Barnell Bohusk (Earth-7385)
Character 8480 f
Real Name Barnell Bohusk
Current Alias Raptor
Alias(es) Beak, Hound, Condor, Wolfmate, Birdboy, Longneck, Razor Wing, Barney, Mutran Experiment #0899, Mr. Bohusk, Detroit Cluck-Cluck, Screeching Eagle, Skylander, Phoenix Shadow, Iron Prow, Peck, Rok, Cockatrice, Bird of Prey, Road Runner, Griffon
Affiliation Rahne Sinclair
Alignment Neutral
Universe Earth-7385
Gender Male
Height 7 ft. (8 ft. 10 in. avian form)
Weight 238 lbs. (130 lbs. in avian form)
Eyes Blue (Yellow in avian form)
Hair Blonde (brown/white in avian form)




Artificial Homo Superior/Xenoform Physiology: Like many humans of the alien occupied Earth, Mr. Bohusk was possessed the latent X-Gene which triggered at puberty upon his 16th birthday. Being amongst the many whom would be incarcerated and experimented upon by the Genoshan/Shiruma alliance, a union comprising of alien meta ability haters working in tandem with like-minded corrupt humans, to experiment with the malleable genome of the unwitting mutant in order to turn him into a trans/posthuman hunter-killer of other empowered types on their behalf. Subjected to rather harsh experimentation that was eugenic, chemical and surgical in nature; Beak was submitted to a uniquely stylized brain transplantation which combined his Gray Matter and CNS with the fabled sentient picotech defense A.I. known as E.V.A whom had been specially reprogrammed with a unique transmutation formula known as the Genus Serum on another Earth. Allows Mr. Bohusk to biophysically change and modify himself and or others at a submolecular level for the specific purposes of infiltration, assassination and depowerment alongside the enhancing of his own or fellow operatives superpowered states as well as adding an array of instant upgrades to his techno-organically augmented form. Essentially, he has become a metahuman genetic editing press made to cyberform and biomorph both organic and inorganic abstracts to his; and by extension his handlers, desired parameters.

Avian Mutation: Mr. Bohusk's initial mutation was little less than impressive in it's initial presentation. Being little more than an incomplete permutation between humanoid and birdlike form, semi-feathered wingspan with multiple segmented joints in his limbs coupled with an elongated proboscis ending in widened eyes to give him an incomplete raptor like semblance. His plumage was barely developed thusly incapable of supporting his weight for self propelled flight. That coupled with his sharpened bill was slightly useful in jabbing and pecking at adversaries. The Shiruma enclave would vastly improve upon the faltering mutant subject by accelerating the development of his mutation while adding touch ups here and there through further genetic testing upon his feeble frame. Eventually giving him the ability to shift between bird form and human form at will, even modifying his mobility while in flight or while grounded by modifying tensile strength, rigidity-flexibility ratio, reaction timing and connectivity of his joints, muscle fibers, neural discharges and dermal layering to handle extreme physical locomotion. The alliance even took notes from subject #2318 on her latent ability to tap the Morphogenetic Field and used a similar method to modify Beaks lacking anatomy to enable easier transition between man and animal semblance. Such modifications stem too:

