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Smallville167 Smallville167 5 January

Franklin Richards

Page for Franklin Storm has been added

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Smallville167 Smallville167 24 November 2021

Marvel Reprimed Update

12th Century and the first Knull invasion added as well as more information about Ultron

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TheFancaster TheFancaster 4 November 2021

First Blog

I guess this is my first blog. Well then, HI! I'm TheFancaster, and I'm here to basically fancast. I came here to start my own Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it's been a year's long work. But, now, the universe is growing once more. I owe all my gratitude to ZoomZolomonZoom, who's helped me beyond anything, and for being a great friend. I also somehow managed to revive the MCU Community Reboot. That's gonna be interesting..

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RaptorZeraora RaptorZeraora 22 June 2021

My Marvel OC

(Introduction & Backstory)

My OC is a Dragon, his name is Raptor & he's the dragon prince, heir to the throne on xadia. He is near all powerful, he's known as the 2nd most powerful creature in the multiverse, the only being more powerful then him is the one-above-all. His egg was laid on june 15th, 1999, zubeia lovingly gave him the name "Raptor" (he heard his name from his mum). Raptor came from a long line of cosmic dragons rulers, the first dragon queen was only capable of planetary manipulation, dragons get more powerful than their predecessor, raptor's grandmother on his father's side started the interbreeding process who was pure cosmic dragon, she was capable of multiversal manipulation, her son wouldve had omniverse manipulation but…

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Ingonyama Ingonyama 29 January 2021

Where I've been (and the status of X-Men: Joint Venture)


So, first, reintroductions are in order. I'm Curt, AKA Ingonyama (or 'Yama for short), the author of the Joint Venture Universe. I've been an X-Men fan since 1993, and have a particular obsession with the original Chris Claremont era. Most of the rest of my Marvel love comes from the various television shows, cartoons, and video games, and of course, the MCU.

A couple of years ago, I began adding Wiki pages on Earth-JV, the universe of X-Men: Joint Venture, a fanfic I've been mentally writing since roughly the mid-2000s. The basic premise, as suggested by the name, is the same as the story "What if Magneto and Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together?". However, everything outside of that premise is my own idea, resulting in a rewor…

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 13 January 2021

The Maximus Multiverse is Expanding

Hey guys, happy 2021 and today this blog post is going to change the way of this multiverse forever.

  • Contest of Champions Untitled Crossover: (MarvelousMarty and me) (Coming this month)

Spider-Man: Heroes and Villains: (me) (Coming February)

More projects will be annouced later this month.

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 25 November 2020

Daily Bugle (11/5/16)

This is fictional news taking place in the Heroic Age Universe. Here is the creator's profile.

Hey Buglers. Welcome to today's Daily Bugle. Today we really got a story for you. As of today, we all saw it. The Oscorp World Unity Festival ended with two bangs. Fireworks and explosions. Really bad EXPLOSIONS! A mystery man who calls himself the Green Goblin was seen today at the festival flying above citizens. Then, he starts attacking the people and murders the board members. Then guess who shows up, SPIDER-MAN! He stopped the Goblin, but caused millions of property damage. What we've been all trying to say along, leave the danger to police and firemen, MENACE!

Article by J. Jonah Jameson


  • Spider-Man and Green Goblin destroy f…

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 24 November 2020

Daily Bugle (10/26/16)

This is fictional news taking place in the Heroic Age Universe. Here is my profile.

Hey Buglers, welcome to the Daily Bugle. Today, we got a story for you. As you have seen our title, WHO IS SPIDER-MAN? That's right, today we're talking about the new mysterious vigilante called the Spider-Man.

Last night at 10 pm, he was seen fighting a car thief. The police came to the scene just in time to see the thief webbed up. Authorities came up with the question: WHO IS HE? Is he a hero or a menace?

