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Brock Rumlow
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Avengers (formerly), HYDRA

None known


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Marital Status

Soldier, mercenary, adventurer, HYDRA agent, Avenger (formerly)

Military training, general schooling

A former mercenary and top-class soldier who got discharged due to his rampage, but became an undercover HYDRA agent, and a temporary Avenger.



Quote1.png For me, working for HYDRA was gritty. I couldn't express my own anger and my thirst for vengeance. With HYDRA, they help me to channel my expressions, through killing innocent people, rampaging, and other things I'd love. All of them are related to total chaos. Quote2.png
-- Crossbones

The Soldier of Honor

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, much of Brock's past was unknown. However, he was known to be born from a militaristic family, who nearly got their entire lives filled with war-participation. His father was said to have participated in the Gulf War, and his grandfather once fought in World War II and the Vietnam War. As such, Brock followed his family's footsteps, becoming a soldier. He also claimed that he's a member of a certain paramilitary agency. Other than that, nothing was known about Brock.

Agent of HYDRA

At one point, one of Brock's mission went wild. His entire squad was wiped out by opposing forces (although that time, Brock forgot the place where the mission took place in), and Brock went mad. He proceeded to go "berserk", killed the oppositions, before actually continuing his rampage to a nearby village. He was stopped forcefully, when a back-up team was sent after him and shot his legs twice with an M60. This knocked out Brock, but he still survived. After he woke up, he was given a sign of discharge, and was cast-out of the military. Angered, Brock went back home and did a "little rampage".

Days later, a man approached Brock, and offered him to work in his "agency", which was later known as HYDRA. Brock quickly accepted the offer, after the man explained him about HYDRA. Brock thought that it'd be a good opportunity to "set the world on the flames of vengeance". In a matter of months, Brock became one of the greatest HYDRA agents of all time. As a reward, he was given physical enhancements that enhanced his physical performance, becoming a half-Super-Soldier.

Avengers and HATE

At one point, HYDRA planned to infiltrate their rival organization, HATE, to destroy them from the inside. With this, HYDRA sent Brock to infiltrate them, by becoming a HATE agent. While the name "Brock Rumlow" was known in the past, HYDRA managed to delete Brock's past "rampage" data, which allowed him to become a HATE agent with ease. Dirk Anger himself didn't know who Brock was. Brock also became a member of Dirk's Avengers, becoming one of the early members of the organization. As Brock remained in HATE, HYDRA's plans began to succeed. Brock participated in the Avengers' mission to recruit the Juggernaut, nearly costing his own life. After that, HYDRA's plan to assault UNN "Gamma" happened, and it was a success due to Brock's effort.

Powers and Abilities


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Brock's physical attributes were enhanced by HYDRA through a series of experiments. The experiments bestow Brock with physical attributes similar to those of the US Agent's, but weaker. However, he has been said to be as strong as US Agent himself because Brock's a stronger person than Frank before being experimented upon. The experiments improved Brock's already-impressive physical condition. His pain tolerance was also enhanced. Before being enhanced, Brock miraculously survived being shot by two M60 rounds to the legs, only to be knocked out.

  • Enhanced Strength: Brock's already-impressive strength was enhanced because of his experiments. His strength level was unknown, but he has been claimed to be as strong as US Agent, who can lift up to 2 tons. Still, before his experiments, he was strong enough to knock out two men "said to be bigger than Chuck Liddell himself" with ease.
  • Enhanced Durability: Brock's skin was toughened after his experimentation. His skin was harder than normal humans, and can survive a considerable amount of trauma, greater than normal humans. He was shown to be able to survive two M60 rounds to the legs before his experimentation, and survive being punched by the Juggernaut, once.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Brock's body generates lesser fatigue toxins, allowing him to perform physical activities longer than a normal human.
  • Enhanced Speed: Brock's natural speed was enhanced to nigh-superhuman levels, allowing him to match a car's speed. As an effect, Brock also reacts faster, allowing him to perceive dangers faster.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Brock's intelligence was said to be enhanced after the experiments. This was demonstrated by his "tactically genius brain", which was said by both the Red Skull and Dirk Anger.


Brock's a master combatant, marksman, and assassin, as well as his claims to be proficient in hacking computers.

Strength level



None known


Equipment: Body armor, grenades and medical supplies.
Transportation: Unknown
Weapons: Various guns and melee weapons.


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  • During HYDRA's assault on the UNN "Gamma", Brock learned of Juggernaut's real name, and seemingly recognized him, as both Cain and Brock were former military-men, and Brock can access information about the fellow soldier.
  • Brock's involvement in the HYDRA Assault event was partly inspired by his Captain America: Winter Soldier incarnation, but with his Crossbones persona included (In the MCU, the Crossbones persona appeared later in Civil War).
  • Brock has no relations with Sin (Red Skull's daughter in the mainstream Marvel), as she doesn't exist in this universe.
  • Brock uses his Crossbones persona during his time with the Avengers. He remained in this persona until his death.
  • Brock killed Spider-Man's uncle and aunt during his process of becoming a top HYDRA operative in one of his missions.

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