Avengers: Infinity War is a 2018 film released within the Earth-11584 continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the third stand-alone Avengers film, the 11th film in Phase 3, and the 26th film overall in the MCU. Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo, who had previously directed the last two Captain America films (and will go on to direct the as yet unreleased sequel to this film), the film combines many of the heroes of the MCU to stand together and try and stop the Mad Titan Thanos from combining the powers of the Infinity Stones as a testament to his great love, Death. The film was a massive box office success, drawing in over 2 billion dollars at the worldwide box office.


Ever since The Avengers capped off Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plans were put into motion to adapt the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity War stories into the MCU. Thanos was introduced at the end of The Avengers in a post-credits scene (though he and the Infinity Stones were first set up by the first Thor movie the year prior), played by Josh Brolin in motion capture rather than elaborate makeup. Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege intended for Infinity War to be the "epic of all epics" and that it would feature virtually every major character seen in the first three Phases of the MCU. In 2014 it was announced that Infinity War would in fact be two films shot back to back (with the second part later being retitled Infinity Gauntlet), and that Part 2 of the story would serve as the first film in Phase 4 of the MCU. Despite this, the tone for both films was viewed as "radically different". Directors Anthony & Joe Russo, following their success with both The Winter Soldier and Civil War, were tapped to direct the two Avengers films, after Joss Whedon left following Age of Ultron.

Filming began in June of 2017, and would continue off and on throughout the remainder of the year, with early filming wrapping in January of 2018, due to the large number of different schedules that needed to be met. It was the longest filming production in Marvel's history to that point.

Plot Summary

We open on the Marvel Studios logo and an ominous sounding background music, as we fade in on the near ruins of Asgard. The realm is torn asunder, both from the recent incursion of Surtur and the Battle of Ragnarok, but also from the arrival of Thanos and his Black Order. We see Odin, the Allfather, bleeding from the face and slowly crawling his way back to his feet, leaning heavily on the spear Gunginir. The camera pans up and sees Thanos and His Infinity Gauntlet, the Power Stone glowing bright purple. Thanos speaks of Odin's failures to prevent this day, and about the inevitability of Death coming to all, even those who think themselves a god. Odin says he never thought himself a God, merely long-lived. He also condemns Thanos' quest, saying he will never be the equal of that which he claims to love. Thanos fights him briefly, eventually taking Gunginir and easily snapping it into two pieces. Odin barely stands, still mocking Thanos, saying he will never find the Tesseract. Thanos nonchalantly says that his daughter will find it for him. But he needs Odin dead for another reason. Odin tries to get him to say that reason, but Thanos merely smiles...until Odin yells out Now and launches his trusty steed, Slepinir, at Thanos as a brief distraction. While dealing with the wild horse, Odin directs the rebuilt Destroyer Armor to fire at Thanos at near point blank range, engulfing the Mad Titan in smoke and ash.

At first it seems as if the blast has worked, until the smoke clears and Odin is dismayed to see Thanos standing there behind a shield constructed from the Power Stone, virtually unharmed. Thanos then blasts the Destroyer, melting it down into slag with little effort. Odin charges at Thanos, drawing a sword from his hilt, but Thanos merely catches the Allfather in his hands and lifts him by the throat. Odin again reiterates that Thanos will never be a God, before he dies in Thanos' hands. The Mad Titan chucks the body to the side as the Black Order, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian approach him. Thanos explains that he has sent Nebula ahead to retrieve the Tesseract, while he orders the Maw to accompany him to their next destination. He tells the other three to head for Earth: with Odin's death and Asgard's destruction, the Veil of the Nine Realms will fall and Earth will be vulnerable. He orders the three to retrieve the other two Infinity Stones there, and await his arrival. When asked by the Maw about the Soul Stone, Thanos is quiet, he merely enters a room in the Asgardian palace, seeing a facsimile of the World Tree Yggdrasil there. Using the Power Stone, Thanos destroys the facsimile, causing purple cracks to begin to appear in the floor around them. They all beam up to a nearby ship. The ship flies off as we cut to an outside shot of Asgard, the ship departing from the Realm, as the planet containing Asgard slowly disintegrates from the Power Thanos showed. We see in the distance a rainbow colored spark of energy as it slowly flies towards Earth, entering our atmosphere as the opening titles AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR appear on screen.

We cut back to Earth and the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange is amazed that Wong doesn't have any money (joking about having the deli guys make him a metaphysical ham on rye) when an alarm goes off within the Sanctum. Wong questions whether Mordo has made an attack on Kamer-Taj or somewhere else, but Strange says that the alarm is far more grim than that. He dons the Cloak of Levitation and floats up to a globe atop the stairs. He conjurs a spell and sees a large amount of magic falling away from the globe, as if it were an orange peeling rapidly. Wong asks Strange what it means, and Strange can't come up with an answer, but he says if it is what he thinks it is, it's not good. He says they need to talk to Stark, ASAP. We cut back to Avengers Tower, where Stark is overseeing elements of rebuilding New York. He also communicates with Coulson on some kind of search and grab mission, when the Bifrost energy crashes through the tower, replaying the end credits scene from World War Hulk. Tony's first response to wonder why Loki is here, but Thor says they have bigger problems than that. Thanos has attacked Asgard and, if his feelings are to be believed, may have succeeded, thus placing the Tesseract and the Space Stone within his grasp. Tony again demands to know why Loki is here, who the hell horseface is (who identifies himself as Beta Ray Bill) and who the hell Thanos is. Loki chimes in, saying Thanos is the doom of the Earth. He is the true master of the Chitauri, and the one who will bring doom upon them all. Suddenly a portal opens beneath his feet, with Loki exclaiming not again, before falling into the Mirror Dimension, courtesy of Doctor Strange. Strange tells Thor that he thought he said he would leave promptly, and Thor says plans had to change. Stark regains control of the situation, and calls them together for a meeting.

