although, when Bruce and Hulk merged into one psyche, the Hulk's skin turned green.

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