-Article by Frederick Foswell

Daily Bugle

  • Who is the Spider-Man?
  • Tony Stark kidnapped in Afghanistan
  • The Triskellion Incident: Does it have anything to do with S.H.I.E.L.D or Captain America?
  • Kingpin running for president
  • Spider-Man: Hero or Menace?
  • Iron Man: Is he…

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 24 November 2020

Daily Bugle blog posts will start today!

As of today, Daily Bugle newspapers in the form of blog posts will start today. Of course, the blog post is set in the universe, Earth-1116. See you in the first Daily Bugle report.

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 24 November 2020

Team Maximus

The universe is in great danger. Heroes from different universes are recruited. They are known as Team Maximus.

More members will be added soon.

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TheAmazingSaiyanSpider TheAmazingSaiyanSpider 10 November 2020

Battleworld Event

The Battleworld event is here. I have created a earth called Earth-1221. It is on Comic Crossroads. If you have a comic relating to Spider-Man or Marvel stuff, you could create an issue where your character battles characters that are under the Grandmaster's control. Well, if you want to have a crossover, message me on my wall.

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Eeetheedit Eeetheedit 18 October 2020

Does anyone want to edit my version of an live action Spider-Verse?

Link to article:

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Eeetheedit Eeetheedit 11 October 2020

Did Dhar Mann predicted Cuties?

Ok, this is an non-Marvel blog post, i'm just a guy who knows not so everything, and it is now 2020, and i blamed someone for a film called Cuties that was infamous for sexulizing girls, i blame Dhar Mann, because before the film happened, the video Dhar made was about a black girl who is not sexualised, has no mom, her father doesn't care if she is gonna get sexualised or get her data stolen by China, kicked out of her group, and made millions but thousands of likes, in Cuties, the main character is also black and young, but sexualised, her religion anf family don't want her to be sexualised, she joined the Cuties but leaves them and quits at the end, her father divorced, here is the link to Dhar's video,…

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AquaSaturn AquaSaturn 3 September 2020


Just some notes, to help me keep track of my characters. 

  • 1 Bad Characters
  • 2 Undetermined Characters
  • 3 Good Characters
  • 4 Teams/Organizations 
  • 5 Aliens


-Palindrome/Edward Drawde




-Specter/Sinclair O'Donnelly










-Solstice (Torrance Maximus Sorenson) 

-Kaiju (Erizabesu Masutāson)


-Brawler/John Henry










-Cascade/Jeremy "Jim" Moore


-Iron Maiden 


-Stefano Lustrino







-Skylar Storm







-The Marauders

-The Supreme Avengers

-Y'Ell (Kree)

-Cerrek (Kree)

-Narie (Skrull)

-Vrikriel (Skr…

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AquaSaturn AquaSaturn 2 September 2020


Hi, my name is Kingperson45123. I have many, many ideas for new superheroes and supervillains, as well as civilians. I can't wait to bring these my thoughts to life here on this fabulous fandom!!! 

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Kproject391 Kproject391 25 August 2020

House of Masters: Year One

I'm so glad to be back here. I've missed writing fanon stories for Marvel characters. Also, I've been informed I missed the FanonCon by two weeks. It's sad, but there's still another year. Hopefully I can participate then.

I'm sorry to inform anyone who's been following the work (formerly called Illuminati: No Surrender) that I've decided to put it on an indefinite hiatus.

The good thing though is it will be integrated into my new work.

More details can be found about it here.

Basically, it's a Marvel version of Arrowverse. HOWEVER, I'll be using more of Marvel's secondary characters and will push them to the forefront. The most popular characters will still be utilized though, although not all of them will have their own shows.

Main Page: Scarl…

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Master DA Master DA 17 July 2020

Just to get the badge

I don't really have anything pertaining to say since I got nothing on my mind aside ideas for my Marvel Universe and what to make next. I made this blog to just get a blog badge because why not? But if you want to talk to me about ideas or collabs, you know where to find me. :3

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Reaper 21 Reaper 21 20 April 2020

Sandbox Marvel

Hadrian Shepard is an Terran Ghost agent, his typical tasks deal with various special ops missions and investigation/detective work.