Inside the briefing room, we see the previously assembled group, joined by Simon Williams and Jim Rhodes. Before the briefing begins, Stark gets an incoming message from his wife, but he ignores it. Wong and Doctor Strange explain the backstory of the Infinity Stones: they were six gems of unimaginable power created by the six abstract entities near the dawn of the universe. Strange also reveals that he still possesses the Time Stone within the Eye of Agamotto, a fact that makes Thor incredulous, as he insists he never would have left the Mind Stone with the Vision if he knew that the Time Stone was already on Earth. This cues Beta Ray Bill to explain more about Thanos, saying that he attacks worlds and culls half the population as a tribute to his obsession, the Abstract Being of Death. Tony asks if they could just destroy the Time Stone, but Wong shoots that down, saying that there is no device absent the power of the creators of the Stones who could destroy them. Tony then asks about the Veil of the Nine Realms, which Thor explains was a magical cloak around Earth and the other Nine Realms, with Asgard as its core. A single ship might be able to get through to Earth, but an entire armada would either never find Earth or the Asgardians would be alerted long before they got there (which is why Thanos needed the Tesseract to open a portal to invade during the Battle of New York). But with Asgard's destruction and Odin's death, that veil has collapsed, meaning that Thanos can now invade with impunity, and they need to be ready. At that moment (after Strange frees Loki, considering him not a threat at the moment) Phil Coulson interrupts (to Thor and Loki's surprise) saying that their snatch and go mission has failed because someone tipped off Captain Rogers. This perks Thor's interest, at wanting to reunite the Avengers. Tony sighs and tells Thor they need to catch up on some stuff, before asking who tipped them off. Phil simply says it was Sharon Carter. Tony follows up by saying he'll talk with Carter. He then sends we need all hands on deck, sending Coulson to collect Hawkeye and Ant-Man from their respective "timeouts". He sends Wonder Man to speak with She-Hulk, as they obviously aren't on speaking terms. He sends Rhodey to contact Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four. Rhodey asks if the "kid" should be contacted, which Tony replies negatively too. Strange says he'll try and find if there's a weakness to the Infinity Stones they don't know about, while also telling Tony they may need to call in Banner for this to work. Tony dismisses the idea out of hand, which Thor quickly questions, saying they're catching

We cut up to space and see the Milano traveling through a warp tunnel. Star-Lord is flying the ship, bopping his head along to Parliament's song "Flashlight", Gamora quietly joining him in time. We get a pan shot of the other Guardians, a childlike Groot dancing along with the others, Rocket fiddling with the controls of a weapon and Drax sleeping behind them all. A spark flashes from Rocket's weapon, causing Quill to remind him not to mess with stuff while at warp. Rocket dismissively apologizes before a transponder goes off in the Milano. Gamora informs them they're receiving a distress call from a nearby ship. They drop out of warp, Drax still sleeping, and see on their scanners an Asgardian ship being chased by one of Thanos' fighter ships. Rocket asks how the hell an Asgardian ship made it this far out, but Quill doesn't seem to care, as the Asgardians are loaded. He moves to intercept, despite Gamora's warnings about Thanos' craft. The sudden switch in direction finally wakes up Drax, who simply asks if we're there yet, which Groot answers in stereotypical fashion.

We cut to on board the Asgardian ship, as only Valkyrie and Heimdall are left to try and outrun Nebula's craft. Valkyrie asks why they can't just use that Tesseract thingy to fly halfway across the galaxy. Heimdall says it doesn't work that way. A powerful being like Odin could use the Tesseract, it could easily rip them in two if they tried. They take another strong hit and the shields on the craft are nearly exhausted. Heimdall sees another craft come into range and as they look out the bridge window they see the Milano swoop in and blast away at the other craft, disabling it. Gamora calls on the radio to the other craft, telling them to surrender, when she is surprised to hear Nebula's voice. Inside the Thanos' craft we see Nebula grimacing to herself, as she lines up her craft for a crash course with the Asgardian vessel. At the last second Nebula blows the top off her craft and lands on the top of it, her cybernetic parts casting a shield over her organic tissue in the vacuum of space. She slips a Chitauri device on top of the Asgardian hull, which allows her to slip in through the top. Heimdall spots a planet called Labnett nearby, and steers the ship there. Meanwhile Valkyrie and Nebula do battle in the hold of the ship, the Tesseract suspended nearby. The Guardians, not wanting to miss out on the payday, follow the Asgardian vessel to its crash landing.

As Nebula and Valkyrie continue their battle, Heimdall climbs out of the wreckage of the ship and joins the fray. Nebula, skilled though she is, can't fend off the two of them for long, and is quickly captured when the Guardians arrive to "save the day." Quill says that the two of them don't have to thank them, Nebula has more bounties on her than they do. Heimdall asks who the hell they are, but Valkyrie identifies them as the one's who saved Xandar a few years back. Too bad that didn't last, she quips, before pulling out a gun and turning it on Gamora. The Guardians point their own weapons, but Valkyrie says that even on the Grandmaster's Planet they've heard of Thanos and his daughters. Gamora says that she doesn't work for Thanos anymore, but Nebula obviously does. Nebula begins laughing while being restrained by Drax, saying that she wasn't working for Thanos she was working against him. Heimdall says it didn't appear that way when she was destroying Asgard. Rocket laments Asgard's destruction saying they'll never get paid now. Nebula goes on to explain that she was trying to get the Tesseract for herself, so that she could flee this corner of the universe and deny Thanos the ultimate power he craves. Gamora's eyes go wide as she realizes that the Tesseract is the Space Stone. She says if Thanos unites all six Infinity Stones, he will be unstoppable. Nebula replies he pretty much already is, but if they have two stones on their side, they might stand a chance. Heimdall says he won't let the Tesseract out of his sight, while Valkyrie says she agrees with the cyber-broad, if this thing is as powerful as they are letting on, two or three of them might do the trick. Quill says that's all well and good but no one knows where the other stones are. Nebula says she knows at least one is on Earth, and that the Soul Stone is with Warlock, wherever he is. Heimdall chimes in that he knows where they can find the Reality Stone, and if the Guardians will take him to Knowhere, they can retrieve it. Nebula says Thanos is headed their too, and after a debate between the Guardians, they agree to help find the stones, in exchange for a reward of course.

We cut back to Earth to find Thor yelling at Tony Stark over his failings in the last few months, between the incident with the Hulk and the Avengers Civil War. Tony yells back that someone had to keep the Earth safe, and they couldn't always rely on Captain Asgard to ride his rainbow bridge down to save the day. The two nearly come to blows when Bill manages to get Thor to calm down, and the Asgardian contingent storms off to plan for Thanos' eventual arrival. Tony gets another call from Pepper and dismisses it outright, before turning his attention to Sharon Carter, who is apparently under arrest at the moment. Carter says that what Tony is doing is wrong and Stark simply replies he's following the law. It's what the people who are in charge want him to do. He mentions he tried to call Steve and end things peacefully, but after the Hulk incident the feud broke out again between them. He tells Sharon, though, that we are facing a crisis and we need Steve Rogers and the group he has with him. He briefly explains about Thanos being the man behind New York, and eventually Carter says she doesn't know exactly where Steve is, but that she last knew they were in Scotland somewhere. Tony says its a start before ordering that she be taken out of custody but kept an eye on until Rogers was back in the fold. Leaving Sharon there, he is about to call Pepper back when Rhodey wheels himself into the room, claiming they have a problem. Vision has shut off his transponder and hasn't replied back to their hails. Tony rolls his eyes and says that's just wonderful before heading out to find the android himself.

