Avengers Battlefield

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Avengers Battlefield
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Avengers 2 ProjectAssemeble
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Campaign Multiplayer
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Nintendo switch PlayStation 4 Pc
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7/1 2019
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Story sets during Battle of San Francisco Taskmaster joins Hydra to Defeat Avengers he planted Terrigen Mists bomb in San Francisco Later Avengers failed to disarm bomb which caused death of many innocent people and Hulk and Captain America five months later Tony Stark invites remaining members to take what lost From Hydra During attacking of S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier crashed in Brooklyn Later Captain America returns From Death To end His Mission Defeat Hydra Later Spidey crash site and calls Young Avengers And Punisher And Squirrel girl Later Taskmaster was taken into prison

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Thanos picks up infinity gauntlet and says I Will do it Myself


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Avengers Earth-609 cover
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