Avengers: Infinity is a three-part, multi-episode series that aired on Netflix from December of 2018 to February of 2019. It takes place within the Earth-11584 continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Set after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the miniseries deals with the fallout from the events of that film, as well as the intermediary events between Infinity War and the future depicted in it's immediate sequel, 2019's Infinity Gauntlet. Despite airing on Netflix, it shares very few connections to the "Netflix shows" surrounding the Defenders series of heroes. It is notable for being the only television property of the MCU that stars some of the main heroes of the MCU films, save for Benedict Cumberbatch's appearances in The Defenders, including Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Dean Norris as The Thing, and Letita Wright as Shuri of Wakanda.

Part 1 was released on December 22, 2018, with part 2 following in January and part 3 in February. Each part consists of six loosely connected 20-30 minute stories or episodes set in various time periods. Part 1, subtitled "Aftermath" covers the immediate fallout from the events of Infinity War. Part 2, subtitled "Interbellum" covers a twenty year period between the events of Infinity War and the events of Infinity Gauntlet. Part 3, subtitled "Penultimate" covers a series of events in the immediate leadup to Infinity Gauntlet.

Part 1- Aftermath

Episode 1. The Conversation

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode features a brief frank description of suicide. Readers be cautioned if you are triggered by such things.

We open on Tony Stark sitting in a darkened room, wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a black tanktop. He sits in the center of the room, staring down at the floor, a half-empty bottle of whiskey next to him, a helmet from one of his suits of armor, and a loaded .44 magnum next to his right hand. He takes a swig of the whiskey and seems to remember back to events of that week, following the snap. Right after things went south.

We see his confrontation with President Ellis, as he tries to make sense of what happened and explain how SHIELD, SWORD, the Avengers, all of them failed to stop Thanos. Ellis was distraught, naturally, and could not bring himself to levy the "changes" that he had promised before the Chitauri invasion. He is told though that the changes are coming, and they will be delivered in due time by Secretary of Defense Steve Danvers, the man he plans to appoint to be the next Vice President, given that he has lost his...again. We see Tony try to lose himself in his work, trying to clean up the last remnants of the Chitauri invasion force and do damage control on an uncertain world. He speaks with Phil Coulson, trying to make sense of everything, but Coulson is knee deep in trying to keep what is left of SWORD and SHIELD together, working with his old pal The Beetle and her beau to stamp out the last remaining pockets of Chitauri. But deep down he knew he was delaying the inevitable. The conversation he didn't want to have. In the present day Tny mutters aloud to himself if the kid would have been safe if he hadn't of been in the battle, if Thanos never knew he existed. He knew that at least some of the heroes had lived, at least one member of the Fantastic Four was still kicking. But he didn't know anything else beyond that.

That thought was his opening salvo in the conversation between himself and the kid's Aunt May, as he had to deliver the news that her nephew, the one he had promised her would be safe all those months ago, was now dead along with half the world's population. He had almost briefly hoped that she would also have been "dusted" as they were being called. But luck wasn't on his side, as he grimly thought, taking another swig of the whiskey. May had demanded to know why Peter had been even close to this sort of thing, and Tony replied that they needed him, mechanically replying that many more might have died without Peter in the fray. That brought little comfort, it turned out, as Tony thought back to the breakdown in the conversation, the tears, the sadness, everything. Even Peter's girlfriend and her father were there too, lambasting him for his irresponsibility. It wasn't like he could do anything, Tony replied to no one in particular. It just happened...happened because they weren't ready...because he couldn't do enough to save the world.

We also see a brief flashback to his dream from Age of Ultron, where he survived and all the other Avengers had died. As we fade back into the present day, Tony downs what is left of the whiskey, seeing a picture of Pepper on the wall, the wedding photo between the two of them. Without further hesitation, Tony grabs the revolver and points it at his head, the screen going dark as we hear a singular gunshot. Moments later we fade back to Tony on the ground, waking up, seeing the blood on the floor, but feeling his head seal itself up. Tony frantically looks down at the gun and then at himself, grabbing a nearby knife and slashing at his wrist, only for the wound, after bleeding briefly, to seal itself up just as quickly. Tony shakes his head as he remembers Thanos' words, that he shall suffer for his hubris, and watch the world suffer with him. A final "gift" to be spared the sweet release of Death. Tony realizes the truth of Thanos' "gift" to him...he has become as Thanos is...immortal...and left behind.

Episode 2. S.W.O.R.D.

We open on the SWORD satellite base in orbit, just before the commencement of the Battle with Thanos' Chitauri forces. SWORD leader Agent Maria Hill gives an inspirational speech to the crew on board the satellite as well as the pilots inside the aircraft and spacecraft that stand ready to defend the Earth. Amidst the crowd inside the satellite we see Donald Clendenon and Leila Davis, standing next to each other at adjoining computer terminals. A close-up shot on their held hands shows wedding bands on each hand, and they look at each other when Agent Hill stresses that they may not all make it out of this alive, but they will do everything in their power to save this world from the threats from beyond the stars.

