Ben Parker was the husband of May Parker, and the uncle/guardian of Peter Parker.

In 2018, Ben and May had become increasingly concerned with Peter’s attitude, especially following an incident during a field trip to Osborn Industries. Peter had passed out during the trip, and refused to tell his aunt and uncle why it had happened, which caused great concern among Ben and May.

The day after Peter’s blackout, Ben picked him up from school, which wasn’t a common occurrence since Peter usually took the bus. He told Peter that he picked him up so that they could talk, expressing his concerns for Peter. This frustrated Peter, who began yelling at him. Peter demanded that he pull over the car, which he did. Peter got out, slammed the door, and walked off. This clearly upset Ben, as he shed a tear while driving home.

Later that day, when Peter returned home, he discovered police cars and ambulances surrounding his home. He entered his home to discover that Ben had been brutally murdered.

Captain George Stacy believes that Ben’s murder is linked to the Sin-Eater murders.

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