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Real Name
Bradley "Brad" Donovan
Current Alias

Bryan Hotson, The Flaming Fighter, Singe, Blister, the Elemental Force of Fire, the Hottest Hero



The Maximums, formerly the Fellowship of Fire (student of Father Fire)

Alayna Greenwood Donovan (Cheetari, wife), Lawrence Donovan II (Wild Fire, son), Brandon Donovan (Frostbite, brother), Lawrence “Randy” Donovan (Maximum Man, father), Teresa Donovan (Savior, mother), Father Fire (foster father, deceased), King Tuwatu (father-in-law, deceased)


Base Of Operations
The Hero Hood, Queens, New York, formerly the Burning Temple, Himalayas, Tibet






Marital Status

Adventurer, martial artist, fire elemental

Tutored by Father Fire


Place of Birth

Bradley A. Dotson

First appearance

The Maximums #1


Brad Donovan was born as the son of Lawrence Donovan and Teresa Donovan, known to the world at large as the world's most powerful superheroes, Maximum Man and Savior. During his high school years, he was picked on by a ruthless bully named Bruce Tyrannos, who was considered the most popular and toughest student in high school. He was also befriended early in his high school years by a religious young man named Michael Wolfman, who was the new kid in the district (and secretly the superhero known as the Messenger).

One day, Brad was being picked on as usual by Bruce, more brutally than usual, which drew the attention of a crowd of students, including Bruce's girlfriend, the ever-gorgeous Alayna Greenwood, who was the most popular girl in high school. Brad stood his ground and took blow for blow, knowing it was not cool to give up. Alayna, who was kind and compassionate, attempted to stop Bruce from hurting Brad any more. When Bruce wouldn't stop, Alayna yelled at him, and dumped him immediately. Tending to Brad's wounds, Alayna showed Brad that she was nothing like Bruce, and was truly kind and very beautiful. At the nurse's office, the nurse checked Brad's temperature, and was shocked to see a temperature of 210 degrees. Brad felt fine though, and he and Alayna left.

After school, Brad and Alayna talked about Brad's temperature. Brad told Alayna not to worry about it. However, he and Alayna then realized that, now that she had dumped Bruce, Alayna did not have a date for the prom. Brad, who was totally dateless, wished to ask Alayna out to the prom. However, he knew that she would say no, being the most popular girl in school, and having a big reputation to maintain. He soon found out that Alayna was unlike any other girl in the history of popular girls, for she had no interest in maintaining her popularity, and was not hesitant in going out with Brad. However, they had to spend all their spare time together getting to know each other better, which Brad entirely agreed. The next few weeks, they most indeed spent all their spare time together, and as they did, they found out that they had a lot in common, and, in the process, fell madly in love with each other.

The entire school was in shock, especially Bruce, whose shock swiftly turned into enragement. He then began devising a plan to get revenge on the two. The night of the prom, after much dancing and eating, Brad asked Alayna outside to talk. Outside, Brad and Alayna sat on a bench, where Brad told Alayna that he had never met a girl as kind and beautiful as Alayna, and gave her a beautiful diamond necklace to remember him by, should they ever be separated. They then were about to give each other the most passionate kiss ever, before they were attacked by Bruce's gang and beaten to the ground. Then, Bruce came out of hiding, telling the two that this was their goodbye present. Beating Brad to a bloody pulp, Bruce made Alayna watch as Brad slowly died. She begged Brad to fight back. And she got her wish, for deep down in his body, a change was occurring. He was evolving.

Screaming from the pain, Brad's body began to become engulfed in flames, as his muscles grew, ripping off his tuxedo, while, at the microscopic level, Brad was burning off any abnormalities, including his bad vision, and becoming more physically attractive and fit. Stunned, Bruce told his cronies to attack, but to no avail, as Brad easily defended and defeated every last one of them, burning them into submission. As Alayna watched in fear, she then realized that Brad was fighting for her. Brad then lifted Bruce off the ground and burned his face clean off his head. However, in his dazed state, Brad began hallucinating and thought the school wall behind Alayna was falling on her. Trying to "save" Alayna, Brad projected hundreds of fireballs at the building that caused the entire building, with hundreds of people still inside, to burn and collapse. Brad finally snapped out of his hallucinations, and slowly began to realize what had happened. Alayna tried to console him, but he backed away, fearing he would burn her.

Police, firefighters, and the S.T.R.U. (S.uperhuman T.hreat R.esponse U.nit) were sent to capture Brad for research. Brad was forced to leave Alayna and ran as fast as he could, before realizing that he wasn't on the ground anymore, and began flying faster and faster until he was out of sight. Brad never looked back and kept flying east, tired, but able to keep moving, flying at speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. However, he was chased by heat-seeking missiles launched by General Trax (the Tank), eventually ending up in the Himalaya mountain range in Eastern Asia, where his flame and body were completely exhausted and he rammed into a mountain, the missiles hitting the mountain and causing an avalanche. Brad was knocked unconscious.

Brad then woke up in a strange room, adorned with beautiful paintings, sculptures, and decorations of fire. A figure in the shadows informed Brad that he was in the guest room of the Burning Temple. Brad asked who the figure was, and he revealed himself as a kindly old monk named Father Fire, and he was the most powerful pyrokinetic on the planet. Father Fire told Brad about how he found him and saved him from freezing to death. Brad thanked him and told him about what he had been through over the past few hours. Father Fire, intrigued by Brad's nobility towards Alayna, asked if he would be his pupil, and his adoptive son. Brad, surprised by this, hesitated at first, but thought that he could make amends for the lives he destroyed, and could someday become able to truly defend Alayna with pride.

Brad accepted, and over the next five years, he rigorously trained and learned all about how to fully utilize and master his powers, as well as rigorously train in the ways of martial arts, specializing in all the styles of Karate. He was also taught to speak and write in Chinese and Japanese languages, so that he could speak and write fluently in three entirely different languages. He eventually realized that he felt stronger and more powerful than he had ever felt in his whole life. He could see perfectly now. However, no matter how much power he had, or how much training he could have accomplished, nothing could prepare Brad for what was to happen next.

One night, Brad heard a strange noise, like the sound of a window slowly creaking open. Checking the main chamber, he saw the window that had been left open. Then, a small ball bounced into the room, ending its progress right at Brad's feet. An explosion occurred, and the temple was demolished. Brad woke up, in a daze, but alright, thanks to his superhuman durability. He then heard Father Fire calling out to him. He found him, underneath some rubble. Lifting the rubble off of him, he tried to help Father Fire up, but Father Fire begged him to stop, and let him speak to Brad, while there was still time. He spoke of an evil that threatened to conquer humanity and the universe, and how only he could have prevented it. But now that someone had destroyed the temple, and with Father Fire dying, he informed Brad that it was he that could stop it.

