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Real Name
Bakari Reis
Current Alias

Master of the Gods, HYDRA's God




Apocalypse (Ancestor), Unknown Parents (Deceased), Neith Reis (Twin Sister)


Base Of Operations
HYDRA Gang Warehouse; Formerly HYDRA base


6' 6" (8'6)





Marital Status

Gang Leader, Crime Lord; Formerly HYDRA agent

Self-taught but was also taught by HYDRA scientists

Due to the nature of his ancestry, Bakari could be a mutant whose power was triggered by HYDRA's artificial Cosmic Cube but is currently labeled an artifical demi-god

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 I'll show you the true power of a god. Quote2
-- Bakari Reis


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Spreading the Chaos

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Powers and Abilities


  • Egyptian God Mimicry: Like his twin, Bakari has a unique power to be able to take on the characteristics and powers of Egyptian Gods. Very much like his sister Neith he can take on a metal, armor-like appearance resembling a certain god with having an animalistic representation of them while retaining his human appearance to some degree. He will take on the wings, claws, head, etc. of that god while also gaining those powers in which the specific god has, the armor state being a dull gold and black along with some occasions of having other colors as well. As a result though Bakari must have extensive knowledge of that god to not only imagine it in his mind to take on the armor-like form but also to properly use their ability. But whether this is mutant in nature or the artificial Cosmic Cube HYDRA made making him an artificial demi-god is uncertain.
    • Essence of Amun-Ra: When using this "Essence", Bakari has a unique aspect that he can switch between the characteristics of a falcon with it's head, wings, can clawed feet or a ram with a ram's head and hoofed feet. When in his "Amun" state, he is capable of manipulating the air for offensive purposes such as creating powerful winds, air blades, or concentrated concussive blasts. He can also choose to go completely undetected by unknown means, project an "air shield" to guard himself and others, and when he touches someone psionically manipulate them to telling the truth of something. As his "Ra" state, he is capable of manipulating solar energy which also extends to light and fire, generally using this for various effects and can subtly affect others using pheromones as a way to draw others to his cause and follow his orders.
    • Essence of Anubis: With this, Bakari takes on the features of a jackal, such as the head, clawed hands and feet, and a tail, with an additional unique feature in visible fur that can stand on end like quills. Bakari is capable of seeing spirits in this state and having a death warning, knowing when someone is about to die but not how they will. He is capable of also performing necromancy, summoning the dead or souls to do his bidding and has can tap into the darker side of magic for destructive purposes, though this magic tapping is limited.
    • Essence of Horus: When using the "essence" of Horus, Bakari gains slightly larger wings than his "Ra" state, taloned feet, and a hawk head. Like "Amun", he can manipulate the air but in a far greater range and potency behind it. He can become stronger in this state when in the thrall of combat, seeming to go into a "warrior's instinct" state, being capable of not only becoming stronger fighting but also predict the moves of his opponent the longer he fights them. He also has a way of inducing rage in another, forcing them to seek combat in a bloodthirsty state of mind for a few hours.
    • Essence of Khonsu: In this state, Bakari takes on the characteristics of a baboon, having their head, lankier body, and mane-like fur around the head and shoulders. This form is Bakari's least favorite as it goes against some of what he believes in, largely because this form allows him to heal others to an extent, allowing fatal injuries to become more manageable and taking away such things as poison and mild disease. But he also can manipulate lunar energy for various effects like that of the Solar energy from Ra, though usually such a power is limited to the night and when the moon is out. He also has limited control over time, being able to pause, slow, and fast forward to a limited 30-foot radius.
    • Essence of Osiris: In his "Osiris" state, Bakari once more becomes a ram with the head and hoofed feet but slightly smaller in size than his "Amun" state. Like "Anubis" he can summon spirits or souls of the dead to do his bidding, having a stronger connection to the Realm of the Dead. This does allow him to have temporary access to Death's Dimension through unknown means. But with this "Essence" he can also manipulate vegetation within his environment how he sees fit, such as growing rapidly, becoming "minions", creating constructs, etc. and has shown being capable of causing growth spontaneously.
    • Essence of Sobek: With the "essence" of Sobek, Bakari takes on the features of a Nile Crocodile, including the head, clawed hands and feet, the tail, and slightly bulkier size. With it he gains superhuman durability due to the thicker mass and superhuman strength to lift ten tons. He can manipulate water at will in this state, ranging from the air and bodies of water, usually creating jets/blasts of water, constructs, creating waves, and water shields. Bakari can also bring out the worst fears of victims by touching the victim and psionically influencing them to endure that fear for a short period of time, usually to incapacitate them.
    • Essence of Seth: In this state, Bakari takes on a single feature of a hippo, the head being almost skeletal like with visible protruding tusks along with a larger body mass. Using this "Essence" Bakari becomes able to manipulate sand and dust at will, using them for mainly constructs of weapons, armor, shields, and other kinds while at the same time being able to whip up a sandstorm within 30 feet. Bakari can also use chaos manipulation in a similar manner to the Scarlet Witch with that same 30-foot radius, causing various types of disastrous outcomes for victims that would be attributed to incredible "bad luck". Lastly, he can also induce dehydration in others, sapping away the moisture from one's body and slowly causing a victim to weaken and in rare cases die.
    • Essence of Thoth: Bakari takes on the features of an ibis in this state, such as the head, wings for short range flight/gliding, and clawed feet. With this form, Bakari gains superhuman levels of intelligence that allow him to learn at a quicker rate, retain and process information at a greater capacity, and formulate plans/tactics several times faster than a normal human. He also can tap into magic much more strongly in this state, allowing him to use various magics at his disposal but usually are at a smaller level than more powerful and knowledgeable users such as the Sorcerer Supreme. Bakari can also animate drawings, pictures, sketches, etc., causing them to have limited sentience in which to do his bidding as he sees fit, lasting only as long as he remains in this state.


