• BeholdtheVision

    Earth-5734 Arena!

    February 7, 2015 by BeholdtheVision


    1. Contribute the characters you wish. After a select period of time, the bracket will be finalized and the tournment will begin.
    2. Two heroes will face each other, in a specified location.
      1. i.e. Spider-Woman vs. Hank Pym in the sewers.
    3. Before the match begins, users must discuss, AND COME TO AN AGREEMENT, about how this area would contribute to their stats.
      1. i.e. We have agreed that as there is a small space, Hank Pym would have -1 speed but since there'd be less space to account for +1 intelligence. Jess would logically have +2 speed against Giant Man because he's so fast.
    4. Each player goes to the Easy Decision Maker Website. Here, enter in the 6 stat categories. Click 'answer' and comment with the bolded category.
      1. i.e. Giant Ma…

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  • ElectricMayhem


    We see Boris Bullski, a SHIELD agent, piloting a Neurotech Armor made by Tony Stark.

    BULLSKI: Works great, boss-man.

    We cut to Nick Fury and Tony Stark watching the test run.

    FURY: Good, Bullski.

    TONY: I still don't know about this...

    FURY: So, Mr. Stark... why the change of heart?

    TONY: Well... my secretary... Pepper. She convinced me.

    FURY: Remind me to thank Pepper.

    Boris lands down next to them, and takes his helmet of.

    BULLSKI: Mr. Stark, your generous donation is SURE to stop those alien freaks as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Thank you, sir.

    STARK: So how about a code name? Bullski IS a superhero now.

    FURY:  I guess...

    TONY: I was thinkin' something along the lines of... Titanium Man.

    BULLSKI: A little cheesy, but... okay.


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  • ElectricMayhem

    Into the Negative Zone, Pt. 3

    Susan Storm is wearing astronaut gear. She is with two professional SHIELD agents, Jimmy Woo and Maria Hill.

    MARIA: Relax, Ms. Storm. What, you act like it's your first time being launched off into deep space.

    Susan looks at Maria.

    MARIA: Gee. Not a humorous-type, I can see.

    JIMMY: Guys. The launch.

    MARIA: Oh...

    The three walk into a special circular-shaped spacecraft. Fury shows up on a screen inside the craft.

    FURY: Are you SURE you want to go into the Negative Zone, Ms. Storm? You don't have ANY experience with space travel.

    SUSAN: How can you tell?

    FURY: I just can.

    SUSAN: So this thing... it can reach the Negative Zone?

    FURY: It's pretty hi-tech. Top secret NASA stuff. It's going to be officially unveiled to the publi…

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  • BeholdtheVision

    UPDATE#2: Check out The Arena, where you compete for points! UPDATE: MEMBERS OF THE RP MUST MAKE PAGES FOR THEIR HEROES BASED OFF Jessica Drew (Earth-5734). UTILIZE OFFICIAL STATS, WHICH CAN BE FOUND ON MARVEL WIKIA. So, I was thinking that as a community activity we culd have an rp story on a blog. Each of us could have 1-3 Marvel characters and we could have an ongoing storyline. If you're interested, please comment and I'll start posting possible characters.

    1. Post characters you are interested in
    2. I will review them and assign them a cost in points.
      1. Everyone will start out with a certain number of points, Edits + Achievement = points.
      2. points are refreshed once every quarter of the year.
    3. You purchase the hero and remove the points from the sum.

    • He…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Mutant and Proud

    We see a news recording from a month ago. Betty Brant is reporting for Daily Bugle News in the middle of Times Square.

    BETTY: Mutants. The next step in human evolution. Genetic miracles. This is Betty Brant, from Daily Bugle News. Today's topic, mutants... threats, or not? Well, that depends on who you ask, but---

    Suddenly, there is an explosion, and the recording stops. We cut to the actual event from a month ago, and see the Acolytes, a violent mutant supremacy gang led by the mysterious mutant known only as "Magneto", are attacking Times Square. Betty and her camera man run.

    BETTY: Aaaaah!

    Magneto's children, Wanda and Pietro, a.k.a. "Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver", begin destroying everything in sight.