Before he died, Father Fire secretly gave Brad all of his power, but Brad would not know about it until later. Dying in his arms, Brad wept for the loss of his mentor and "father". He then heard a laugh that shivered his spine and filled him with anger. He turned to see a monstrous figure with two red eyes staring right at him. He attempted to get answers out of him, only to see him smile with a devilish, razor-sharp grin. He quickly left, leaving Brad in a ruined temple. He vowed to avenge Father Fire and kill the murderer. After a few extra months of the most intense training, Brad returned to the United States, where he decided he would become a superhero in New York City. Designing a costume made of an unknown, completely fireproof material, he named himself Heatstroke.

After Heatstroke returned, he quickly began his crime fighting career, starting with stopping two large New York City gangs from starting a gang war that could've destroyed millions. However, he nearly killed the two gangs before he was stopped by a large team of superheroes known as the Maximums. Impressed by Heatstroke's power and responsibility, but disliking his lack of control, the Maximums offered him a position on the team. After an initiation battle with the team's top leader, Stryker, a powerful ninja warrior with the ability to become absolutely invisible and project invisible force fields, and becoming victorious, Heatstroke was given the role of combat instructor and 4th position leader. Telling the Maximums about himself at their headquarters, the Hero Hood, and why he became a superhero, the Maximums wished to help Heatstroke find Father Fire's murderer. Agreeing, they all trained for a few days while the team's inventor and technology expert, Lego Lad, searched for anyone with an appearance resembling the murderer.

After there training, they learned that two villains were attacking the United Nations Headquarters during a world peace conference: Blackmoon, a superhumanly fast werewolf that is the clone of Bluemoon, a member of the Maximums, and Negnator, an evil magnetokinetic clone of Magnator, another member of the Maximums. Unfortunately, they were unable to prevent the two from escaping. They fought again at the top of the Taipei 101 in Southeast Asia, where Negnator threw a strange satellite into outer space. Again unable to defeat them, Heatstroke became an unwitting pawn in their schemes after a practical joke unleashed on him by a few other teammates went horribly wrong. Hospitalized in the infirmary, he was an easy target for their game.

Bringing their employer, who possessed a special kind of mind-controlling power that manipulates the R-complex of the human mind, the three caused Heatstroke to revert into a mindless feral state, where he was easily controllable. Sending him to the center of the Earth, he retrieved a sample of the Earth’s core in order to power his machine that would resurrect the dead matter and tissue of every dinosaur on the planet. Heatstroke became completely ashamed of himself for being tricked into committing such a stupid act. He and the Maximums later found out that they were to be disbanded by the President posthaste, for their failure at stopping the megalomaniacs from unleashing their plans.

Heatstroke, Stryker, and the rest of the team were devastated. Heatstroke reluctantly revealed that he had helped the three with his plans. Although Heatstroke was struck down and ridiculed for his actions, several members of the team, especially Stryker, Macho Man, Bluemoon, and Hearttaker, understood. Heatstroke then finally realized that this team was like family to him. Stryker and the Maximums realized this to, and they decided to try and stop Blackmoon, Negnator, and their mysterious employer once and for all, finding them at the Museum of Natural History. After defeating the dinosaurs guarding the headquarters, they were knocked out by Blackmoon and Negnator, and locked in indestructible glass chambers. It was then that the mysterious employer revealed himself: a megalomaniacal super dinosaur man named Bio-rex, who revealed his plans and ambitions to the team.

His plan involved a monstrous being that Blackmoon, Negnator, and he created, named Extinction. Thanks to a machine that he devised, Bio-rex would be able to wipe out an entire species with his monstrosity; namely.... the human race. Saddened by the fact that he failed his team, the world, and most of all, Alayna, Brad quickly lost all hope, before a female spy entered the room after Bio-rex, Blackmoon, and Negnator left to gloat on their success. Realizing that she was wearing a necklace identical to the one he gave Alayna. Brad asked her about the necklace, eventually revealing that the female spy was.... Alayna!

She revealed herself to Heatstroke, who was shocked. Heatstroke revealed himself as well, and everyone was in surprise. Alayna attempted to release the Maximums, but found that she couldn’t override the system. Macho Man, however, managed to break free and smash the control panel. Heatstroke, Alayna (or Cheetari, her codename), and the Maximums finally attempted to beat the Treacherous Trio once and for all. Surprised, the Treacherous Trio and their dinosaur minions attacked the Maximums, during which Heatstroke attempted to protect Alayna, only to find that she did not need protecting whatsoever. Revealing that she possessed superhuman powers as well, she transformed into a half-human/half-cheetah hybrid, shocking everyone, leading to Bio-rex escaping to the top of his fortress, with Heatstroke and Cheetari coming after him. At the top, Bio-rex revealed his true identity to Heatstroke and Cheetari: Bruce Tyrannos. He also revealed that he knew who they were all along, and revealed why Bruce killed Father Fire.

Filled with rage, Heatstroke attempted to defeat Bio-rex, but was stopped when Bio-rex turned into a gigantic, unstoppable feral state, and brutally beat the couple. Heatstroke, confused on why he couldn’t stop him, was told by Alayna that perhaps the answer wasn’t with his fists, but with his brilliant mind. Realizing this, Heatstroke developed a brilliant plan, and asked Alayna to distract Bio-rex while he started his plan. Utilizing his heat absorption powers, Heatstroke drained the body heat from Bio-rex, rendering Bio-rex immobile and causing him to revert to his regular form.

Happy to see Alayna alive, Heatstroke brutally beat Bio-rex to a bloody, burnt-up pulp, before Cheetari begged Heatstroke to stop. Angry and misunderstanding, he then realized that this wasn’t the heroic thing to do and that he was being just as bad as Bruce, so he stopped his assault. However, as he let his guard down, Bio-rex recovered and attacked Cheetari. He then promised to Heatstroke that he was going to kill Cheetari first, by skinning her alive, decapitating her head, stuffing her head and fur, mounting her head on his wall and her fur as a rug on the floor, he then stated that before he killed Heatstroke, he would wipe his feet on her dead fur. Infuriated to the brink of insanity, Heatstroke let out all his anger, all his power, all his might, into one, omnipowerful blast of fire that completely incinerated Bio-rex, destroying all but his indestructible skeleton. After he died, the Maximums, defeating Blackmoon and Negnator, decided to use the Treacherous Trio’s creation, Extinction, to wipe out the dinosaurs, and end the nightmare.

Heatstroke, utterly exhausted, was taken to the hospital and lay in a coma for a few weeks. When he woke up, he was congratulated by Alayna, the team, and even the President of the United States. Here, he finally proposed to Alayna, and she gladly accepted. Finally married and both becoming official members of the Maximums, Heatstroke and Cheetari became two of the world's most famous couples and adventurers. As a member of the Maximums, Heatstroke has become fast friends with several members of the team, especially with Bluemoon, Stryker, Macho Man, Hearttaker, and Lego Lad.

