I know a few of you guys on the wiki here rather enjoy my Emerald series, so I had a brilliant idea: you guys could help contribute to it as well!

So here's what you gotta do: design a villain and their backstory.

The villain could look like anything you want, and they could be anything you want. (Just not a pre-established Emerald character, please.) It can be an evil dragon, or a magical jar of Miracle Whip. Whatever you want to do, I'd love to see what you guys got.

What you gotta do: Describe to me what the villain looks like, give some background info, and possibly an origin. Identity is up to you. Drawing it is also optional.


  • Preferably, the character is a male, but the gender is up to you.
  • They can be any race you'd like. Diveristy allows for different cultures and different oppurtunities to make a villain truely unique. Just, no aliens please. :P
  • Do not copy a pre-existing villain. It must be original and made for this contest.
  • Please, nothing innapprorpriate, vulgar or illegal. I don't think this would be something you guys come up with anyway, but anything is possible.
  • Make sure to send it to this forum page in order for it to be officially entered.
  • It must be an ORIGINAL image, AKA something you drew or created. Plagarised images will lead to disqualification. The description must ALSO be original. Again, plagarism won't be accepted.
  • All entries are due August 17th

Note that these parameters may change any time, but most likely they won't.


  • The Grand Prize: Gets to be featured in Emerald, and I offer to draw you something! (As long as it isn't innappropriate, illegal, or vulgar, of course.)
  • Top 3: Gets to be featured in Emerald.

Get to drawing and writing! I anticipate what you can create!

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