The Avengers Cinematic Universe is a cinematic universe created by Marvel and (from 2009) Disney.


Title Main character Main villain Rating Year of premiere
The Avengers Spider-Man Baron Zemo PG-13 2000
The Avengers 2 Spider-Man Norman Osborn PG-13 2004
The Avengers: Last Chance Iron-Man Ultron PG-13 2006
Avengers Origins: Spider-Man Spider-Man Norman Osborn PG-13 2009
The Avengers: First Team Nick Fury Red Skull PG-13 2011
The Spider-Man Spider-Man Professor Monster PG-13 2013
The Avengers: Past Future Spider-Man Wilson Fisk PG-13 2014
Agent Venom Agent Venom Riot R 2016
The Avengers: Thanos Nick Fury Thanos PG-13 2016
Parker Spider-Man Michael Morbius R 2017
Agent Venom 2 Agent Venom Skaar R 2018
The Avengers: Age of Ultron Iron-Man Ultron PG-13 2019
The Young Avengers Miss America ??? PG-13 2020

Cancelled movies

Title Main character
Thunderbolts Agent Venom
Agent Venom 3 Agent Venom
Ghost Rider Ghost Rider
Avengers Origins: Baron Zemo Helmut Zemo
Morales Miles Morales
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