Ben Parker was the brother of Richard Parker, who mysteriously died in a plane crash with his wife not long after leaving their son Peter with him. For the next few years, Ben and his wife May cared for and raised Peter like a son. As Peter grew older, Ben recognized his nephew's intelligence and did his best to encourage him in academics. Perhaps because of this intelligence, Peter was often bullied.

During a field trip to Oscorp one day, Peter was bitten by one of the experimental spiders, giving him amazing powers – powers Ben never suspected he had, but he was worried about Peter's strange behavior.

Several days later, Peter took advantage of his newfound powers by joining the football team, and over time his grades plummeted, causing a loud argument with Ben. Ben told Peter his father's philosophy on life: "Your father believed if that there are things, good things you can offer to the world, things that you could do to help people, change people for the good of their hearts, he thinks you could do those things Peter and you have the power to do just that, and with great power, comes with great responsibility." Overcome with emotion, Peter ran away. 

Ben eventually found himself in an alleyway where he was confronted by a burglar, ironically a man Peter had refused to stop during another robbery just hours before. The burglar demanded money, but Ben joked with him, saying, "You probably have more money than I do." Angered, the burglar shot Ben, killing him. Peter and his aunt greatly mourned Ben's passing and Ben's tragic death would soon become the driving force behind Peter's becoming a vigilante and eventually the hero Spider-Man.

Powers & Abilities


None Known.


  • Carpentry: Ben Parker is skilled with cutting, shaping and installing building materials during his career as a carpenter.
  • Electrician


  • Mortality: Ben Parker is an ordinary human, he can get hurt by weapons or falling.


This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of Marvel Ultiverse and is an adaptation of Benjamin Parker/Uncle Ben. The original character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


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