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Prime Director

Real Name
Brandy Clark
Current Alias
Prime Director

Director Clark, Starshine



Galadorian Monarchy



Base Of Operations





Marital Status

Prime Director of Galador, Spaceknight (formerly)

An ordinary human who later became Rom's wife and a temporary Spaceknight.

Place of Birth


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Quote1 As the Prime Director of Galador, it is my duty to run the Monarchy as it is. As a wife and mother, it is my duty to safeguard my husband and children. As a Spaceknight, it is my duty to annihilate all that threatens Galador. Quote2
-- Brandy Clark

Before Rom

Brandy Clark was a common farm girl living in a rural house in Kansas. Not much is known about her past, with only sparse details known. Brandy tells of her parents' deaths some time before encountering Rom, leaving her alone in the same house she stayed in with her family for years. She hailed from a poor family and her family was indebted to several persons, until Rom came along.

The Spaceknight Cometh

In one fateful night, Brandy, who returned to her house from a heated argument with her landlord, saw a shooting star hurtling towards a field miles away from her car. While she simply saw this as a mere "wishing star", the sound of an explosion piqued her interest and prompted her to investigate. Arriving on the crash site, she saw large amounts of smoke coming out of a large crater. When she walked down the crater, her nerves were shocked beyond measure the moment a set of glowing eyes glared at her.

The smoke cleared out the moment the metallic figure known as "Rom" turned his back. The stunned Brandy was left reactionless as Rom spoke in perfect English about what landmass he's on, why she’s there and if she's an agent sent to pick him up, and other questions. Unable to comprehend what had come to her, Clark passed out.

Hours later, Brandy found himself in her house's barn with the spaceman standing right in front of her. Brandy threatened to call the police, but Rom had no idea what it meant since Galador has nothing such as crime. When Rom tried to explain everything to her, Brandy lashed out at him in rage and tried to exit the barn. Unfortunately, she was greeted by a wave of Dire Wraiths bursting into the place.

Learning of the creatures' identity, Brandy was protected by Rom until the Wraiths were driven away. With such revelation, Brandy finally accepted what Rom said but told him that he couldn't stay there for long. Rom thanked her for her hospitality and informed her that he'd come to her only after finishing one mission a day.

After several team-ups with famous Earth-based heroes that made it to the news and eliminating Dire Wraith cells across the United States, Brandy and Rom grew closer day by day and entered a romantic relationship. Although barricades such as Rom's lack of humanity and the truth that he'd leave Earth one day challenged them, they still loved each other.

When Rom's mission came near an end upon discovering Doctor Dredd's hideout, Brandy decided to get a taste of his action and assist Rom. Indeed, although she was initially denied, she managed to save her husband from Dredd's clutches by donning the Starshine armor given by the present Pulsar. Even without the backing of the Spaceknight Procedure, Brandy successfully defeated Dredd with her future husband.

With Dredd's banishment from Earth, victory was definitely a subject of celebration. In Brandy and Rom's case, going to his homeworld to participate in a celebratory party for Rom. While Brandy considered staying on Earth, she decided to bid farewell to her planet anyway thanks to Plor's suggestion. When the trio landed on Galador, their presence was welcomed. Brandy's appearance alongside Rom was a surprise to many of his compatriots and a wedding was soon held. In months to come, Brandy would bear twin children named after two of her favorite figures from Arthurian legends: Tristan and Balin.

Invasion of Wraithworld

Rom and Starshine

Brandy and her husband near Wraithworld.

When the Galadorians launched a full-scale invasion on the Dire Wraith homeworld, Wraithworld, to eradicate them once and for all, Brandy did not miss out the opportunity to fight side-by-side with her husband. Donning the Starshine armor, Brandy participated in the epic battle and managed to eliminate several Dire Wraiths on her own.

When Rom ordered the Galadorian Fleet to escape the Dark Nebula so he could blow up Wraithworld to kingdom come, Brandy stayed on the planet to help her love in making his way to the top of the Dire Wraith Citadel. She and Rom fought Dredd one final time in a battle to save the Galadorian Fleet and the material realm itself. Unfortunately, Brandy was injured in the fight by Dr. Dredd who effectively disabled her by cutting clean through her armor's leg plates right through her legs.

While wounded, Brandy still managed to survive the ordeal after Rom banished Dredd to the Limbo Dimension for the first and last time. When Rom's attempt to stop the planet's explosion failed, the two managed to save the Galadorian Fleet and the universe right after surviving the planet's explosion (since only the planet blew up).


Some point after the previous Prime Director's passing, Brandy was appointed as the next Prime Director after a series of discussions among the higher echelons of the Monarchy. Ever since she became the Prime Director, she has always tried to maintain peace between Galador's realms with other races and support her growing sons and old husband.

Powers and Abilities


By all means, Brandy is powerless. She has absolutely no superhuman abilities, although her previous usage of the Starshine armor gave her the same powers as all other Spaceknights.


Brandy is a skilled negotiator and politician, a kind person who goes for all parties' benefits. She's also an accomplished combatant thanks to her experience as a Spaceknight and a marksman to behold.

Strength level

Normal human level.


Those of an ordinary human.


Equipment: Formerly the Starshine Battle Armor, Type I. Uses prosthetic legs to walk.
Transportation: Various Galadorian spaceships.

  • Galadorian S-Type Blaster: A hold-out blaster Brandy uses as a method of self-defense. The blaster is small enough to be concealed within her pocket but strong enough to even stun a being with the strength of the Hulk.


  • This character is based on Brandy Clark, created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema debuting in Rom #1.


  • Brandy's position, Prime Director, is equivalent to being a Queen.
  • Brandy absolutely hates killing, even in the Invasion of Wraithworld. She claimed that all she did was knock out Dire Wraiths while others took the kills.
  • Brandy is at least 43 years old when Rom, the Spaceknight starts.
  • She is an altruist and like her husband, a diplomat first.
  • Brandy retains her connection to Earth by watching an interstellar television connected to the US TV network.

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