  • Enhanced Reflexes: The neuro-psychological enhancements he'd underwent had vastly enhanced his motions and reaction timing. Easily able to dodge point blank bullet fire and outpace missiles hot on his tail with expertise.
  • Enhanced Agility: Condor's bird of prey like mutation grants incredible limberness and dexterity while in flight or on the run. His muscles, joints and hollow skeleton grants him considerable mobility and locomotion capacity which grant the super soldier like test subject rapid physical allocation many times greater than the finest human athlete.
  • Hyperkeen Senses: Like many mutants with an animalia mutation, Mr. Bohusk has senses sharper than those of the finest human athlete on record. Primarily focusing on sight, smell & hearing, easily able to perceive well beyond the visible light spectrum with ease. Even capable of picking up scents stretching miles from his person.
  • Enhanced Extremital Facilities: Barnell's arms, torso and lower body had been modified by the Alliance's chief geneengineers. In the event his wings were ever compromised (e.i. somehow damaged or otherwise rendered inoperable) Beak would be able to achive similar physiological locomotion while grounded till his wingspan could mend itself. More on that point, his augmented erectile appendages would possess numerous biomechanical/cybernetic upgrades which could be used in conjunction with his union with E.V.A and all of her onboard picotechnological facilities.
    • Enhanced Strength: The muscle fibers in his limbs have been toughened and hardened through a number of physical enhancement processes, giving him appendages that are tougher than tempered steel yet lighter than oxygen particles. His lower body can exert incredible amounts of force enabling a swift kick from which to rupture titanium carbide with ease.
      • Pronounced Leaping: Screaching Eagle uses his own inertia to create a vortex around his legs that substitutes a physical body to propel himself off of. Effectively enabling him to jump indefinably, this is made possible due to his tremendous leg strength - using the speed of kicking through the air in conjunction with the surrounding atmosphere as a sort of cushion of the free fall. Therefore using it to jump an infinite number of time, given that he has enough power in his legs, Barnell can jump as many times as possible. Enabling him to leap indefinitely and repeatedly when in midair without the aid of a physical surface.
    • Enhanced Speed: Enhanced musculature structuring within his legs give Raptor greater motion and dexterity than even most animalistic mutants. Easily able to break the sound barrier while maintaining top speeds for several hours at a time while on the ground, and able to fly faster than that during airborne translocation.
      • Sonic Boom Generation: Using his hyper accelerated motions and rapid pace kicks, Road Runner can generate powerful shock waves and hyper vibrations which can weaken enemy defenses via it's oscillatory wave emissions weakening the molecular structure of reinforced materia bonds. Serving both as a potent shield and sword which defends against incoming attacks by throwing out disruptive sonic waves as well as offensive wise bypassing defenses by infusing disruptive counter frequency emissions whenever moving fast enough to breach the sound barrier.
        • Shockwave Finger: The user can produce powerful shockwaves by physical motion like clipping, flicking, swinging, rapidly clenching/unfurling or snapping one's mandible body parts.
    • Warp Engine Protrusion: Situated around the various body parts of the subject, Peck can generate engine-like repulsor nodes that allows him to move at extraordinary speeds. They function through an anti-graviton space/time compressor propulsion apparatus which essentially shifts surrounding environs around Beak at in credible velocities; essentially allowing him to run, jump and/or fly at incredible locomotion without the necessary act of moving for short bursts before needing a cool down period. He can even use this faculty of his augmented physique to open miniaturized singularities with which to traverse to and from different points across galaxies, time periods or even different dimensions.
      • Point Defense System: Barney can utilize his anti-grav engine as a skin-layer protective force emitter which Wolfmate uses by creating a gravitational tidal centerfold that provides greater protection from smaller area points: e.i. the greater the surface area, the weaker the defense shield, inversely the smaller the offensory delivered the greater it's protection ability. Making this gravity sheathe like device virtually impenetrable against anything around the size of a human fist. Such protective arraying is controlled via phy. gestures but is mainly operated via though or intuition, said shielding is also powered via kinetic energy both directed against it and the wearer as well as generated from the Mr. Bohusk's own physical motion and reactions, as well as opposing force directed against it. Such a feature can be used as an attack form by redistributing the oncoming kinetic assault of individuals of marginal to extraordinary strength back at its attackers with nearly several times the force received. By overclocking the system, Barnell can even attain limited spatial flight and other physiological enhancements akin to those bestowed by another piece of alien hardware. Bestowing Griffon with perfect control over personal area occupation in any given surrounding within singular positional space. By locking his sheathe in place in any given spot while the world moved around him, Barnell can literally walk on air without need of consecutive jumping. By making his skin layer sheathe move by its lonesome, he possessed absolute physical strength and invulnerability thanks to its perfect occupation positioning around him.
  • Natural Weaponry: In avian form, Mr. Bohusk possesses ten 5" sharpened nails running along her fingers and toes in wolf form. Coupled with pronounced canines with which to rip and tear through most substances. Via her bio-feedback and techno-organically enhanced physiology she can consciously generate and protrude new anatomical facilities with which to increase her natural deadliness as a super soldier.
    • Talon Manipulation: Barnell's talons on his hands & feet comprise of a dense ivory element as opposed to simple keratin. Said pincers carry a smooth, polished semi-metallic sheen to them and their tough natural alloyed skeletal structure makes these incisors denser and sharper than standard bone claws. This, coupled with their natural edge, enables Mr. Bohusk to rend and tear hardened carbon elements as well as super dense flesh with ease long infusion from the E.V.A/Symbiote/Raptor Android's elemental bio-metals. Moreover Longneck possesses a supernatural amount of dexterity in his appendages enable him to hyper expend & retract the length of his fingers and nails to incredible extremes. As well as entangle, constrict and/or fling with incredible force with surprising amounts of malleability in his hands & feet allowing Bohusk to rip & tare through anything (different substance abrasion is tenement to its thickness and the amount of heft Birdbrain exerts against it). The pseudo Weapon Plus enhancement process which introduced the xenotechnological entity to his CNS and biophysical structure also added alien minerals & ingots to his anatomical and skeletal composition which greatly lightens his bodily weight and densisty while also vastly increasing his physiological resilience, endurance and stamina to match. Because these foreign elements were so seamlessly bonded to his genetic structure at a molecular level; they do not inhibit his bodily processes at all. Negating any dangers of said items from inhibiting the natural functions of blood flow, saliva generation, breathing & exhalation or any other beneficiary anatomical functions.
    • Sharpened Beak: Barnell's facial ornaments his made of a biological substance denser than bone or ivory, quick jabs from his enhanced neck muscles enable his bill to shred and pierce thorough cobalt steel in a single stroke.
    • Wing Manipulation: Beak's preternatural wingspan has been modified to be perfectly modular to an extent. He can create, shape and manipulate his own wings in any manner he honestly desires with the only limitation being his imagining. To this end he can enlarge them to sun blocking extremes or elongate, harden, extend or outright control the plumage of his feathered appendages, etc. Mr. Bohusk has become so adept at manipulating their very physical shape and composition right down to the composition of the quills. That he can make them take any kind of semblance he can think of; such as weaponry, shielding, armor or complex gadgetry whenever On that front, such refined control also enables the manipulation of his feathers, one of the epidermal growths that form the distinctive outer covering (plumage), on most birds and some non-avian theropod dinosaurs. Considered the most complex integumentary structures found in vertebrates, and indeed a premier example of a complex evolutionary novelty. From that point on he can channel his metaphysical energies into his feathers in order to accomplish any manner of feats and utilize new ways of accessing his abilities. Such as projecting quills as razor darts square at an opponents weak spots for inflicting critical damage, or just as easily have said feathers drain an enemy of their vital energies and transfer them back to him so he can repuspose it for later. Another facility of these technoactive pinions is the facility of blossoming into powerful techno-organic wings which Beak can control remotely to make them move and act in any direction he sees fit. Like with his own arm extensions, Condor can make those newly generated feathered appendages change and morph into anything he sees fit. Using such a utility in a tactical manner to generate artillery, traps, protection casting and the like at strategic points around a wider area.

