Blade is the fourth entry into the Midnight Sons crossover event series.

The series follows Eric Brooks, aka Blade, who was born half-vampire after his pregnant mother was attacked by an unidentified vampire. As a Dhampir, half-human, half-vampire, tainted by a vampire's kiss, but not converted, Blade took to hunting vampires, so that what happened to him and his mother could not happen again.

Season One

In season one we follow Blade, the Vampire Hunter, and half-human, half-vampire, doing what he does best – hunting vampires. We quickly learn, that Blade, aka Eric Brooks, was born half-vampire after his pregnant mother was attacked by an unidentified vampire. As a Dhampir, tainted by a vampire's kiss, but not converted, Blade took to hunting vampires, so that what happened to him and his mother could not happen again. Slowly he gets tied up in a fight against Morbius, with John (Man-Wolf) on Morbius' side. The season culminates with the two setting their differences aside for a common purpose - Lilith - and forming the Midnight Sons.

Season Two

Blade meets a new vampire in town, Henry Sage, who tells him about a new "Sunlight Serum" that allows vampires to survive in the sunlight (even if it is is still painful). Sage is put in jail, but later escapes.

Meanwhile, Loxias Crown, a sewer dwelling vampire going by the name of 'Hunger', begins abducting citizens off the street to turn them into vampires, so that he can use drug on them. Somehow, Hunger manages to capture an unwitting Morbius, not realizing he was already a vampire. Discovering that Morbius was already a vampire, Hunger decides to go ahead with the Serum. Unfortunately, not knowing Morbius' true nature, instead of having the intended effect, the serum makes Morbius go unhinged.

Blade and Morbius clash, yet again, and during the battle, Morbius bites Blade. Blade's enzymes were not enough to protect him from Morbius' unique form of vampirism, transforming Blade into a Daywalker: a vampire able to move about in the sunlight (even beyond the previous serum's abilities), and lacking most of the vampire's traditional weaknesses, but giving Blade a thirst for blood that needs to be satiated, or he loses his strength and control. Blade develops a second serum for his thirst and cures Morbius' madness. Together, the two take down Hunger, but in doing so are led back to Henry Sage, who it turns out is not just a user, but the mastermind behind the drug.

Blade tracks Sage down and threatens to kill him if he doesn't tell Blade about the serum. Blade details his extreme hatred of vampires ever since they killed his mother while giving birth to him. Sage then surprises Blade by telling the hunter that he can relate; he hates vampires too, as they are responsible for the death of his whole family, before he was turned himself, and that is why he was pushing the drug, to eliminate those vampiric traits, claiming Hunger's use of the drug to turn humans was not his intent. Blade finds it hard to believe that this vampire could have any feelings about his past life. This is when Morbius shows up.

Morbius threatens Sage to tell them about the serum and they learn that it originates in part from the Hunger Virus. Morbius immediately moves to destroy the serum, but Blade hesitates. Sage uses this opportunity to escape and attacks the two before fleeing. The two chase him to a cemetery where Sage attacks again, ultimately leading Blade to impale Sage through the heart. The vampire crumbles to dust on top of the graves of his long dead family. In the aftermath of the battle, Blade realizes that a side-effect of the serum was that it also restores a vampire's humanity and considers letting the vampires have access to it after all, as a potential "cure", much to Morbius' strong disapproval.

Season Three

Growing weary of mortals, the vampiric demon Varnae possesses Tabitha Gance to summon and unite undead forces to claim what he feels is theirs, the mortal word. A gathering of the various vampire sects and undead creatures sits around his dark table, brought together by Varnae's dark magic, putting aside their prior histories and allegiances. Even the more noble vampires are swayed by Varnae's hypnotic persuasion.

One young vampire though, Janus Tepes, at the pleas of his reluctant mother, Domini, sees the wrong in what Varnae is doing and rallies a small group of creatures, including Raizo Kodo and the Forgiven, snapping them out of it. The Forgiven try to fight against Varnae's forces but are overcome, and only barely escaping by transforming into mist. In dire need of help, they turn to old foes.

