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Real Name
Barbara "Bobbi" Morse
Current Alias

Agent Barbara Morse, Agent 19, Bobbi Morse, Demonic Hell-Beast, Barbie, Bob, Amazon Woman, Kaelin Frayer, Agent Phillips, Bird, Rosetta Stone



Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., partner of Hawkeye, formerly Hydra (undercover)

Susan Morse (mother);

Ben Morse (brother);
Lance Hunter; (ex-husband)

Clinton "Clint" Barton (Hawkeye) (boyfriend)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Mansion; formerly S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier






Marital Status

Adventurer, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Ph.D. in biochemistry.


Place of Birth


First appearance


Bobbi Morse was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. prior to the organization's dissolution. She was once married to Lance Hunter, but their marriage ended badly with the two feeling bitter towards each other long after their divorce.

She was later on recruited to be an Avenger, after being kidnapped by Baron Zemo.

At some point after S.H.I.E.L.D. fell apart, the organization's new director, Phil Coulson had Bobbi go undercover at Hydra as their new chief of security but she kept this secret from her teammates. He also had her keep an eye on Jemma Simmons, another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working undercover as a scientist. Once Simmons' cover was blown, Bobbi revealed her true loyalties and took Simmons to the roof of the building they worked at, where an extraction team was waiting to take them back to the Playground. However, Hunter had since also started working for Coulson, and was also at the Playground when Bobbi arrived, and the two almost immediately started fighting.

After the capture of Sunil Bakshi by Grant Ward - a Hydra mole within Coulson's team, Bobbi was out in charge to interrogate him. She hoped to exploit Bakshi's determination not to disappoint Dr. Whitehall to extract information from him. When Bakshi described his superior as a "disciple" of the Red Skull, she began to look into the SSR's paper file. The team discover Daniel Whitehall's true identity - a former Hydra doctor named Werner Reinhardt and the fact that he somehow managed to reverse his age. She confronted Bakshi with this information but he instead bit into a cyanide pill hidden in his cheekbone. Bakshi would have died if not for Agent Morse and Lance Hunter immediately taking him to their medical facility, where Bakshi lay comatose. Lance later confronted her about how she pushed too hard in Bakshi's interrogation, but the argument quickly spirals into how their relationship felt apart. They quickly solved their argument by having sex in their car.

Morse traveled to the Inhumans' home in a Quinjet piloted by Melinda May, as they traveled Morse told May that Mackenzie had quit S.H.I.E.L.D. and asked her who she would be without S.H.I.E.L.D., she told May the story of how Lance Hunter had once asked her to quit to be with him and she had considered it. As May set the Quinjet in autopilot landing mode, Morse questioned their location. At this point May revealed herself to really be Kara Palamas in disguise. The pair engaged in a brief fight which ended in Morse knocking out Palamas. When Morse stepped out of the Quinjet, she was shot in the head with an I.C.E.R. fired by Grant Ward. Her unconscious body was dragged back into the Quinjet and tied up by Ward and Palamas.

Morse was taken to an abandoned warehouse and locked to a table. There she was confronted by Kara Palamas and Grant Ward. Palamas demanded that Morse confess her sins to them, when Morse did not and instead insulted Palamas, she was hit in the face. Ward informed her that Sunil Bakshi had told them that it was Morse who had sold out Palamas' location to HYDRA, leading to her capture and torture at the hands of Daniel Whitehall, and they wanted her to confess this to them to give Palamas the closure she needed. When Morse remained calm and confident, Ward opened his tool-bag and informed her that he would be using needles to torture her.

Ward began to explain his plan to Morse, where he would use an anaesthetic to remove any sensation of pain from Morse as he pushed needles under her finger nails, knowing that Morse would be able to push away most pain he inflicted to her due to her training. He explained that this way, the sensation of unbearable pain, would hit her body all at once. He offered to stop if Morse confessed what she had done but Morse refused, explaining that during her time undercover at HYDRA, she had made the right call to give the location of the S.H.I.E.L.D. safe-house which Palamas happened to be in. She told them that although what had happened to Palamas was a tragedy, she would make the same call again.

After a few hours, the effects of the anaesthetic began to ware off and the pain began to engulf her body. Kara Palamas immediately recognised the look of pain in her eyes. As Palamas wrapped her arms around Grant Ward to celebrate Morse's pain, Morse attempted to use psychology to turn Palamas against Ward, trying to convince her that Ward was playing with her emotions and using her as his slave. Palamas however revealed that she knew all about Ward's past with John Garrett, and how he had killed many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents including Victoria Hand and she was in love with him non-the-less and would always stand with Ward.