Elsewhere we see the Fantastic Four fighting in the streets of New York against a man called the Trapster, as they attempt to help Spider-Man with the battle. Spider-Man taunts this villain, calling him "Paste-Pot Pete" which causes the glue-based villain to lose his cool, targeting a bus full of civilians and a particularly cantankerous driver. However, he is no match for the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, and he is eventually knocked out by the Thing. Reed gets a call from Agent Frankie Raye, who tells him that Tony has called the Four of them in for a mission. Spider-Man asks if he can come along, and Reed gives his okay. Spidey uses the HUD in his suit to call his Aunt May, letting her know he'll be late for dinner cause of hero stuff, and she gives him some words of encouragement before the five heroes head for Avengers Tower. Elsewhere we see Simon Williams contacting Jennifer Walters as she is preparing another legal brief for her cousin. Despite wanting nothing to do with Stark, eventually Jennifer agrees to at least hear what is going on, but only because she finds Simon kind of cute.

We flash to Thanos' ship as he stands, surveying a holographic display of his empire. He is approached from behind by Ebony Maw, who tells the "Exalted One" that they will arrive at their destination soon. Thanos asks if they have heard from his daughter yet, but the Maw replies that they haven't. The last known coordinates of the ship she took were an uncharted planet several light years from Asgard. He asks if he should dispatch a squadron of Chitauri to find her, and Thanos waves his hand with dismissal, saying that she will find her way back to him. The Maw seems to distrust Nebula, and Thanos picks up on this, saying that she will not betray him as Gamora has. Even if she thinks she will. He then looks at the discarded armor of the High Evolutionary and remembers a brief scene from the Siege of Xandar, when Nebula returned to them and swore fealty to him once more (in front of the Nova Corpsman Rhomann Dey, who had sent his helmet in the cosmos shortly before). The scene cuts back to Thanos who reminds the Maw to be on the lookout for the one who carries the Soul Stone too, though he suspects in the end he will come to them. Thanos then dismisses his servant, before turning to a stone statue of Lady Death. He monologues about his love for Death, and we see the shade of a woman near the statue before it fades away. Thanos says that he will get the Infinity Stones and prove his love to Her once and for all.

Cutting back to Earth, in Edinburgh, Scotland, we see Vision and the Scarlet Witch sharing a moment together. Vision, as opposed to the many times we have seen him before, is disguised as close to a normal human as he can be. Wanda comes from behind him, embracing him and asking him what he is thinking right now. Vision muses that she is the telepath and should be able to sense his thoughts. Wanda says she doesn't want to, because the thoughts he has are not what she wants to see. Thoughts about how they shouldn't be together. Thoughts about trying to save the world above all else. For once, she wants to be selfish and do something for her, not for Tony Stark not for her brother and not even for Steve Rogers, she just wants to be alone with him. Vision says that is something he wants as well, but he is a creature of logic above all else. Wanda senses something else bothering him, and this is confirmed when he feels the Mind Stone in his head painfully afflicting him. She asks what is happening and Vision says he isn't sure. All he knows is that, for now, it is far away, and that in the here and now, all he wants to focus on is them, before they begin making love again on the bed. Cut to an hour later, when Vision and Wanda are heading to the train station. Wanda says she really should go, and Vision tells her to stay. She says she can't turn herself into Stark, and Vision clarifies that he wants her to stay with him, here. Before any further words can be made, Vision is attacked from behind by one of Thanos' black Order, Proxima Midnight, who stabs him through the chest with a blade. Wanda goes to defend him but she is blasted from behind with the axe of Cull Obsidian. Proixma remarks that this is all to easy, and that Glaive may not need the backup to take out the wizard. She goes to grab the Mind Stone from Vision's head, and begins to try and pry it out. Wanda runs past Obsidian, using her powers to grab his axe and fling it from his hands, knocking Midnight off of Vision. The two reconnect and flee the area, trying to escape.

They run down an alley, Vision having reverted to his natural form. He claims that the blade is preventing him from phasing or repairing himself at the moment. He implores Wanda to leave him, but she refuses, standing her ground when Proxima and Obsidian corner them. Wanda stands ready to hold them off, fighting Proxima hand to hand while Obsidian blocks their exit. Wanda manages to use her powers to toss Proxima on a rooftop, at which point Obsidian bears down with his axe. He gets blasted away by Vision, who grabs Wanda and tries to fly away, only to be smacked down by the tossed axe of Obsidian. The two lovers land in the city square, trying to gather their surroundings, only for Proxima to jump down and try and stab them with her blades, which are no attached to a bo staff. Wanda shields the incoming attack, only to have her shield broken by Obsidian's axe. Vision blasts at Obsidian again with the Mind Stone, but Proxima blocks it with another blade and resumes trying to pry the stone from Vision's forehead. Wanda vainly tries to use her powers, but Obsidian smashes her hand, breaking it. Before Proxima can succeed though, a blur of air rushes by her, spinning her around and knocking her down. Cull looks around, unable to see the incoming, before he to his hit by the blur, knocked through the wall of the nearby train station. Wanda looks up and sees Pietro smiling down at her, saying that he thought he told her to stay out of trouble. He helps Wanda up and the two of them stare down Proxima as Vision limps to their side. Proxima admits they are impressive before activating a switch on her wrist, causing several Chitauri to beam down from a ship overhead. Pietro, Wanda and Vision (as best he can) fight the Chitauri but are quickly overwhelmed. However, they are aided by the arrival of Falcon and surprisingly a War Machine drone. Falcon says that they've got this, and they even the odds against the Chitauri. Obsidian reenters the fray, joining with Proxima. At one point Proxima launches her spear at Vision, but the android dodges it. The spear is caught by a figure in the shadows, and a bearded Steve Rogers emerges. Together The Secret Avengers, Vision and the War Machine drone defeat the Chitauri, forcing Obsidian and Midnight to withdraw for the time being. Rhodey, through his drone, says that he was sent here to convince them to turn themselves in, or arrest them. Rogers says that won't work for them. Rhodes asks where Natasha is, but Falcon says that she was never with them. Eventually, the Secret Avengers agree to return with Rhodey, under the understanding that they aren't going to be arrested for violations of the Avengers Protocols.