    PIETRO: This is what we…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Into the Negative Zone, Pt. 2

    Dr. Richards, Dr. Storm, Dr. Klaw, Dr. Elder, and Dr. Lumpkin are all in a huge lab in the Baxter Building. A purple vortex has opened up, after the teleportation machine malfunctioned. They are about to pilot a H.E.R.B.I.E. Drone into the vortex.

    REED: Wait!

    Everyone stops and looks at Reed.

    REED: Where on Earth is Victor Van Damme?!

    We cut to the airport. Victor Van Damme is just about to take a flight back to Latveria. He's decided to take a vacation day... or week... or something.

    VICTOR [thoughts]: Who cares if I get fired... it's not like the whole Baxter Building will be destroyed without me there for a day or two...

    Back at the Baxter Building, Dr. Harvey Elder notices that the whole room is shifting, and the …

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Agents of SHIELD

    We see men wearing yellow jackets, all crowded in a small room with tons of computers. Their leader speaks up.

    LEADER: All right, gentlemen. They rejected our ideas. Made us OUTCASTS. But now... now we show them what makes us the Advanced Idea Mechanics!

    They all cheer.

    LEADER: The virus is being uploaded into SHIELD's computer system. All their tech will be destroyed, and all their info will be transferred to US! We will have all the information we need to... UGH!

    The leader collapses. They all gather around him. Out of nowhere, there is a blinding flash of blue light. When it clears out, we see a woman in a yellow SHIELD uniform, with red goggles. She is Janet Pym. The Wasp.

    WASP: All right, freakshows. Cancel the virus and yo…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Daredevil Trailer!

    February 5, 2015 by ElectricMayhem

    It's awesome, you guys!

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Into the Negative Zone, Pt. 1

    Dr. Reed Richards, Dr. Ulysses Klaw, Dr. William Lumpkin, and Dr. Harvey Elder. Four Baxter Building scientists. They are working on a special teleporter machine. However, the project has already exceeded their original budget plan.

    REED: Alright. I think we're going to need help.

    KLAW: Really, now?

    REED: I will remind you that I am your boss, Ulysses. Please try and treat me with respect.

    Reed walks out of the room.

    REED: I'll be back shortly.

    Klaw and the others continue their work.

    KLAW: Control freak...

    In the hall, Reed sees Johnny and Ben. Johnny flips a coin.

    JOHNNY: Tails! Ha!

    BEN: Hey, I said tails!

    REED: What are you two doing?

    BEN: Uh...

    JOHNNY: Just trying to pass some time. There's not much for us to do around h…

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  • ElectricMayhem


    The year is 1978. Howard Stark's wife, Maria Stark, is giving birth to their son. The couple's butler, Edwin Jarvis, rushes into the room.

    JARVIS: Mrs. Stark!

    MARIA: AAAAAUUUGH!!! [breathes deeply] Where's... Howard... at?

    JARVIS: He's attending a business meeting, Madame, I'm afraid he's unable to make it...

    MARIA: Godd*mnit, Jarvis, GET HIM HERE RIGHT NOW!

    JARVIS: Right away, Madame.

    Jarvis hurries out of the room.

    At Stark Industries, Howard is meeting with Obadiah Stane of Stane International.

    HOWARD: Now, Mr. Stane, with your help, we can make this "Neurotech" dream a reality.

    Suddenly, Jarvis burst in.

    OBADIAH: And who might THIS be?

    HOWARD: Jarvis, what is it?

    JARVIS: It's Mrs. Stark, sir. She wants you there.

    HOWARD: But, I'm busy rig…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Welcome to the Baxter Building

    We see a young Reed Richards and Ben Grimm sitting up in Ben's treehouse. The year is 1987. The two are about 10 years old. Reed is setting up a telescope.

    BEN: Why are you so excited to look at the stars? You can see them EVERY night.

    REED: Tonight, there's going to be a meteor shower!

    Ben is shocked.

    BEN: A meteor is gonna crash tonight?

    REED: Well, no one's gonna die. It's just tiny meteors.

    BEN: You sure know a lot about science, huh?

    REED: Well... yeah.

    Reed aims the telescope out the treehouse window and looks through it, seeing the shower has begun.

    REED: Ben, come here! Come see this!

    At the same time in Latveria, a small nation in Europe, a young Victor VanDamme is celebrating his twelfth birthday. It's just hi…

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  • BeholdtheVision

    The toy solicitations pertaining to Spider-Woman will be released February 7, 2015.

