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Big Hero 6: The Animated Series is a 2015 American animated superhero-comedy television series based on the film of the same name which in turn is based off the Marvel Comic book. It takes place after the events of the movie. It focuses on the exploits of the Big Hero 6 fighting dastardly villains in San Fransokyo. It even pays homages certain Japanese film and TV genres in some episodes. And some other superheroes from Marvel will make guest appearances now and then. It is expected to air on the Disney Channel sometime in 2015.


Name Image  Bio
Hiro Hamada 258px-Hiro Hamada Profile

A child prodigy at the age of 14, Hiro Hamada is the leader of Big Hero 6 and the younger brother of the now deceased Tadashi Hamada. He decided to become a superhero after Tadashi got killed in a fire. Because of his advanced intelligence, he is one of the few people under 18 to attend college.

Voiced by: Ryan Potter

Baymax 258px-Baymax Render Baymax is a huggable rubber robot that was made by Hiro's brother, Tadashi. The robot was originally built to be nothing more than a healthcare worker, but when he met Hiro, he became much more than that. Not only did he ending up gaining a personality of his very own, he also became a guardian of peace and a surrogate brother to Hiro.

Voiced by: Scott Adsit

GoGo Tomago 258px-Gogo GoGo is pretty much the Raphael of the group. By that, we mean that she is the one who is the tougher more hot-tempered one, but deep down she has a good heart. She loves to go fast. Like really fast. That is why her suit was designed to make her do just that.
258px-Wasabi Pose
Of all the group, Wasabi is the one who is the most cautious and most law-abiding. He also happens to be a serious neat-freak, who freaks out at even the slightest mess. His suits consists of the ability to create laser blades out of his gauntlets.

Voiced by: Damon Wayans, Jr.

Fred 258px-Fred Pose

The radical fanboy of all things sci-fi, giant monsters and superheroes, Fred may seem like nothing more than a laid-back, chill dude (which he is), but when he becomes his alter ego Fredzilla, he can kick some serious tail.

Voiced by: T.J. Miller

Honey Lemon
258px-Honey Lemon Pose
A little Miss Sunshine of a girl, Honey Lemon is the most bubbly of the group. She has a strong intellect towards chemistry and is optimistic virtually all the time. She is able to create bombs and other types of weapons using the very chemicals she is passionate about.

Voiced by: Genesis Rodriguez

Recurring Villains

Name Image Bio
Mr. Yama
A morbidly obese crime boss, he was originally the reigning champion of bot-fighting until Hiro bested him in a match. Since getting put in jail after the incident, he became a crime boss and has been a recurring nuisance to the Big Hero 6 since.

Voiced by: Paul Briggs

Ragnarok is actually the original body of Baymax that was lost in the portal when he and Hiro were trying to save Abigail Callaghan. However, he turned evil because he only has the battle chip and no healthcare chip. He wants revenge on Hiro for abandoning him and Baymax for replacing him. He renamed himself, Ragnarok, and he is one of the Big Hero 6's deadliest adversaries. He is also Baymax's total opposite. While Baymax likes to help heal the sick and injured, Ragnarok takes pleasure in bringing death and destruction.

Voiced by: Corey Burton


Bigfoot is actually an ape that was mutated by radiation after a car collision with a tanker full of radiation on his way to the zoo. He has incredible superhuman strength, and has a sonic wail that can put all animals in the nearby area under his control. His goal is to return animals to their rightful place as masters of the planet and either destroy humans or make them his slaves. He has a habit of referring to himself in third-person.

Voiced by: Frank Welker


Guest Appearances

Name Image Bio
The Hulk
Hulk Avengers
A giant green monster that is rage incarnate, The Hulk was originally just a man named Dr. Bruce Banner. However, after accidentally being exposed to gamma rays, he now transforms into a giant raging monster whenever he gets mad.

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

Iron Man
Eccentric billionaire Tony Stark is not only the owner of the tech company, Stark Industries, he is also the armored superhero Iron Man, who has a suit of incredible flight technology and advanced built-in weaponry to boot. It is revealed that Iron Man is Hiro's idol and the boy highly looks up to him.

Voiced by: Robert Downey Jr.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-199999) 003
The intergalactic protectors of Earth and outside Earth, these are guys that originally did not fit at all. But, they overcame their differences and turned out to be a great team. It consists of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.


