The Avengers are a famous superhero team in Earth-29876433.

Team Members

West Coast Avengers



Thunder, the god of thunder and lightning from Asgard, gathered some heroes from Midgard. These heroes were Armor Man, Falcon II, Human Ant, Bumblebee, and Iceman. He gathered the heroes because his evil brother, Loko, gathered villains to destroy the world. These villains were unknown, but very powerful. While looking for Loko and his group in a snowy, icy, and cold country, the heroes found a man frozen in ice. Armor Man took the block of ice to safety. He used his repulsors to melt the ice, and there was a hero from a long time ago; American Soldier. The hero woke up and started fighting the other heroes, but then Armor Man explained to him what happened. American Soldier said he'll join the team to avenge Loko, and Iceman came up with the team name: Avengers. They tracked down Loko and his team and destroyed him, and Thur went back to his world. The Human Ant and Bumblebee left to catch up on their experiments, and Iceman went back to join the Mutant-Men (parallel X-Men). The team was American Soldier, Falcon II, and Armor Man, and they had to find new members.

New Members

James Banner joined the team to be their scientist and computer person, and he hid his identity as the Bulk. Falcon II accidentally made him angry by spilling a beaker, and James turned into The Bulk. Bulk later apologized to the Avengers, and joined the crime-fighting part of the team. Spider-Man, Rick Jones, and Furious also joined, expanding and improving the team.

Infinity Gauntlet

The Avengers once had to stop Thunas (Parallel Thanos) who had all the Infinity Gems to power the Infinity Gauntlet. The fight was long and hard, and at the end, Rick Jones and Furious left the team.

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