In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Wong and Strange are gathering materials for the battle to come, with Wong suggesting that maybe they should invite some of Strange's more esoteric friends to the battle. Strange makes it clear they wanted nothing to do with him after the business with Mordo, and frankly he's fine with Stark not knowing more about their little brush with the personification of evil as it is. They are interrupted, however, by the arrival of Corvus Glaive of the Black Order. Strange assumes he must be one of Thanos' minions, and Glaive judges him as perceptive. They begin to fight in the Sanctum, with Glaive easily getting the better of Strange in the early going. He goes to grab the Eye of Agamotto, but quickly finds that it is a fake. Strange says that Thanos will never get his hands on the real stones on Earth, and that this world is defended. Glaive says not to be so arrogant, and tries to kill Strange, but the Doctor is saved by the arrival of Simon Williams and She Hulk. Strange thanks them, but She-Hulk replies not to thank her, she would have gladly seen him run through. The three stand together along with Wong, and eventually Glaive withdraws to join his brethren on the ship in orbit. On board the ship, Glaive confronts Proxima, who is communicating with Ebony Maw. They say that an advance squad will not be enough, that they'll need the full armada. The Maw questions why they can't accomplish a simple task, and then finally agrees, saying that Thanos must have the stones before he arrives on Earth. Failure to do so will be...most unpleasant.

We cut back to Avengers Tower, where Tony Stark is upset that Spider-Man tagged along with the Fantastic Four to fight in this battle. Spidey says that it sounds like they need his help anyway, end of the world and everything, and Tony eventually relents and tables the matter. Strange arrives with She-Hulk and Wonder Man, Jennifer ignoring Tony's thanks for arriving and ignoring Reed as well. Simon explains that they ran into one of Thanos' minions, which Beta Ray Bill identifies as one of the Black Order, the generals of Thanos. Thor explains that he has heard of the Black Order in whispers, and that they will serve as the head of Thanos' army. Tony dismisses this, saying that they defeated the Chitauri before. Loki begins laughing, saying that they only defeated a small force of the Chitauri. The thousands they faced in New York are a paltry number compared to the millions they will face here. Tony stares at him and says that's why they've upgraded SHIELD in the years since. He radios Maria Hill, who is currently in an undisclosed location, and informs her to activate SWORD. Hill enters the protocols, and several orbital satellites begin deploying around the Earth, combined with several unmanned drones launching from a space station in high Earth orbit. Throughout the New York skyline, advanced aircraft deploy, all manned by drones and artificial intelligence. Tony says that with Reed's help and refining the Ultron program, they've managed to create the perfect defense against whatever Thanos can throw at them. The only reason they haven't used it till now was because it either wasn't ready, or because the threat wasn't viewed as great enough. Suddenly a voice comes over saying that maybe they don't need them after all, and the group turns to see Rhodey in his wheelchair leading the Secret Avengers into the tower. Tony and Steve stare at each other, the group giving them some room. Tony tries to say something, but Steve says it can wait, they need to save the world. And to do that they need all hands on deck, including Banner. Tony says they don't want Banner, and besides Banner won't get involved even if they asked. Steve asks to talk to him, but Tony again says no. Steve decides not to press the issue for the moment. Vision says they need to find something to do with the Mind Stone. The only logical solution is to destroy him to get to the Stone. Wanda is aghast at this idea, and Steve and Tony agree that they won't sacrifice Vision. Reed implies that maybe they won't have to, if they can find a way to safely separate the Stone from Vision. Tony says that could take months, even years, and they don't have that much time. Steve says he knows someone who might be able to help, but they need time to get him to Wakanda. Tony says he's always wanted to go to Wakanda, but Coulson suddenly arrives, with Clint Barton and Barbara Morse in toe, saying that probably isn't a good idea. Steve is surprised to see Phil Coulson alive, but Coulson simply replies he's been getting that a lot lately.

Tony asks where Lang is, and Coulson says that their man on the ground hasn't gotten in touch with him yet. Moreover, they are being hailed by the President and his Secretary of Defense. Tony rolls his eyes and says this new Danvers guy is worse than the last Secretary, but an arriving Nick Fury along with Tasha Romanoff says that the Danvers he knew wasn't so bad back in the day. Tony greets Widow, saying she's been off the radar for quite some time. She simply says she had a few things to figure out. Tony continues by saying he'll deal with the politicians (also telling Peter to stick with him so he can keep an eye on him) while Steve takes Vision to Wakanda. Strange says he'll travel to Wakanda with Steve, saying that once they have the Stone out of his head they'll seal it away in the Mirror Dimension, where he's hidden the Time Stone. Reed and Sue will also accompany them, to provide scientific assistance if they can. The rest of the group will disperse to various population centers around the globe in the hopes of intercepting any Chitauri invaders that come their way.

We cut to Knowhere, to find the Milano traveling into the spaceport searching for The Collector. Things haven't changed much since their original arrival, and the ship heads for the center of the spaceport, which houses Tivan's Museum. The Guardians, Heimdall, Valkyrie and Nebula exit the Milano and head into the museum, finding Tivan frantically trying to box up what was left of his collection. He is startled to see them, and they ask him if he's in a hurry to go somewhere. The Collector resumes his usual defiant stance, saying that he may be leaving but not because of them. He's trying to claim one of his exhibits that ran away recently. Star-Lord asks if it was the Duck, but Howard chimes in from behind him that he prefers the term Water Fowl. Tivan ignores Howard, and simply says his name was Adam, and he spent some time amongst his collection. Gamora says that Warlock was here, asking rhetorically, and Tivan answers to the affirmative again. However, Warlock left when Tivan tried to take the Soul Stone from him. Nebula chimes in, saying that it's ironic they should meet then, since they are here to take his Infinity Stone from him. Tivan tries to play coy as if he doesn't know what they're talking about, but he reaches into a drawer and pulls out the container of the Aether. Rocket points a large gun at Tivan and simply demands he hand over the Stone, but Tivan uses the Reality Stone to transform the gun into a large squeaky toy in short order. Distracted, the Guardians are flung back by the power of the Aether, as Tivan takes the container and smashes it, absorbing the Aether into himself and merging with the Infinity Stone.

The gathered forces stand back as Tivan grows stronger from the Infinity Stone, adopting a more muscular and terrifying form (something that causes Drax no amount of glee). They try to formulate a strategy as best they can, but Tivan attacks them with energy from the Reality Stone, morphing various elements in the museum into random objects (including temporarily turning Howard into a balding human before turning him back an instant later.) Eventually Nebula says screw this and wires out of her arms and places them on the Tesseract in her possession. She channels the energy through herself and blasts Tivan with it, knocking him back into the wall. The Guardians take this opportunity to attack as best they can, but their attacks seem to have little impact on the Aether-infused Tivan. As there is a standstill for a moment, Tivan gloats that all of creation shall be his to collect. The Guardians seem incensed at this idea, ready to challenge Tivan with Nebula powering up another blast from the Tesseract. However, they are all separated suddenly by a psychic shield, as Ebony Maw descends into the area, slowly followed by Thanos, which causes even Tivan to cower backwards.