He also gained an impressive rogues gallery of his own, including the resurrected Bio-rex, who quickly became Heatstroke’s archenemy and later was transformed into the most powerful supervillain in the universe, the Tyrant, the hydrokinetic Atlantean and half-man/half-shark mutant criminal Flashflood, his evil alternate reality counterpart, Singe, Tae Kwon Die, a martial arts expert criminal with the power to temporally steal the martial arts expertise of any martial artist, Bio-raptor, Bio-rex’s and Cheetari’s illegitimate “son”, Firefighter, the ex-Chief of the New York Fire Department with a [formerly] seething hatred for Heatstroke and all fire-based beings, and a firefighter suit connected to his nervous system with many different kinds of weaponry and gadgets designed to extinguish Heatstroke and any other fire-based beings against the law, the Fire Fiend, a pyromaniacal arsonist with powers similar to Heatstroke’s, although at a more limited scale, and even his evil, long-lost twin brother, martial arts rival, and superhuman power opposite, Frostbite. Several of these criminals formed together under the leadership of the Firefighter to join the Firefighters Five, designed to “extinguish” Heatstroke once and for all. However, the Firefighter later became an ally of Heatstroke and quit, allowing Frostbite to rise up to leadership instead. He also fought against a Japanese alien warlord from another reality known as the Daimyo, and his Warclan, consisting of Bushida, Nunchaku, Assassinator, and the Graveyard. They later added Tae Kwon Die.

Heatstroke has had several adventures during his many years of membership. During a battle with the Negaknights, Brad and the Maximums were nearly defeated by the megalomaniacal criminals before they were saved by the most powerful superheroes on the planet, Maximum Man and Savior, who turned out to be Brad’s biological parents. They became honorary members, with honorary leadership status. He later learned that he was chosen as the universe’s fire elemental, making him realize that he is one of the most powerful beings in possibly the whole universe. He was also forced to wage war against his own brother Frostbite, with Heatstroke transforming his teammates into fiery superheroes. They waged war in Thermomia, a planet covered in lava and ice outside of normal dimension where all temperature is said to be released from. Heatstroke and his team barely managed to defeat Frostbite’s army.

Trouble came later in Brad's superhero career when he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a mental disorder. Although he was depressed that he was mentally abnormal, Brad was kept out of this depression by Alayna and his friends, and made him determined not to let his mental disability become an affliction. He has become a proud mascot of the Autism Society of America. He also found that this gave him newly found ways to utilize his powers. He and Alayna have recently been gifted with the birth of their son, whom they have named Lawrence, after his father. Lawrence has been confirmed to possess both Heatstroke’s and Cheetari’s powers, which could prove to make him an incredibly powerful superhuman. Brad, Alayna, and Lawrence currently reside within the Hero Hood.


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Powers and Abilities


Heatstroke is a Maximum-level mutant that possesses complete and total mastery and control over every aspect of fire, heat, magma, lava, volcanoes, microwaves, plasma, the sun, etc.

  • Superhuman Physiology: Heatstroke's entire physiology has greatly been augmented, thanks to his mutation, granting him superhuman strength, stamina, durability, endurance, and resistance, as well as peak human speed, reflexes, agility, concentration, focus, and intuition. His superhuman strength enables him to lift (press) up to 50 tons under standard conditions. He has toughened all the striking surfaces of his body in general and his hands in particular, so that they are covered with dense callus. Heatstroke is capable of shattering objects as hard as titanium. Heatstroke has physically conditioned his body and mind to their peak levels of efficiency. He has voluntary control over most of his body's autonomic functions: breathing, heartbeat, bleeding, reaction to pain, rate of healing, etc.
  • Physical Attribute Augmentation: He is able to augment his physical attributes (strength, stamina, durability, endurance, resistance, speed, powers, mass, size, etc.) to exponentially greater levels by absorbing any fire, heat, magma, lava, microwaves, plasma, sunlight, and/or solar energy from his immediate environment and vicinity.
  • Spontaneous Combustion: Heatstroke's main powers are the ability to spontaneously combust and engulf any portion or all of his body into fiery plasma at will without harm to himself whatsoever. Heatstroke does this through his cells that generate plasmajets through clean nuclear fusion and jet out between the plates as plasma which then ignites on contact with air. Ordinarily, when aflame, Heatstroke is enveloped by a low intensity flame of low level plasma (reddish, approximately 780 degrees Fahrenheit), which ranges from 1 to 5 inches from his body. He can, however, generate much higher levels and flames about himself. He can alter his flame’s intensity to his will, from a hair’s width to an immeasurable inferno. Heatstroke refers to his highest, hottest levels of plasma that he can create as his "Planck flame", named after the theoretical Planck temperature, the temperature that it was said to be during the Big Bang, and the highest level of heat Heatstroke can emit. Heatstroke's light output is mostly in the infrared region of the spectrum, and is invisible to the unaided eye. Less that 10% of his total power output is in the visible portion of the spectrum. Thus, Heatstroke, when aflame, is dimmer than one would expect of so powerful an energy source.
  • Transformation- Fire: Recently, Heatstroke has learned that he is possesses the superhuman ability to transform and convert all or portions of himself into virtually any form of fire at will by mental command. His consciousness resides within every single flame, which means he possesses complete and total control over every single part of his body in this form. Heatstroke is able to transform into heather fire (500-1,000 C), log fire (1,000 C), blowlamp fire (1,300 C), candle fire (1,400 C), Bunsen burner fire (1,300-1,600 C), oxyhydrogen flame (2,000 C-above), oxyacetylene flame (3,000 C-above), and even hellfire (mystical flame). Heatstroke possesses all the properties of any fire in this form, including:
  • Burning: Heatstroke possesses the ability to burn, scald, singe, scorch, vaporize, evaporate, and incinerate virtually any being, material, substance, object, or matter by touch.
  • Projection: Heatstroke is able to project destructive blasts, beams, streams, sparks, spheres, and bolts of himself at will. He is able to telekinetically control the direction, size, shape, etc., of his projections at will, even in mid-flight.
  • Duplication and Propagation: Heatstroke is able to duplicate himself by mentally projecting parts of his flame (and regenerating the parts he projected) and reshaping them into his form. Heatstroke is also able to propagate by mentally projecting parts of himself and telekinetically expanding his flames over vast distances.
  • Morphing: Heatstroke is able to transform and reshape any part or all of himself into virtually any shape, construct, object, or being imaginable. He is able to alter his size, shape, intensity, density, color, and temperature according to his whim, transforming his forearms into weapons, stretching, deforming, expanding, and contracting himself in virtually any way imaginable, changing to the size of a candlestick flame or to the size of an unstoppable inferno, etc. He can combine one or more of his other transformations with this one, such as his fire form with his magma form.
  • Merging - Fire: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to increase his physical abilities, health, attributes, and capabilities by absorbing, merging, and fusing with any fire in his vicinity, as well as become practically invisible by blending in with and molding with any type and/or amount of fire.
  • Spontaneous Combustion and Explosion: Heatstroke is able to mentally excite the atoms and molecules within or on any object, material, substance, matter, or being to spontaneously combust any matter, substance, material, object, or beings within his vicinity. He is also able to explode by suddenly increasing the volume within his body and release his internal heat energy in a violent manner. He is able to mentally reform almost instantaneously afterwards without any harm having come to him whatsoever.
  • Flight: Heatstroke is able to float at will, thanks in part to his high hydrogen content and exuding a cloud of mono-atomic hydrogen atoms. With mental stimulation, he is able to carry up to ten tons extra to his normal range of strength. By forming an intense jet behind himself, he can fly at up to 765 miles per hour (12.75 miles per minute). He seems to possess complete and total maneuverability and control while in flight, even at such high speeds. Heatstroke seems to be unaffected by the atmospheric conditions that can damage a normal person’s body at such high altitudes and speeds. While in flame form, Heatstroke breathes by subconsciously filtering the oxygen through his flame as it draws oxygen into it in order to burn. Heatstroke uses this same process when flying at high velocities while increasing the heat in front of him, causing it to act as a shield barrier to protect his body from harm.
  • Illumination and Luminescence Generation: Heatstroke possesses the ability to generate pure illumination and luminescence, which he can utilize for a variety of effects, including focusing his light as a spotlight/flashlight, creating a luminescent sphere for widespread illumination, or blinding radiance useful for blinding opponents.
  • Virtual Invulnerability: He is virtually indestructible in this state (as he can instantly burn, melt, vaporize, evaporate, and incinerate virtually any being or object before it touches him, even water, as well as constantly reforming instantaneously after damage, and becoming completely impervious to physical pain), and therefore cannot be harmed. Heatstroke’s body, if damaged or extinguished, instantaneously reforms. Even if the rest of his body is completely destroyed, his consciousness can form a new body by spontaneously combusting the air molecules around him and reshaping the resulting flames as a completely new body. The only things that have been able to harm Heatstroke, while in his fire form, are Frostbite (while in his organic ice form), psychic attacks, and magical attacks. He does require oxygen in this form also, and will become extinguished (killed) if he does not have any to sustain him.