Season 1




Pilot 001 After the defeat of Yokai, Hiro Hamada is struggling to balance his college life (which is not really normal at all for a 14-year old) and his duties as a superhero. However, SHIELD arrives in San Fransokyo with Nick Fury questioning whether or not the Big Hero 6 is good enough to protect the city. The team may have to prove their worth when a terrorist plans to unleash a nuclear weapon on San Fransokyo.
Blast from the Past 002 A theme park assigns Hiro to build them highly sophisticated robot dinosaurs for their new park, Mesozoic Land. He creates a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, a Pteranodon, and an Apatosaurus. He built them to make them look and act as real as possible through an AI system that has a simple brain. However, things go awry when the robot dinosaurs malfunction and thus begin wreaking havoc on the city. Now the Big Hero 6 has to clean up the mess.
Framed 003 Baymax is accused of going on a series of destructive rampages that Baymax SWEARS he did not commit. This leads the team to believe something's not right. It turns out that it's actually the original Baymax that was lost in the portal in the movie, and he now calls himself, Ragnarok. He has somehow returned to Earth with a desire for vengeance. The team now has to stop Ragnarok's plans for revenge and clear Baymax's name.
Need for Speed 004 Since getting her suit during BH6's formation, GoGo has proudly held the title of being the fastest thing in San Fransokyo. That is until she runs into a villain called, "Supersonic", who is wearing a special suit that makes him able to run even faster than her. He begins stealing things all across the city. Determined to not let her title be beaten, she upgrades her suit to make it as fast as his to take him down for both the good of the city and personal reasons.
Mecha Mayhem 005 Wasabi brings the team together to reveal to them that he is working on a giant Power Rangers-esque robot to help combat Kaiju-sized threats. He calls the robot "Red Ronin." The mecha proves to be extremely efficient at fending off Kaiju that come to attack the city. However, there is one problem. Every time they fight a monster in the robot, they end up causing even more damage than the actual monster does. Now, the team has to work on their pilot skills to be able to take down monsters while minimizing collateral damage.
Anger Management 006 When the Big Hero 6 get a report that a giant green monster is on the rampage in San Fransokyo, they are shocked to find out when they go to confront it that the monster in question is none other than The Incredible Hulk. Now, they have to find out how to stop The Hulk's rampage while also dealing with the mysterious group hunting him.
Monsters and Magic 007 With no crime around today, the Big Hero 6 take the day off by playing Fred's fantasy role-playing board game, which consists of magic, sorcery and mythical creatures. However, when an evil magician arrives and not only makes all the game's monsters real, but the team is stuck in their roles in real life, too. Now they have to find a way to save the city using only magic.
Mecha-Fred 008 After Fred accidentally breaks his leg in a bike-riding accident, Hiro realizes that they still need a sixth member of the team. So, he builds a temporary robot replacement that looks like Fred's monster suit, which he calls, "Mecha-Fred." However, the robot realizes that once Fred is healed, it will end up becoming obsolete. So, thus, it becomes self-aware and decides to destroy Fred. The Big Hero 6 must protect their 6th member from Mecha-Fred's wrath.
The Blue Jay 009 A Robin Hood-esque man is stealing money from the rich all across San Fransokyo and giving it to the poor. The whole team shows strong support for this man, but Hiro has his doubts. What are this man's real motives? Can he be trusted?
Man of Iron 010 Hiro finally gets to meet his idol, "Iron Man", who is visiting San Fransokyo to promote the new building for his new San Fransokyo branch of Stark Industries. Impressed with Hiro's strong robotics knowledge, the billionaire genius invites the boy to spend the day with him so he can teach him some useful skills. But that is cut short when some of Iron Man's armors begin wreaking havoc after they've hacked into by The Mandarin. Hiro and Iron Man must team up to put an end to the mayhem.
My Aunt is a Crime Boss 011 The team is surprised to find that crime in the city has gone down, but they soon discover that the reason behind is because the local thugs have begun to love Aunt Cass' pastries so much, they decide to work for her. And thus, her restaurant becomes a villain hangout...with Aunt Cass as their unknowing crime boss.
Monster Island 012 The Big Hero 6 are alerted of a disturbance at "Monster Island," an island used as a containment facility to keep giant rampaging monsters away from civilization so they don't destroy any major cities. They soon discover that an environmental extremist plans to free the monsters from Monster Island and unleash them on cities across the world. The team now has to put his plans to a screeching halt and prevent worldwide destruction.
Yokai the Destroyer 013 Yokai breaks out of prison and manages to take control of the Destroyer Armor to go on a rampage and seek vengeance for what happened during the events of the movie. The near unstoppable power of the armor proves to be too much for the team to handle by themselves, so they end up enlisting the help of Thor.
Cage Match 014 After Baymax accidentally destroys GoGo's new car during a battle with a supervillain, much to her rage, Baymax, feeling guilty, decides to participate in the illegal bot fights to get money for a new car. At first, things seem to be going well as Baymax is winning against every opponent so far. However, Hiro and company may have to come to Baymax's rescue when the robot has to face off against a massive robot in the final round that could potentially rip him to pieces.