Several hours later, we see Clenedenon and Davis each in their respective armored suits as Harrier and The Beetle as they fight off an advancing horde of Chitauri that managed to invade the satellite base. Donald claims that this isn't exactly what he signed up for when he agreed to join SWORD, but Leila is having fun blasting away at the Chitauri, claiming that this reminds them of "old times". As the last of the Chitauri are dispatched, both Clendenon and Davis are summoned to Earth by SHIELD agent Phil Coulson, saying they need to backup to take out a landing party in a remote Canadian wilderness. With their suits adapted for space travel and re-entry, the two former Thunderbolts depart for their destination, as Coulson mentions something about a counter-offensive about to take place off-world.

In Canada, the two find the Chitauri attacking a small village centered around a dillapadated old farm mansion with a nearby graveyard in it (including a tombstone with the name Howlett, it should be noted). Leila wonders exactly how a Chitauri party made it this far north, when most of the attacks have been focused on the big cities. Donald figures that they are either after something or they are just looking to establish a regrouping point far away from civilization. Either way, it's their job to stop them. The two armored heroes land and get the ambush on the Chitauri, but it is quickly established that the "landing party" is a near full on assault team. Both of them struggle to fight the Chitauri, having to fall back into the mansion as the numbers grow too large. Beaten back and trying to hold their ground with damaged suits, the two again lament how they got to this point, with Donald asking if this is fun now. Leila smirks and says they're together, that's fun enough. After a tender moment where they agree to go down fighting together, each one prepares to charge back out into the fray, when the shooting suddenly stops.

They tentatively head outside and glance at the Chitauri, seeing that they had collapsed due to their collective consciousness being destroyed somehow. Leila figures this must have been the destruction of the control ship, but Donald replies that they never detected a control ship around here. Leila asks what else it could be, before they hear screams from the surviving townspeople nearby, as some of them start fading to dust. Leila asks what this is, but Donald has no explanation. He tries to come up with a logical conclusion, only to hear Leila say his name one last time, before she too fades into dust. Donald is distraught, and calls into his comlink with SWORD, attempting to get an answer. All he hears over the radio, though, is static, as we fade out.

Episode 3. The Cabal

We open with a background news report about riots in the streets and nations struggling to hold society together in the wake of an event the press is calling the "Decimation". They are still waiting word from Tony Stark, the head of SHIELD, to provide context for what had happened, and President Matthew Ellis in the United States (among many other western countries) has declared martial law until the crisis has abated. The camera pans out to see a helicopter flying in for a landing on top of Victor von Doom's castle in Latveria. An elderly man stands near the pad and welcomes the passenger to Castle Doom. He introduces himself as Boris, the faithful servant of his lordship Doctor Doom, and helps down the passenger from the chopper, revealing it to be the Red Skull, before leading him into Doom's opulent throne room. There The Red Skull finds Doom looking over some sort of war plans for Latveria's army before the despot greets his fellow villain. Red Skull asks exactly why Doom summoned him here, and Doom says he will reveal all in due time, but until their other guests arrive, The Red Skull is welcome to indulge in food and drink.

The two briefly discuss geopolitical plans given what has happened, with the Red Skull seemingly filling in Doom on the details of the Avengers "failure". Doom states that it is then fortunate that they all managed to survive, a fact that is echoed by the second of the guests to arrive, one Samuel Sterns, aka The Leader. Red Skull asks what he is doing here, given that the Leader commands no great army or political power, but Sterns chimes in that he does command scientific brilliance, something they are sorely lacking in. Doom scoffs at the idea, but does admit that the Leader's proposals, as they shall see soon. Another voice chimes in that he is looking forward to it, and the trio turn to see The Mandarin walk in, flanked by guards of the Ten Rings. The Leader notes that last he heard The Mandarin was stuck in a Dragon's Dimension, but the Mandarin simply says that he found a way out. After more banter between the four of them, they are joined by industrialist Norman Osborn, and the meeting commences.

Doom points out that the world is at its weakest now given the failure of the Avengers and the collapse of the Western Alliance. Now is a prime time for all of them to achieve their various goals, with the only thing standing in their way being themselves. Rather than get in each other's way, Doom proposes, they form a sort of network amongst themselves like the Roman Triumvirates of old. They will each assume a sphere of influence in the world and any conflicts between them can be adjudicated amongst the group. The others seem less inclined to agree, neither one wanting to share the world with the others, yet Doom presents the facts as a basic truth; of all of them he is the only one with a functional army; HYDRA is barely rebuilt and the Ten Rings are shattered. The Leader's gamma powered minions haven't escaped beyond the drawing board as of yet, and Osborn is more concerned with his public perception than anything else.

Further deliberations are held, with Norman agreeing to everything said and stating unequivically that he is more interested in monetary gain than he is global domination. Eventually, after much finaggling between the five of them, the decision is agreed that the world will eventually be divied up into their own "spheres of influence". On that note they depart, though it becomes clear from discussions with their minions that they do not expect this Cabal to last beyond a few years. Inside the throne room, Boris asks his master Doom the same question, and Doom replies that it isn't designed to work long term. It is merely a plan to help get the world in order as he need it before he can officially take the whole thing over later on. He's playing the long game, and he promises to be around long after the other five have been ground into dust.

