Quote1He's not a big picture kind a guy."
"Sound like my ex-wife."
"And you should have listened to her, too.
--Isabelle Hartley and Lance Hunter about Mockingbird

Quote1How did you guys meet?"
"Through my psychotic ex-wife.
--Skye and Lance Hunter

Quote1I packed your chute. And according to my ex, my folding skills are abysmal.Quote2
--Lance Hunter

Quote1I first met her on a spring night. She was on the pier, facing the Outer Banks; the moonlight glinting off her face. She resembled a goddess. Of course, that was her cruel trick.Quote2
--Lance Hunter about Mockingbird

Quote1Ha ha, and no. It didn't work out because interspecies relationships are hard. I was a human, whereas she was a demonic hell-beast."
"He doesn't like her."
"You don't say."
"She's pure evil."
"Hey, at least you got away from your ex, the guy I had a crush on is now the psycho living in our basement."
"You know, I wish I could relate, but all my exes are awesome."
"Is that right? I seem to remember an entire year when you had to pretend you liked quinoa."
"Yeah, that was a dark time.
--Lance Hunter, Alphonso Mackenzie, Antoine Triplett and Skye

Quote1We have a mole, ladies and gentlemen, right here in our very facility!Quote2

Quote1She's amazing."
"That's why I asked her to join the team.
--Jemma Simmons and Phil Coulson

Quote1Anyone want to tell me what the bloody hell she's doing here?"
"Bobbi's one of our best agents."
"Oh that's rich, mind telling me what I'm doing here?!"
"That's easy, I vouched for you.
--Lance Hunter, Phil Coulson and Mockingbird

Quote1Try being married to somebody who remembers every single little detail. It's not that charming. ... You think I'm being petty, don't you? Well, I'm not. I don't have a problem with Bob kissing that guy."
"Good. Because you had a hickey on your neck for a week after our mission in Miami."
"Well excuse me doing my job thoroughly. And with style.
--Lance Hunter and Melinda May

Quote1She can handle it; deception's her forte.Quote2
--Lance Hunter

Quote1You ever been married?"
" ... "
"You still talk to him?"
" ... "
"Right. Good advice.
--Mockingbird and Melinda May

Quote1It can't be that interesting."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because you were on page 117 when you were waiting outside. And you're still on page 117. So either you're a really slow reader, or you're working for Coulson."
"I am impressed. And you can tell him I said that. I almost missed you."
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm sure they told you about this. If you try or say anything, everyone in this bus will be flying. So just keep reading your book, and hope for a happy ending.
--Grant Ward and Mockingbird

Quote1Subtlety is key."
"You were dressed like a cowboy!
--Lance Hunter and Mockingbird

Quote1Bobbi can pretend to like anything.Quote2
--Lance Hunter about Mockingbird

Quote1Didn't want to crack him yourself?"
"Bobbi is as good as they come.
--Skye and Phil Coulson

Quote1Don't die out there, ok?"
"It's Canada.
--Mockingbird and Lance Hunter

Quote1With all due respect, sir, this kind of op, Fury would have a number."
"A number?"
"Of acceptable losses."
"My number is zero.
--Mockingbird and Phil Coulson

Quote1We were in the bottom of the ocean, in a storage pod, left for dead. And Fitz... he said something that caught me completely off-guard."
"Ah, those three little words."
"Yes! Well, no. I mean, not exactly. I barely had a moment to process what he said or how I felt about it, next thing I know, he's giving me the oxygen, water's rushing in and... He's ... He's laying there, in the hospital bed. He was so pale."
"How long was Fitz in the coma?"
"Nine of the longest days of my life. When it finally broke, he couldn't speak. He just stared at me, confused. All I wanted to do was help him. All I wanted was... My best friend back."
"Your best friend?"
"I never thought of him as anything else. That said, I can't imagine my life without him. It's all very confusing."
"You've never told him any of this, have you?"
"Oh, lord no.
--Jemma Simmons and Mockingbird

Quote1Two goals; stop the drill, find Skye."
"Aren't you forgetting the third?"
"What's that?"
"Don't die out there. We tend to remind each other not to die."
"I thought that was implicit."
"He likes to hear it."
"Who doesn't like to hear it?
--Phil Coulson, Lance Hunter, and Mockingbird

Quote1I've been in quarantine before, and I know it can drive you absolutely nuts."
"Thanks. I was beginning to feel like a leper."
"Are you kidding? You managed to be taken hostage by three known murderers, you gunned Ward down, then were blasted by an alien chemical weapon and walked out unscathed. Leper? I think you're a rock star.
--Mockingbird and Skye

Quote1I shouldn't have to ask any of you to save one of our own."
"You never ask! You just give your orders, no matter cracked up they are!"
"Mack, you'd do well to remember your rank right now."
"Really? Rank at a time like this? Why don't you shove your rank up your..."
"Not helping, Hunter."
"Guys, stop."
"No, it's cathartic. Do you have any thoughts of your own on it, or do you just parrot his?"
"Coulson's trying to stop HYDRA."
"We didn't stop anything! We unleashed something on the planet!"
"No one knows what happened yet."
"It could have been a lot worse."
"And Skye barely made it out alive!"
"Thanks to Trip. He sacrificed his life, Mack!"
"No! He traded his life for hers! And then he was shattered into a thousand pieces!"
"That's enough! If Trip was here, he wouldn't be arguing, he wouldn't be bitching. He would be gearing up to do what needs to be done. Yes, we're dealing with forces we don't understand, but HYDRA I do understand. I want everyone ready when the sun comes up. End of discussion.
--Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Melinda May, Lance Hunter, Mockingbird, Skye, and Leo Fitz

Quote1(in American accent)Your presence is most welcome."
"Drop the accent. It makes you sound like a douche bag."
"(Reverting to normal voice)Now you know what it feels like for me to live in this country.
--Lance Hunter and Mockingbird

Quote1Skye is my friend. She's different."
"Oh, yeah. Like I was your friend, and then I changed. How did you handle that?"
"Uh, t-the point is, secrets don't help any of us. Skye should have just come clean."
"What, and risked being locked up, studied, or who know what else? No, I wouldn't let her."
"Oh, you wouldn't let her."
"We could have handled her in a way that could have kept everybody safe."
"It wasn't fair to us, Fitz. We had a right to know."
"A right to know. What... is that the same way that Sif and the Kree had the right to know?"
"I think the situation is a bit different, mate."
"No, you would have done to her exactly what they wanted to."
"You don't know that!"
"Yes, I do know that! They would--you would--you'd "handle her"! Mack just said! Like, uh... like Skye's something to be locked up in a cage somewhere. We should be protecting her."
"No, Fitz. We're the ones that need the protection from her.
--Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Alphonso Mackenzie, Mockingbird, and Lance Hunter

Quote1We're spies, we lie for a living.Quote2

Quote1If I ever apologize or beg for mercy while you torture me, know that I don't mean a word of it ... not a word. I made a hard call. I'd make the same one again right now.Quote2
--Mockingbird to Grant Ward and Agent 33

Quote1But if anyone can handle him, it's Bobbi.Quote2
--Melinda May

Quote1You look better, stupid but better, taking a bullet for me was stupid."
"Walking into a trap when you know it's a trap is stupid."
"You were the bait.
--Lance Hunter and Mockingbird
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