Talkin Trash 015 Wasabi has always hated messes and anything that is not neat. This is especially made worse due to San Fransokyo's recent garbage problem, where there is less and less space in the dump for more trash. So Wasabi decides to create a new microbe technology he hopes can remedy this problem by having them eat the garbage. Unfortunately, the microbes eventually grow out of control and the team has to stop the colony before it devours the city.
Growth 016 Frustrated that his short height is causing all kinds of problems for him, such as being unable to go on amusement park rides and getting picked on for being short by kids taller than him, and even constantly getting beaten up by villains that tower over him, Hiro desperately seeks a way to get taller. However, while helping Wasabi get rid of some unwanted experiments, Hiro accidentally gets exposed to some weird substance, which turns out to be Wasabi's experimental growth serum. Hiro doesn't notice it at first, but as he finds himself ripping off doors by accident and everything around him seems to be getting smaller, it soon becomes obvious what's happening to him: he's growing, and fast! Soon enough, he ends up becoming taller than a 13-story building, putting San Fransokyo and his friends in grave danger. The team has to get the panicked, rapidly growing teen to calm down and get him back to normal size before he causes too much damage.
Unwanted Guest 017 After Aunt Cass' bakery/home is destroyed in a superhero battle, Baymax suggests to a reluctant Hiro that she stay at his dorm for a while until her house gets fixed. All the students in the college really like Aunt Cass, but for the 6 heroes, her welcome wears out really quickly, as her annoying and controlling habits (such as keeping them awake by snoring loudly at night and re-organizing their rooms without their consent) begin to drive them all crazy. However, when she gets kidnapped, the Big Hero 6 will have to let all of that slide and rescue her.
The Stupidifyer 018 A doctor with a massive intellect invents a machine that he calls, "The Stupidifyer", a machine that is designed to drain the intelligence out of anything it zaps. His invention ends up zapping some members of the Big Hero 6, making the entire team (with the exception of Fred and Baymax) as dumb as bricks. Fred and Baymax, despite having different levels of intelligence, have to team up to stop this villain's evil plans and make the rest of the team smart again.
Rise of the Animals 019 The team notices that all the animals in the city have begun attacking humans and causing mayhem. Even Mochi is attacking Hiro for some reason. They set out to find out what's making all the animals go nuts without bringing harm to one (as that would be animal abuse). They soon realize it's because they are being controlled by a giant mutant ape who calls himself "Bigfoot." His goal is to eradicate the human race or turn it into his slaves and make animals the dominant species once again. The Big Hero 6 cannot let that happen.
The Super Samurai 020 When the mayor of San Fransokyo bans superheroism of any kind in the city due to all the damage it causes (and the fact that the Big Hero 6 keep committing acts of such without a permit), Wasabi, worried for the city's safety, resorts to fighting crime on his own and wearing a power-enhanced samurai armor to hide his identity and bases his hero name upon an old San Fransokyan legend...the Super Samurai.
Guardians of the Galaxy 021 An alien race called the Chitauri arrives in San Fransokyo, and they begin attacking the city to send a signal and bring the rest of the invasion squad over to take Earth. The team tries to fight them, but they prove to be too much for them. The Big Hero 6 end up getting some help from the Guardians of the Galaxy, which consists of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot.
Super Yama 022 Mr. Yama has mostly been kind of a recurring nuisance with his crazy band of thugs that plague the city. However, when he accidentally discovers a medallion that grants the wearer incredible power, speed and telekinesis, he embraces this power and decides to use to, of course, take over San Fransokyo. The team has to get this crazy medallion away from Mr. Yama before the entire city becomes his and his gang's personal playground.
Infected 023 After GoGo gets infected with a very deadly disease during a trip to a Health and Research facility, the team finds its advancing far too quickly for modern medicine to be able to handle. So they decide to shrink themselves down to pill-size and go inside GoGo's body to eradicate the virus themselves, and they're going to have to do it quickly before GoGo dies.
Revenge Part 1 024 As tension threatens to break Big Hero 6 up for good, major problems arise: Kaiju from Monster Island have broken out, and robots are wreaking havoc across the city, and worst of all, Ragnarok is back, and it turns out he was behind both the problems. He is using a large satellite that puts both the monsters and the robots under his control. He captures the team in a Monster Island facility plans to use both monsters and robots to eradicate humanity and make robots take over as the dominant race.
Revenge Part 2 025 As Ragnarok's army continues its relentless rampage across the globe, The Big Hero 6 manage to escape their holding cells and work to battle the onslaught and free the monsters and robots from Ragnarok's control to help humanity fight back and save the planet.