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  • DuttPanda

    A MUST SEE!!!!!!!

    It`s here! It`s here! And it`s awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Better than the AOU trailer and Ant-Man trailers, I can tell!!!

    I have a feeling this will be better than the previous F4 movies!!!!

    What do you guys think?!

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  • BeholdtheVision


    • Brother Grimm's voice:Do you know the true meaning of fear?
      • [Creepy music plays as camera moves down dark hallway]
    • BG: I don't think you do.
      • [Close up on Jess.]
      • [A hand snakes out from under a bed].
    • BG: You think you're beyond human.
      • [Spider-Woman faces Brother Grimm, she throws a punch, which he dodges. She twists into the air, trying to kick him, but he grabs her ankle and slams her into the ground]
    • BG: You're not.
      • [Shot of Jess, clearly distraught and crying.]
    • BG:You're extraordinary, true.
      • [Jess jumps off helicopter and glides]
    • BG: But in the end, you're just another toy.
      • [Creepy shot of dolls].
    • BG: Another toy to be broken.
    • Jess: Come and get me, psycho.
      • [Two girls run from an explosion]
      • [Someone trains a g…
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  • Cartoon44

    Hello fellow Marvel Fanon members! Today, I am proud to announce the beginning of the Marvel Rebirth Cinematic Universe and its production including a Phase One lineup, consisting of the first six films in the universe.

    When it first was created, Rebirth started as one singular film to piece together all of the character's histories at once. This, was too stressful as I couldn't figure out how to put together everything in one singular film, so the next idea was to develop it into an individual TV series. However, the same problem came up as I wanted more focus on one individual character at a time. Rebirth, is about a universe reset, restarting and rebooting each Marvel character's origins and changing them sometimes entirely. The main idea …

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  • Melody the Movement

    Hey guys, Melody here. I'm about to start X-Men: House of M, after I create the trailer. Before I start HoM, would anybody like to have they're sneak peek clip in the film, I'm only going to do three (one of mine for the next film, and two others).

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Hello. Today, I just wanted to reveal to you guys that I actually have not one, but TWO movie projects being planned right now. When the movies will actually get made is unknown for now, because I need to come up with an actual story for both of them, and I want to get it just right. So, here are my 2 projects that are currently in the planning stages:

    I don't know how many hardcore Marvel fans actually like this show. I'm not sure, but I personally am one of them. Mainly because personally, to me, I find the premise of the show to be REALLY creative for this character. This movie I kind of have a good idea for what I want the plot to be. It's mostly going to follow the show. The Hulk trying to prove to a fearful world that he's more than j…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Okay, so after this new SECRET WARS event, every known Marvel Universe is going to be destroyed. No. Literally.

    I'm not joking.

    Even the MCU? Eh... probably not. How that survives, well... I dunno.

    But this SUCKS. When DC does this, it's okay. They've done it literally a MILLION times before. But Marvel is different.

    This is gonna be stupid, you guys. They're combining the Ultimate and 616 universes into a new universe after Secret Wars. So... they're destroying every reality... just to make a new reality... which is pretty much the same premise as Ultimate Marvel... except the Ultimate universe is also being Ultimatized now, too....

    All those jokes people have made about Marvel and all those universes... are coming true.

    Let's hope this is a jo…

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Yeah, that awards thing was pretty lame. Ignore it. But now I'm BACK! So, I have an idea. We can do a series, with each issue featuring a different dark comedy horror story featuring Marvel characters (like the Simpsons Halloween specials, but with superheroes...)

    Like, one issue could be, I dunno... Deadpool versus vampires or something, or a parody of a classic horror film with Marvel characters placed in it, etc., etc.

    But here you can sign up to write an issue. I'll start by writing the first issue, and if we're running low on writers ever I can just do another issue, or a previous author can write another one.

    So what do you guys think?

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  • ElectricMayhem

    So, I felt like doing something random because I'm bored. Let's have a fanon awards!

    Here's how it goes: a week from now, so next Sunday, voting will be closed and we will see who won. First we need to nominate stuff. The first three articles nominated for a certain category will be chosen for that category.