Episode 4. Wakanda Forever

We open on Wakanda, in the waning moments of the Second Chitauri Invasion. T'Challa is making his plans known for helping the rest of the Avengers around the world, as he is surrounded by M'Baku, Bucky Barnes, Okoye and Shuri. Suddenly, T'Challa's countenance changes dramatically, as he begins to accuse his sister of abandoning tradition, of not knowing her role and duty as a princess of Wakanda. Shuri tries to defend herself as the others all fade to dust along with T'Challa, her brother accusingly saying that she should have saved them all. She can't think her way out of everything. We hard cut back to Shuri suddenly waking up in her laboratory, surrounded by members of the Dora Milaje and her mother, who looks at her worried. She quickly embraces her daughter as Shuri asked what had happened. Okoye explains that after the king...after what happened Shuri fainted...and when she came to the first time she nearly went into shock over the grief. Okoye again explains that T'Challa has died and that Shuri is next in line for the throne. Ramonda chastises Okoye for thinking of such a thing, but Okoye notes that now that Wakanda is open to the outside world, they cannot afford to be without a leader for long. Shuri folds herself into a fetal position, and Okoye backs off, for now, but says that within a few days a challenge ceremony will be held, and that Shuri is to face the 5 tribes for the throne.

In the throne room, Shuri is trying to convince her mother that she isn't ready for this, something that Ramonda surprisingly agrees with. She says Shuri was never raised to be a queen like T'Challa had been. But it was something that she is fully capable of being. She reminds Shuri of the young woman who stood ready to become the Black Panther when she thought her brother had been killed by N'Jadaka. She reminds Shuri of the young warrior who fought alongside her brother and managed to capture Ulysses Klaue. She says that despite the plans for her, Bast has thrown her this curve ball in life, and Ramonda knows that Shuri will face it as she has faced everything in life. But no matter what happens, Ramonda tells her daughter, she is proud of her and whatever her fate may be. They both have lost too much to throw away what they have with each other.

Two days later Shuri is led to the Waterfall cliffs where the new high priest of Wakanda conducts the challenge ceremony, just as the one with T'Challa had proceeded. Surprisingly, it is the Mining Tribe that puts forth a warrior to challenge for the throne (as the Jabari, without their leader, appear to be distraught). A young woman named Zanda steps forward, saying that Shuri is not meant to be the Queen or Black Panther, and that Wakanda has lost its way by opening itself up to the outside world. She says Shuri doesn't respect tradition or customs, and that she will bring Wakanda back to the role it needs for itself, protected from the outside world. The fight begins, as Shuri asks Zanda if she believes what she is saying, or if she is merely echoing the words of their elder. Zanda doesn't answer, and presses her attack against Shuri, who being inexperienced, is nearly disarmed and beaten. Backed up against the waterfall, Shuri nearly yields the combat and the throne, but an apparition of her brother in the background of the crowd inspires her to carry on, fighting hand to hand against Zanda as best she can. The fight is a brutal one, but eventually ends in a similar fashion to T'Challa's fight with M'Baku, as Shuri locks Zanda in submission and forces her to yield the combat, saying that Wakanda needs her as a warrior in this hour of need. Shuri is proclaimed the new Queen and will adopt the mantle of the Black Panther.

Inside the Grove of the Heart-Shaped Herb, Shuri is given the plant to give her the powers of the Black Panther. She is ritualistically buried in the red sand of the grove, and she awakens on the Ancestral Plain, staring at the image of her brother. T'Challa tells her that he is at peace with their father, and that Wakanda must rely on her strength now. Shuri says that she cannot do this on her own, and T'Challa reminds her that she doesn't have to. He will be with her in spirit, if nothing else. Shuri blames herself for not being able to stop Thanos, and T'Challa says that none of them could have stopped him alone. Only together would they have been able to stop Thanos, and perhaps one day in the future she will be able to avenge those that were lost in the battle. Shuri looks at him quizzically, before suddenly waking up from the image. As she is greeted as the Queen by Okoye, she tells her general to assemble to Dora Milaje and to make contact with Tony Stark, they need to formulate a plan to take the fight back to Thanos.

Episode 5. Yancy Street

In the weeks following the Decimation, we see a far less populated New York under the auspices of martial law within the United States. The camera pans up and down the streets, seeing far fewer people walking the sidewalk than you would normally have expected in the mid-afternoon. One of those people, however, is Ben Grimm, doing his best to remain incognito under a trench coat and hat. A few of the pedestrians shuffle past him, and he doesn't pay them any mind either. He glances up as he approaches a street corner and notices the sign for "Yancy Street". Muttering to himself about being home sweet home at last, Ben turns down the street and heads into an apartment building, not bothering to check in at the security desk. Ben climbs into the elevator, only for it to trigger the "weight warning" alarm. Sighing, Ben trudges himself up the stairs to the fifth floor of the building.

