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Real Name
Balis Tartarus Vantellio
Current Alias

Red Angel, Apollo's Red Angel, Son of Apollo, The Wanna-Be Hercules, Italy's Protector



Young Avengers, Defenders Squad; Formerly vigilante

Apollo (Father), Unknown Shi'ar mother, Zeus (Grandfather), Leto (Grandmother), Asciepius, Aristaeus, Janus, Linus, Philammon, Troilos (Paternal Half Brothers), Several gods and demi-gods, Unknown Shi'ar family line


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Mobile



Blue, (Icy)


Unusual Features
Pupil-less eyes, crimson feathered hair and wings, Talons instead of finger nails


Marital Status

Student; Formerly vigilante

Home schooled by his mother at least to high school level and culture of the Shi'ar

Demi-god-Alien hybrid

Place of Birth


First appearance




Balis is something of a first of his kind sort of deal, being the son of the Olympian God Apollo and a Shi'ar woman disguising herself as a human. In her human guise, she was able to catch the eye of the Sun God during one of his leisure trips to Earth and the two had a short romance, best described as a short love affair resulting in Balis. Once Apollo had to return to Olympus Balis's mother continued her observation of humanity for a time until she became more visibly pregnant and had to seek out a proper place to settle down. Buying a small apartment and having her egg, it wasn't long before Balis hatched appearing more human than Shi'ar much to his mother's relief.

For most of Balis' early life his mother made sure he was under the impression they were a normal human family but she decided to homeschool him largely due to the concern of his skin being more orange coloration than normal. Whenever they did go out she would lie that his coloration was an unusual skin condition that wasn't harmful but could have negative effects. Balis for a time believed his mother as well and continued his life as usual until about eight that he discovered some of his mother's Shi'ar weaponry and items. Confused, he inquired to his mother what the devices were much to her dismay but didn't hesitate to reveal her true appearance and explaining her reason being there in the first place.

Shocked but curious, Balis began to learn more about his Shi'ar heritage and began training with his mother in preparation to maybe someday go to Chandilar. During his spare time Balis also began to have some curiosity towards who his father was, which his mother was more reluctant to explain, instead encouraging to study more about Greek Mythology as a way to drop a hint. Doing so, Balis spent much of his time between training and his usual studies to look into Greek mythology, growing interested in several of the Gods and showing an interest towards Apollo. But seeing the exploits of heroes past and discovering his distant relative Hercules had been active once, Balis sought to become his own hero and began secretly working as a vigilante using his superhuman physiology and red wings alone, briefly taking on the codename of Apollo's Red Angel, or Red Angel for short.

By chance when Balis was fourteen, he would finally meet his father when he saved a seemingly old man from being mugged, actually being Apollo in disguise. When Apollo learned a little more about the naïve Balis at the time the Olympian revealed his true self and convinced the young Demi-god alien to take him to his home where his parents were reunited much to the annoyance of his mother. Though Balis learned the truth he realized his father had come to see his son for himself when hearing of his attempts of being a hero, showing some pride in it. But Apollo wasn't to stay, instead gifting his son with a gold and bronze bow and an amulet as a way to show his support before departing.

Mobile no More

Following his father's leave and his mother's reluctant blessing, Balis began to expand his territory in helping others. During the next two years he slowly but gradually began to make Italy his place to protect, becoming Italy's Protector and changing his codename to Sol after discovering his Solar Energy manipulation and still in honor of his father. Balis also during this time made no effort to hide that he was in fact a demi-god, but hide his alien heritage merely passing off as having a gift from the gods while others seemed to question him potentially being a mutant.