    • Best Fanon Event
    • Best Original Character
    • Best Fanon Film
    • Best Fanon Version of an Existing Character

    Seems simple enough I guess. I won't nominate anything or vote because... eh. I dunno.

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  • Barry19

    X-Men series preview!

    January 15, 2015 by Barry19

    A preview for my new series, X-Men. :D It also has a small easter egg/cameo in it, which is really easy to spot! :P I hope you enjoy! :)

    PS: The first episode will have a lot of easter eggs/cameos, so be sure to look out for them! :)

    “Mutants are a danger for us!” the man on the television shouted, “Don’t you know what the “Toad” did to us a year ago? Or the blue shape-shifter? She was a dangerous terrorist, and she could be anyone! Even you! We have no idea how many mutants there are, and what they are planning, but one thing is sure; we must not let them be better than us! Death to the mutants, that’s what I say!”

    “Death to the mutants!” the screen showed a crowd clapping and cheering. The TV was switched off.  

    “You see that, Charles?” Erik Leh…

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  • Bridgetterocks

    Hey guys, this time around I will be short. I won't reveal anything else than the following image. I'm sure many of you will already be able tell what it's gonna be about but I'm not gonna say exactly what or when for now. This is not the only project that's coming, so keep yourselves ready.

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  • Doctordoom1123

    100TH EDIT!

    January 14, 2015 by Doctordoom1123

    Yay I made it through three-days, forteen pages, sixteen images, and one blog of pure freaking awesomeness thanks The Marvel Fanon Wiki


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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Hello, Marvel Fanon! Uncanny X-Factor, alias X here. I'm sure everyone has noticed the disambiguation pages by now, and I'd say they're a success. We've hit Spidey, which means we're about 3/4 of the way done, and rounding the home stretch with characters such as Thing, Thor, Wasp, and Wolverine.

    Anyways, I've been having ideas galore for some time now, and I'm really ready to get cracking on them. So, as soon as the disambigs are done, I'm going to start writing again. What, did you think the project ending was one of mine? Ha! So, anyways, here are the two (or three) projects I intend to work on following the end of the disambigs:

    • Superior Spider-Man (Earth-5393): A world where Peter is a mutant and was a founding X-Man. Obviously not that…
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  • Rinilya94

    Back at last!

    January 6, 2015 by Rinilya94

    Alright my fellow Marvel Fanon users, finally back! Been a long, tiring week and really had little chance to get on except to check some stuff. But I shall be getting back into the swing of things on top of doing editing in between school work, which I discovered was starting today. So, I'll be slowed down by school work once again while trying to edit as actively as I can. And as in the words of Rocket school work is a pain "as per freaking usual".

    Basically, in the next few days you'll likely see me trying to finish characters for my Young Avengers Initiative story, while also finishing one chapter I've left unfinished for a while. On top of this, I'll be making edits here and there for my X-Men: New Destiny series I'm planning for my rec…

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  • Barry19


    January 3, 2015 by Barry19

    Hello Marvel Fanon,

    I am so sorry that I have been gone. The last few weeks have been very busy for me, so I could only be on wikia a few times. I have new inspiration for a new series (which is going to be a bit like Battle of the Five Armies, however, so here is a small preview:

    Thanos is preparing for war. With his new army of creatures he attempts to conquer the universe. As the universe is at the brink of war, everyone must choose their side, meaning that villains and heroes have to unite. But the real panic breaks out when Thanos' forces attack the nine realms...

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  • Vision0

    Marvel Avengers Alliance wiki is stupid. 

    I'm backing my stuff here: 

    -Secret Invasion Fan Chapter Part 1=

    The season is inspired by the "Secret Invasion" story arc with the skrulls replacing heroes and villains.

    This is the first chapter in it,if people will like it,i might make more chapters.

    "We found gun dealers in town for the maggia. While we were busy cleaning up what was left of the circle of eight,the maggia seems to enter a gang war. Find out why exactly it started and stop the dealers."  - Mission Briefing

    Team Up: Punisher,Elektra, Mockingbird
    Location: Little Italy

    Blasters (agony) Symbiotic Armor
    Cost: Store CP Purchase(one of a kind and in a limited number of days to purchase)
    Agony Symbiote - Restores health every turn. absorb…

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  • Vision0

    -Task 1/Official=

    Objective: Defeat Erik Lensherr (Earth-102753).