He enters an apartment that is sparsely decorated, setting aside a spare key on an end table near the doorway. He calls out to see if anyone is home, removing his trench coat and hat. He looks around with a growing apprehension before he sees a younger man round the corner. Ben calls him Daniel and then hugs him, telling him that he was glad he was safe. Daniel apologizes for not being able to return his big brother's phone calls, but that it's been hell down at the mission trying to keep everyone organized. The two of them sit down, Daniel pouring them both a cup of coffee (though for Ben, he uses a steel-reinforced cup). Daniel asks what happened after the Invasion, and Ben admits he doesn't know all the details. Obviously the Avengers lost, but as to why there was a "snap" as they're calling it, he's in the dark. Daniel off-handedly asks if Reed had any info, but Ben suddenly goes silent. Catching on, Daniel apologizes for his lack of tact, and then asks if Ben was the only one who survived, which Ben admits to. Daniel then asks about Alicia, and Ben thankfully says that Alicia did manage to survive, she's just up in Boston visiting her aunt. Ben's planning on going up there in a couple of days, after he made sure everyone in the old neighborhood was safe. Daniel invites him down to the shelter to lend a hand, if he has the time, and Ben is happy to oblige.

Down at the shelter, Ben is enjoying the attention from some of the kids as he hands out blankets and pillows for the homeless. One kid, though, isn't impressed by Mr. "High and Mighty Hero". The kid's name is Cedric, though everyone calls him "Dee." Ben asks the kid what his problem is, and the kid refuses to speak, saying that his problem is his own and he's the one who has to deal with it. Ben tells him that's all fine and good, most of the time, but a lot of the time you gotta rely on others to get the job done too. Dee, with sarcasm in his voice, asks if that's why the Avengers lost and everything that's happened has happened. Ben can't answer that, and Dee simply walks off back onto the street. Daniel tells him not to listen, that Dee has had a hard life since his dad left him when he was just a kid. Ben nods his head and mechanically goes back to serving soup, muttering to himself that the kid might have a point, if they had worked solo...Daniel replies if they had worked solo the whole world would have been destroyed. Even if the Avengers lost in the end, they at least fought to protect what they could. He then adds that evil only wins over hope when good men do nothing. Ben nods his head again and says he needs to get some air.

As he leaves the shelter and walks down Yancy Street, he pauses and grimaces when he sees the old Yancy Street Gang still alive and well, pressuring Dee as he tries to walk home. Ben walks up to the group, scaring them out of their wits and telling them to scram. Dee tells Ben that he had it under control, but Ben sarcastically replies that it looks like he did. Dee does thank Ben anyway, and explains to him that the Gang has been trying to get him to join for a while now. He keeps saying no, but he wonders if things might be easier if he did. Ben tells him there's no good end down that road. It was something his brother had to learn the hard way, and something that he learned by watching Daniel. Ben refers to them as a bunch of troublemakers, but not much more than that, anyway. Dee explains that they've become a lot more brazen in recent months and weeks, as NYPD have been focused outside of Yancy Street on stuff in the other boroughs. Ben sighs and says he should have come back home sooner, but he got caught up in the whole celebrity of being a hero. Dee does admit that he looks up to Ben, somewhat, but his conversation is cut short when a shotgun blast is fired and Dee is nailed in the shoulder. Ben turns around and sees more members of the Yancy Street Gang coming straight for them. He moves Dee to safety underneath an awning and faces down the gang members, making quick work of them. However, when he turns to Dee, he sees that the kid has bled out on the street. Angered by this to the point of rage, Ben storms off back to the shelter and quietly demands to know where the Yancy Street Gang is headquartered.

We cut to their HQ three or four blocks over, and see Ben bust down the door and begin wrecking the place. The weapons used by the gang have no effect on his rocky hide, and he is able to knock out and severely injure every member of the gang. He approaches the man who killed Dee, bending his shotgun in two as he does, and tells him that if he ever sees them around this neighborhood again, he'll end them like that. The guy stands up for himself, saying that the Fantastic Four don't play that way, but The Thing simply smacks him across the face, knocking him out, saying that he might need to change that. As he walks out of the building, he gets a call on a specially made cellphone. Picking it up, he hears the voice of Tony Stark, asking him if he's up for a little revenge. Ben says he is in.

Episode 6. Disassembled

We open inside the remnants of Avengers Tower, where a newsfeed live from Sokovia is being displayed. The Latverian army, under orders from the newly resurfaced despot Victor von Doom, has invaded and nearly overrun the embattled country. Also ongoing are several terrorist attacks from the Ten Rings, led by The Mandarin, who has also resurfaced. We cut to inside the tower and see Tony Stark, Donald Clendenon, Ben Grimm, Wong and Phil Coulson watching the live feed as they attempt to digest what is happening. Stark asks Coulson what they are down to as far as resources, and Coulson admits that pretty much all of SWORD was destroyed in the Chitauri invasion and cleanup. There are a few SHIELD strike commando teams on their side, but aside from that there's little else. Donald chimes in that he's been in contact with Shuri. She has regretted to say that she needs to keep her own people safe in Wakanda, and can't spare anything outside of some vehicles, which Coulson has already procured. Stark asks Ben if he can get a hold of the Inhumans, and Ben just shrugs his shoulders, saying that was always Fury or Reed's job. Besides, if Black Bolt cared about what was happening on Earth, he would have already shown up. Wong says that there are some forces in Kamer-Taj, but not many. Tony says it will have to do, and asks Wong to deploy against the Mandarin, since he's more likely to use mystic arts stuff in his attacks. Wong nods and opens a portal, traveling to Tibet. Coulson asks what about them, and Tony says their little revenge scheme is going to have to wait. Wanda and Pietro are still in Sokovia, so far as they know, and they'll need help against Doom. Before they can depart, however, they are interrupted by members of the US military, led by retired General Thunderbolt Ross and by newly installed Vice President, Steve Danvers.

