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Metal Guard

Real Name
Boien Rayes
Current Alias
Metal Guard

Man of Metal, Metal Head



Underdogs, Attilan Tribe

Unknown parents (Deceased), Unnamed Twin Sister (Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Attilan, Orollan Sector





Black, (with red streaks)


Unusual Features
Takes on the appearance of the various metals he can copy altering his appearance based on those metals


Marital Status

Part-time body guard, Activist, Metalsmith

Taught by Attilan elders

Inhuman empowered by the Antigen nectar

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I'll do anything necessary to protect Attilan, being a guard is what I was destined to be, and that's exactly what I am. Quote2
-- Boien

Early Life

From a young age, Boien seemed an attraction for tragedy. At barely two years of age him and his twin sister became orphans after their parents were killed, though by what or who Boien doesn't remember. He has subconsciously since repressed these memories due to the trauma. As a result, the two were placed in an orphanage within the slums of Attilan, somewhere they'd reside for most of their young life since no one seemed quick to come adopt anyone. And when they did the two were often looked at individually rather than together.

Such divided attention began to wear on Boien, especially since he thought most of the children there deserved better and began to become concerned. His sister in particular began to become unruly, angry, and rebellious, leaving Boien to often have to make excuses or clean up her mess. Eventually though, when the two were nine a man did take an interest in his twin and desperate to have one of them get a better life, Boien encouraged his sister to go with him. This would be the last time Boien ever saw her alive again. And it would be another two years before someone came looking for an apprentice, an elder man that Boien seemed drawn to when hearing about what he was looking for.

Of all the boys there, Boien showed the most curiosity and caught the man's attention when Boien was able to point out things the man began inquiring about. Since he was young, Boien often read books and sought out subjects to study to pass the time, even vaguely having looked into metals. Intrigued, the man took Boien under his wing and began teaching the young Rayes the tricks of the trade in metalworking, starting from simple tasks due to his young age and gradually moving him into more work of various metals. When he did transition into actually doing the work itself Boien surprised his mentor with how smoothly he did so, Boien having watched and mentally gone through the process in his head numerous times that was a cross between his photographic memory and three years of watching his mentor work.

Taking a more active Role

Eventually, Boien started working on the metal himself at the age of fourteen going on fifteen. His work became admired and brought in many customers and audiences, mainly due to the fact his crafting seemed to extend to not only tools but also towards weapons, artistic creations, and more. High class and low class alike seemed to buy his work, giving him a decent income but not enough to more up in society, mainly thanks to strict enforcement of the class system. But, this didn't stop anyone from coming in to view the work or buying it, even catching the attention of fellow apprentice Jacob Williams from the upper-class smithery.

But, it also wasn't long before Boien began hearing whispers of rebellion, listening in on several fellow youths. He eventually took time off from his work when the time of choosing a new generation of Inhumans to undergo the changing process came about, him being one of those who was chosen and coming to find out the ones starting the "revolution" in the Orollan Sector were a few of his fellow chosen ones.

