BIONICLEToa wrote:
Are my stories that predictable?

I don´t think they are :) People just happened to guess a said character was Emerald Man. You gave us a lot of clues really. Besides even if a twist is predictable, it doesn´t mean it´s not good. Sometimes there is more suspense in knowing what will happen than not knowing at all.

Either way, I have no idea who Overseer really is so as you see, not predictable. I still keep my money on the Governor or any female that comes now. I find it hard to believe Carolina would stage an attack on a location in which she herself was present, Besides Virus didn´t know the Overseer´s real identity. I don´t think Carolina, who´s smart, would organize an attack that could possibly get her killed accidently.. Oh well...We´ll find out eventually. 

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