Regardless of the public belief, Balis was eventually approached sometime before he turned seventeen by members of the Avengers, namely Arno Stark and Henry Pym when hearing of his reputation. Though unsure at first, Balis eventually accepted the offer and traveled with them to United States to join the Avengers Academy.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wing manifestation:Due to his Shi'ar heritage, Balis has a pair of red feathered wings on his upper back that extend to about ten feet each, twenty when fully spread granting him the ability of flight. These wings allow him to fly up to 10,000 feet and fly at speeds of 130 mph, being strong enough to allow him to carry at least one other passenger if he chooses to. They are also flexible enough to hide beneath closing and strong enough to knock a man off his feet.
    • Aerial Adaptation:Balis also has adaptation to withstand high and low atmospheric pressures and has a greater lung capacity than a normal human. This allows him to take in greater amounts of oxygen when necessary and fly in some places lower in oxygen levels. He also has shown to slightly greater sight than most.
  • Hybrid Physiology:Due to Balis's mixed heritage of Olympian and Shi'ar his physical capabilities are on a superhuman level, being far beyond the limits of a human and Shi'ar alike. This hybrid state has given him the current abilities:
    • Superhuman Strength:Due to both sides of his lineage having enhanced strength Balis can lift far more then the average human. At the most he can lift 20 tons but with peak physical conditioning he can push it to 25 tons.
    • Superhuman Durability:Balis has denser bones and body tissue then the average human or shi'ar. This allows him to withstand powerful impact forces and survive things normally fatal to most humans with some discomfort, though due to his hollower bones there is still chance some places might at the very least fracture with enough force.
    • Superhuman Agility:His bodily balance, coordination, and reflexes are beyond the finest human athlete, especially in the air where he is considerably agile.
    • Superhuman Stamina:Balis can do most activities for long periods of time without succumbing to the affects of fatigue toxins in the body. He can go for hours, depending upon the activity, before he actually becomes exhausted.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor:Something he inherited from his father that allows Balis to heal faster then a normal human. Minor injuries take only a few minutes to several hours to heal completely while anything major can take from days to weeks. He is also able to withstand some minor and mild doses of toxins and immune to mild cases of disease.
    • Longevity:Due to being a demi-god Balis has a much longer life span than a shi'ar or human, allowing him to look in his prime for several more years before he shows signs of aging. At the moment his estimated life span is unknown but it could be anywhere in the few thousands.
  • Solar Manipulation:Balis inherited the ability to control and absorb solar energy directly from the sun itself, which he inherited from his father Apollo. His body acts a kind of living solar battery, storing energy into the cells of his body that enable him to not only manipulate it but also store it for use when he isn't in the sun for a few days. With it he can create concussive blasts, heat rays, generate flashes of light, unleash heat waves, and engulf himself in a solar aura that makes it difficult for others to get close and some objects to reach him. The heat he creates and generates can reach up to a minimum of 1200 degree F and maximum of 1600 degrees F, allowing him some immunity to heat at reach within these limits but anything higher begins to affect him.


  • Master Combatant: Balis has been trained extensively in Shi'ar combat techniques by his mother and has some small degree of self-training in other forms.
  • Archer/Bo Staff Wielder: During his training, Balis has also been trained to use blunt weapons, most especially those of bo staffs or other staff-like weapons. He also has some training in archery by his father, usually having some decent accuracy within 60 feet.
  • Balis has also been shown to be incredibly perceptive and rather observant.

Strength level

Balis has far greater strength then any human or shi'ar who engages in intensive exercise.


  • Balis wings may be flexible they are also very vulnerable as they can easily be injured, broken, or even easily removed by amputation so he often has to be very careful with them.
  • Many of Balis' physical powers are heavily based on his physical condition and health for without good health or if he is ill he cannot function at his best.
  • Though he is able to withstand many blows and has denser skin and slightly stronger bones they are still hollow and subjected to being more easily broken in some places.
  • His solar manipulation, though he can absorb it, is limited to being able to be used for a few days when not in the sun. But without contact with the sun or if he uses up all the solar energy he absorbs then this power becomes relatively useless.
  • Though he has longevity and a healing factor Balis is still has the usual weaknesses of most humanoid beings,especially to stronger cases of disease and poison or even having major organs and bones taking fatal hits.
  • Balis can withstand most heat but nothing above the maximum he can generate, not to mention water has been known to slow him down, the heat can take a heavy toll on his body if higher levels of heat are used for long periods of time, and sometimes has to be careful of those around him or even objects close by


Equipment: Olympian-style armor, golden amulet given to him by his father
Transportation: His own wings, SHIELD vehicles

  • Shi'ar Bo Staff: A staff gifted to him by his mother when he began his vigilante career. It is extremely durable, being made of an alien material known only by the Shi'ar that can withstand his rough use of it and the heat he generates.
  • Olympian Bow: A bow made of bronze and gold metal granted to him by his father before Apollo returned to Olympus. It's exceptionally strong, capable of withstanding quite a bit of abuse and decently flexible, seeming to be made especially for someone like Balis who makes use of incredible strength without breaking. Though made for Balis in particular, he has shown that it is capable of being used by others with being able to make use of energy-made or man-made arrows.


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  • So far, Balis is the only known hybrid of his kind in this universe.

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