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Real Name
Boien Howlett
Current Alias

Son of the Mutt, Red Wolf



Alpha Hunters, Weapon X

Daken (Genetic Father), Unknown mother, Kara Howlett (Twins sister), James "Logan" Howlett (Paternal Grandfather), Itsu (Paternal Grandmother), Howlett/Logan Family tree


Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility, Savage Land, Antarctica





Unusual Features
Semi-feral appearance, eyes slightly pale due to blindness


Marital Status

Field Agent, Assassin, Tracker

High school Level

Mutant born from the genetic DNA of Daken and an unknown female

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I've never truly felt I've had any guidance to truly discovering the real me. If I stay with Weapon X, I'll never be anything more then a weapon, someone who is less the human. And I know for sure there has to be more out there for me, i just haven't found it yet. Quote2
-- Boien Howlett


The young man who would become known as Boien was conceived in an unusual way. Weapon X scientists took what they had of Daken's DNA and mixed it with an unknown woman donor to create Boien and his sister Kara. The two were created only thirteen years ago but were aged shortly after they reached nine months of being fully developed, their accelerated age being that of about six years old.

With this came many grueling years of learning many things. This came with academics, martial arts, and survival skills. Though, experimentation also began at young ages for both twins well into their teen years. Unfortunately for Boien he came to face a side effect from one of these experiments of going blind by the age of nine, leaving scientists almost certain he would end up more of a liability then an asset. In fact, he once overheard they may just kill him to eliminate the chances of failure. Scared out of his mind after this point, Boien tried to work harder then ever to prove he wasn't dead weight for the program which at first proved little to help.

Weapon X had made it's decision and soon was dragging the teenage Howlett out of the building with Kara only able to look on. Taken several yards away Boien was faced away from the firing squad, shaking as he heard their guns being loaded and ready to fire, and without a word given he only felt pain before darkness claimed him. However, much to the shock of agents who came to check and see if Boien was dinosaur chow they came across his nearly fully healed form while he groaned and struggled to stand, revealing that the boy may not be as useless as they had expected.

Taken back among the program, Boien was given a full check up, issued some pain meds, and given some rest before he was fully integrated back and reunited with his twin. But it was at that time that the blind young man realized they were no longer alone. There were others within the room and Kara caught him up in the fact they were now to train with a team of young members. Though surprised, Boien merely shrugged and would go on to train with most of the future Alpha Hunters.

Alpha Hunters are Born

In the years to follow, the young members of Weapon X would not only be trained but given an official name of Alpha Hunters to replace their previous Alpha Flight team. This time they were coordinated to be a group of assassins, hunters, and mercenaries for hire, though also under the control of Weapon X as a whole. One such mission would end with the capture of Sarah Lenson, another experiment from years before, who would eventually join the Alpha Hunters herself and holding a hatred towards the Howlett twins despite Boien having tried to apologize for the loss.

After the past few years the Alpha Hunters have slowly grown into a decently coordinated and working team, though Boien has continued to feel out of place among them. Because of this, he has grown to show some of his own independent thought from the program with the aid of Dr. Renko, their benefactor, who has seemingly helped in such endeavors with him going so far as to create a makeshift costume and slowly trying to make amends with Sarah. Although, deep down he has shown some affection towards the young Creed who seems to grudgingly share similar affections.


Despite Boien's family descent he is surprisingly a rather calm and collected individual. He knows how to keep from panicking in a situation and usually is the one who tries to keep others calm as well, and it is from this he often shows a great deal of kindness and compassion towards others. He isn't afraid to help someone nor be there to just listen. Boien also holds a great deal of honor and dignity, showing to often be a proud individual and always confident, though not overly so to being cocky and arrogant.

Though, there is deep down that animal inside him that sometimes can't help but be released. Should he get angered or annoyed, Boien shows a rage that would make his father proud as he becomes merciless and uncaring towards those that purposely trigger it. He also has shown to be incredibly fierce and protective, especially towards those he has grown close to. Thus he has shown a great deal of loyalty to those he trusts and usually tries not to let the animal or feral side of himself get in the way.

Powers and Abilities


Boien is a mutant with several powers inherited from his father and grandfather while also having his own unique Secondary Mutation.

