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Quote1.pngStop comparing me to my father, sure he is the first Spider-Man and probably the greatest superhero in history, but he made too many mistakes. And now it's my job to correct them. Quote2.png
--Ben to Tony Stark

SPIDERman Ben Parker.jpg
Real Name Benjamin Richard Parker
Current Alias Spider-Man
Alias(es) Benjy, Spider-Man
Alignment Good
Universe Earth-6169
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 136 lbs (62 kg)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown

Ben Parker is the mutant son of Peter Parker and Mary Jane.



His childhood is identical to his MC2 counter-part, including facts like being possessed by the Carnage symbiote. Since his sister used sonic waves to free him, his immature ears could not resist it and his hearing became slightly impaired. It was later restored after a surgery. 

Ben as an infant

Becoming Spider-Man

It's the year 2020, most of the heroes of earth are now mutants. Crime rate has amazingly declined. But evil still persists. Ben lives with his parents in Queens. After the sudden death of his sister, his parents had forbidden him to use his powers to fight crime, but he still went on using them. One day he defended himself from a school bully, and he nearly killed him. After a trip to the principals office, his father accuses him of using his powers "irresponsibly".

First Swing

Ben starts arguing with his father and blames him for Ben's problems. Peter tries to calm him down and reminds him of the teaching of power and responsibility. As their arguing ends Ben goes to take a swing across the city. He stops by Stark Tower, and sees Iron Man taking off. He pursues him and watches him stop and fight some criminals. He recognizes Ben and invites him over to the tower. After reaching there, Arno tells Ben to join his Avengers Program, and he accepts. After returning home he designs a spider-man suit, and decides to keep this "super-hero thing" to himself.         

The Avenger

A few weeks later, Ben receives a call from Arno Stark and he tells Ben to come at the Avengers Mansion.