The Avengers rescue team (Earth-616) is a minor avengers team dedicated to saving lives, not violence and combat. The team was founded by Hank Pym and Owen Smith, and lead by the latter. They also feature in their own comic of the same name, which has gained a cult audience among Marvel fans.


  • Owen Smith / Ant Man VI - The next Ant Man, after he used a new suit provided by Hank Pym to fight crime he wasn't all he thought he could be, even getting a child killed because of his lack of skill as a crime fighter. He then retired to an ant hill for some time before starting a new team with Hank Pym, based upon saving lives as paramount about violence and conflict, he then formed the Avengers Rescue squad
  • Walter Newell / Stingray - Never really respected by the avengers, Walter Newell regretted his move to heroics, one he could no longer avoid to continue with his old life as an oceanographer. He continued to rebuild the Hydro base but it was barely used by the Avengers, until Owen Smith came along with a proposition for a new team.
  • Elias Wirtham / Cardiac - The good willed but emotionally troubled medic had never really had anyone like him, anyone who wanted to help like he did. Until now, when he finally finds a team in which he fits in. Despite feeling like the outcast, Cardiac is integral to the team and slowly bonds with his fellow rescuers.
  • Angelica Jones / Firestar - New Warrior turned Avenger, turned teacher, Firestar has never really been the hero she wanted to be. Like her friend Miguel, she believes her powers can only destroy, but she has joined the team to prove herself wrong, that she could help people.
  • Miguel Santos / Living Lightning - Always being an outsider, Miguel was convinced by Firestar to, like her, prove that he could help create, not destroy.




  • The original idea for the series was to have Avengers Rescue Squad be a limited run comic book with no release plan. A new issue would be launched mainly when a large real world disaster has happened. In the issue the Avengers Rescue Team help that real world event and half of the profit from that comic is donated towards helping that real world disaster. Some issues would be done without tying into real world events, but not often. This idea was eventually scrapped as although good in mind, it may have been deemed offensive by the countries affected.
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