Over the next few hours, the pain became more intense and unbareable. As Morse struggled to cope she was visited by Grant Ward, who complimented her on her resilience before comparing himself to her. Ward attempted to convince her once again to end her suffering by admitting she betrayed her and thus giving Palamas the closure she needed, but Morse refused, calling Ward a hypocrite as he had betrayed his entire team. Without warning, Morse used the strength she had been building up to rip off her restraints and attack Ward, pulling out the needles from her fingers and jamming them into his neck. They engaged in a brutal fight until Morse was defeated by the combined efforts of Ward and Kara Palamas, Ward stood over her and kicked her kneecap, breaking it. As Ward offered Palamas the chance to kill her, Palamas revealed it did not feel right as Morse did not feel regret. Ward told her he knew what to do instead.

Morse was tied down to a chair with a gag in her mouth, Grant Ward activated her phone so S.H.I.E.L.D. to trace their location. Ward explained that as Morse clearly had little regard for her own life, he would force her to watch as people were killed attempting to save her, as he had rigged a rifle to be fired as soon as someone attempted to walk through the door to save her. As Ward and Palamas left the room, they told her that this would give them the closure they desired.

Eventually Morse heard the sound of Lance Hunter arriving in the warehouse and searching for her, Morse desperately attempted to move her chair in order to knock over the gun, but was unable to move far enough. When Hunter found the room she was being held in, Morse threw herself in the path of the rifle and took the bullet to her shoulder. As Hunter ran to her aid she began bleeding heavily from her wound, she lost consciousness and was taken back to S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken into emergency surgery by Jemma Simmons.

Morse survived the surgery and eventually awoke in the medical bay and found Lance Hunter waiting beside her bedside.

During Ultron's worldwide attack, she was flying towards Egypt to recruit Nekhene. Her Quinjet was damaged, making her fall to the desert and was missing in action for longer than two years.


Bobbi Morse is a warm and friendly woman while at the same time, holds a fierce determination and incredible protectiveness about those she cares about. She is very good with people, as she won over Jemma Simmons after revealing her true allegiance to S.H.I.E.L.D. and is good friends with Alphonso Mackenzie and was able to befriend the members of Phil Coulson's S.H.I.E.L.D. faction, despite the fact her ex-husband Lance Hunter had been telling everyone that she was a 'Demonic Hell-Beast'.

While she is exceptionally good at deception, Bobbi does not like lying to those close to her. Bobbi also has strong morals and is unprejudiced as she refused to harm Skye and tried to stop Tomas Calderon from shooting her and later defended her from Robert Gonzales when he called her 'it'. Bobbi yet again showed her unprejudiced beliefs when she stated that the Inhumans shouldn't be considered enemies since they did not know anything about them.

Bobbi has been shown to be exceptionally strong-willed and stubborn, as she refused to break even when tortured by Grant Ward and Kara Palamas for her actions and she said that nothing will make her change her mind, something that was noticed by the former, who went on to praise Bobbi for it.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


  • Master Spy: Morse is apt at keeping secrets and working undercover, exemplified in her work in HYDRA Laboratories, and dying her hair from blond to brown to maintain her cover. She developed relationships, some romantic, like Toshiro Mori, for the purpose of gathering intelligence.
  • Master Martial Artist: While undercover, Morse has used her fighting skills to rise within the ranks of HYDRA to head of security. She easily defeated many of her former subordinates as head of security in the HYDRA Laboratories, Toshiba Mori's bodyguards and Marcus Scarlotti's mercenaries, and also managed to hold her own against Alphonso Mackenzie when he temporarily became the sentry of the Kree City. Morse displayed enough skill to temporarily battle a Kree warrior, Vin-Tak. She was also able to equal Grant Ward in hand to hand combat, who only defeated her with the help of Agent 33.
  • Staff Mastery: While skilled in many forms of combat and with many weapons, Morse has the greatest skill with her trademark weapon, her twin staves.
  • Expert Acrobat: Morse is a skilled acrobat.
  • Expert Marksman: Through her training with S.H.I.E.L.D., Morse has become an accomplished sharpshooter, favoring the use of heavy caliber handguns. Morse walked into a hostile situation on the Iliad and killed multiple HYDRA operatives with one shot each.
  • Expert Interrogator: Morse has a great skill at reading people and getting inside their minds. She was able to figure out Sunil Bakshi's entire past and personality, despite him only saying eight words to her. When Bakshi did talk to her, Morse was able to analyze what he said and find the information that was necessary. Morse finds it easier to read a person when he/she is speaking English.
  • Pilot: Morse piloted the Quinjet to Puerto Rico.
  • Expert Scientist: Morse has a degree in Biology. She was asked to assess the Truncheon and documented its capabilities; however, her skills as a scientist were not good enough for her to learn anything of value when she was a spy in HYDRA Laboratories.
  • Multilingualism: Morse speaks English, Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and German, having used her Japanese to gain Toshiba Mori's trust. Despite her bilingual skills, however, Morse prefers speaking English during her missions.

Strength level

Mockingbird possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise.


Mockingbird is farsighted, requiring contact lenses for reading.


Equipment: Mockingbird's glasses have night vision
Transportation: Quinjets, sky-cycles, SHIELD vehicles.
Weapons: Mockingbird's Battle Staves.


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  • Mockigbird was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent level 8.

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