Regenerative Modulation: Bird of Prey is capable of controlling, sharing, modifying and outright erasing any special healing or recovery capability within himself or another enhanced humanoid being. Possessing a potent healing factor of his own, he can imbue his rejuvenating energies onto others while temporarily weakening his own regenerative effectiveness as a consequence. Able to mend and strengthen damaged or destroyed areas of any given body with much greater speed and efficiency than humanly possible. Recovering from damage as minor as paper cuts to severe as major loss of biomass in mere moments.

  • Transformative Resurrection: A proponent of Barnell's recuperative capabilities with the capacity to revive himself from fatal to near death physical infraction. More to the point he not only gains an impressive power boost from whatever lethal action he suffers, Rok also undergoes a transformation with every new resurgence. Giving him all new powers and abilities with each metamorphosis undertaken upon coming back to life.

Body Supremacy: Condor's physiology had been altered in such a way to consciously strengthen, alternate and or adjust himself at a genetic level. Through which he can control the plasticity and/or constitution of his anatomical structure at will. Allotting him to refashion his body into incredibly robust on top of flexible or as immovable as a chunk of dwarf star matter by ramping up his own personal density to it's max. He can modulate his physiology at a biomolecular and submolecular level to achieve a number of uncanny features mastery of endopathy coupled with her healing factor enables the remote control and/or recollection of separated body parts and biological matter, including limbs and/or other biological features like bodily fluids, skin, muscles, bones, genes, etc. This allows her to will her severed or decoupled anatomy to rejoin & separate from her main body at will, conduct these remote physical features even when they're far removed from her being as well as fully regenerate from any remaining pieces.

