Billy Banster aka Smasher is a member of the X-Men.

Real Name Billison "Billy" Banster
Current Alias Smasher
Alias(es) Smasher, Hulk, Bulky, X-Smash, Smashers
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-29876433
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Weight 500 ibs
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark, Dark Blue
Unusual Features Blue hair and skin


Before Benny was born, his father was exposed to too much gamma radiation. When he was born, his hands and feet and weight was unusually large. At age three, he could lift up a chair. At age 10, he could smash a car. At age 13, his skin turned blue, hair turned very spiky, and realized he was a mutant. His mother and father sent him to Professor Charles Xavier. Now 15, He then became an X-Man and never left.


All powers of HULK.

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