Danvers informs the group that the Avengers are being disbanded, by order of the President and his declaration of martial law. Everyone of their assets is being seized, along with the assets of Stark Industries, SHIELD, SWORD and the Fantastic Four. Tony says that the President doesn't have authority over SHIELD, and Ross chimes in that he does now, as the World Security Council has officially turned the organization over to the pervue of the United States military, as they are the primary military force on the planet at this time. Coulson emphatically asks what they intend to do about the Mandarin and Sokovia, and Danvers tells Coulson that's not really his concern. However the President will soon direct the military to restoring order within America's borders first, and let the rest of the world worry about itself for once. Tony says that really isn't on the menu, and his nanotech armor starts to deploy as he takes out some of the soldiers. Coulson helps him fight, with the Thing shielding them from bullets. One blast from a special nanite-interrupting shotgun manages to penetrate Tony's armor, blowing a hole in his side. However, as Tony expected (and to the amazement of everyone, Tony's flesh heals right up immediately afterwards. Eventually Donald is able to get the remaining Avengers and Coulson out of the facility and into a Quinjet, as they depart for destinations unknown. Inside the Tower, Ross curses, but Danvers tells them they won't get far.

The heroes regroup at a safe house in upstate New York, where Tony seems dumbstruck at the irony of now being a fugitive for the same reason he had made Captain America a fugitive. Coulson asks what their next move is, ignoring the fact that he was hit by the barrage of gunfire and is wounded. Clendenon tells him about this fact, but Coulson explains that he can easily heal from a simple gunshot wound easy enough. Ben asks about Tony's own healing abilities, which he is mum about. After some pressure, Tony admits that Thanos had done something to him right after the Decimation, making him seemingly immune to death. Ben says that's awfully convenient, and in the ensuing argument both he and Tony nearly come to blows. Ben tells Tony that Reed should have never worked with Tony, that they all might still be alive if Tony hadn't done things the way he did. Coulson tries to stick up for his boss, but Tony tells him he's right, there's nothing right now that he can do right. He needs time to think, time to get away, and there's nowhere else to turn. Without warning, Tony activates his armor and flies off to seemingly nowhere. The other three, left with no other options, go their separate ways, with Ben staying in the safe house and Clendenon and Coulson flying the Quinjet to another area.

We go back to a news report, stating that the President has declared that martial law will remain in effect as militia groups in the west are subdued. In foreign news, Victor von Doom's subjugation of the nation of Sokovia is seemingly complete, as he has annexed the territory. While the US has condemned the actions, they have taken no official action to stop the Latverian dictator. The newscast ends with a bulletin on the seemingly missing Tony Stark, and the government seizure of Stark Industries being complete, with all their technology and resources turned over to Oscorp. We end with a sight of Tony Stark in an undisclosed location, as he stares at the original Mark II Iron Man helmet, before silently tossing it over a cliff and declaring simply, "Never Again."

Part 2- Interbellum

Episode 1. Moving On

We open inside Novi Grad in Sokovia, with the on-screen title card telling us that it is 2023, five years removed from the Decimation and its immediate aftermath. Despite living under Latverian subjugation, live in Sokovia has returned to a degree of normalcy not seen since the days before Ultron. Just off the city square, inside an open-air marketplace, we see Wanda Maximoff, slightly older and with shortened hair dyed a bright red to try and hide in plain sight. She casually shops through the market, not giving any indication of her past life and happy to do so. As she haggles with the price, we see a blonde haired gentleman across the way spot her, but keep his distance away from her as she quietly and nonchalantly makes her way down a pathway to another building at the end of the street. Inside, Wanda walks into a curio shop/inn and calls out to someone named Agatha. A dark haired woman greets her with a hug and tells her that the vegetables look particularly good this morning. Through their conversation we find out that the woman is Wanda's Aunt Agatha, the sister of her mother, and that Wanda has been living with her since the Infinity War when Pietro suddenly died in front of her. Their reminiscing (and Wanda's curiosity about a nearby book she had never seen before) is interrupted by the man walking into the inn and asking if he can rent a room. Wanda is taken aback by him briefly, as he resembles (to her anyway) the Vision in human form. She quickly regains her composure and shows him to a room. He introduces himself as William Kaplan, a geologist from America, here to perform land surveys for the Latverian government.