We cut briefly back to Earth and see Tony Stark walking through the White House, Spider-Man (as Peter wishes to keep his identity secret) by his side. Peter is of course marking out over being in the White House, and Tony just tells him to keep it cool and let him do all the talking. Stark walks into the Oval Office and is surprised to find General Ross there as well as President Ellis and Secretary of Defense Steve Danvers. Danvers welcomes Stark and his "ward" to the White House and asks them to take a seat. Stark immediately asks what Ross is doing there, and Ross simply replies that he's cleaning up Stark's mess as usual. Ellis gets right to the point: he wasn't informed about SWORD by Tony Stark and wants to know why. Tony says it was a security matter, eyeballing Ross momentarily before looking back to the President. Ellis says that he is tired of being left in the cold on SHIELD security matters, and he threatens to pull out of SHIELD and convince every other government in the world to do so. Stark shares the knowledge of Thanos' incoming armada, saying that SWORD is the line of defense 20 years in the making. It wasn't ready for the first Battle of New York, but it is ready now. After more back and forth between Danvers and Ross and Stark, Ellis eventually agrees to support Tony and SHIELD, but that "changes will be made" when the crisis is over.

Back on Knowhere, Thanos confronts the empowered Tivan and tells him that he is impressed that a being of "limited imagination" could use the Aether in such a way. Tivan strikes first, attempting to use the Aether to warp the area around Thanos. However, Thanos is protected by the Power Stone, preventing the Collector's powers from working. The two begin trading empowered blows, with the Guardians and their cohorts left watching on the sidelines. Driven by vengeance, Drax immediately attacks the Maw in order to get to Thanos, despite the other Guardians telling him to flee back to the Milano. Maw easily grabs Drax and pins him to the wall, wrapping a lead pipe around him and trapping him there. The rest of the Guardians attacks the Maw as well, and he dispatches most of them, even killing Heimdall with his own sword. Nebula, on the other hand, uses the opportunity to slink away, only to be confronted by Gamora. The two trade blows with the Tesseract hanging in the balance while the rest of the Guardians and Valkyrie fight Maw, and Thanos and Tivan continues their struggle with an Infinity Stone each at their disposal. Eventually, Thanos' raw power wins out and he kills Tivan, stripping the Aether from him and coalescing the liquid into a stone, before placing it in his Gauntlet.

Thanos turns towards the Guardians, looking for Nebula and the Tesseract. Their attempt to escape thwarted, the Guardians turn their attention towards the Mad Titan, with Valkyrie and Nebula joining them. Thanos dismisses the Maw and takes on the Guardians by himself, easily dispatching all of them and killing Valkyrie with the Power Stone. Gamora stabs Thanos through the chest with her blade, wounding him deeply. He grimaces at her and snaps his fingers. She is instantly gripped by the power of the Reality and Power Stones, her very being barely tied together. She looks back at Quill and says that she loves him before Thanos, wiping a tear from his eye, closes his fist and rips Gamora into pieces, vaporizing her. Quill goes nuts, blasting Thanos with his Quad-Guns, while Drax and Rocket charge him from behind. The latter two are dispatched by the Maw, while Quill is held up by his throat, Groot tossed to the side in the process. Thanos muses at his daughter's affection for this lowly being, but the distraction allows Nebula to use the Space Stone to its full effect, opening a portal in the Collector's Museum to deep space. Thanos is nearly sucked out of the portal, as are the Guardians, before he manages to use the other two stones to change reality and close the portal, causing the Tesseract to fall from Nebula's hands. The cube shatters and Thanos is quicker than Nebula, grabbing the Space Stone and placing it in his gauntlet. The Maw captures Nebula and holds her still telekinetically, before Thanos teleports the three of them from the museum back to his ship. Unsure of what to do, Quill instructs the defeated Guardians to Head for Earth, since that's where the other stones are.

We cut back to Earth, in Wakanda, where T'Challa and his entourage, including M'Baku, Okoye and Shuri, are all on a platform awaiting an aircraft's arrival. A quinjet lands and we see Steve Rogers, Wanda, Vision and Doctor Strange get off, flanked by Reed Richards and Sue Storm. The group greets T'Challa on the platform, before following Shuri to her lab. Steve is also reunited with Bucky, who has a metal arm reattached to his body. Cutting to her lab, we get a brief technical explanation of Vision's predicament: the Mind Stone is only part of his personality. Severing it from his body will be possible but will take time. Reed says that he'll get right on it, but Shuri replies that he would "only slow her down", deflating his ego a bit. They prepare to start the procedure, but Reed gets a warning from Johnny, who says that deep space satellites have revealed that a large armada of ships is approaching Earth, having just cleared the Asteroid Belt. Wanda and Strange are tasked with remaining with Vision, Wanda to protect him and Strange to send the Mind Stone into another dimension when the time comes. Strange opens a portal that sends Steve, Reed and Sue back to another location to await the oncoming invasion.

We get wide shots of the heroes as they await the arrival of the ships, She-Hulk teaming with the Fantastic Four in New York. Pietro, Falcon, Simon, Clint and Barbara are in Chicago. Tony, Spider-Man, Cap, Black Widow and War Machine are in Washington. Thor, Loki and Beta Ray Bill have taken up positions in London. And the Wakandans, led by the Black Panther and M'Baku, await the arrival of the armada in their home. Throughout the world we see the various aircraft of SWORD. And looming from the skies, the massive Chitauri armada begins invading. We get several shots of the SWORD aircraft engaging with the Necrofighters, while our heroes engage with the Chitauri on the ground, holding them off as best they can. In Washington, Tony gets the idea of taking out the various control ships over the main Chitauri forces, and speaks with Wong back in Avengers tower. Wong coordinates with Strange in the Astral Dimension and opens portals around the area, allowing the heroes greater access to the control ships and eventually taking out the one in Washington, causing all the Chitauri below to fall inert, their collective consciousness shattered.