    Hints: Magneto is a tactician and a blaster, and takes two turns each round.

    Minions: 2 Dino Mutants.

    Mid-Fight Effect: Magneto will now unleash his full magnetic powers, allowing him to counter -Task 2/Dialogue=}}

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  • Rinilya94

    Gone again

    December 27, 2014 by Rinilya94

    Hey guys gonna be gone for a week so my editing will be in low activity and will be done mainly from my phone, so apologies for slowness on my part. BUt I shall be posting actively when I can when I get back, which happens to be when I'll be starting my new semester so we'll see how it goes.

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  • ElectricMayhem

    Community MCU?

    December 25, 2014 by ElectricMayhem

    I am ElectricMayhem, and this is my idea. It is a community cinematic universe where the users of this wiki all work together. Each phase will have a line-up of ten movies, and we'll see where this goes. Anyone who wants to join can just say so in the comics, and say what movie they want to make. If they want to make a sequel or spin-off of someone else's movie, they must ask that user permission. Let's do this. I will make the first Avengers movie for phase one.

    • Currently untitled Fantastic Four movie - Uncanny X-Factor
    • Currently untitled Ant-Man movie - Vision0
    • X-Men - Melody the Movement
    • Currently untitled Iron Man movie - BIONICLEToa
    • X-Force - Melody the Movement
    • Currently untitled Spider-Man movie - Cartoon44
    • Avengers - ElectricMayhem

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  • Vision0

    This is a sneak peek of an idea I recently had and maybe do.

    Note: Main project right now: All-Mighty comic universe.

    Second in importance: Either this or Marvel Avengers Alliance Wars.

    Can you guess what is the idea? :)

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  • Barry19

    Earth-5454's New Series!

    November 25, 2014 by Barry19

    Hi everyone,

    I'm here to announce two things;

    1. I'm back! Sorry that I was away for some time, but now I'm back with new ideas! I hope you're going to like them.

    2. For my new universe (Earth-5454), I will be making a comic book series with the Avengers! It will have a lot of my favourite Avengers members, and a lot of my favourite villains! It will also contains some new (original) characters! 

    I certainly hope this first story is better than my one for The Avengers: A New Age! pilot; that episode was very bad, and I didn't quite like it. I hope that with my new series I will show my writing in a much better way, because my pilot for my old series was a big mess!

    I only have one problem; I don't have a name for my new series! So please sugges…

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    Hey, all you guys! It's me, the super-annoying guy BIONICLEToa! Today I would like to discuss the progress of my series.

    Well, school and a play has gotten in the way, so I have been focusing on that for a while. But, this week, I might finally have more of a chance to work on Emerald Man's first comic, The Immaculate Emerald Man #1.

    As such, I have begun to do some of the story, and will work on a story board, then move on to the actual comic. (Gonna do things "The Marvel Way.")

    I also have updated Emerald Man's design, which is not too much modified, but gives him more of a modern look (which is, surprizingly, what I want). I also have re-worked some of the characters, so they fit better and are more realistic. For example:

    • Stephen Barmms is go…
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  • Vision0

    X-Men: Hellfire Club

    November 20, 2014 by Vision0

    Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Phoenix, Beast


    Wave 1:

    3X Brotherhood Teleporters

    Wave 2:

    6X Brotherhood Teleporters 1 Brotherhood Wrecker

    Wave 3:

    5X Brotherhood Teleporters 2X Brotherhood Exploders 1 Brotherhood Wrecker

    Wave 4:

    4X Brotherhood Teleporters 1 Brotherhood Exploder 1 Brotherhood Wrecker 2X Brotherhood Snatchers

    Wave 5: 3X Brotherhood Teleporters 2X Brotherhood Exploders 1 Tracker Sentinel III


    Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters


    The X-Men must deal with an attack from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants along with the 3 sentinel trackers unleashed in the city and protect the younger students. -Possible Drops=

    Traps: Magik's Stepping Disc


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  • Bridgetterocks

    Assemble! has now a Spotify playlist!!! It can be found here: and it features most of the songs some episodes' names are based on. The playlist also includes several instrumental songs to set up the mood for some episodes, so if some of you wants to go back and reread some scene with the background music, go ahead! That is one of the reasons I created it! It will continue to be updated as the seasons go by so it will be around for a long time!