Powers and Abilities


  • Metal Mimicry:A power that allows Boien to copy metals and gain a metallic skin, granting him usually enhanced strength, durability, and certain times great invulnerability and heat and or cold resistance. Much of this though depends on the metals and their properties. These forms last for fifteen minutes at most, forcing him to take short breaks in between when he uses them before taking on the same or new form. Sometimes though, the metal states he takes on are subconscious at times, often when he is in danger and can be at random. At the moment the metals he has and can change into are as follows:
    • Titanium:Metal alloys that grant him heat resistance and some protection from electricity. He also gets increased strength, endurance, and durability. He also gains resistance to magic even if for a short period of time.
    • Platinum:Malleble metal which allows him greater strength, endurance, and durability and to withstand blows with the metal bending to take more impact force before returning to normal. It also grants him resistance against certain temperatures and electricity immunity.
      • Iridium:A sub-form of platinum metal, giving him the white appearance with a yellowish tinge. This allows him a unique defense in that though he is incredibly durable the surface cracks and breaks revealing more of a coating than his body truly changing into the metal itself, largely due to the brittle nature of the metal. Therefore, it acts as an armor more than anything with a high resistance to corrosion and heat. But, it is one of the only known metals that allows him to regenerate at will within the fifteen minute time.
      • Osmium:Boien takes on a blue-gray coloration to his skin with this metal being the most dense and hardest of the metals he's copied. This metal gives him not only superhuman level strength/endurance but near-invulnerability. Like iridium, it gives him high resistance to heat and is an excellent conductor to electricity while being resistance to all acidic/corrosive properties. It also can be quite toxic for those who touch it to the point of being lethal.
    • Mercury:This form grants him resistance to hear and to be able to detect a heat source within range of himself. This also allows him to strengthen to near invulnerability or soften it to take more impact force. Continuous touching of this mercury however will cause anyone who physically touches it with bare skin to gain some poisoning, though only enough to make someone extremely ill for a few days depending on how many times they touch it.
    • Copper:A form which is rather soft and allows Boien to endure impact without sustaining much damage. He can conduct heat and electricity in this form without it hurting him to certain points.
    • Lead:This metal works in the same aspect as many others in that it makes him durable and stronger, allowing him to withstand powerful impacts without much damage, working like mercury to harden it to make him invulnerable to making it softer to cause blows to just be absorbed. He also gains resistance to corrosion in this form.
    • Gold:Boien takes on a state where his skin looks gold in color and is one of the more malleable states he can take on. He becomes more durable by hardening the metal state or allowing it to become softer, enabling him to take great impact forces and withstand superhumanly strong individuals. He has a resistance to most corrosive and acidic chemicals and limited resistance to electricity.
    • Silver:In this state, Boien takes on a silvery-white appearance with greater durability and endurance than in his normal state. The metal is highly malleable and allows him to take greater punishment than most, though is not as readily shaped as that of his gold state. This metal form also gives him high resistance to heat and electricity and allowing him a reflective surface in which to redirect energy and some elemental attacks.
    • Gadolinium:Another malleable metal that gives him a silvery-white appearance. This metal gives him a highly durable state of which can take most impact forces, giving him quite a bit of resistance. Like most metals, he has a high resistance to heat and some corrosive resistance but does react to getting a white, flaky appearance when exposed to high amount of moisture which makes this form a bit more vulnerable. But he can get a highly magnetic attribute in certain temperatures, particularly when his metal form is cold allowing him some magnetic abilities.


  • Decent Combatant:Though Boien seems to have a natural inclination towards combat, he hasn't had much formal training. At best, he has learned armed and unarmed combat enough to defend himself but relies on his powers often to get an edge.
  • Metalworking:Boien's strength lies in being able to work with metal. He has the skills to shape, change, and alter metal in terms of powders, tools, armor, and weapons or in other applications. His skill is great enough that many have compared to the higher end of Attilan, even being admired by the young blossoming blacksmith, Jacob Williams.
  • Eidetic Memory:Boien has shown that he has an excellent memory, being able to remember most words, images, and sounds by memory.

Strength level

Boien's strength is usually greater than most Inhumans, which tends to vary depending on the type of metal he copies.


  • Boien does not always remain in his metal state, which means he's susceptible to things most Inhumans are.
  • Boien is also at the mercy of the properties of the metals he takes on, such as their reactions to temperatures or even electrical-based problems.
  • He can also only take on one metal at a time unless he comes across a metal with mixed properties, but can only maintain a mixed property state for show periods of time.



  • Tends to vary, often tools for working on metal

Transportation: Attilan Vehicles
Weapons: Usually his own power


  • Boien's name and powers are mainly based on his Earth-0228 counterpart, with his metal mimicking powers slightly expanded upon.


  • When Boien gets older, he wishes to use his savings to expand the metalworking industry and work alongside the blacksmiths of the upper class.
  • Boien's twin and her antics are a nod to the Earth-0228 counterpart, Kara Howlett.

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