Heatstroke is so masterful with his powers, he has proven able to completely aflame, and not produce any heat whatsoever, as well as precisely controlling the temperatures of different parts of his body simultaneously, such as producing no heat at all on the frontal portion of his body while making his back become nearly as hot as the sun. Heatstroke is able to control his flame through reflex action. Just as normal humans control their breathing without conscious thought, he can turn off his flame or completely lower his heat to nothing at either the precise moment in which the part of his body that is aflame makes contact with a being or object or at will. Unlike most, if not all other pyrokinetic beings, every single one of Heatstroke’s powers do not cause Heatstroke any physical or mental strain when using them, as he activates his powers by sheer desire, thought, and will. Therefore, it appears that Heatstroke can use any of his powers, even his most powerful ones, for as long as he wishes and never seems to tire when he utilizes his powers (except for, of course, his most highest level flames and temperatures, which tire him out after prolonged usage.)

  • Fiery Construct Creation and Control: Heatstroke can generate any shapes, objects, constructs, weapons, and even beings composed of fire from any point on his body. (He usually employs his hands to "sculpt" the flames.) These flames-objects will remain their shapes and burn as long as Heatstroke pleases. The temperature of these fiery projections is generally around 2,800 F (near the melting point of iron). Like all other flames, he can change their intensity, density, size, shape, and temperature in any way he pleases, even in midair. He is able to control everything they do to his whim.
  • Flame Projection: Heatstroke can generate, form, and project fire in the forms and shapes of long streams, spheres (fireballs), sparks, blasts, beams, and bolts, or even more complex shapes, like letters in skywriting or brilliant images.
  • Fire Blast: Heatstroke is able to project fire in the form of powerful, destructive blasts that explode and set opponents ablaze, as well as destroy obstacles, walls, barriers, etc, with relative ease.
  • Blazing Beams and Streams: He is able to project fire in the form of destructive beams and streams that can devastate entire obstacles.
  • Fireballs: Heatstroke is able to generate balls, spheres, or any other round shapes (like ovals or plain circles) of fire that he can throw and hurl with devastating power and speed.
  • Sparks: He is able to generate sparks that can combust any object or material on impact.
  • Blazing Bolts: He possesses the superhuman ability to project blazing bolts, destructive, incinerating long-range beams of fire from any part of his body at will (They have been able to blow reinforced, solid titanium walls without effort).
  • Fiery Projectile Weapons: Heatstroke is able to transform and morph his fiery projections into several different kinds of projectiles at will, including bullets, arrows, bombs, etc.
  • Fiery Breath: He can project his fire from his mouth by breathing and exhaling at will, like a dragon.
  • Fiery Bullet/Missile Projection Technique: He has self-learned a technique where he can project destructive bullets and missiles of fire from his hands and/or fingers in an extremely rapid, Gatling gun/missile launcher-like manner.
  • Heat Signature Lock-on: He has also learned that he can hit his targets, adversaries, or opponents without worry by locking on to their specific heat signatures, enabling his fiery projections to seek and follow his target’s heat signature until they reached impact.
  • Fiery Projection via Punches and Kicks: He can utilize his fighting skills to project fire whenever he punches or kicks, in order to attack targets from a distance. Swift, whirling kicks and punches generate diverse shapes for offensive attacks. Jabs and punches produce miniature fireballs and missiles of flames, and spinning kicks create blazing rings and arcs. Other moves include shooting jets of fire from his fingertips and creating whirling disks of flames.
  • Big Bang Blast: Heatstroke can release all of his body's energy in one intense, Omni-directional "Big Bang Blast," which is approximately 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 degrees F (one tredecillion), and which is the equivalent of the heat pulse of the Big Bang, which can have an area of total devastation of about 13.7 x 10^9 light years in diameter (the approx. size of the visible universe). He possesses complete control over the area of effect, enough to where one person may feel like they have been sunbathing all day to total incineration of another target. This violent discharge uses his entire reserve of energy (except for the necessary to keep him alive) at once, entirely exhausting his flame power. He generally requires up to at least a week to recover entirely from such a feat.

Over the years, Heatstroke has found hundreds of ways to utilize his powers for nearly any purpose that suits his needs.