Season 2

Name Episode No Description
Red Ronin Runs Rampant 026 It has been 6 months after Ragnarok's attack on the world, and most of the cities have been rebuilt, although there is still work to be done. However, the team will have be called into action once again when their old nemesis, Yokai, takes control of Red Ronin and sends him on a rampage through San Fransokyo.
El Magnifico 027 Everyone knows Fred has his very own butler, Heathcliff, at his mansion. But, what does he do all day while Fred is away fighting crime with his pals? Well, it turns out, Heathcliff is actually a superhero himself that has adventures of his own...for, unbeknownst to Fred, he is secretly a superhero called El Magnifico. This episode focuses on El Magnifico's exploits in battling the evil Dr. Alymo, who plans to wipe out San Fransokyo's technology with an EMP.
The Fujitas 028 A new crime gang is running amok in the city. It's actually a gang consisting entirely of women, who call themselves, The Fujitas. The specialize in using bombs and cannons and also use their attractive appearance to get unsuspecting men to do what they want. Who better to stop them than Big Hero 6?
Fredzilla 029 While searching for a supervillain that is doing genetic experiments on humans using monster DNA, Fred accidentally breaks a tube of Kaiju DNA and steps on it (also by accident). Afterward, Fred seems fine, until the full moon arrives, where at night he transforms into a giant, red, Godzilla-esque Kaiju, who is called by the others, "Fredzilla". Fredzilla then goes on a rampage through San Fransokyo. The rest of the team has to get their friend back to normal before the entire city is destroyed.
De-Evolution 030 Bigfoot returns, and this time, he plans to use a new de-evolution gun he invented to de-volve all humans back to their original ape forms and make apes the dominant species once more under his rule. This leads the team in an all-out battle to determine who will rule Earth: Humans or Apes?
Better Healthcare Companion 031 When Krei announces he's planning an all-new robot to be a better healthcare companion, Baymax begins to experience a feeling which humans call, "jealousy." He continuously denies it around his friends, but Baymax is convinced that no good can come from this and he sets out to prove it. But is it just Baymax's jealousy getting the better of him, or could something darker actually be going on behind the new robot's eyes?
Were-Bot 032 Baymax is well-known for his innate ability to heal and protect people when they are sick. But, what are the team going to do when this time, it's BAYMAX who is sick? Because after Baymax gets infected with a mysterious computer virus, at the full moon, Baymax transforms into a large, savage, robotic werewolf that feeds on data from technology and is willing to destroy everything in its path to get it. The rest of the team has to find a cure for Baymax before it's too late.
Restaurant Wars 033 A businessman named Akira opens up a burger joint across the street from the Lucky Cat Cafe, threatening to put Aunt Cass out of business, which starts a war between the 2 restaurant owners. Hiro doesn't want to get involved at first, until he begins to notice suspicious activity behind the scenes. Could the new restaurant just be a cover-up for underground criminal activity?
Daddy Issues 034 GoGo's overprotective dad comes to visit. Gogo reveals to the team that her dad hates seeing her do daring or dangerous things and she promised him she would have nothing to do with that stuff. She's worried that if her dad found out she was a superhero, he would freak out. GoGo asks her friends to help keep her secret from dad.
Please look after this Kaiju 035 After stopping a Kaiju attack on the city using Red Ronin, the Big Hero 6 spot a baby Kaiju that has been left behind. Fred insists they take care of it until they can find its real parent. Fred then names the baby Kaiju, "Ricky". However, a greedy circus owner kidnaps Ricky and decides to make him his star attraction. To make matters worse, Ricky's mother makes landfall in San Fransokyo and rampages through the city to get her child back. The team now has to make this right and return the infant.
Fred Gets a Brain 036 Sad that everyone in SFIT considers him a dim-witted imbecile, Fred uses one of the inventions at the latest science fair to make himself smart. He ends up becoming a genius who is way smarter than the rest of the team, even Baymax. But, it comes at a price: He ends up becoming bad at fighting and is a complete bore to be around.
Brawn 037 When a former strongman who calls himself Brawn begins using a new super-steroid to give himself and his goons incredible superhuman strength and huge muscles to match, the team finds themselves in over their heads with this one. So, they decide to fight strength with strength and call upon their former adversary, The Hulk, to cut Brawn down to size.
Revenge of Megabot 038 Ever since Hiro got Baymax, Megabot has largely been forgotten and left to rust, much to the former fighting bot's dismay and anger. Then, when he accidentally merges with the devices he gave inspiration to, he uses this to seek his revenge and accomplish one goal: Destroy Baymax and Hiro for abandoning him.
The Big Evil 6 039 The Big Hero 6's most deadliest enemies return and form a team of their own to destroy them once and for all: the Big Evil 6, which consists of Bigfoot, Mr. Yama, a rebuilt Mecha-Fred, Ragnarok, Yokai, and Dr. Alaymo. Overwhelmed, they seek the help of El Magnifico to help defeat the Big Evil 6.
Bad Lemon 040 Honey has a less-than efficient habit: Her overly nice nature has a habit of saying YES to every task asked of her, making her even busier than she should be. So she steals Wasbi's experimental Medusa serum, which is a serum he created to make submissive people more assertive. However it has one side effect: It begins making her really, really evil.
The Ghost of Tadashi 041 TBA
The World-Wrecker 042 Fred discovers what he at first believes to be a computer chip laying in a ravine, but it turns out it's actually an ancient containment device for alien criminals. Unfortunately, he discovers this after accidentally releasing one of the prisoners, Gorizak the World-Wrecker (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), a giant alien infamous across the galaxies for wreaking havoc on planets and destroying entire civilizations. Now, using Red Ronin, the team has to work to stop Gorizak's planet-destroying rampage.
Reality Check (hour long special) 043 While testing out Wasabi's new invention to discover different dimensions, Hiro accidentally gets sucked in and finds himself in an alternate reality, where the Hiro in that reality succeeded in killing Callaghan, scattered BH6, destroyed San Fransokyo, and took over the planet with an entire army of evil Baymaxes and now rules Earth with a ruthless iron fist. To make matters worse, Evil Hiro finds the coordinate to the real Hiro's dimension and plans to take over that one, too. Now, the real Hiro has to work together with alternate Fred, a more serious, battle-damaged version of the real thing to prevent Evil Hiro from succeeding.