  • Prehensile Extremital Parts: Rok has fully prehensile extremities, capable of using his arms like an extra pair of dexterous limbs, granting him an increased level of wall climbing, combat, dexterity, balance, agility, reflexes, strength, speed, endurance, and equilibrium maneuverability in environments. The user can also manipulate objects easily with their appendages. Bohusk lacks the need to use his hands connected to his arms to manipulate anything; as he can make use of his legs which also double as arms. Using them to carry things on their own, enabling use of the parts of both limbs, such as the forearm, lower leg, hind arm, heel & toes, thighs, elbow, calves, etc. rather than simply using the whole arm to wrap around and carry something.
    • Prehensile Fingers: Rok has total conrol over the chemical latices of his genetic structure, to that end he can make individual digits on his hands & feet elongate and bend like silly putty or rubber. He can hyper extend and retract said phalanges to reach and effect any utilities Barnell chooses to focus upon, making them stretch to incredible lengths at a time to bind and encoil people or impale them at high speed.
      • Prehensile Nails: Mr. Bohusk can likewise hyper extend his fingernails at even faster speeds than his individual fingers and limbs. With the proper readjustment of ato/mol. linearity he can make them as flexible or as rigid as he likes. Allowing him to bend and arc the trajectory of his claws in any given direction while maintaining and building up forward momentum as they travel. Giving his hyper-extended claws enough heft to rip through osmium steel with ease.
    • Prehensile Bone Spikes : An added genetic quirk gifted unto him by the alliance scientists who experimented upon him. Was the added genetic traits of another costumed ne'er-do-well named Damon Ryder; the Raptor. A supercriminal who had the ability; amongst others, to project and extend marrow blades out of his arms. In Detroit Cluck-Cluck's case however, these limb spikes have been modded to protrude out of his forearms and lower legs as the focusing of any/all the hardest elements his body can produce, making them both stronger and sharper than his claws and/or beak. Said spurs also have a segmented appearance to them giving these porous gores the ability to hyper extend to incredible lengths along multitudinous
  • Self-Hardness Manipulation: Raptor can adjust and/or modify his bodily pliancy at an atomic level. Able to modify his resistance to injury or dexterous flexibility to unprecedented extremes. has full apprehensive autonomy of all her physiological extremities. Her feet, tail, eyes, hair/fur follicles, skin, tongue, bone structure, nerve endings and even her teeth are all fully rapacious; putting them under her direct and total conscious control.
    • Extension/Retraction: Due to his control over the spacing and flexibility of his molecular structure. Iron Prow can hyper extend his body parts (preferably his limbs) up to incredible lengths at a time, constructing and modifying extra joints and ligaments within extremities in order increase reach and striking distances between himself and any desired target. Combining hyper extension with his great speed & physical density and pliability, Mr. Bohusk can fling his arms & legs with such tremendous force that he can generate a shockwave powerful enough to shatter solid bedrock. The maximum length Barnell can elongate his body parts is roughly 2.5 KM, making it easier for him to jettison & retract his neck, arms, legs, mid-section and plumage to snipe at airborn enemies with pinpoint accuracy; as well as blow apart mountains using the same momentum charging principle as his hyper-extending talons.
  • Bodily Rotation Manipulation: Bohusk can manipulate the rotations, including spinning, turning, rolling, etc., of all bodily structuring. Enabling moving his extremities in any way or direction, allowing him to escape any hold, dodge any attack, and even avoid damage from any fall by spreading out the impact. Condor can rotate/turn several different parts of his body at the same time in different directions, this is useful for confusing others as to what way he will will act & react next. He often applies this bodily rotation techniques to his attacks, making them unpredictable and hard to avoid and/or block.
    • Anatomical Gyration: Using the special frictionless roller ball joint segments within his limbs; Skylander can gyrate them at incredible speeds. Spinning the arms, legs, neck & torso fast enough to pierce and tear through areas struck at with extreme force, enabling the penetration and perforation of obstructions or most any form of protective defense in his way.

E.V.A./Genus Compound: Having been subjected to the harsh scientific pacing of the Genoshan/Shiruma confederation, Beak had been honed and trained into becoming the ultimate meta-ability nemesis whom would act as their dominant predator of the empowered. Barnell would undergo special grooming practices by the scientist hands of his confederate handlers through the intricate refit process of modifying him through a transplantation process using a Techno-Organic template to swap out his base, bird-humanoid cerebral cortex with that of a transmechanical supercomputer backed with a primary and secondary nervous system withholding a sentient cybernetic consciousness of it's own which once belonged to the Weapon Plus "World" advocate, designated: Charlie Cluster 7. This computerized supermind coupled with the sentient externalized CNS called E.V.A. would propel the normally unnoteworthy Beak into interplanetary infamy and renown amongst the joint collective's ranks. The Shiruma would further bolster his transmeched physiological upgrade with the addition of other more complex and decidedly, arcane forms of biomechatronics and organic technologies into his surgically enhanced chassis. Bohusk's handlers would incorporate the science mysticism of the Raptor Android technologies into E.V.A's processing unit, increasing it's metamorphic and energy siphoning capabilities 50 fold. Given the automata race's inherent quality of draw powers, knowledge and information from the universe around them as well as from their origin roost known as the Tree of Shadows. As well as implanting the macabre influence of the klyntar adjacent species known as Exolon, short for Exolon Plasmoids; living pieces of the Living Abyss created and controlled by Primordial Darkness incarnate, the Anti-God Knull. The parasitic entities housed within both the cerebral implant as well as Condor's own body grant him vast soul morphing and remote symbiosis based powers and abilities.