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  • Melody the Movement

    Not sure on who should portray her.

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  • Vision0

    Projects I Plan

    November 7, 2014 by Vision0

    Some of you may have noticed I'm not that active. Well, I have many projects(an admin of one wiki, I play Marvel: Avengers Alliance and try to get Blade and maybe Morbius as well, school and I suggest stuff on MAA's forums) and I wanted to tell you about them(actually, it's only 3, but they're not so small).

    My own fanon game based on the cancelled Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics(MarTac), and on Marvel Avengers Alliance(MAA), focusing on Incursions.

    I have 2 assignments out of 4 that I have so far in my chapter 1. With each one I want to make pages for the characters featured there as well. When I finish the chapter, I'll add pages for our heroes. 

    I really need help, tell me what do you offer me to add to the game's page's design in order t…

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  • Uncanny X-Factor

    Hey guys, X here.

    I'm currently working on my Banished show as my active project, and don't worry, I'm going to continue, because I've had ideas out the butt for them. But, I've had also ideas in general, so here's some stuff I might work on in the future:

    • What If? Vol X: That's right, I'm delving into my love for What If comics. I'll revamp some of the older crappier ones with potential that were never expanded, and write some of my own. I look forward to sharing these with you, and the first two would be: What If: Luke Cage found Mjolnir? and What If: Otto Octavius was the True Spider-Man?
    • Broken: A series based on a broken world very similar to 616, but based on a project by Artemis Thorson. Mutant-human war has reached a peak, and the wor…
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  • Barry19

    New Avengers series!

    October 26, 2014 by Barry19

    Hello everybody,

    I'm making a new series, called The Avengers: A New Age!. It's main characters are the members of the Avengers, but the first season mainly focusses on one character; Joe England. I really can't wait to start writing, but only 9 of the 13 episodes will be writtern by me. The other 4 will be done by 4 guest writer.

    So if you're interested, please leave a comment down below, on my message wall or in the comments section of the series' page.

    Already, thanks :)

    Finn Tracy (talk) 17:13, October 26, 2014 (UTC)

    PS: Please don't use Hydra or Ultron in your stories.

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  • Bridgetterocks

    Hey there guys, Bridgetterocks here. In response to the whole official Age of Ultron trailer which was leaked last Wednesday, I worked my butt off to get this Assemble! Age of Ultron up soon. I personally am really proud of it and I feel this Trailer is better than Season 2's, not only because I changed to a Mac and iMovie is a great free software but because my desgining abilties have grown further. I used James Spader's Ultron voice because it's perfect, the last quote gives me chills everytime. As I've said in a comment before, there WILL be death. I will be doing a Q&A soon with you guys, so send in your questions either here or my wall or if you find me on chat. I'll reply everything I can ;)

    Hope you guys enjoy the trailer! Feedback i…

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  • Rinilya94

    Second Wave idea

    October 21, 2014 by Rinilya94

    Hey guys, once again I've hit a bump in the road for my Avengers idea. Though this won't be until later in the story, I plan to have a second wave of Young Avengers as the Skrull Empire is vast and likely will come to a head at some point. When that happens it never hurts to have that unexpected secondary team waiting. Only thing is, I'm at a loss of who else who can have kids. As you probably know by now I prefer exploring the "next generations" concept sometimes with What Ifs. At this rate I did have some idea of maybe using Hawkeye since I haven't yet, though maybe with someone other then Mockingbird. I did consider maybe Clint with perhaps Jessica Drew? I did see on a few different places that they might have something going on.

    At the …

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  • Bridgetterocks

    Birthday Special

    October 10, 2014 by Bridgetterocks

    Hey guys!!! As today is my birthday and I couldn't post Assemble! for many many weeks this Season, today I am posting THREE episodes, these are Along Came a Venom (A!), Let It Go (A!) and Svartalfheim (A!). I love them all and they're probably some of my best written episodes. Hope you enjoy them!!!

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  • Rinilya94

    Low Activity this Week

    October 4, 2014 by Rinilya94

    Hey guys, just a warning I will not be on much this week. Visiting my father who works in another state, which we likely will move here in the next couple of years because of it. So, I won't be in chat and likely will only be making small edits here and there. Until next Sunday hope you guys have a nice week!

