"hey whats your name?
"Cool armor..<grunts as he is kicked in the face> "
"..." <walks off>" -Banzai kicking Nova to make sure he isn't a Skrull
Banzai, also known as Kamikaze Samurai, is a member of the South Avengers, also known as the Rangers. He was once a samurai warrior, turned freelance bounty hunter. His background is unknown, as his real name.

Banzai is quiet, and often spends time on the Damned Train in his quarters (which looks like a typical Japaneses garden) watering the flowers and mediating.

He was thought to be mute until he charged at a Skrull Power Man screaming "Banzai" and dismembering him in seconds. Banzai is a skilled swordsman and only uses his Katana, he can block bullets with ease and even deflect Iron Man's blasts.


Banzai was thought to be mute until he dismembered a Skrull screaming Banzai!!!!. He sings in a low tone Japaneses proverbs when nobody is looking, he also mutters random words when mediating. Banzai is loyal, he is also a good cook despite Joseph claiming to be the best cook in the world, though Banzai cooks a pretty mean Tofu and sushi.

Banzai is shown to be calm in battle, predicting and countering his enemies' moves effectively, he is also unpredictable in battle, changing his fighting stance every millisecond, and attacking with different degrees of strength and procession.


Banzai wears samurai armor, and a white headband with the Kanji for his nickname on it and the Red sun. He doesn't always wear it, he has the appearance of a skeleton.


Early Life

Banzai was born and raised in Japan, though where exactly is unknown. He became a Samurai.

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