  • Flares: He can project miniature flares that can be used as a distraction, blind an opponent, or signal for help from great distances. They can also illuminate dark areas or be used as defensive countermeasures as well. He can alter the range of their size and luminosity at will.
  • Vaporization and Boiling of Water: He can vaporize or boil any body of water to scalding hot temperatures, thus evaporating it nearly instantaneously.
  • Welding and Fusing: He can control his flame to perform the most delicate welding jobs. He can fuse craters, holes, or openings in walls, floors, ceilings, or the ground.
  • Firestorm: He can summon a firestorm that can cover great distances, from an acre to over a 50,000 radius.
  • Backfire: Heatstroke possesses the ability to shoot fire into other surrounding flames, snuffing them out in the process.
  • Wildfire: Heatstroke is able to emit a burst of flame capable of combusting any object in his vicinity.
  • Flashfire: Heatstroke can create an intense, blinding flashfire that burns, incapacitates, and blinds enemies.
  • Bonfire: He can drop a bonfire that knocks back and burns his opponents.
  • Fiery Appendage Generation: He can create an immeasurable variety of solid, flaming appendages that he can stretch, manipulate, expand, contract, etc. He can create virtually any kind of appendage imaginable in order to help him catch things, manipulate things, etc.
  • Pyrotechnics: Heatstroke is able to combust and detonate virtually any form of matter, including air, on the molecular level. He is able to control the combusted matter in anyway he chooses, usually as brilliant, blinding “fireworks” the he can shape to his whim. However, if he spontaneously combusts matter at the molecular level, in theory, he would be achieving the equivalent of a fusion bomb.
  • Flight: Heatstroke's body and plasma possess high hydrogen contents, and are constantly surrounded by an exuded cloud of mono-atomic hydrogen atoms. This hot cloud provides sufficient positive buoyancy for him to float. With mental stimulation of his flame, he can provide enough lift to carry over 10 tons extra. By forming a jet from his feet, directed behind him, he can achieve supersonic speeds of up to at least 765 miles per hour. He seems to possess complete and total maneuverability and control, even at such high speeds. Heatstroke seems to be unaffected by the atmospheric conditions that can damage a normal person’s body at such high altitudes and speeds. Unlike most pyrokinetics, Heatstroke is able to fly at will, without the usual need to flame on, possibly due to the fact that his body, even when not “flamed on”, always emits mono-atomic hydrogen atoms, and, with mental stimulation, enable him to float. In order to fly, he can merely project the flames from his feet alone in order to fly at his normal supersonic speeds.

Heatstroke recently learned of other modes of speedy transportation he thought he was never capable of as well:

  • Vortex of Fire: By engulfing himself in a vortex of fire, either manufactured by himself or otherwise, he can send himself sailing across the atmosphere in a self-controlled, supersonic comet of fire that also gives himself great protection from enemies, obstacles, or barriers, along with anyone he has with him.
  • Propulsion via Fire and Heat Projection: He can project heat and fire from beneath himself in order to propel himself into the air.
  • Convection Current Control: He is also able to control convection currents (warm currents of air), which provide him and any object or being he wishes to possess sufficient buoyancy to float in midair.
  • Telekinetically-controlled Flame Column: Another way is to ride on a column of telekinetically-controlled flame that acts similar to a supersonic, jet-propelled surfboard.
  • Super-Heated Air Currents: Heatstroke can create super-heated air currents which push him forward through the air, enabling him to fly. Sometimes this super-heated air is visible as a trail of flame behind Heatstroke.
  • Heat Thrust: He can create directed heat thrust from his legs alone for supersonic flight. By projecting thrust from his feet alone, Heatstroke can run at speeds up to 510 miles per hour at will.
  • Flame Portals: Heatstroke seems to be able to travel through virtually any flame to any other flame nearby by entering the heat molecules of said flame, which leads to the dimensional planet Thermomia where he can exit out through out any other fire, including flames he has generated.
  • Pyrokinesis: Heatstroke possesses the ability to telekinetically control and manipulate any fire or flame, even ones he did not manufacture, and utilize them in any way imaginable. Heatstroke possesses complete and precise control over their shape, size, intensity, density, temperature, and even color. He can alter its size and intensity from a mere candlestick flame, to an immeasurable inferno. He can telekinetically manipulate any fire or flame to do whatever he so desires, including hellfire. Heatstroke has become so masterful with his abilities, that he is able to telekinetically control and manipulate all forms and types of fire on the molecular level. Heatstroke has found out several things he can do with fire:
  • Fire Absorption: He can absorb any amount of flame into his body harmlessly.
  • Fire Fusion: He can fuse it with him in order to augment his capabilities.
  • Pyrotelekinesis: He can control its every movement (even to attack opponents relentlessly).
  • Fire Extinguishment: He can extinguish any amount of fire by depriving the flames of oxygen.
  • Fire Amplification: He can amplify any fire or flame to immeasurable proportions.
  • Fire Solidification: He is so skilled, that he can completely solidify any flames.
  • Fire Transformation, Reshaping, and Morphing: Heatstroke can transform any kind of flames into flaming duplicates of any object, construct, shape, weapon, or even living being, including himself, of which, he has complete control over. He can also control the shape, size, intensity, density, temperature, and even color of the flames, controlling them to the point that they can harm nothing. He can create virtually any object, construct, shape, weapon, and/or being imaginable out of and from any kind or type of fire.
  • Fiery Fighting: As a master of martial arts, Heatstroke has combined his knowledge of the combat arts with his superhuman powers for a variety of effects:
  • Fiery Fists and Feet: He can engulf his fists and/or feet in incinerating flames at will, burning his opponents with his punches and kicks.
  • Blowtorches: He can transform his forearms into incinerating, razor-sharp ‘blowtorches’, capable of slicing through solid titanium. He can use these to slash through even the most durable and impervious of barriers and obstacles, given the right amount of heat and temperature, melt projectiles, evaporate and dissolve water on contact, and shield him and others from attacks.