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  • Rinilya94

    Need help with a name

    September 24, 2014 by Rinilya94

    Hey guys! I usually am not one to ask for much help when it comes to stories but I need some help with a team name.More or less this is for my antagonist team for my new universe Earth-7194 that deals with the Skrulls, and I wanted to give them a bit more of a fighting chance, maybe having their own santioned team under the new Skrull queen. I was wondering if I can get an opinion of which team name sounds better.

    So far I got these:

    • Skrull Avengers
    • Skrull Task Force
    • Skrull Royal Guard
    • Skrull Secret Police

    If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them! I'm not the best with team names so a second opinion usually helps a lot.

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    Greatings, true believers! This is a update from yours truly, BIONICLEToa! Now, to start, I must congradulate all those who still contribute to the wiki regulary... I am happy to see you take so much pride in your wiki!

    So now, I am proud to present: The Marvel Fanon Wiki facebook page!

    Now, it's nothing too special at first glance, but once you take a close look, it's actually a chance for people to get to know this wiki even better! No longer are we constrained with the tiny box of only being on a wiki... Now, our cause can be spread by social media!

    The beautiful part of a facebook page is that people can look at pages and get critiques on the articles, and discover beautiful …

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  • Rinilya94

    Just curious...

    September 17, 2014 by Rinilya94

    I've been kind of browsing the Wikia here and there and it's occurred to me most things done here are film and cartoon ideas. My wonder is can we do something other then this? Such as a story/fanfiction more on chapters then counted as episodes and such? I ask since I don't think I've yet to see anything that is more like a story then cartoon and film, which is usually written like a script. 

    May be missing some things but just my observation and it has left me curious is all.

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  • Bridgetterocks

    Assemble!'s Updates

    September 17, 2014 by Bridgetterocks

    Hey everyone, it's me, Joaquín. You may or may not have noticed I updated Assemble! today with not one but two episodes. Why? Because I am going to the US tonight, and I'll be there until Monday 29th September. That means I won't be able to update Assemble! either this or next Friday. As I have delayed Assemble! a lot this season due to my tests, my computer breaking down and me being sick, I do not wish to keep on pushing it back anymore, therefore today I posted two chapters, Shadowed... (A!) and Have a Trio (A!), which feature specifically Kitty Pryde and the Warriors Three. While Have a Trio isn't one of my best episodes at all (even though I think I got the three heroes' personalities correctly), Shadowed... is, and I'm being objectiv…

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  • DuttPanda

    Death Battle 3

    September 14, 2014 by DuttPanda

    It`s been speculated that, (presumably) Vision will have a different origin in the Avengers: Age of Ultron though I don`t think so and will not be created by Ultron. So that means if he would really have a special background characteristics story, then he would be than more stronger than he is in the ordinary comics as he comes solo.

    Ultron vs The Vision??

    The Vision vs Captain America?

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  • DuttPanda

    Death Battle 2

    September 14, 2014 by DuttPanda

    Spider-Woman vs Miss Marvel,,,

    It`s probably Miss Marvel but there is much hype that Jessica Drew has become much stronger in Marvel NOW!

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  • Shadow757


    September 10, 2014 by Shadow757

    This is prologue from X-Men: Lost Chronicles game.

    "Strange Explosions in New York. Could the Brotherhood be behind this...?"

    Location: NY Streets A

    Team Up!: Wolverine

    Dialogues can be found here

    -Medium= Brotherhood Follower

    Brotherhood Follower

    Brotherhood Follower

    -High=None -Bosses=-Mini Boss= None -Boss= Minimum Cleared: 2

    Wave 1:

    Brotherhood Follower

    Brotherhood Follower

    Brotherhood Follower.

    Wave 2:


    Wave 3:


    Team-Up!: Wolverine

    -Notes= Note!: Mystique is one of the Brotherhood Followers in Wave 1 (random one) and at some point, she shapeshifts to her normal appearance. Note!: Mystique also shapeshifts into Wolverine in the third wave. -Drops=-Boss Drop= Gas Grenade

    Power Level: Customized

    Cooldown: None

    Target: All Enemies

    Damage: Customized


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