tormentors would take tenuous amounts of time tinkering with the malleability of her unique mutant gene, using liniment codecs of various metapowered specimens on record within their vast database to further enhance her into the ultimate hunter/killer legionnaire within their private army. Borrowing notes from their top geneticist, Hildegarde Sinister, as well as accumulated notes compiled from the remains of a long defunct Weapon Plus program which they combined with the technomysticism procured from the body shoppe of Mojo World. One of the key ingredients in blending this hyper gene was first adding in a potent technologically apt bio-codex which have better assimilation properties than regular gene-stock. The mechanists of the confederation's R&D division would utilize the template of Kenji Uedo/Zero whom possessed natural conductory capabilities as a carrier bridging the extra samples into her biology. From there they would implement the technoforming qualities of the Ultimo Virus into said adaptive genetics chain for the purpose of manipulating the delicate biomechanical indoctrination and stabilization of separate DNA/RNA chains relating to multitudinous species.

  • Clairsentience: Through the cleaver taking of her organic potential coupled with her Physical Control techniques, Prima learned she has the power to gain information about a person, object, place, skillset, ability, or event through intrinsic knowledge via accessing her vastly expanded genetic background. Harnessing the power of both genetic and racial memory; Prima can tap the Akashic Record in order to utilize a treasure trove of lineal knowledge pertaining to the myriad races of her home planet as well as several others due to blending of the species. Through which she can consciously as well as instinctively access a plethora of attributes and incorporate them within real world time as well as use the influx of knowledge from this psychic wikipedia space to aide her in battle and in life. A couple of the Templates assimilated via genetic editing include:
  • Japheth/Maggot: Mutant animal emergence with symbiotic relation with omnivorous slugs, transference of consumables to host body coupled with psychometric abilities.
  • Mangog: Composite psi beast with vast energy modulation, empowered by the hateful billions & petty gods.
  • Cu Sith: Mystic fae hound with demonic background, Haemokinetic cloning capabilities on top of afterlife traversal, planeswalking, connecting to the fairy realms whose roars can induce fear to the point of death.
  • Kei Kawade/Kid Kaiju: Nuhuman clairvoyant with titan summoning, fabrication and control capabilities.
  • Ryder: Skrull/Human hybrid with xenobiological ESP. Self-Molecular metamorph whom can change limbs into artillery with adversarial tailored ammunition and teleportation.
  • Kludge: Nuhuman engineer technokinetic transmutation and adept intuitive inventor.
  • Meggan Puceanu/Gloriana: Mutant natural uniformal, vast panempathetic omnimorph with undisclosed capacity for mysticism.
  • Calos: Nuhuman ergokinetic transducer able to generate energy coils out from his torso.
  • Lucas Bishop/Red Bishop: Mutant energy conduit able to absorb, change, strengthen, metabolize, emulate and redistribute any type of dynamism directed his way into any other kind.
  • Techno-Organic Symbiosis Having been baptized through the microtechnological endocytes introduced into her biology, the sextuple helix chain splicing her voluminous template stock includes utilizing mechanical energy to interface with both the organic and nonbiological elements around her to modularly absorb new material into herself. As well as easily pass the technomechanical elements of her altered physiology onto others in a way not all that dissimilar to the Phalanx or Technarch. Having been remade as an infectious entity made out of living polyalloy mechamorphic substance through the Technoorganic Mothervine Virus, Rahne has a host of superhuman capacities that made her so much deadlier than ever before granting whole new powers and abilities based on her technolofigcal interfacing abilities on top of all the biological ones produced from all the different racial helix's thrown into the mix. Enabling Prima to blend the submolecular make-up of her body within the environment around her into new shapes and forms. Tying her senses to the very make-up of the terrain around her and manipulate it through chemical-shifting.
  • Infection: Prima learned to distribute her cyber-organic mass through bites and scratches or even through her fur strands in order to spread the effective range of mutated biomechatornic code. Effecting certain organisms or inanimate objects differently depending on what she's alternating and how the virus itself takes to it. Granting infected hosts any number of unique powers. Infected react differently to the change depending on the type of life form:
  • Flora: Become metalmorphic extents of her which the core being can transform at will or travel through. Like a conductor from an electric outlet.
  • Animalia: Gain a host of bio-mechanical augmentations, including molecular transmogrified natural weaponry. i.e. Increased size, strength and altered evolutionary biomodding.
  • Sentients: Inherit the short list of powers belonging to a host of lifeforms. Often portraying metallic veins and glowing eyes of varying color backed by programmable abilities.
  • Body-Chemistry Manipulation: Her mastery of physiological supremacy coupled with the interaction with the subatomically amorphous endocytes enable Ms. Sinclair vast biomolecular and atomic deviation which enables her to change and alternate most every iota of her physical being. Allowing her not only the ability to change and alternate her cosmetic appearance but to adjust other facets of her physique at will.
  • Mass Manipulation: By absorbing technotransmuted mass into herself, Rain can increase her size and strength at will. She can even modulate the heft of herself or others by shifting around techno mass between herself and others to make them lighter or heavier than they normally are.
  • Density Manipulation: Using the microscopic technomites in conjunction with her total physical control. Prima can shift her atoms around the molecular bonds of physical matter or outright shift herself out of phase with reality in order to achieve a similar effect. Likewise she can lock her atomic motion in place to make herself immovable and indestructible so as to resist the heaviest impacts.
  • Technoforming: Like a great many mechamorphic individuals, Ultimo can not only drink in mechanical and cybernetic devices but control them making them take whatever shape or form it desires, himself included in virus form.
  • Techno-Matter Conversion/Absorption: Prima can convert and assimilate anything and everything with her dispersed nanoviral material to increase infection range and dominance over whatever it is she wished to commandeer.