  • Catalytic Combustion Cycle Amplification: He possesses the ability to increase catalytic combustion cycles, enabling him to violently raise the temperature around himself to spontaneously combust any object, being, material, substance or opponent he wishes.
  • Fiery Martial Arts Weapon Generation: He can create any martial arts weapon imaginable from flames, usually preferring a sword as his choice of weapon.
  • Flame Channeling: He is also able to channel flame from any object he wields.
  • Ground Ignition and Incineration: He can ignite and incinerate the ground beneath himself, freeing him from any traps or substances, as well as injure opponents.
  • Fiery Aura and Protection: He has also utilized his flames to protect and heal himself and others, should he need to do so:
  • Fiery Shield Generation: He can generate a shield of fire that vaporizes nearly any material or substance on contact. He can alter the size and shape of it at will nearly instantaneously, as well as convert it into a force field.
  • Flame Absorption and Conversion to Health: He can absorb any flame or fire nearby to heal himself or increase his strength, stamina, and durability.
  • Fiery Force Field Generation: He can generate incinerating force fields of fire, flames, heat, or plasma at will, altering their temperature, shape, size, and intensity instantaneously.
  • Fiery Barrier and Obstacle Generation: Heatstroke is able to create virtually any kind of barrier and/or obstacle, in order to cover from enemy fire or create prisons so that criminals can’t escape, including fences, walls, shields, domes, cages, etc.
  • Transformation- Heat/Infrared Energy: Heatstroke recently found out that he possesses the ability to transform and convert all or portions of himself into pure heat or infrared energy at will almost instantaneously. He is no longer organic when he transforms into this state, and does not require food or oxygen to survive.
  • Conduction: He can conduct by rapidly moving his molecules.
  • Convection: He can convect through virtually any form of liquid unharmed.
  • Radiation: He can radiate heat at virtually any temperature at will.
  • Warmth: Heatstroke is able to generate warmth in order to heal injuries of others or comfort them in cold weather.
  • Morphing: Heatstroke has complete control over his size, shape, density, intensity, color, and temperature. He is able to become partially or completely solid at will as well.
  • Object Temperature Alteration: He can alter the heat of any object or being at will, as well as melt and vaporize through virtually any obstacle or barrier by altering his temperature to virtually any level imaginable.
  • Invisibility: He can also become partially or wholly invisible to the unaided eye by partially or wholly becoming pure infrared energy.
  • Intangibility: Heatstroke is able to become wholly or partially intangible at will, enabling him to phase through solid obstacles, barriers, projectiles, enemies, etc. He can also merely pass through any obstacle or barrier by merely dissipating himself through the molecules of said obstacle or barrier.
  • Flight: He can make himself light enough in order to float and project super-heated air currents behind himself in order to fly at the same supersonic speeds as in his fire form.
  • Heat Stroke: He can overwhelm targets and opponents with waves of searing heat, causing them to become unconscious, dehydrated, and even die from severe cases of heat stroke (hence his name).
  • Untouchability: In these states, he is virtually untouchable, as everything passes through him or incinerates immediately on contact.
  • Thermokinesis: Heatstroke has the ability to telekinetically and mentally control any form of heat energy and temperature at the molecular level, even when he himself is not aflame.
  • Temperature Control: He can reduce any objects', beings’, substances’, or materials’ temperature (if they are in a normal range for existing on Earth's surface) to about 30 F or raise them to any degree up to Planck temperature degrees. His radius of influence is about 800,000,000,000 miles in radius. This is quite useful for heating weapons in the possession of criminals, causing them to drop them immediately, or heating the ground and/or air around him.
  • Heat Absorption: The heat energy he takes from the environment is absorbed into his own body. There appears to be no limits to the amount of heat he can absorb into his body harmlessly. It also seems to appear that he can absorb heat from virtually any form of energy, such as energy beams, thus roughly protecting him from said energy.
  • Heat and Temperature Generation: Heatstroke possesses the ability to generate virtually any temperature above 50 degrees F.
  • Instantaneous Incineration: Heatstroke's body can instantaneously burn, vaporize, melt, evaporate, and incinerate virtually any material before it can reach the surface of his skin. This enables him to melt virtually any material before it can reach the surface of his skin, such as projectiles and melee weapons. Heatstroke can merely walk through a solid titanium wall just by increasing the temperature of his body without needing to stop. He can heat the ground beneath himself instantaneously in order to create a deep hole until he wills himself to stop generating heat, as well as generating intense heat while flying in order to burn, melt, vaporize, evaporate, and/or incinerate through any barrier, obstacle, or wall without needing to stop.
  • Heat Projection: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to shoot or emanate heat from his body in any direction as an extremely destructive force. Should Heatstroke direct his energy at the lowest level, he can project it towards a human being and his target will suffer a severe headache but will not burn up. At his highest levels (Planck temperature levels), Heatstroke could possess enough heat to theoretically incinerate and destroy the entire known universe. Heatstroke possesses the ability to summon and manipulate energies that radiate both heat and thrust. These energies, which he taps by conscious effort, can be projected from any part of his body. Usually projected from his hands, the thermal energy has a maximum temperature of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000° Fahrenheit (tredecillion degrees, sufficient to destroy Adamantium alloys) and the thrust energy has a maximum concussive force of 50,000,000 pounds per square inch (sufficient to topple a titanium wall at 100 feet). He can willfully lower the thermal energy's temperature to a minimum of 120° F and can project the thrust energy alone.