  • Superhuman Strength:Boien has demonstrated having strength well beyond the average human limit, being able to lift 3 tons even when in his normal state. Though due to still being in his late teens it's estimated this could increase as he gets a bit older.
  • Superhuman Stamina:Boien can engage in physical activity far longer then the greatest human athlete. He's stated himself he can go about a week without concern for eating, drinking, or sleeping before he begins to feel the effects or suffer from fatigue toxins immediately.
  • Superhuman Durability:Boien's bodily tissue and bone structure are far stronger then that of any human. It has been theorized he could withstand a blow from the likes of the Hulk or Juggernaut without much damage or falling from great heights without sustaining any to little damage.
  • Superhuman Agility: Boien's body coordination and balance are greater then any human athlete allowing him to perform great feats most might take years to perfect. He also has shown to have peak human reflexes but not exactly superhuman.
  • Superhuman Speed:Boien is faster then the greatest human athlete, having clocked his speed roughly around 35 mph allowing him to keep up with slower moving cars and possibly even the speeds of a Savage Land T-rex.
  • Healing Factor: Like most in his family Boien has demonstrated having a healing factor but much slower then that of Wolverine's or Daken's. He can heal from fatal wounds within a few days while minor ones take a few minutes to a few hours. Something like a lost limb, broken bones, or damaged and or removed organs take about a few hours to a few days or weeks, depending on the damage. His healing factor also grants him immunity to poisons, disease, and slows his aging.
  • Keen Senses:Boien's senses are more akin to a wolf's and are stronger then any average human. He can track usually the faintest scent, even if it's a few weeks old and can hear up to three miles away and hear most of the smallest sound. His taste is also enhanced to the point he can detect the slightest change in foods. All of his senses are also hyper keen with the lack of his eye sight, which it's estimated should he get it back he can see with greater clarity and notice even the smallest detail compared to most.
  • Bone Claws:Much like many in his family Boien has two 12.5 inch long claws made of bone, located just where his wrists are. There is a single claw in each hand which are a bit rougher looking then the rest and black-ish in color, much like Daken's claws were. They are strong enough to get through most material, including stone, wood, brick, and weak metals. They are highly durable but can be broken. This durability becomes enhanced depending on what metals he copies and is capable of selectively changing the metal his claws are covered in through mental control, but his full body.
  • Metal Mimicry:A power that allows Boien to copy metals and gain a metallic skin, granting him usually enhanced strength, durability, and certain times great invulnerability and heat and or cold resistance. Much of this though depends on the metals and their properties. These forms last for about five minutes before he changes back and usually cannot always control them consciously. At the moment the metals he has and can change into are as follows:
    • Adamantium:This metal is the strongest known metal on Earth, granting Boien high amount of heat immunity and invulnerability, this making him impervious to all attacks except mental attacks and such things as "phasing". It also increases his strength and durability.
    • Carbonadium:A more malleable form of adamantium that leaves him with increased strength, durability, and endurance. It also holds up to most attacks easily, mostly bending slightly from attacks and easily going back into place after. He also has a high heat resistance and near invulnerability.
    • Titanium:Metal alloys that grant him heat resistance and some protection from electricity. He also gets increased strength, endurance, and durability. He also gains resistance to magic even if for a short period of time.
    • Platinum:Malleble metal which allows him greater strength, endurance, and durability and to withstand blows with the metal bending to take more impact force before returning to normal. It also grants him resistance against certain temperatures and electricity immunity.
    • Mercury:This form grants him resistance to heat and to be able to detect a heat source within range of himself. This also allows him to strengthen to near invulnerability or soften it to take more impact force. Continuous touching of this mercury however will cause anyone who physically touches it with bare skin to gain some poisoning, though only enough to make someone extremely ill for a few days depending on how many times they touch it.
    • Copper:A form which is rather soft and allows Boien to endure impact without sustaining much damage. He can conduct heat and electricity in this form without it hurting him to certain points.
    • Lead:This metal works in the same aspect as many others in that it makes him durable and stronger, allowing him to withstand powerful impacts without much damage, working like mercury to harden it to make him invulnerable to making it softer to cause blows to just be absorbed. He also gains resistance to corrosion in this form.


  • Master Martial Artist: Since his accelerated aging to six and onward, Boien has been trained extensively by several hired masters by Weapon X in various martial arts forms. He has been trained to a master level in several forms and is an expert in others, many of which he incorporates his claws or blades.
  • Skilled Tracker: Boien has also trained himself to become a rather skilled tracker using mainly his sense of smell and hearing alone, being able to decipher a specific scent out of several others and follow locate a certain sound better than most.
  • Weapon Expert: Boien has been trained extensively by Weapon X to be able to use a variety of weapons from firearms to blades to blunt weapons. Though he was trained to have variety he often shows a preference for swords much like the rest of his family.
    • Skilled Swordsman: Because of his preference for the sword, Boien has spent more time training with it and is fairly skilled, often using it in his different martial arts forms.
  • Stealth Expert: Boien is also trained in sneaking around places or people without being detected, often using the shadows and moving with trained precision to make little to no noise when he needs to.
  • High Intellect: Boien has also shown to be quite intelligent. Despite not being able to read or recall pictures, he does have quite a recall for what someone says or tells him. He also is capable of forming different strategies and has learned to quickly adapt with his blindness. Boien is also a fairly quick learner, going off what someone tells him or mental pictures someone can send him via telepathy despite his physical handicap.
  • Multilingual: Due to the Weapon X program, Boien has also learned a handful of languages, being fluent in French, Spanish, Japanese, English, and some Native American languages. Also due to being in the Savage Land he has also learned from some of the native language from the surrounding villages but is often broken words or phrases.

Strength level

Boien is currently capable of lifting 3 tons in his regular form but various in his metal state.


  • Boien can easily be subdued by Carbonadium which nullifies healing factors.
  • Boien doesn't have complete control of his Metal form, which can happen subconsciously.
    • In order to be able to copy and use a metal for his Metal Mimicry he has to have physically touched the metals in order to use the properties.
  • Due to his blindness Boien relies heavily on his other four senses, making him easily a target if the others are taken away from him.



  • Raptor tooth necklace
  • Ronin Armor: Boien has a makeshift suit made various equipment, materials, and metals altered to be suited for his liking. The main suit is made of Antarctic vibranium microweave mesh, making it invulnerable to bullets so long as his body is covered by it and energy-based attacks. He makes use of a light weight metal armor covering his torso, abdomen, parts of his arms and legs, and hands, with the breastplate shaped in the form of a Japanese dragon's head. The metal can withstand physical blows, blades, and low caliber bullets while the under armor his held together by a strong mesh of unknown material. What finishes the feature is a distinct demon wolf-like mask made out of Antarctic vibranium and painted to match the rest of his armor.

Transportation: Weapon X vehicles, his own speed
Weapons: Varies, usually swords


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  • Boien has sometimes stated he is unsure if his blindness can ever be fixed, even if his eyes were damaged and his healing factor fixed the organs.
  • Boien's codename is inspired by the Japanese name of a samurai who has no master, something Boien feels he's never really had.

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