  • 1 History
  • 2 Power Level
    • 2.1 Physical
  • 3 Powers and Abilities
    • 3.1 Powers
    • 3.2 Abilities
  • 4 Strength Scale
  • 5 Weaknesses
  • 6 Paraphernalia
    • 6.1 Weapons
    • 6.2 Equipment
    • 6.3 Transportation

He has undergone a special program called "Myrmidon" similar to the Super Soldier Progam that created Captain America and the UNSC's Spartans. In truth it could be considered a middle ground between the two as it is more effective than the Super Soldier Serum and not as extreme as the Spartan II Program. In a way, this was a side project where in comparison the Spartan IIs were the be the ultimate soldies, the Myrmidons were to be the ulitmate commanders.


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Weven1 Weven1 19 April 2020

The Adventures of Spider-Man (Trailer)

Based on Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's comic book.

[It gets rainy while the winning Peter and sees something ominous.]

Peter: Uncle Ben, Uncle BEN.

[Peter sees his aunt crying and his uncle murdered.]

Peter: Who did that officer Stan?

Stan: A Burglar.

[Peter furiously enters his room and dress up as The Arachnid Man.]

Burglar: Who are you freak and what do you want?

Peter: Vengeance.


Peter: I wish this crook murdered by my own bare hands.

[Adrian speaks with Wilson Fisk in prison.]

Adrian: Why I'll fight for your own amusement.

Wilson: Because of him.

[Adrian sees footage of Spider-Man taking down his henchman.]

Wilson: I can get you out Adrian.

Adrian: Adrian is dead.

[The Vulture storms Stark Enterprices.]

Adrian: Call me the Vulture.

Peter: I'll …

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Benspider Benspider 13 April 2020

I'm back (for real this time)

Well i've returned to this wonderful site and unlike last time I'm actually going to stay here. I have some plans for stuff but you should wait to see them and a new attitude to boot. 

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Sverus Snape 1998 Sverus Snape 1998 20 July 2019

My Favorite Marvel Characters

Herie is my favorite marvel characters, not in particular order :

1) Peter Parker / Spider-Man

2) Norrin Radd / Silver Surfer

3) Nathaniel Richards / Kang

4) James Howlett / Wolverine

5) Tony Stark / Iron Man

6) Ultron

7) Max Eisenhardt / Magneto

8) Thanos

9) Thor

10) Matt Murdock / Daredevil

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Mknf Mknf 13 July 2019

Who’s Your Favorite Marvel Hero

Who’s Favorite Marvel Super Hero

Mine is Captain America 

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Krzychu2007 Krzychu2007 13 July 2019

hay people!

hay people!

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Sverus Snape 1998 Sverus Snape 1998 8 June 2019

Favorite MCU movies

Here are my favorite films of the MCU not in particular order :

1) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

2) The Avengers (2012)

3) Thor : Ragnarok (2017)

4) Iron Man 3 (2013)

5) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

6) Spider-Man : Far From Home (2019)

7) Captain America : Civil War (2016)

8) Spider-Man : Homecoming (2017)

9) Avengers : Infinity War (2018)

10) Avengers : Endgame  (2019)

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Darbicus Darbicus 14 May 2019

X-Men 11584

Eagle Eyed viewers will notice that I have finally planned out to include the X-Men (and mutants in general) into my version of the MCU in Phase 4. There have been a few vague references thus far, the most overt being a reference to the Howlett mansion in Avengers: Infinity. However, I am at a loss for who to cast in these roles, and more importantly which mutants to use in the X-men team outside of Xavier and Magneto. So I pose the question to all of you. Which mutants should show up in the X-Men films I do?

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Dezlol Dezlol 27 April 2019

Avengers Endgame

Are u as excited as Me am to See endgame I hope uare

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Benspider Benspider 12 April 2019

I'm Back to editing

So whether the good people in this wiki noticed or not, i have been rather inactive lately leaving some of my projects unkept. Im fixing that. Im coming back to editing regularly or at least more often.