  • Cyber Interface: Similar to Tony Starks usage of the Extremis virus. Prima can mentally delve into most any cybernetics systems she can reach out too in order to broadcast live images direct from her own personal memory banks, this also enables Rahne to control and manipulate technology even from a good distance away.
  • Biofactory: Rahne can produce and construct anything she can think of, altering her own body with the materials around her to produce whatever it is she might need. This also includes:
  • Interface Manipulation: Prima can "power link" with others be they man, machine or non-sentient and send her thought waves as neuroelectric signals to telepathically project messages and images directly into their minds. This interfacing can either be done by touch, usually via tactile contact or through any base matter she is manipulating. Or via manipulating ambient materia in the atmosphere to project her commands and intent through, effectively giving her control over whatever it is she is connected with at the time.
  • Living Reactor: Rahne has the natural capacity to absorb and rechannel energy to power her self-generated facilities. Either storing it, augmenting it, generating it, mimicking differing outputs or emulating alt. energy types to feed into her productions. Her body also serves as a potent enough modem to properly run computerized systems with. Something that is done by generating energy within as well as without by remotely interacting with the ambient primal mainstream of raw dynamism itself.
  • Anionic Paw: The techno-organic symbiont within Rahne Sinclair's hands & feet have been outfitted with advanced technomechanical implants which stretch all the way up to the shoulders and hips when activated. Designed to channel culpable amounts natural, artificial and outside energy through them; the systems advanced technology further amplifies the strength and toughness of her individual limbs. When active these powered guards generate potent ionic energy fields from the palms/bridges of her pads that she can use to cut, sheer, pierce through and melt most impediments. And the heat they generate can reach temperatures hot enough to rival surface temp of a white dwarf star. These guards and bracers also have anti-electromagnetic properties which enable her to emit low yield electro-static discharge which which leads to neurocognitive deficit within living organisms or short out cybernetics and de-anchor individual bits & pieces held together by their screws, soldering and latches through negating the friction holding them together. They also posses tactical augmentative transformation abilities, similar in design their schematic base, able to transform into the perfect weapon or gadjet needed to get through any current situation or defeat a given opponent. The weapon function of the Anionic Paw easily puts it and their user in the Omega Level Threat range, they enable Rahne to ascertain the weaknesses of any adversary and adapted themselves to exploit them. Calibrating personal energy reserves for the sake of emitting pulse blasts the enemy is vulnerable too, change their shape & form into conventional or esoteric equipment to fit whatever the situation required. Prima can also interact with computers and machines through them it to gain information and control various systems through her T.O enhanced abilities.
  • Technocyte Lordship: The micromechanical symbionts roiling around within Ms. Sinclair's system. Her bloodstream, cells her very molecules for that matter; are directly loyal to the neurosynaptic commands of their host. She can generate and command them to go in whatever direction she desires them too and parasitically infect anything they touch with the Techno-Organic Virus to extend her dominion over to them. All in all, transmuting base matter into technomechanical substance she can mentally reconfigure into any given shape, form, semblance and give it any function she desires. The nano/pico/femto active creatures themselves are living extensions of her transmechanical being and have vast technformic capabilities all their own. She can make them phase-morph into solid matter by temporarily transmoding it into technological substance so they can travel anywhere adjacent too it by relaxing their microtech bonds so that their molecules merge with the object they come in contact with in a non-substantial state. Breaking down the physical structure of their being to enter solid materia, eventually reintegrating their body mass for the purpose of reforming themselves at a different angle or position they emerge from later. The creatures come in all shapes & sizes, sharing a hive link with their spawning source they have the capacity to compound and amalgamate atop of one another to form grander and more complex mechanical builds. They often blend with Rahne's Anionic Paw to adorn powerful symbiotic weapon attachments mde to focus and strengthen their energy output.
  • Multi-Shapeshifting: Wolfsbane learned to split herself into a pack of five wolves whom can split into further xeroxes of themselves via physical biomass consumption. Each one acting as host carriers of a technocyte hive which can change and morph into whatever and whomever she or they needs them too from the inside-out. Through a cleaver implementation of Warwolf genetics blended with that of a Predator X via crisper process, Rahne's metamorphic clones boast vast hunter/killer mimesis capacity. Not only able to steal the physiological appearance of their victims via biophysical ingestion or tactile interface. But also able to adapt and evolve on the fly in order to best more dangerous quarry before and after each hunt.
  • Remote Technoforming: The endosymbiotic creatures bonded to Prima at a subatomic level have the ability to reach into and alternate the electromechanical forces which comprise most everything within matter, energy elements and the universe. Through these aspects Rahne can build up a wireless mind-link with other substantial forms of which through her Technocytes and uniformally morph and assimilate into their physical semblance so they can reshape it into anything the user wishes them to be.
  • Evolving Fusionism: Lobo's endocytes can psychophysically merge into most anything she sets them upon in order to improve their personal efficacy and ability. She often uses this attribute of theirs to transform any creatures which she emerges from her being using the Japheth/Maggot template in order to impart their technoforming proerties onto them. In truth she can make these symbiotic creatures to fuse with anything and everything in order to further bolster their unique facilities beyond their original threshold; as well as conglomerate them with other elements that they've technoformed with one another to combine their best qualities. A union of specialties through which she can properly utilize.


