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Quote1 You were wrong, Seward, so wrong. The reality does matter. It matters because I'm the only one who can make what all these people think Spider-Man was what he is. [...] When I put on this mask, it was about me, about becoming someone when I was so sure I was no one. But now... now it's about them. It has to be about them. Quote2
-- Ben

A mysterious young man with currently no memory of his past, Benjamin "Ben" Reilly's life began when he awoke in a smokestack in Queens, eleven months after the Battle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Escaping, he would meet with discredited scientist Seward Trainer and be taken in by him; supplied with a name and a fake background, Ben took up work as a barista at the Daily Grind. He would also discover his superhuman powers, using them at first (and very briefly) as the Scarlet Spider before agreeing to take on Peter Parker's legacy and become Spider-Man.

Powers and Abilities


Spider Physiology- Through currently-unknown means, Ben possesses the proportionate abilities of a spider. While his powers were initially considered to be equal and the same as Peter Parker's, it eventually came to light that they are evolving and have new facets unique to him.

  • Superhuman Strength- Ben Reilly possesses the proportionate strength of a spider, making him much more powerful than an ordinary human (even those trained for combat). Simply landing on the roof of a car without carefully controlling his strength allows him to crush it and incapacitate the video with ease, and he proved capable of punching through the side of a steel pipe in a moment of rage, with minimal damage to his fist. He can also easily carry several people without showing notable strain (though maneuvering can prove difficult), and can trade blows evenly with those who have similarly enhanced strength, such as Captain America and Tony Stark. By focusing his determination, Spider-Man can temporarily surpass his own limits and perform feats that he would normally be incapable of doing.
  • Superhuman Speed- Spider-Man can move much faster than an ordinary human; he is even capable of matching the speed of and even catching a bullet (though that does not guarantee the health of his hands). He cannot, however, keep up with someone who specializes in speed.
  • Superhuman Stamina- In order to keep up his crimefighting pursuits for long periods of time, Spider-Man requires less sleep and rest than the average person. Seward Trainer later reveals through analysis that his musculature produces less fatigue toxins than an ordinary human being. As such, Ben can keep moving, fighting, and more for long periods of time without a rest.
  • Superhuman Durability- In keeping with his already considerable strength, Ben possesses an amazing amount of durability. He has repeatedly taken punches from individuals considerably stronger than him (such as Venom, the Jackal, and even the Hulk) while sustaining only minor bruises and scarring. One of his bones being broken is considered a rare event and indicative of a truly strong foe (or one, at least, who has stopped holding back against him). Even after taking a blast of flame from the Human Torch he walked away with only first-degree burns (though, in defense of the Torch, the attack was meant to only incapacitate and not seriously harm Spider-Man).
  • Superhuman Agility- Vital to his web-swinging, Spider-Man possesses a sense of agility that easily surpasses even Olympic athletes. His bodily coordination is also greater than normal, with Ben easily catching a plate he dropped mere seconds before, even as it toppled out of reach. His skill at catching things is good enough that even in his civilian state it has been remarked upon. His flexibility is also great, with Spider-Man making his way through various obstacles in the urban jungle of New York City with an ease that only superpowers could provide. This also aids him in dodging attacks; he can avoid numerous strikes at once through careful motions with his body, at several points evading multiple attacks from various angles at once.
  • Superhuman Equilibrium- Ben possesses the power to instantly orient himself on any surface, as if he was standing upon ordinary ground no matter where he actually is. This appears to activate on instinct, with his body naturally assuming the proper position on whatever surface he is currently perched on.
  • Superhuman Reflexes- Spider-Man's reflexes are much greater than even some of his fellow superheroes. Though it is aided by his Spider-Sense, he has proven adept at responding to sudden changes in the situation even without it, and it is thanks to his superior reactions that he can respond to the threats his sixth sense detects. This also provides protection against attacks he is facing for the first time; even though they can be considered unpredictable and his Spider-Sense does not give him enough data to respond effectively, his reflexes allow him a good chance at avoiding even these potentially lethal strikes.
  • Wall-Crawling- One of his more signature abilities, Ben has showcased the power to cling to any surface with his hands and feet. As time passed, he would demonstrate the ability to apply his 'stickiness' to the other parts of his body, though these require a mental (and manual) switching on and off. This offers Spider-Man a greater field to play with them many other individuals, even superheroes, as any surface is a potential ground for him to stand and otherwise move on. He can also cling to the floor itself, allowing him to resist wind pressure or strong gravitational pulls in any direction, as well as performing quick dodges. There does appear to be a limit, and if enough force is applied he can and will lose his grip. Certain substances, if coated on what he is attempting to latch onto, will prove repulsive to Spider-Man.
  • Spider-Sense-
  • Regenerative Healing Factor-
  • Venom Production- His primary 'unique' power, Ben Reilly's body produces a large amount of venom in the same manner as the creature that is his namesake. It is notably potent, though with training he learns how to modify and otherwise control the composition; while he cannot choose what specifically makes it up, he can reign in its toxicity and other such factors. Ben was also initially unable to control its release, and it mixed freely with any other bodily fluids he produced. With more practice, however, he gained control of this function and often chooses to release it either in his spit for a surprise attack, or from his wrists.
    • Venom Blast-


  • Photography-
  • Barkeeping-
  • Indomitable Will-
  • Genius intellect-

Strength level

Class 10


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.

  • Web Shooters
    • Impact Webbing
    • Stingers
    • Fire Webbing
    • Radioactive Webbing


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