  • The show incorporates a lot of elements of Japanese pop culture into the series, such as the mecha that Wasabi built to fight Kaiju, which really do exist in this show. The townsfolk of San Fransokyo also use Japanese yen for currency instead of United States dollars.
  • It is revealed in Episode 20 (The Super Samurai) that in this universe, if you want to be a superhero, you have to fill out an application to get a permit so you can be a superhero.
  • So far, there are only 2 episodes where 5 members of the team only make a minor appearance: Episode 10 (Man of Iron) and Episode 20 (The Super Samurai).
    • There is even one episode where ALL of them are minor characters in Episode 27 (El Magnifico)
  • It is revealed in Episode 21 (Guardians of the Galaxy) that Baymax is capable of understanding foreign languages instantly, and he could understand what Groot is really trying to say (even though it always comes out as "I am Groot").
  • The team's Mecha, "Red Ronin" is in fact based upon the Marvel mecha that first appeared in the Marvel Comics version of Godzilla.
  • Fred transforms into the original comic Fredzilla in Season 2 for one episode. Ironically, he is never actually called that in the movie or the show while wearing his costume, and yet, when he will be the original Fredzilla, he will ACTUALLY be called "Fredzilla" in this state.
  • A recurring theme in the series is that sometimes "the cure is worse than the disease." Each member of the team is to have at least one episode of such a concept.
    • Wasabi: He wanted to solve the city's garbage problem with garbage-eating microbes, but it ended up craving an appetite for the entire city in "Talking Trash."
    • Honey: She steals Wasabi's new Medusa formula so it can be easier for her to say "no", because the fact that she keeps saying "yes" to every favor asked of her causes her problems. However, it ends up making her more and more evil.
    • Hiro: Frustrated that his short height is enabling people to push him around and it just generally causes problems for him, he requests Fred use Wasabi's experimental growth serum on him. However, it ends up making him a giant and he keeps getting bigger and bigger.
    • Fred: Fred is tired of everyone in SFIT ridiculing him for his low intelligence compared to everyone else. So, he drinks a formula to make him smarter and it makes him smarter than all 5 of his friends. But, it makes him a complete bore to be around and greatly reduces his ability to fight.
  • The Fujitas from episode 28 were actually REAL concepts by Disney that were originally supposed to be in the movie, but ultimately never made the cut.
    • Mr. Yama was also supposed to be a major antagonist, but was reduced to a minor character in the movie. He is, however, a recurring antagonist in the show.
  • It is revealed that the reason for GoGo's tough-as-nails nature is because her dad was very overprotective of her during her early years.
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