Xenolingual: While not technically an Exiles, Mr. Bohusk received proprietary information about differing languages through their xenotech mental link from Rahne Sinclair's time traversing universes. Her extensive knowledge of psoken tongues tought to her by Doug Ramsey was transferred over to him as a consequence of their established mental link. Giving Condor a broadly expanded upon list of converse prose he can drum up on a dime.

Navigational Expertise:

Master Marksmen:

Enhanced Mental Process: Through her varied studies, xenogenic implements, centuries of experience and natural affinity for psychic knowledge acquisition. Mrs. Bohusk would grow into an incredibly learned acumen envied by the likes of Albert Einstein, Anthony Stark, Stephen Hawking, Henry Pym, Nikoli Tesla, Max Eisenhardt and a host of other great minds of the ages. Possessed of advanced intuition, pattern solving, information storage/retrieval, and logical/philosophical structuring. Her mind process information quickly and efficiently, giving Rahne an accelerated learning aptitude, a knack for quickly analyzing multiple information streams (e.g., tracking & evasion, psychological intuition, tactical analysis) and rapidly respond to changing tactical situations, eidetic memory (meaning that she never forgets anything and has perfect recall), ability to read at superhuman speeds, and high deductive/reasoning skills.

Master Combatant:

Computer Engineering:

Mech Beast Tamer:


Microtech Control Modules

Psychological Instability


E.V.A.: A special programming of the technoactive endocytes creates a unique amorphous exomantel around Prima's hand & arms, feet & legs. The design of which is based around ancient yet powerful xenoform technology studied by a great many Terran scientists for decades known as the Tactigon and Gauntlet Armor. Through reverse engineering of the alien mechanics of said weaponry the specialists of the Genoshan/Shiruma confederation laboratories gave their ultimate soldier the ability to create modulated energy projection & fabrication manifest in various shapes and forms. At low setting Prima can generate low yield energy from her forearms & lower legs to give them extra striking, cutting and pummeling power. The energy channeling through them also uses magneto-gravitonic force to erect nigh-invincible energy shielding, electromagnetic and gravity based trajectile launching which hurls hyper dense plasma droplets from high-hypersonic to trans-light speeds on top of warp running where Rahne can shorten space/time/reality by moving the world around her to simulate faster than thought locomotion. At mid setting the energy they emit projects outward into five energy claws gravitating over the wrist from the backhand which possess even greater laceration ability than the powered limb. These meta nails also have cognitive & perception warping qualities that enable the disruption of organic and computerized minds. The energy composition of these energy darts is of an Anionic energy field which Rahne can modulate into two primary applications; a potent Electromagnetic Pulse/Neutrino Whitewash effect at non-lethal output and electric field negative effect which disintegrates targets by defusing atomic lattice cohesion, causing the particle structure outward to unravel. The high setting turns said devices into articulated field emitters which project energized adjunct constructs with even greater strength, durability and the like than even the mechanized carapaces surrounding her extremities. Such effigy's also come with the added effect of discharging hyper velocity EM Shockwaves powerful enough to lay waste to anything in their path, sending out rending waves of ionic radioactive force to cleave and shatter or outright annihilate everything they strike against. The final, greatest function of these wears include the Panzer Shock function of the devices. Rahne can overclock the ionic force cycling through her bionic extremities inciting a feral transformation in them. The mechanized members take on a more aggressive, monstrous semblance with energized details running along it's external design. In this form she can discharge incredibly deadly energy blasts equivocal in force output to a heavy ion cannon, any one of her appendage guns can blow continents apart in a single shot. Combining the beams from two or more of these gauntlets and grieves greatly magnifies her blasters raw power.