So yeah i'm back.

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Uncanny X-Factor Uncanny X-Factor 12 April 2019

Earth-166 Preparations 00001

Greetings to you, my Marvel Fanon cowriters. I am Uncanny X-Factor, and it has been quite some time since I've written a blog, so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty. (NOTE: this blog is LONG, especially for me. So if you don't want to read it, I understand. I'll gladly give a TL;DR upon request. This is sort of a look inside my head in case anyone wants to see my process/know what's coming up.)

I recently posted a forum/poll asking if I should resume my creative contributions in addition to performing my administrator duties. The response was overwhelmingly positive, as not only did everyone vote for me to contribute, but the overwhelming majority (75%) voted to add ideas as they come to me, which I (and I assume the 75% do as well) assume will …

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ZoomZolomonZoom ZoomZolomonZoom 9 January 2019

Earth-113599: Behind the Scenes

This blog is meant to explain the fictional corporate politics that lead to the creation of my personal Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is not associated with nor reflect the opinions of The Walt Disney Company, The News Corporation, or Marvel Studios. This is simply written to give context to the reason why certain creative decisions are made in the Fanon works I post to this wiki or otherwise.

With that said, everything else from here on out will be written from an in-universe perspective.

The Walt Disney Company and the Fox Entertainment Group in the 1950s announced they were planning on merging into a single corporate entity known as Fox Disney Media Corporation. Largely done as a means to solve both companies ongoing financial problems and …

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Ultimantium Ultimantium 5 January 2019

War of the Edits!

Hello there soldiers. Are we ready for the war of edits? Do not worry, it will be a long journey. But who will be a good character, who will be a bad character, who will be a SHIELD agent and who will be neutral?

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Max Fellidis Max Fellidis 14 November 2018

The Last of Lee

Stan Lee is dead.

And it upsets me so much that the guy's gone, and I never got to meet him. He created Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, all the classic greats of Marvel Comics. And the guy knew that with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

I miss him and curse pneumonia for causing his death.

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Blurryrock Blurryrock 25 October 2018

My Insomniac Marvel games

Here is my Insomniac Marvel game wishlist:

  • Marvel's Iron-Man
  • Marvel's Captain America
  • Marvel's The Punisher
  • Marvel's Wolverine
  • Marvel's Venom
  • Marvel's Maximum Carnage
  • Marvel's Uncanny X-Men
  • Marvel's Fantastic Four
  • Marvel's Ghost Rider
  • Marvel's Deadpool
  • Marvel's Blade
  • Marvel's Daredevil
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Darbicus Darbicus 12 September 2018

Updates of Writing

So, eagle-eyed viewers will see that I have put the cast list and page up for my version of Infinity War. Expect it to be epic, expect it to be long, expect it to be delivered later rather than sooner. I am going to try to finish getting character bios for previous films put together prior to starting on Infinity War (note this does not involve the Netflix stuff, which despite small connections to the larger MCU, are proceeding at their own pace). Right now I'm on Thor and Captain America (as I finish up the last ones from Black Widow).

To this end I pose one question and one request. If you scan through the films I have and think someone should be on the Infinity War cast list who isn't, feel free to respond to this post and let me know (A…

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 25 May 2018

Marvel Video Project - Gamora has a baby

Hi Guys, here's my latest theory on Guardians 3 this time. Infinity War spoilers ahead.

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 7 May 2018

Paragon Comics May 2018 Solicitations

Paragon returns! Please note while these issues will be dated May 2018 for consistency purposes they will be released in real life in May 2019!



When Ethan discovers the truth about his father, he finds himself shocked and feeling betrayed, leading him to go on his own.

32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$3.99 (EACH)



Everyone makes mistakes. Some leave deep scars. Some scars keep bleeding long after the wound has healed.