He has, as all of his other powers, shown a variety of ways to utilize his powers:

  • Heat Blasts and Waves: He possesses the ability to project destructive, searing, exhausting blasts and waves of incinerating heat at will. This is so powerful; it has been known to destroy nigh-indestructible armor, force fields, and nearly impervious barriers at will.
  • Thermokinetic Energy Generation: He can generate thermokinetic energy in any form of his choosing, such as shields, “heat blades”, thin plates of razor-sharp thermokinetic energy that have enough speed and heat to cut through almost anything when fired or shaped into blades extending from each finger, etc.
  • Body Heat Drainage: He can drain the body heat of any opponent, being, or object of his choosing to heal himself or his allies, augment himself or his allies, or weaken and immobilize his opponents.
  • Atmospheric Warmth Generation: He can warm the atmosphere around himself or his partners and allies to heal them or comfort them in cold weather. He can also warm the atmosphere around himself or someone who is immobilized by an adverse condition (e.g. ice, tar, quicksand), to remobilize himself or them.
  • Cauterization: He can cauterize an injury of his or an ally, sealing up their wounds through precise burning.
  • Warm Air Funnel Generation: He can create a concentrated warm air funnel by flying around in a circle extremely fast that can swirl up beings or objects like a tornado.
  • Impurity Burning: He can burn out impurities in any substance, no matter how subtle or powerful they may be.
  • Heat Mirage Generation: He can warm up the particles of the air in his vicinity enough to cause a heat mirage of anything imaginable from his mind, or of an actual object or being within his vicinity, even himself, and place it in the area of his choosing. He is able to control exactly what the image does, even move.
  • Scorch Senses: Heatstroke possesses a variety of senses related to fire, heat, temperature, etc.:
  • Infrared Vision and Hearing: He can see and hear in the infrared spectrum, enabling him to see his surroundings as heat signatures and in the dark, as well as see and hear infrared transmissions and frequencies.
  • Infrared Screen Generation: He can also create infrared heat screens, enabling him to see invisible beings or trace energy signatures.
  • Thermoception: He is able to sense and perceive heat and temperature at will. He can utilize this to see what the temperature is in his immediate environment and feel the presence of others by their heat signatures and temperatures, even when he cannot see them directly. It appears that each individual being possesses a heat signature that is individually their own. Heatstroke has learned to memorize the heat signatures and temperatures of all of his family, friends, allies, and enemies.
  • Thermal Vision: Heatstroke possesses the ability to perceive other living beings and objects as heat signatures, enabling him to see them, even in darkness or at night.
  • Heat Signature Searching: Heatstroke’s ability to detect heat signatures also enables him to actually mentally search for them by detecting their heat signature anywhere on the planet he currently inhabits.
  • Temperature Change and Alteration Detection: Heatstroke possesses the ability to detect even the slightest or subtle change or alteration of temperature within his immediate vicinity, even at superhuman speed, enabling him to know when something is present, as well as mentally know exactly what temperature it currently is.
  • Transformation- Volcano: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to transform and convert all or portions of his body into lava, magma, brimstone, or volcanic ash.
  • Magma and Brimstone Forms: In his magma and brimstone forms, he possesses greatly enhanced superhuman strength, stamina, durability, endurance, and resistance. He is able to lift up to roughly 75 tons under these forms. He can also withstand much greater impacts and injuries, as well as becoming able to regenerate lost appendages. He is also granted the superhuman ability to convert parts of his body into super-tough magma and brimstone weapons of his choice, project magma, brimstone, and molten rock as razor-sharp or ballistic projectiles, and the ability to absorb and merge with magma and brimstone into his body for even more strength, mass, and durability. However, although he is much heavier than in his human form, he has lost no mobility, speed, dexterity, or reflex, thanks to his superhuman strength and training.
  • Lava and Volcanic Ash Forms: In his lava and volcanic ash forms, he possesses the superhuman ability to alter his size, shape, mass, and density at will, melt through objects in his lava form, slide through narrow cracks and openings in both his lava and ash form, merge with lava and volcanic ash, project destructive blasts of lava and ash, etc.
  • Volcanokinesis: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to generate, project, and control every aspect of volcanoes, including lava and magma, on the molecular level, at will.
  • Volcano Creation: He can create volcanoes of any size at will by telekinetically cause magma from far beneath the Earth's surface to rise and break through the Earth's surface beneath him.
  • Magma and Lava Generation, Projection, Control and Manipulation: He possesses the ability to telekinetically control and manipulate any magma and/or lava at will on the molecular level. Heatstroke is able to lift it from the Earth's core at will and manipulate it to his choosing, riding on slides of magma and lava, erupting virtually any volcanoes, dormant or active, anywhere on the planet he currently inhabits, merging with and molding with any magma or lava within his vicinity in order to blend in, move unnoticed, or gain health, power, etc, creating and animating virtually any beings imaginable from magma and lava that obey his every commands, and projecting destructive blasts of magma and lava at opponents. Apparently he does so by turning nearby rock molten and then telekinetically hurling it at his target. However, it seems he can generate and project it from himself as well.
  • Lava Protection: Heatstroke can stand and swim in molten lava without harm to himself. He possesses complete freedom of movement under lava and molten rock, and is unaffected and unharmed by it. He is able to protect others with him when he is under lava by altering their skin temporally to adapt to the intense heat.
  • Microwavekinesis: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to transform into, generate, project, and control microwave energy at the molecular level, which he can utilize in different ways. Microwaves are comparatively short waves of electromagnetic energy. Heatstroke continually absorbs microwave energy from his environment, including microwave energy from the stars, and continually broadcasts it at low levels. In order to use his microwave energy for specific purposes, Heatstroke must mentally concentrate, thus causing the microwaves to swirl about him body, creating a visible aura around him. In order to project the microwave energy towards a specific target, he must mentally "push" some of the energy swirling around him towards that target.
  • Masers: Heatstroke can project destructive masers, microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, at will.
  • Microwave Frequency Transmission Hearing: He can utilize microwaves to listen to transmissions through the entire microwave range of frequencies.
  • Microwave Signal Sensing: He can also sense and listen to microwave signals (such as cell-phone signals or even remote-control devices).
  • Electronics Disruption via Microwave Emissions: He can disrupt electronics with his own microwave emissions.
  • Power Transmission via Microwaves: Heatstroke has learned to use microwaves to transmit power over vast distances.
  • Microwave Radiation Radar: Heatstroke can utilize a form of radar that utilizes microwave radiation in order to detect the range, speed, and other characteristics of remote beings and/or objects.
  • Bio-plasmic Microwave Blasts: Heatstroke is able to generate concentrated bio-plasmic microwave blasts that he focuses through mostly through his hands.
  • Plasmakinesis: Heatstroke possesses complete control over plasma (super-heated matter). He can transform and convert his body into it, generate and project it, control and manipulate it, ionize matter and convert it to plasma, etc.
  • Transformation- Plasma: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to transform the molecules of his body into solar plasma reactors, enabling him to convert all or portions of himself into thermodynamic energy furnaces that can be utilized for a variety of effects:
  • Heat Discharges: Heatstroke is able to discharge heat at will.
  • Luminescent Radiance: He is able to generate luminescent radiance, either as a focused spotlight, or as a brilliant, blinding flash.
  • Raw Explosive Energy Emission: Heatstroke is able to emit raw explosive energy at will, by expanding the volume of air around himself, and violently releasing the ambient heat energy in the air.
  • Focused Pyrotechnic Blasts and Displays: Heatstroke is able to generate and project pyrotechnic blasts, as well as generate and create brilliant displays and images.
  • Concentrated Plasma Beams: Heatstroke is able to project destructive, concentrated blasts of intense plasma from his body at will.
  • Shaped Plasma Fields and Charges: These can deflect solid matter and/or displace volumes of air on impact for a heatless release of concussive force.
  • Interstellar Flight: Heatstroke, in plasma form, possesses the ability to travel and breathe in space unharmed, at supersonic speeds.
  • Virtual Invulnerability and Indestructibility: As with his fire and heat forms, Heatstroke is completely invulnerable and indestructible in this state, able to burn, melt, extinguish, vaporize, and incinerate any object or being before it can reach the surface of his skin. Also, as before, he can instantaneously reform if something manages to damage him.
  • Plasma Generation and Projection: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to shoot or emanate plasma from his body in any direction as an extreme destructive force. When Heatstroke strikes an object with the waves of intensely hot plasma, the sudden vast jump in temperature will often cause objects to shatter, explode, or seemingly disintegrate.
  • Plasma Control and Manipulation: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to telekinetically manipulate and control any form of plasma at the molecular level. He possesses complete control over the shape, size, density, temperature, magnetism, lifetime, color, etc.
  • Matter Ionization and Conversion to Plasma: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to ionize matter (usually air) through a mentally triggered unknown biochemical process so that it is converted to plasma, the super-heated state of matter. Plasma is the state in which matter making up the sun exists; hence, Heatstroke refers to his projections as "sun fire". Heatstroke can generate plasma temperatures which match the ones generated by his highest flames, about tredecillion degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 at maximum level). Heatstroke can temporarily exhaust this power by using it for too long a time, or at too high a level. The amount of the time he needs to rebuild this power depends on the extent to which he has used it. For example, achieving his maximum temperature would immediately exhaust this power, and he would need an unspecified number of hours to rebuild this power to their normal level. This power can dissipate solids and liquids and turn gases into nuclear-charged solar fire which he can use as pyrotechnic blasts and he possesses a personal psychic field that shields him from his own emissions and a certain degree of physical impact
  • Transformation- Sun: Heatstroke possesses the superhuman ability to transform and convert all or portions of himself into a sun form, granting him the powers of a sun, including generation and control over not only immense solar energy and heat but gravity and electromagnetism as well.
  • Solar Energy Absorption and Conversion: Heatstroke’s cells have the superhuman ability to absorb solar energy and convert it in order to achieve various purposes:
  • Solar Energy Absorption and Conversion to Augmentation for Physical Attributes: His cells can absorb any form of solar energy and radiation, and can utilize it to augment his physical attributes. The cells of a normal human body convert energy from foodstuffs into a form of energy useable by the body. This energy is stored through converting molecules of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) in the cells into adenosine triphosphate (ATP); the energy is released when necessary by breaking a chemical bond in the ATP molecules, converting them back to ADP. Apparently Heatstroke can store solar-derived energy in his cells through the same, or a similar method, and release it when necessary to enhance his physical attributes.
  • Solar Energy Rechanneling: He can rechannel the solar energy and sunlight from which he stores in order to project it in various forms. He can project heat and light in intense waves when he absorbs and rechannels solar energy, as well as project concussive dark plasma energy blasts from his hands.
  • Intense Solar Radiation and Sunlight Generation: He can generate intense solar radiation and sunlight at will, blinding, blasting, and burning opponents.
  • Dehydration Induction: He can manipulate the solar light patterns he generates to stimulate the optic nerve to make the brain believe the body is dehydrated, inducing massive thirst in his targets.