Krakoan Biotech

Symbiotic Tattoos: Like his lover Rahne, Barnell too was branded with magitek runes combining the practices of Kree, Shi'ar and Klyntar races to act as further biomechancial augmentation processing as well as a means of further restraining the subjects superhuman abilities using physical/mental and spiritual enhancement procedures.

Microtech Claws & Fangs: Rahne's naturally elongated tooth & nail facilities of her bestial form have been augmented through a Weapon X like bonding process. Utilizing nanocyte faunal organisms bonded to a blending of alloys ranging along the primeval Muramasa, some Anti-Metal jacket casings coupled with enchanted Uru cores topped off with a Dargonite blended into the mix. All of which having been fused into her bone claws and molars via direct Technocytic surgical infusion. Not only making them indestructible and energy disruptive. But enabling her to rip and tear or bite through most any given substance imaginable whilst leaving permanent wounds or affliction upon anything or anyone with vast resilience or recuperative abilities to compensate for heavy damage. The mysticism of Muramasa's blade carries over to the special glamor cast upon the uru in her claws gives them potent Anti-Regeneration and Regenerative Absorption powers. Not only can her weaponized features cancel out the healing of others, but they also have affliction extension and clinging damage. Any injuries afflicted by tooth & claw will worsen over time gradually eating away at the enemies stamina & vitality over time. She can even siphon and transfer any regeneration powers over to herself or others to mend physical injuries, bestow limited to moderate healing factors upon others, strengthen herself by stealing the regen capabilities of others. Said uru's natural enchantment is the capacity to induce mortality in any adversary these bodily weapons come in contact with; canceling out if not side-stepping the immortality, invulnerability and divinity of anyone more robust than normal. She can potentially render even the divine vulnerable to death with a single scratch by her person. This effect is not limited to living beings, the mysticism powering it also sharpens the natural keen edge of her mixed metallic incisors to the point of splitting electrons in half.

X.S.E Combat Utilities

Technocytes: Biomechatronic/transorganic omnimorph creatures whom serve as extensions of their pack mother's person. Coming in the size of a Planarian, these techno-faunal entities have advaned amalgamorphic and morphomerging capabilities. They can change their size and mass either by spreading their T.O. substance into the environment in order to assimilate the transmech elements or by symbiotically merging and compressing atop of one another in order to grow ever larger and stronger through such a union. They're main purpose is to interconnect with their creator to extend the reach of her senses beyond the typical physical plane. Giving her remote auditory input through their technological Hive Mind. Through the Endocytes she can establish a distanced machine link up established via her mechamorphic gauntlets feeding her copious amounts of information and data from any kind of mechanical system she can tap into. Be it computerized or organic, such as the human brain for instance. She can even establish a radio-telepathic waveband through which to communicate with them and other's whom sport these creatures as a companion. They also double as first-aid medical facilities, able to heal damaged or destroyed bodily tissues of others by converting then restoring technoformed areas. They can transmode over the area that any injuries their companion suffers appears in temporarily in order to effect healing and restoration.using their technokinetic transmutation to clone the genetic template of a handler in order to regrow missing limbs, damaged organs and severe afflictions. They can simply realign fractured/broken bones or heavy burns & lacerations through in-depth subatomic modulation in order to congeal physiological misalignment. Prima's endosym's can also simulate this same reparation effect in ruined structures and buildings by merging with the infrastructure and architecture of which in order to repair it in a telekinetic fashion once they have fused to the damaged supports, rivets, latches to assume control over their particle structure.

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