Cadmus faces a foe unlike any he's seen before.

32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$3.99 (EACH)



With no hero to swoop down and save them, can Aaron, Brendan and Caleb come together to protect, inspire and save the citizens of Morford?

32 P…

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Kproject391 Kproject391 7 April 2018

I recasted Mister Fantastic in Illuminati: No Surrender

So, I just casted Emily Blunt as Invisible Woman. But then I realized having John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic gives the two characters more chemistry.

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 5 April 2018

Marvel YouTube Video project - Dr.Doom

Hi guys, I made a video for my new channel about Marvel. I'll be doing more in the future and showing them off here, if that's not against the rules ;)

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Jaga 321 Jaga 321 22 March 2018

Predicting the Infinity War Plot

Hey guys, It's about a month until Infinity War, so I'm going to try and predict the plot. I don't know any spoilers at al, but I've been keeping up to date with all the marketing, toys and analysis, so if you want to go in blind, stop now. That being said, this is all going to be wrong, so here we go anyways! I'm only summarising what happens, not presenting a whole story.

The opening scene features Thor and the Asgardians facing off against The Black order. Thor orders Heimdall and Valkerie leave with the people, as they flee in the escape pods. The remaining soldiers fight, after the Hulk is injured Loki reveals he has stolen the tesseract, using it to teleport Hulk away to locations unknown. Thor and Loki are captured but sucessful in d…

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BeholdtheVision BeholdtheVision 20 March 2018

Paragon Comics April 2018 Solicitations

This April, Paragon Comics returns with Paragon2 a brand new set of series and characters and a refreshed, rejuvenated continuity! This list will be updated with



We are not as we were.

The Eight are changed, but exactly how? What does the High want with them?

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99




Welcome to the Nexus Academy. This is your home. It has always been your home. You are a weapon. You belong to the Coalition. You belong to the Matriarch.

You will obey, or you will be punished.

32 PGS. (EACH)/Rated T+ …$3.99 (EACH)




Game day is approaching. Cad is cleare…

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Blitz0248 Blitz0248 17 February 2018

My Created Superheroes

Here are my twelve superheroes that I've created:

  • Spider-Winger
  • Iron-Man Jr.
  • Star-Prince
  • Emmalina
  • Iron-Girl
  • Spider-Girl (Annie Parker)
  • Spider-Boy (Ben Parker II)
  • Spider-Girl (Tonya Parker)
  • Superior War Machine
  • Superior Rescue
  • Hackomora
  • Skye

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Billy2009 Billy2009 22 December 2017

Spider-Man: The Web-Slinging Avenger

Hi, everyone. This is my own version/remake/reboot of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, i call its, Spider-Man: The Web-Slinging Avenger

  • 1 List of Changes 
  • 2 Voice Cast 
  • 3 Episodes 
    • 3.1 Season 1 
    • 3.2 Season 2 
    • 3.3 Season 3 
    • 3.4 Season 4 

  • The series is not a alternate sequel to the 2002 Spider-Man film, instead it set in it own universe. 
  • The series does not bring in original villains which were created from the original series. 
  • No saying any bad words. 
  • The series take elements from both the Earth-616 Spider-Man comics and the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. 
  • It does not follow the same story from the original series. 
  • Like The Spectacular Spider-Man, it follows Peter's high school life, imagine what would be like if the show would has been a replacement of …

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Leostales Leostales 15 November 2017

Anyone want to roleplay?

Hi, does anyone want to roleplay on this post?

I will be picking Wolverine for my character.

Respond if you want to play.

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Benspider Benspider 1 November 2017

Help with LEGO Spider-Man: The Web series.

Hello fellow Marvel Fanonears. I been working on a little prorct called LEGO Spider-Man: The Web Series for a while now , and I have doubts as to wheater I should keep my idea for it being a The Spectacular Spider-Man  remake of sorts or wwearyer I should change things up a bit. What do you think?

Also I need voice actors for the show so if you can please send auditions.