The Forgiven seek out the vampire hunter Nightstalkers: Blade, Hannibal King, and Quincy Harker. Harker, having run into Kodo before when he was a member of the Claw Sect is immediately aggresive and ready to fight, but Kodo explains that he has now formed his own clan, with the Forgiven. Kodo details to Blade and the hunters Varnae's forces, led by Count Von Stadt, Crease, Janus' brother, Xarus, and Deacon Frost , the vampire who attacked Blade's mother. The teams agree to unite.

The young vampire, Topher (saved from death by Deacon Frost after almost dying) initially sides with the villians but is won over and joins Blade and his team. Unbeknownst to them it is his intention all along to set-up Blade's team, and return to Xarus. As part of his betrayal, Topher relays information that leads to Janus being abducted by members of the Claw Sect loyal to Varnae and Xarus, and he is brought back to his brother.

The Nightstalkers and Forgive engage Xarus in an attempt to save Janus. Xarus, however, uses his brother Janus against the Forgiven and Nightstalkers, and Janus is accidentally killed in the battle. Blade "abandons" the team, leaving the others to think he is beating himself up over Janus' death and is giving up. Secretly, Blade finds Janus and Xarus' mother, Domini. There she tells him of a long-lost angelic tale of a deity that can undue undeath, but with it comes personal sacrifice. Without their leader, Topher provides insight from his time on the other side on where to find Morlun to finish the fight, and the group decides to finish it once and for all. However, it is meant as a setup. Topher, Raizo Kodo, the Forgiven, King, and Harker all head out to what turns out to be an ambush.

Topher and the Forgiven member Ghost Blade become split from the others while King pairs off with Deacon Frost, and Harker, Raizo Kodo and the remaining Forgiven are left to take on Xarus, Tabitha, Crease, and Von Stadt. King ultimately stabs Frost through the heart with a stake, but is taken out of commision while doing so; Harker is left crippled and the Forgiven are overtaken, beating near to death. Coming across the scene, Topher is overcome with what he has done, betrayng the people that trusted him, once again; Ghost Blade realizes what Topher has done too.

On cue, Blade shows up with Domini, and sees the bloodbath and Topher's state of guilt. A single look of hurt is all Blade spares before stepping out to face Xarus. Topher tries to run out to stop it and sacrifice himself, but Ghost Blade grabs him and holds him back. Blade approaches Xarus and reveals Domini who tries to plead with him, but when that doesn't work, she begins praying in tongues to resurrect Janus.

Janus appears, slightly older now and possessed by the Golden Angel . Xarus does not hesitate to kill his own mother, but Janus is already back, and begins viciously attacking his brother in revenge. With her dying breath, Domini explains that neither brother will kill the other, that is not why she summoned the Golden Angel inside of Janus. Instead, the Angel has the power to restore the undead to living. She picks up a single fallen golden feather and brings it to her chest before dying.

Understanding what to do, Blade picks up the feather and moves for Xarus. Blade strikes at Xarus with his sword, severing his right arm and leg. Standing over Xarus, Blade raises the feather above his head, before taking aim at his own chest. Before he can get there though, he is hit by a blast from Von Stadt's optical layers, dropping the feather, and being sent flying backwards, severely wounded.

Getting to his feet now, Raizo Kodo picks up the feather and the mantle. As he lifts it, the bloothirsty Crease and von Stadt charge him, laughing. The feather shimmers and he lowers it down, driving the quill into his own chest like a stake. His body begins to crack as rays of light begin bursting out, until he explodes in a burst of light. A blast is sent out, striking all those nearby. Xarus, Crease, and Von Stadt are destroyed. Tabitha is exorcised of Varnae. The threat defeated, the Golden Angel leaves Janus' body, leaving him young and human again. Raizo Kodo is left in crumpled heap - "cured", no longer a vampire, no longer undead, he is destined for a mortal life, making his sacrifice.

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