In Wakanda, the forces are holding out behind their shield, but we see Cull Obsidian and Corvus Glaive sneak around and attack Shuri's lab directly. Wanda and Strange are able to hold them off, allowing Shuri to finish the procedure of disconnecting the Mind Stone. Strange safely pawns it into the Mirror Dimension before continuing to fight against the Chitauri in Wakanda and the remnants of the Black Order. Glaive is killed by Strange and Wanda together after the Black Order member destroys Vision, nearly driving Wanda mad, while Obsidian and Proxima Midnight refocus their attacks on New York. Through portals, Wong is able to call most of the heroes back to New York, but is clearly exhausted from the continuing magical use. The final Chitauri attack on New York is massive and causes casualties in the form of SWORD fighters. Eventually though, the Avengers and their troops beat back the Black Order. However, things take a turn when a portal opens on the streets of New York, and Thanos emerges flanked by the Maw. Thanos, perturbed at the waste of his army, kills Obsidian and Midnight with a snap of his fingers. The Avengers and their allies attack Thanos, but with three Infinity Stones he wipes the floor with them, nearly killing several of them and leaving them broken. Strange contemplates breaking out the Time Stone and Mind Stone, but doesn't. Thanos asks where the Stones are, and Tony confidently says that they're safely somewhere where he can't find them. He then asks Strange how he thinks this is supposed to end, and Strange confidently says that it will end with Thanos' death, a smile on his face. Thanos is amused and frustrated by this, but he is approached by Loki, who acts as if he can get the Stones for Thanos in exchange for his survival. Thor is incensed by Loki's seeming betrayal, but Loki seems to hint that he has a plan through a look. Loki explains that the "wizard" placed the Stones in another dimension, and that it should be a simple matter of reclaiming them there in. Thanos laughs and looks at Strange, saying if that was their grand plan then they aren't as smart as he was led to believe. Loki offers to open a portal to the Dimension, but Thanos simply glares him down, stating that he won't trust the trickster again. Using the Reality Stone, Thanos simply pulls a portion of the Mirror Dimension into our own, attracted by the Power of the Stones. Thanos takes the Time and Mind Stones, placing them in his Gauntlet. For his troubles, Loki is killed by Thanos in much the same way Gamora was, before Thanos and the Maw abruptly leave, saying that they need to wait "for him" to arrive.

Tony asks what the hell just happened, and all Strange can say is that things are proceeding as he thought they might. Tony then asks what the hell that means, and Strange admits that this was the great calamity that he was trying to avoid, Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. He says that the reason he wanted Hulk exiled from Earth was so that he wouldn't die before the final battle with Thanos. Steve is incensed at this, saying that fate can be changed, and that people have died because of his Hubris. Strange replies that there's always a price to pay for any kind of magic. Now is not the time to lament that, though, as they need to get Hulk on board to take the fight to Thanos. Reed replies that they don't even know where Thanos has gone, and moreover there are still Chitauri control ships in various parts of the world to deal with. Tony says that Steve, Thor and he will go to the Supermax facility where they are keeping Bruce, bringing She-Hulk along. Jennifer says she wants no part of this anymore, and goes to find leftover Chitauri in New York. Strange says he will accompany the three to the supermax facility, to plead his case and take full responsibility for directing everyone's actions. When asked what about the Sixth Infinity Stone, and how they'll get to Thanos, Strange cryptically says that he expects "someone will drop by."

We then cut back to outer space to see the remaining Guardians flying through the Solar System, approaching Earth. They run headlong into a blockade of Necrofighters, as well as remaining aircraft from SWORD, the Milano barely able to hold together long enough to crash land near our heroes in New York. The Guardians get out of the ship, getting a survey of the land and meeting the heroes, who have been joined by Nick Fury and a cadre of SHIELD agents. They explain who they are and why they are here (though Star-Lord remarks something about finding a record shop around here), and remembering what Strange said, Simon tells them to find a hero and head off to find the rest of the remaining Chitauri. Widow asks Fury what SWORD's forces are down to, and Fury admits that according to Hill they are about 75 to 80% lost. However, their deep space radar has picked up some sort of major energy structure just beyond the moon's gravity. They suspect that's where Thanos is, waiting for whatever it is he's waiting for. Fury surreptitiously pulls out a pager from his coat pocket and hits a few buttons, muttering to himself he hopes she's in range. The teams split up, some staying in New York, the Wakandans returning their, and other members of the teams dispersing to various hot spots around the world.

At the SHIELD supermax facility known as Fantasy Island, Tony and Steve are sitting outside the Hulk's cell, waiting for Thor to be done talking with him (figuring that Thor, being the only one of the three who wasn't present during the World War Hulk incident, might be the best one to convince him.) They speak amongst themselves concerning the issues with the Avengers Civil War, Tony admitting that he was wrong to back the Protocols and wrong to back Strange and his plans. He should have trusted his friends more. Steve says the same thing, and Tony asks if that's why Barnes was in Wakanda the whole time. Steve says of course it is, and Tony nods his head in seeming acceptance. Thor comes up from the cell, saying that Bruce won't even listen to him, he will only talk to Tony. Stark says to remind him to call Pepper when they get back, she's been bugging him all day about something or another.

Tony travels down the long elevator to the bottom of the cell, emerging to see Bruce bathed in a green light from the Gamma Suppressor on him. Bruce's head has been shaved, having gone bald on account of the constant exposure to the device, and there's a red tint still in his eyes. Tony asks how he's been treated down here, and Bruce jokingly says that its better than being taken for a ride like he was on Sakaar for several years. Tony immediately apologizes for everything and begins explaining the situation and Bruce stops him, saying that Thor already gave him the gritty details. He only called Tony down here to ask one question: why? Tony gives his reasons again about Strange and prophecies, and Bruce says that he can appreciate Tony's position. Then he clarifies that he didn't mean why did he send him off world, he meant why did he not ask him first. Tony says he couldn't risk "the other guy" finding out about it, and Bruce says that it wouldn't have worked like that. If Tony had presented his argument logically and upfront, then maybe he might have been willing to listen to it. He took the choice out of Banner's hands, just like the Hulk did for all those years. Tony tries to apologize again, but Bruce angrily screams he doesn't want apologies! Tony instinctively hits a button on his watch, and his nano-suit forms a palm blaster on his hand. Bruce laughs, reminding Tony that he couldn't transform down here, even if he wanted to. Tony says that they need him. This is a threat bigger than anything they've ever faced. Bruce smiles and says that he knows. But he repeats, he doesn't want to. Bruce then turns his back on Tony, not responding when Tony tries everything to get him to answer back. Eventually, Stark gives up in frustration.

Tony returns to the lobby area and says they'll have to do it without Banner. Strange is beside himself, saying that this is "not what he saw in the outcomes." He keeps repeating this, despite Stark saying that they have to improvise without him. At this point they get a call from Fury, who informs the group about the Guardians. Strange mechanically opens a portal for them to travel back to New York, still muttering to himself about the plan going awry. When they arrive back in New York, Stark meets the Guardians and a plan is formed. They'll fit the people they can onto the Milano and travel to the anomaly on Jupiter while the rest of the heroes remain on Earth to finish dealing with the Chitauri invasion around the world. Thus the remaining Guardians, the original Avengers (minus Hulk), Barbara Morse, Beta Ray Bill, and Simon Williams. Tony meets up with Pepper in Avengers Tower and the two show that they have seemingly reconciled, with Pepper revealing Tony has more than one person to come home to (at first Happy thinks she means him, but she quickly clarifies that she is pregnant.) With that in mind, the group get on board the Milano and fly towards Thanos' platform.