He has stated that he is able to control the sun, and how bright it glows, how hot it is, its position, etc. However, he has never truly proved this.

  • Burn Healing and Induction: He recently found that he possesses the amazing ability to heal virtually any burn, even burns from hellfire, no matter how extensive the damage is. He is also able to telekinetically cause any burn or blister on all or any part of a living being or by touching them.
  • Fire Power Granting: Heatstroke seems able to give other beings his powers (he has altered his partner’s powers in order to help him in Thermomia.) For example, instead of controlling and transforming into water, Tidal Wave was able to control and transform into lava.
  • Invulnerability and Immunity to Fire, Heat, Magma, Lava, Microwaves, Plasma, Solar Energy, Sunlight, Etc.: Heatstroke is unaffected by any fire, flame, heat, magma, lava, microwaves, plasma, solar energy, or sunlight, including his own, even when part of him is transformed and the rest of him is not. His flesh cannot be scalded or burned by any heat source whatsoever. This is because Heatstroke's external surface, including skin, hair and eyes is covered with a microscopic layer of transparent, completely fireproof plates, making him completely invulnerable to fire, heat, magma, lava, microwaves, plasma, sunlight, and solar energy and immune to the negative effects of fire, heat, magma, lava, microwaves, plasma, sunlight, solar energy, and solar radiation. However, he is able to feel a certain range of temperature, between 65 degrees to 75 degrees, which is pretty comfortable. Strangely, he also seems invulnerable and immune to the mystical hellfire (from Hell), as well as other mystical flames, which could indicate that he is more than what he seems.
  • Immunity to the Effects of Fire, Heat, Etc.: He is also immune to every kind of burn, blistering, sunburn, heatstroke, overheating, fever, etc. His mutant physiology as altered his body to the point that it appears that he no longer requires water in order to survive. Due to this, Heatstroke is able to live on the hottest suns or stars, the hottest supernovas, the inside of the hottest volcanoes, and in the driest of deserts without any adverse effects whatsoever.
  • Fire, Heat, Etc; Invulnerability and Immunity Sharing: He is willingly able to cover other objects and beings with his microscopic layer of completely fireproof plates by touching them, making them completely invulnerable and immune to the negative effects of fire, heat, magma, lava, microwaves, plasma, sunlight, and solar energy.
  • Immunity to All Diseases, Poisons, Toxins, Drugs, and other Abnormalities: Heatstroke’s physiology has adapted to the point that Heatstroke no longer worries about disease, poison, or any other abnormality within his body, due to the fact that his body’s entire immune system has been altered to the point that it is able to automatically and instinctively burn out any abnormalities within his body that could cause harm to him, physically or mentally. Also, since he no longer can bathe or clean himself with water, he has found another method of becoming clean: burning. He can utilize his powers to burn off any dead skin cells, germs, stains, odors, or any form of contamination at the molecular level. For example, his teeth are always perfect, as he burns off any food, germs, or plaque on his teeth and gums and in his mouth.
  • Extended Lifespan: Heatstroke possesses an extended lifespan, due to constantly absorbing heat and solar energy and converting them into physical power and vitality.


Heatstroke has learned everything there is to know about fire, heat, temperature, magma, lava, volcanoes, microwaves, plasma, solar energy, and the sun. He is a genius in the fields of pyrology, the study of fire, thermology, the study of heat, vulcanology, the study of volcanoes and related phenomena, heliology, the study of the sun, and other related studies. He has combined this knowledge with his powers to learn the approximate melting points of virtually any substance, know the precise temperature where objects begin to combust, etc.

Ever since he first began training with Father Fire, Heatstroke has become a master of several forms of martial arts and combat, specializing in Isshinryu karate-do, Dragon Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Judo, Xingyiquan, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and several sword, nunchaku, and bostaff-based martial arts. He is considered one of the planet's top experts in martial arts, and rigorously trains every day. He has mastered developing himself physically and mentally to combine his superhuman and martial arts abilities to become a virtual one-man army.

He is also an Olympic-level gymnast and acrobat, combining his flight with his peak-human agility to become very maneuverable in the skies.

He has become fully fluent in speaking both the Chinese and Japanese languages, as well as in writing in Chinese and Japanese.

Strength level

Heatstroke possesses an augmented physiology, thanks to his mutation, and possesses the ability to lift (press) up to 50 tons under standard conditions.


Since his mutation, Heatstroke, although physiologically enhanced, is unable to touch water. If he were to do so, his skin would react to it as a normal human would to a highly corrosive acid, dissolving his skin and slowly killing him. Also, his flames require the presence of oxygen, and thus are extinguished in low air pressure, deep-space, or a vacuum. Heatstroke's flame can be extinguished by smothering materials, such as water, sand, fire-fighting foam, and heat-resistant blankets, unless his flame is at such intensity that it immediately vaporizes such materials on contact. Ever since Heatstroke learned he could be killed by water, he has developed hydrophobia, a fear of water.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Heatstroke has no criminal record.


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