Not much is known about the origin of this Earth's Avengers except that Iron Man and Captain America were members when the team was founded in Year Two.

Age of Ultron

During Year Three, the Avengers battled Ultron.

Avengers World

In Year Four, Iron Man and Captain America decided to implement the Avengers World initiative. During the events of Infinity Gauntlet, the newer, more massive team battled the Mad Titan Thanos, which resulted to the deaths of half the universe but the effects were reverted and everything returned to normal.

Hydra World

Not much is known about this year except that a Captain America impostor took over the world with Hydra which resulted to the heroes losing their morale and their faith in the Avengers and leaving the Avengers, leaving Iron Man the sole member of the team.

A year after the events of Hydra World, Iron Man sought out Captain America and recruited him back into the Avengers.

Avengers World Initiative

A week before the events of Midnight Heralds, Steve and Tony begin enlisting heroes into the Avengers World Initiative.

One squad called the Impact Squad, is to be lead by Steve Rogers. Steve also tells Tony that he wants Starbrand on the team. Tony agrees and begins forming the Star Squad.

Midnight Heralds

After being attacked by Proxima Midnight who is revealed to have become a Herald of Galactus, Captain America and Iron Man restarted the Avengers World initiative under the Avengers Universe initiative, immediately recruiting Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel who were at the Avengers Tower at the time of Proxima's kidnapping of Starbrand, in the hope of disabling the planetary defense system before the coming of her master.

Steve begins calling the members of the new Avengers. The Impact Squad included Thor, Hyperion, and Steve himself as the leader. The Star Squad is lead by Captain Marvel and constitutes Nightmask, Manifold, Nova, Captain Universe, and the kidnapped Starbrand.

While on his way home, Nova is attacked by Terrax the Tamer who has resumed being a herald of Galactus. The Impact Squad arrive at Jupiter to assist Nova, while the Star Squad search for Proxima Midnight and Starbrand.


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