  • Master Close Quarters Combatant: Bakari has been trained extensively by HYDRA in armed and unarmed combat and several forms of martial arts. He also has learned several on his own since his time on the streets.
  • Expert Sniper: Bakari also has been trained to use various types of firearms by HYDRA, preferring larger guns such as shot guns and rifles. He is quite precise with being able to shoot from 200-300 yards when there is clear target.
  • Throwing Weapons Specialist: Bakari has trained extensively in the use of throwing weapons, which includes bola, knives, shurikens, lances, ball-and-chain, and his favorite foreign weapon the Chakram. He in particular has modified chakram throwing weapons he likes to make use of.
  • Decent Tactician: Bakari also has some experience in planning out strategies, in particular for a small unit but it isn't completely his forte. Though he has enough use in it to have made a small underworld empire for himself.
  • First Aid Training: Bakari also has training in first aid with being able to handle minor and non-fatal wounds, such as cleaning them and dressing them or taking procedures to prevent major infection. He knows how to remove things remaining in the body, how fix a dislocated joint or dislocate it if necessary, and making a splint and CPR.

Strength level

Varies depending on what form he takes but when not in armored state is the same as a man his age, height, and weight.


  • Bakari is still susceptible everything to a human is outside his armored state.
  • Much like his sister, Bakari is limited only to the gods of the Egyptian Pantheon and is unable to copy those of others.
  • When near or close to his sister, Bakari is unable to take the "Essences" of the Egyptian gods, only able to remain in his humanoid armored state.
    • He also cannot access these forms when out of the armored state.
  • Bakari also suffers from a god complex, believing himself to be a god due to his abilities, which means his ego and over-confidence can work against him.



  • "Avatar" Suit: A micro-weave suit made of bulletproof and knife proof material. It is light weight and flexible, preventing him from being hindered in his movements. The lenses of his mask also offer telescopic sight, thermal vision, night vision, and allow him to analyze a target.
    • Magnetic Mechanisms: Bakari also has built in magnets into his gloves that allow him to draw most metal objects into his hand so long as they allow for a magnetic attraction. He makes use of these primarily for throwing weapons, usually for his Chakram weapons. He also can use this to adhere to metal surfaces to climb or move around in certain places.


  • His powers
  • Various armored vehicles or motorcycles


  • Rifles, his powers
  • Specially made Chakram Discs


  • The uncertainty of Bakari's abilities being mutant or from the Cosmic Cube come largely from the author's uncertainty of what to make his power origin for the moment.


  • Bakari, like his sister, is theorized by HYDRA to have connections to Clan Akkaba due to his genetic ancestry.

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