We get a series of scenes establishing Kaplan as a young man who recognizes Wanda from her past life as an Avenger. Despite the uncomfortable nature of this (and Agatha telling Kaplan at one point to leave and forget about Wanda's past), the two begin to form a friendship from their shared experience of loss: Kaplan having lost his girlfriend in the Decimation and Wanda having lost Vision and Pietro. She admits to him, at one point, that she planned to go back to America at some point, but when she reconnected with her Aunt Agatha it was a more concrete connection than what she had with the surviving members of the Avengers, especially given what happened afterwards with Tony on the run just like she had been. She decided to leave that life behind, despite the good she could do. Kaplan tells her she can still do good here, even if it is on just a smaller scale. He then divulges that he's not just here as a surveyor, he's working for Norman Osborn and Oscorp, trying to get a layout of the defensive posture of Doom in Sokovia and other places throughout Eastern Europe. He tries to draft Wanda into helping him scope out a nearby encampment just outside the city, in the ruins of the old HYDRA base the Avengers cleared out years earlier. Wanda says she doesn't know if she is ready for anything directly involved, but she can give him a layout of the location. Unbeknownst to the both of them, Agatha is on the other side of the door, listening to their conversation, and we see rings of Eldritch magic encircling her hands as she enhances her hearing for more information.

We get more of a montage as Wanda grows closer to William, his "living" in the inn more obvious as time goes by. Before long the two of them have struck up more than a friendship, though William still seems intent on conducting his mission. Two months following his arrival, he tells Wanda that he needs to fulfill his mission and that he is being recalled when it is complete. He asks her to comewith him back to America, and Wanda, though reticent, does eventually agree. She and William share the night together, but when she awakes the next morning William is suspiciously missing. Wanda gets up and asks her aunt where William went, but Agatha tells her that he left for America late in the night. Wanda can't really believe her aunt, but Agatha is insistent on this. Wanda goes back to the market, somewhat despondent at this turn, but she gets a nagging sense in the back of her mind. For the first time in what seems like forever, she taps into her powers and senses William nearby and in trouble. She follows this sense to a van that is driving off towards the edge of the city. She stops the van, rescuing William in the process, though he is severely hurt. She asks him what he was doing running off without her, and William says he wasn't, he was captured by Latverian authorities. She asks how that was possible, the only person who knew about him was her. William says that's not entirely true, her Aunt Agatha might have known too.

William and Wanda travel back to the curio shop and confront Agatha, who admits to telling the authorities about William's mission. Wanda asks why, and Agatha says that she didn't want to lose her niece again, just like she did when the Avengers came. Wanda tells her that they need to move on from the past, and Agatha says she tried that once, when she turned her back on her own teachings in a place called Kamer-Taj. At this, Agatha reveals that she knows sorcery, and uses it to fight against Wanda, hoping to incapacitate her and perhaps alter her memory using magic. Wanda fights back in self-defense, trying not to hurt her Aunt and trying to protect the injured William. In the end, though, William sacrifices himself, jumping in front of a piece of shrapnel that nearly impaled Wanda. In her grief, Wanda loses control of her powers and ends up killing Agatha and destroying much of the shop. William remains conscious enough to say his goodbye and telling Wanda to remember the gifts she has to share with the world, before dying, as Wanda cries over another life lost. She seems to regain some degree of resolution in her face, though, thinking over William's last words.

Five months later, Wanda is seen in a London airport, her hair dyed a different color again. However, this time she is visibly pregnant. She boards a plane bound for the United States as we fade to black.

Episode 2. Campaign 2024

The episode is presented as an election night retrospective of the campaign in 2024, hosted by long time news anchor Christine Everhart. She welcomes us to this historic night, the first free Presidential election in six years, since the Decimation and the failure of the Avengers. Christine explains the US political system in brief, how President Matthew Ellis declared martial law following the Decimation and the military essentially reestablished order throughout most of the United States. However, this action led to several militia groups within the US attempting to secede from the Union, and led to the skirmishes of the second Civil War, which lasted until 2023 with the signing of the Second Constitution, which greatly increased federal power in the interest of security for the nation. The candidates for office are now introduced, the current Vice President of the United States, Steve Danvers. His opponent is political novice and industrialist, one of the richest men in the country, Oscorp owner Norman Osborn. We see a retrospective of Osborn's entry into the campaign, as he promised to be a new kind of leader for a new kind of America. One that took care of its own people first, and left the world to deal with its own problems. This was opposed to Danvers' global initiative, which would see the United States take a new position as the leading member of a New United Nations world government. Everhart contrasts their two positions, relating it to the recent events of the so-called "Age of Heroes" and the downfall of SHIELD as a major military power in the world.

We also see some of the history and scandal that followed the major candidates. Danvers, having been in office for such a long time, has been surprisingly scandal free (outside of the small vocal minority who accuse him of being a tyrant). His history as an intelligence officer in the United States Army is documented, as well as his seeming meteoric rise in politics, first serving in the House of Representatives and then as President Ellis' 2nd Secretary of Defense. Danvers' running mate, retired General and former head of SHIELD (and far older than Danvers) Thaddeus Ross, however has more than his fair share of scandals, mostly related to his tenure with SHIELD, though many of those details have been classified. There has been a harsh spotlight on the life of Norman Osborn, from the somewhat shady way in which he co-opted the company Alchemex and parlayed that into his own company, to the partying lifestyle of his son Harry (who has settled down with a new girlfriend, though, in actress and influencer Mary Jane Watson). By far his biggest scandal came in the form of his apparent connections to organized crime in New York, charges that Osborn vehemently denied. While it temporarily seemed to derail his candidacy, polls had pulled back to even within a short period of time.