Thanks for reading.

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Starlina Starlina 15 October 2017

Fox Surrender The X-Men To Disney

Hello and today is my bloggin take on X-men under FOX and I Think Fox should give the rights of the mutant heroes to Disney however it may not happen or might.

I'm not so sure what the future is for the X-Men in terms of Ownership and rights but all I care about is the new movies coming up and yep I'll go CRAZY!

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Marvelman93 Marvelman93 8 August 2017


I've been working on a timeline for Ben Wallace, and I'm at the point where he's joined an elite group of fighters known as SHOCK. At this point, I want to connect SHOCK to HYDRA and the only thing I could think of was that Red Skull authorized this group to combat the Avengers. Beyond that, I'm not sure how SHOCK will operate. Any suggestions?

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MaxGoji 2.0 MaxGoji 2.0 8 August 2017

R.I.P., Nakajima-san

Okay. I know that this has nothing to do with the fandom, but I feel that we should pay our respects anyway because he literally brought the character (whom is one of the most recognizable symbols in pop culture history) to life.

Today, the Godzilla community has lost one of it's own as Hauro Nakajima, the original Godzilla suit actor from 1954 to 1972, has died at age 88. As the man who literally brought Godzilla to life on the big screen, he, in his own right, became a legend. To us over in the Godzilla fandom, he will be greatly missed, and we hope that he rests in peace.

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Marvelman93 Marvelman93 15 July 2017

UPDATE 1: My Own Superheroes

So I have been working on my characters for The Shadow lately and it's time for an update (NOTE: this isn't fixed).

1. Ben Wallace is a mutant
As a mutant, Ben has the X-gene (also known as the X-factor) that manifests in his telekinesis. Ben's X-gene was activated due to a combination of stress and a traumatic event: an explosion in the chemistry lab at Ben's High School.

2. Ben joined HYDRA

After running away from his school, Ben meets an agent of HYDRA. The agent persuades Ben to join HYDRA and soon Ben learns the basic techniques of telekinesis. Later, some leaders create a sub-group of fighters called SHOCK. Ben becomes a member of a group of fighters - including David Howard - called the Lightning Six.

3. Ben enrolled at X-mansion

After le…

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Marvelman93 Marvelman93 30 May 2017

My Own Superheroes

So I've been inspired to create some superheroes of my own. At this point, I've only come up with names as well as some super powers. Here is the list I have thus far:

1. Ben Wallace

Wallace is a Telekinetic who obtained his superpowers from a chemical explosion. He also has Invisibility.

2. Emily Madison

A girl with Pyrokinesis, who had injected with blood from a former Pyrokinetic from A.I.M..

3. Lee Jones

A computer prodigy that has a mild form of technology manipulation- for example, he can do data manipulation and Technology Generation.

4. Pam Barker

A former employee at a plant laboratory, Pam obtained plant manipulation power after coming in contact with an enhanced chemical mixture.

5. David Howard

A former Hydra member who worked with Ben to esc…

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Uncleben Uncleben 26 April 2017

Movie and TV ideas

These properties are meant to exist as part of the extant MCU (Earth-19999), aligned with the canon up to and including the end of Phase 4. With that said though, the MCU is planning on introducing and featuring dozens of new heroes, including some that I have already included below. That combined with the fact that, in-universe, the MCU is in a flux with alternate timelines, dimension hopping, multiverses, etc. that have yet to be resolved, and that, out-of-universe, Marvel Studios is distancing themselves from Marvel TV (which a lot of the below ties itself into) the below may be subject, down the road, to having to be reconciled, corrected, adjusted, or may spiral into it's own alternate timeline that branched off after the events of En…

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Wally1997 Wally1997 26 February 2017

I'm Wally


Hi, people from the Marvel Fanon community, my name is Wally, better know as Wall.

This Wiki caught my attention, when I saw that you can create everything you want!

I hope to be useful in the Wiki, and to be able to create many things.

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