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Real Name
Benjy Parker
Current Alias

Benjamin Parker, Benjamin Richard Parker, The Scion, Spider-Scion



Peter Parker (father, deceased);

Mary Jane Watson-Parker (mother);
May Parker (sister);
Richard Parker (paternal grandfather, deceased);
Mary Fitzpatrick-Parker (paternal grandmother, deceased);
Benjamin Parker (paternal granduncle, deceased);
May Parker (paternal grandaunt, deceased);
Anna May Watson (maternal grandaunt);
Kaine (father's clone/paternal uncle);
Scarlet Spider (father's clone/paternal uncle, deceased);
April Parker (cloned sister/cousin, deceased);

Darkdevil (paternal cousin)






Marital Status

Adventurer, student, vigilante

High School


Place of Birth

First appearance


Quote1.png With great power comes great destiny. I've known who I wanted to be... who I'm supposed to be... from the moment I was born. Quote2.png
-- Benjy Parker/Spider-Boy

The son of the famous Spider-Man, Benjamin Richard "Benjy" Parker became the avatar of the Spider-Totem known as the Scion almost from birth; their personalities, while somewhat distinct, would become largely meshed as he grew up. Possessing powers that rivaled (if not surpassed) even his father and sister, the Spectacular Spider-Girl/Woman, Benjy was raised and trained by his adoptive uncle Ben, himself a Spider-Man. When his sister and uncle began leaving on more and more various multidimensional adventures, Benjy recognized the plight of New York City in their absence. Donning a costume, he took to the streets as a crimefighter of his own, believing that it was his destiny to do so. The public quickly dubbed him Spider-Boy, a title he chaffed against at first but gradually grew to love.

Powers and Abilities


Spider Physiology- From birth, Benjy was made an avatar of the Spider-Totem called The Scion. While he possessed various spider-related abilities from his father's genes, this connection enhanced them beyond their usual levels. While the use of his powers is often curtailed by his own lack of experience and his age, his potential is top-grade among the various Spider-Men in the multiverse.

  • Organic Webbing- Unlike his father and older sister, Benjy has demonstrated the ability to produce his own, organic webbing. It is typically released from his fingers, though he can also release it from his wrists or the back of his hand for stylistic effect. Its strength and other properties seem nearly-identical to those used by his predecessors, though the fact that it can emerge from his fingers allows Spider-Boy to fire off up to ten strands at once for various purposes. While he lacks the ability to naturally create variants similar to those used by Spider-Man, his symbiote-based costume can help him modify his webbing's properties to create similar attributes; however, even then his range of modifications appears to be extremely limited. While he makes the same pose with his fingers that his father and sister did, he prefers to release his webbing from the top of his wrist (similar to how his father used his black suit).
  • Wall-Crawling-
  • Spider-Sense-
  • Superhuman strength-
  • Superhuman speed-
  • Superhuman reflexes-
  • Superhuman agility-
  • Superhuman equilibrium-
  • Superhuman endurance-
  • Regenerative healing factor-

The Scion - Benjy is the avatar of the Scion Spider-Totem. While it is typically passive, merely augmenting the abilities inherited from his family, when placed in extreme danger Spider-Boy manifests a variety of other abilities that are directly derived from this being.

  • Stingers-
  • Night-vision-
  • Monstrous transformation-

Symbiote Generation and Affinity - Due to his exposure to the Carnage symbiote as a baby, Benjy's blood and cells were modified to produce symbiote tissue. As a young man, in a manner similar to Cletus Kasady, he can freely produce this to cover his body; effectively producing a symbiote for his use. As he grew up with this power (though dormant) and the symbiotic matter he creates does not initially display the intelligence or maliciousness of its ilk, he can easily control it without suffering from increased bloodlust or aggression. The most common use of this ability is the creation of his costume, Spider-Boy modifying his symbiote(s) to take on an appearance similar to April Parker's Spider-Girl/symbiote hybrid appearance (though with the blue being changed to a shade of green, there being no protruding hair, and it now fitting the male form). According to William Connors, Benjy's blood contains fragments of the original symbiote, likely a genetic inheritance from his father. This fusing with the infection of the Carnage symbiote is likely why such an array of colors is available to Spider-Boy, as well as why his symbiote appears initially passive.

Spider-Boy has also demonstrated an affinity with other Klyntar due to his childhood experience; he has proven capable of sensing them vaguely when they are near, and when bonded with a more sentient specimen he can resist their dark urges with greater success than other hosts (though at the cost of leaving him physically and mentally exhausted once the connection is broken).

  • Constituent-Matter Generation- In times of distress (either his or its own), the symbiote costume has displayed the ability to use its own matter to attack. This typically takes the form of tendrils or makeshift webbing that lash out and attempt to get rid of the offending stimulae. Said tentacles can also be used to drag Spider-Boy out of danger if he is incapacitated.
  • Limited Shapeshifting- While the suit is active, Benjy can freely reshape it and change its color. The most common use of this power is to form his costume (with it taking on an appearance and color scheme similar to his father's old black suit), but it can also form various kinds of clothing when in a pinch. The most extreme use of this power is the ability to create a tongue (in a manner similar to Venom; though Spider-Boy's is much smaller and more human-like), which can be used to lick things in exactly the same fashion as Benjy can without his suit on.



Above-average intelligence-


Strength level

As a possessor of superhuman strength, Spider-Boy can lift up to 10 tons with ease.


Ethyl Chloride- A side-effect of inheriting his father's powers, Benjy is visibly weakened when exposed to large amounts of the pesticide ethyl chloride.

Sonic and heat- Due to his costume being primarily produced of symbiote matter, Spider-Boy gains their vulnerabilities to loud noises and intense heat. Being exposed to either causes his costume to visibly retreat and attempt to re-enter his body, depriving him of extra protection and potentially exposing his identity. His past experience of hearing loss doubles his weakness to sound, with him instinctually clasping his hands over his ears and attempting to enter a fetal position when exposed to large amount of it.

Symbiotic instinct- Though rarely exploited, it has been shown that the symbiote Benjy's body produces is not utterly intelligent, but rather that by having grown up alongside its host its consciousness has become dormant or otherwise merged with him. When provoked through psychic or mind control-related methods, Spider-Boy's "symbiote side" can be awakened; this makes him more aggressive and prone to other negative behaviors associated with symbiote hosts. Dealing enough damage to the symbiote while in this state causes it to slip into a 'catatonia' again, allowing Benjy to regain control over his costume.

  • Body jacking- In its awakened state, the symbiote also further exploits its ability to take over Benjy's body. If Spider-Boy receives enough damage that his incapacitated or knocked unconscious, his costume will take over and attempt to eliminate any threats to its person with extreme prejudice.


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