Everhart then shows the one and only debate between the two, with issues ranging from America's place in the world after the Decimation and the fall of SHIELD, as well as domestic issues like dealing with pardons with former rebels from the Second Civil War (both candidates seem to favor some sort of punishment, but Osborn is much more vague with this and all of his policy pronouncements.) Danvers clearly states his vision for America is the same for his vision for the world: unified and stronger than ever. Osborn instead strikes the clear distinction of fighting for American families first and foremost, and putting their own interests at home ahead of their supposed allies interests abroad. The debate concludes with another long monologue echoing these interests. As we cut back to Everhart shortly, time has passed, and the returns from the election are in, as the vote is currently very close, however it does appear that Steve Danvers has narrowly defeated Norman Osborn to become President of the United States. We cut to Danvers victory party, the news report ending, and we see Danvers and Ross discussing their victory speeches. Ross, in his otherworldly voice, points out that the time has finally come. They've achieved ultimate power, now this world is ripe for invasion. Danvers agrees, before adopting his human persona once more and going out to speak to the crowd as we fade to black.

Episode 3. Invasion!

We open on space, with a rocket seemingly hurdling towards the earth. As the camera pans inward we see that the rocket is in reality Carol Danvers, also colloquially known by the Kree as Captain Marvel. She stops just beyond the moon's orbit and spies several ships approaching the Earth. She says that her job is never done with these guys, before launching into an assault. She takes out three of the large ships before she is forced to retreat from the seemingly endless armada, as the Skrull invasion of Earth has begun. She heads down to the planet's surface, taking care to dodge fire from incoming Skrull cruisers as they travel across the planet's surface. She lands in what was once Avengers Tower in the middle of New York, drawn by a signal. She calls out to Agent Coulson, but is surprised when she sees a man she doesn't recognize, Norman Osborn. Osborn says he found the pager amidst the old paraphenila of Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, stating that both of them have been dead for some time. Carol admits she knew about Fury the last time she tried to come to Earth, but didn't know about Coulson. She then scans Osborn with some sort of ray, revealing that he is in fact human and not a Skrull Infiltrator.

Norman explains that he was the Presidential candidate who lost in the last election, but that his opponent (and her brother, as it turns out) had been replaced by these "Skrull things" sometime prior to the election. Carol seems somewhat stunned that her brother could achieve a level to run for President, but then does admit she's been gone for a while. She asks how things have gone prior to the invasion, if SHIELD is still functional. Norman says SHIELD collapsed in the aftermath of the Decimation as they now call it, nations turning inward and securing their own borders, including America. But now they need to unify behind a new hero, and that Carol can be that hero. Carol asks if she's on her own for this one, and Norman admits there's one person who might help, but no one knows where to find him or if he's even still alive. Carol takes this answer as a "No" and asks for all relevant data concerning the Skrull's invasion patterns. She might be powerful, but she's still only one person. Norman says he's glad she trusts him, and Carol admits she doesn't; she doesn't know anything about him. But he called her, so that seems to be a step in the right direction, and right now its more important that people are saved.

Before Carol can investigate much more about the Skrull battle tactics, the two of them are hailed by a Skrull cruiser who was tracked Carol to their location. He identifies himself as Talos, the commander of the invasion force of the Skrull. Carol says she's heard of him, in particular she's heard him referred to as a "Super-Skrull" that is capable of even greater feats of shapeshifting than your typical Skrull. Talos replies that he's glad he's famous, but then demands that the two surrender themselves. Most of the governments of the world have already capitulated, including the United States, but Osborn replies that is only because they put one of their own at the head of government. The countries who's leaders haven't been replaced, such as Latveria or the Red Skull's domain are still fighting. Talos smiles and says that any resistance will be squashed in due time. Carol cuts the transmission off, saying that she has no time to deal with these sort of shenanigans. Norman asks her what she intends to do, and Carol simply says that she intends to win. As she flies off, she doesn't notice Norman turning on some sort of electronic device on his person, muttering under his breath that he knew this sort of thing would come in handy some day.

Carol makes her way to the main Skrull mothership, fighting through several fighters and a couple of cruisers along the way. When she lands she has worked up something of a sweat, but says to some oncoming security forces that she can do this all day. However it is at this point that the Skrull shock troops reveal themselves as Super Skrulls as well, capable of mimicking Carol's powers of energy projection, flight and strength. Carol cracks her neck and says it might take longer than a day, and goes to work, taking out a half dozen or so of the shock troops before being knocked out with a stunner and drug to the bridge. Back in his office in Oscorp towers, Norman is watching the whole thing through a camera he had Carol wear so he could update her in real time. He notices the energy outputs she emits when fighting and commissions his AI system to begin fashioning a counter. He also hits a button on his desk, and a small craft that appears similar to one of Thanos' Necrofighters rises up from a self-contained helipad on his balcony. Silently, he gets in the craft and starts it up.