When they arrive, they discover Thanos sitting on a throne next to a woman, or at least what they think is a woman, transluscent and hard to make out. Thanos says that he saw them coming. He also heard the wizard's proclamations on Earth. There is nothing that escapes his gaze now. There is only one piece missing, the Stone crafted by his one true love. The lady silently turns and stares at Thanos, and one can discern a mixture of longing and curiosity on her face before she disappears back into the universe. Thanos stands and explains that holding the Stones together like this will draw out the Soul Stone like a moth to a flame. Steve explains that they are here to stop that before it happens. Thanos laughs, explaining that they should try that with Nebula, revealing his daughter to be nothing more than a zombified corpse standing next to him. The heroes prepare to charge, but are stopped and held in place by the Maw, who defys them to stand against the mighty Thanos. Simon, his powers rendering him somewhat immune to the Maw's psychic abilities, fights out of them and charges at Ebony Maw, forcing him into unfamiliar physical combat. Thanos stands by, bored by the display, as he watches as the last of his Black Order is slaughtered in front of him. As he stands he says that he is almost mortal enough to feel regret for their failings. But he is mortal enough to make them pay for their arrogance. The fight between Thanos and the heroes is a brutal one, as the group try to take the Gauntlet from his hands. To Thanos' surprise, despite attacking all of them in turn, he is not able to kill any of them save for Black Widow, whom he vaporizes. Thanos eventually turns the tide though, and begins picking off the heroes one by one, imprisoning them in stone bricks but not killing them. He monologues over them again, however, Barton suddenly spots a caped man descending from on high. Unwisely he draws Thanos' attention to him, and Thanos spots the man named Adam Warlock. Warlock explains that he had been monitoring the situation, waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Thanos says he could sense the Soul Stone's presence. Warlock says that he should have sensed the presence in Knowhere, since he never left there but had disconnected the Stone from himself. He then says that he found someone who would be able to strike Thanos at his heart, and with the Soul Stone he draws Thanos inside himself.

We see Thanos inside an Orange tinted world, but otherwise in a lush paradise. Warlock's disembodied voice remarks that this is the Soul World within the Gem, a pathway to the realm of Death. Thanos admits he wondered if this is what the Soul Stone contained, and he attempts to use the Infinity Gauntlet to escape. However, the Gauntlet doesn't work inside the Gem, Warlock explains, here his power and immortality is useless. Warlock summons the spirit of Gamora, taken from Knowhere and made whole here, to act as his avatar to fight Thanos. Gamora, empowered by the Soul Stone, nearly takes down her father, beating him near death with her fighting abilities, however her spirit cannot bring itself to kill Thanos, allowing him to turn the tides and kill her. Having been embued with Warlock's power and the power of the Soul Stone. Thanos escapes from the cracked Soul Gem, reforging it with the power of the other Stones. Back in our world, he rips the Stone from Warlock and casts him aside, before placing the Stone in the Gauntlet and completing his collection.

Overcome by this, Thor is able to shatter his bonds and free the others. They attack Thanos once more, but with the completed gauntlet Thanos is unstoppable. With mere thoughts he is able to wipe out our heroes one by one, killing them all in a massive slaughter till only Steve and Tony remain. Steve heroically fights to the last breath, but eventually he to is killed, his restored shield shattered to a thousand pieces. Tony, his armor ripped in two, asks what Thanos will do now, conquer the Earth? Thanos says the Earth has no meaning for him anymore. None of them do. Tony then lambasts him and Thanos is amused by his arrogance. Before long, Tony just asks him to end him as well, the scene eerily reminiscnet of his dream from Age of Ultron. Thanos replies that he might have, had Tony not been so arrogant as to think he could challenge God. Thanos prefers to let Tony suffer for his hubris, and that the Earth will suffer with him, and thus snaps his fingers in a blinding flash of light.

Tony lands back on Earth in the middle of Avengers tower, surrounded by Pepper, Rhodey, Happy, Fury and Peter Parker. They ask him what happened and all Tony can say is that they lost. Suddenly, Tony hears Rhodey exclaim something is happening, only to see him fade into dust, followed by Happy. Fury quickly follows suit, the pager falling from his coat pocket. All around the world we see individuals from across the MCU disappear. In Sokovia, we see Pietro disappear in front of a distraught Wanda. In Wakanda, Barnes, T'Challa and M'Baku all disappear in front of Shuri. In the Sanctum Sanctorum, Wong watches helplessly as Doctor Strange fades away, resigned to his fate. In the slums of New York, we even see briefly the four Defenders disappear into Dust as well. In Fantasy Island, we see Bruce Banner in the cell, a mounrful look on his face, as he disappears as well. We also see Reed, Sue, and Johnny of the Fantastic Four all disappear as aircraft crash from the sky, their pilots lost, and cars crash in midtown Manhattan. Cutting back to the tower, Peter says that "he doesn't feel so good" before fading to dust as well, clinging to Tony that he doesn't want to die. Tony looks up at Pepper, tears in her eyes, before she fades away, barely able to say that she loves Tony. Tony sits in the middle of the room, broken, distraught, and alone, as the scene cuts to black.

Post-Credits Scenes

[Hard cut open to high in Earth orbit, with aircraft and Necrocraft in disarray, and we see a single capsule approach the Earth from afar. In it, we hear a voiceover.]

Voice: Something has happened. Something has upset the balance of this world. The Earth has fallen into Chaos, and cries out for a steady hand to lead it into a noble future. The future can only be steered by visionaries such as myself. Others may follow, but only I shall be at its head.

[We cut to inside the capsule, to see the armored Doctor Doom as he approaches his home in Latveria.]

Doom: This is Doom's world now.

[Fade to Black.]

/ - / - / - /

[We fade in on the forgotten pager in Avengers Tower, having fallen from Nick Fury's coat when he died. The pager suddenly vibrates and we hear a woman's voice on the other end, calling out for Nick, and saying that she'll soon be there before we cut to black.]

