• "Peni Parker? So that makes you my relative or...?" - Blake talks to Peni from Earth-14512 or Earth-TRN704
  • "Whoa" I'm Blake and.."Blushed" - After taken his and her masks off, when meeting Petra Parker from Earth-TRN454
  • there are lots of Peter Parker's..which one should I talk to? -Blake looking at all Peter's in the group along with other Spider-Totems. 
  • I got an idea. HEY! Hand up if you're Peter Parker from different worlds?, Hand up if you Peter Parker got married?-Blake talks to the Spider-Totems. 
  • Wait! WHAT?I You're the descendant of "The Peter Parker?!"No Way!  -First meet Patrick Parker from Earth-Unknown.
  •  WHA?! A cartoon Pig?! I used to watch cartoon animals on TV when I was a kid- Blake looking at Spider-Ham from Earth-8311/Earth-TRN705/Earth-TRN456
  • Monkey. Cool. ^_^ -First seeing Spider-Monkey from Earth-8101
  • She's adorible. Hugs Aw I love carrots -Home to Penelope Parker from Earth-11. 
  • NOO!!! Blake saw the deaths of some Spider-Totems by the hands of Morulin and the Inheritors. 
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