Summary of Changes

Due to the significantly different events in this universe, Earth-11584's version of Infinity War is markedly different from the mainline version. The primary similarities are Thanos' quest for the Infinity Stones (though his motivations and circumstances are different), Wanda and Vision having a romantic tryst in Edinburgh, a large fight scene taking place in Wakanda, and Thanos' victory in the end of the film (though several heroes are either dusted by Thanos' snap or killed outright by Thanos and company). The majority of the film is different in several other aspects, including:

  • A reduced role for the Guardians of the Galaxy due to the curtailing of the Gamora subplot. Nebula is given more to do as a side effect of this.
  • Thanos' motivations in seeking the Infinity Stones match his motivations in the comics, rather than the mainline film.
  • Vision has the Mind Stone successfully removed from him, and Doctor Strange tries to hide it and the Time Stone in another dimension.
  • Strange's grand plan or "endgame" appears to have blown up in his face, as Hulk/Banner refuse to fight in the final battle.
  • The final fight with Thanos takes place in a location similar to the one in the comics, rather than Titan or Wakanda. It also has Thanos directly kill several heroes pre-snap.
  • The only heroes shown to have survived the snap are Tony Stark, Shuri, Wong, The Thing and the Scarlet Witch. Other fates will be revealed in a followup Netflix series.

Cast List

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man- The director of SHIELD and former CEO of Stark Industries, who fights evil in armored suits of his own design.
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers- The former Captain America and leader of the Secret Avengers, a World War II veteran awoken from suspended animation in modern times after being enhanced to the height of human abilities by a Super Soldier Serum.
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor- The crown prince of Asgard and son of Odin, based on the Norse diety of the same name.
  • Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow- A former KGB spy and SHIELD agent who is a now a member of the Secret Avengers.
  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye- A former SHIELD agent, Avenger and master archer who is serving house arrest following the events of Civil War.
  • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk- A former scientist who transforms into a rage-fueled monster when angered or agitated; currently imprisoned following the events of World War Hulk.
  • Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes- The former Winter Soldier who now lives a life as a farmer in Wakanda.
  • Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon- A former paratrooper who uses an exo-flight suit in battle; now a member of the Secret Avengers.
  • Paul Bettany as The Vision- A synthetic life form and holder of the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones.
  • Don Cheadle as James Rhodes/War Machine- A former Air Force colonel and Avenger who pilots drones made from his former War Machine armor following his paralysis.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange- A former neurosurgeon who became the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, also the keeper of the Time Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones.
  • Benedict Wong as Wong- A member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts and the librarian of Kamer-Taj.
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch- A woman given powers of telekinesis and mind manipulation by the Mind Stone; now one of the Secret Avengers.
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver- A man given powers of super speed by the Mind Stone; now one of the Secret Avengers.
  • Nathan Fillion as Simon Williams/Wonder Man- A former industrialist who has control over ambient ionic energy and now acts as one of the remaining Avengers.
  • Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/Black Panther- The king of the nation of Wakanda, granted super powers by use of a vibranium made suit and the properties of the Heart-Shaped Herb.
  • Letita Wright as Shuri- The sister of T'Challa and chief scientist of Wakanda.
  • Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord- A human abducted by aliens who now leads the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Zoe Saldana as Gamora- The former daughter of Thanos and one of her chief assassins, now a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer- A former criminal now searching for revenge for the deaths of his family at the hands of Thanos.
  • Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon- A cybernetically enhanced raccoon who serves as the weapons specialist of the Guardians.
  • Vin Diesel as Child Groot- The spawn of the original Flora Colossus Groot, slightly older than Baby Groot but still naive.
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Adam Warlock- An artificial human being created by the High Evolutionary, also the keeper of the Soul Stone, one of the Six Infinity Stones.
  • Benicio del Toro as Taneleer Tivan/The Collector- An ancient being obsessed with collections, also the keeper of the Reality Stone, one of the Six Infinity Stones.
  • Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man- A high school student who gains super powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • Matt Bomer as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic- The leader of the Fantastic Four with the power of extreme elasticity.
  • Katheryn Winnick as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman- The fiance of Reed Richards who has the power to bend light around her and others, creating fields of protection or invisibility.
  • Logan Lerman as Johnny Storm/Human Torch- The younger brother of Susan Storm who has the power of flight and controlling fire.
  • Dean Norris as Ben Grimm/The Thing- A lifelong friend of Reed Richards who was transformed into a rock-skinned being due to exposure to cosmic rays.
  • Gina Carano as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk- The cousin of Bruce Banner who gained super strength and endurance through a blood transfusion.
  • Alan Tudyk as Beta Ray Bill- A Korbinite Champion and Associate of Thor, who wields the hammer Stormbreaker.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki- The adopted son of Odin and brother to Thor, based on the Norse diety of the same name.
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin- The king of Asgard and initial keeper of the Space Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones.
  • Karen Gillian as Nebula- The daughter of Thanos and one of his chief lieutenants, secretly plotting his downfall.
  • Josh Brolin as Thanos- The mad Titan who seeks to unite all the Infinity stones into the Infinity Gauntlet and achieve power equal to that of his obssession, the personification of Death.
  • Terry Notary, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Carrie Coon, Michael James Shaw as Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive respectively- The Black Order and Serveants (Children) of Thanos.

In addition, several other key members of the MCU reprise their roles briefly:

  • Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
  • Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
  • Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson.
  • John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey
  • Winston Duke as M'Baku
  • Danai Gurira as Okoye
  • William Sadler as President Matthew Ellis
  • Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie
  • Idris Elba as Heimdall
  • Samara Weaving as Frankie Raye
  • Marisa Tomei as Aunt May
  • William Hurt as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
  • Cote d'Pablo as Barbara Morse-Barton
  • Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia "Pepper" Potts-Stark
  • Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan
  • Emily Vancamp as Sharon Carter
  • Dan Stevens as Victor von Doom

Tilda Swinton appears as the personification of Death in a brief scene. Matthew Holness also plays The Trapster (Aka Paste-Pot Pete) briefly. Also, Matt Damon appears as Secretary of Defense Steve Danvers, the younger brother of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. The four Defenders from Netflix: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist also briefly cameo at the very end. Stan Lee also cameos as a bus driver.


Critical Reception

The film received mostly positive reviews upon its release. The review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes scored the film at 83% with an average score of 7.6 out of 10. The site's critical consensus reads "Though it occasionally becomes unwieldy, Avengers: Infinity War manages to carve an emotionally resonant and surprisingly engaging super hero film for the ages." Critics praised the film's visual effects and battle sequences, while also criticizing the sheer number of characters in the piece. They also praised the ending, considering it one of the most intriguing to a major blockbuster in recent years.

Box Office

The film was a massive hit worldwide, grossing over 2 billion dollars at the box office and thus becoming only the fourth film to reach that milestone (and becoming the 4th highest grossing film of all time as a result). Infinity War made $678.8 million dollars in the US alone, the second highest of 2018 (behind only fellow MCU film, Black Panther).

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