Back on the Skrull ship, Carol is brought before Talos, who monologues about the impending conquest of Earth. Carol simply says he talks too much before breaking out of her restraints. She says that she's been fighting the Skrulls for the last 20 plus years, among other races, and that she has never lost a planet to them in that entire time. She's not about to start with her own planet. Talos laughs, saying Earth is already defeated, conquest is merely a formality at this point whether she wants to admit it or not. Carol powers up despite her restraints and takes out the guards around her before she is subdued again by a Skrull energy net. Talos admires her spirit and asks if she would ever consider switching sides; the Kree aren't exactly known for their retirement plan after all. Carol spits in Talos' face and he merely smirks, ordering that she be executed. They are interrupted however by the arrival of the Necrofighter craft as it crashes through the hanger bay door, a forcefield closing the hull breach. Casually, Norman gets out of the craft clad in some sort of battle armor, and then begins blasting the Skrull troops with a gun that seems to destabilize their molecular structure. Talos orders more guards to stop him, but Carol takes the distraction to break free of the energy net and fire a blast straight at Talos, knocking him back into a console. She then spots a bypass to the ship's core and fires at it, causing a cascading failure in the engines. She fights off some more Super Skrull, including briefly battling Talos himself, before taking off from the bridge. She finds Norman, grabs him rather unceremoniously and takes him back to Earth as the Skrull mothership explodes.

Back at the Oscorp Tower, Carol thanks Norman for his assistance, and Norman says he was happy to oblige. But every investment needs a return, he mutters, before flipping a switch on his gun and firing it at Carol, severely hurting her. He says the gun will interfere with her ability to draw energy from the area around her, something which she has survived on for quite some time. When she tries to rally her reserves to attack again, Norman fires the gun a second time and knocks her out, before ordering his guards to take her to the lab for "further testing."

In the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, we see Christine Everhart on screen, speaking about the failure of the US government to stop it. She also covers Norman Osborn, the hero who survived, being sworn in as the new President of the United States at the insistence of Congress. There is also a memorial service held for Carol Danvers, whom Norman Osborn refers to as the greatest hero Earth never knew.

Episode 4. Hunted

We open on a dream sequence, as we see Clint Barton outside in his farm, teaching his daughter Lila archery. At first it seems like Lila has not inherited her father's aptitude for the art, but some coaching from Clint eventually causes her to hit her first bullseye on the target. When she turns around to get congratulations from her father though, he is suddenly missing. Lila frantically turns back to the house and sees her mother and two brothers standing there, each one fading into dust before her very eyes. The dream suddenly ends and we hard cut back to the present where we see Lila Barton awake, ten years older and more the worse for wear. She slowly sighs at the nightmare and tries to forget the bad dreams before she leaves the abandoned hotel she was staying at. She crosses through the desert on an ATV, crossing into an area still marked from the Second American Civil War as the "Republic of California." As she dismounts the ATV at a gas station, we see the bow and arrow kept on the back of the vehicle, and a quiver loaded with arrows. She fills up the machine and fends off stares from a couple of bikers who eyeball her. When she goes to pay they try to cut of her exit, only to quickly and silently be the recipients of a broken arm and a broken jaw and nose. Lila silently pays and then returns to her ATV, continuing on to her destination.

Some time later the ATV comes to a stop outside of a small town. Lila looks at a scrap of paper, a note from a reliable source of hers about Skrull infiltrators holed up inside what used to be this suburban California town. She dismounts the ATV, hiding it in a bush before heading into town on foot. To the untrained eye, the town looks like any other might prior to the Decimation, with people simply attempting to go about their lives without much of a care in the world. However, the people seem to move a bit quicker, their steps just a few paces faster than what they might have been a decade earlier. Lila stops at a small diner in town, taking up residence in a booth and watches a woman at the counter with honed eagle eye sight. She pulls out the paper again, matching the woman to the picture she carries. The woman moves about the diner with little change to her routine...again to the untrained eye. Yet Lila can tell that she's noticed her in the corner, and is quickly trying to find a way to leave the diner as soon as she can. Right on cue, the woman speaks to her boss about her son having a dentist's appointment that afternoon, and that she'll work a double shift the following day to make up time. The boss waves it off with a smile and the woman leaves the diner in a hurry. Lila sticks around the diner briefly, having got a make and model of her car, before leaving a tip at the booth and walking off. She quickly heads to the address she had been given and watches the woman and her five year old son getting into their car. The boy has blonde hair, just like his mother, and he doesn't appear to be heading to the dentist if the amount of luggage they're carrying is any indication. Unaware of her own surroundings, Lila starts to head for the woman, her hand reflexively reaching for her bow and arrow on her back. However, she is suddenly caught off guard by an unseen force that forces her to the ground. A being dressed similarly to the old hero Ant-Man suddenly appears from seemingly nowhere, holding Lila in a hammerlock. Lila tries to break free, saying that she's trying to capture a Skrull infiltrator, but the woman refuses to let go. In the confusion, the woman and her son quickly get in their car and drive off, as Lila is finally let up. The other woman, introducing herself as Stature, tells Lila to leave this town and never come back.

Lila is incensed at Stature's interference, saying that she had intelligence that the woman is a leftover Skrull infiltrator. Stature, the grown up Cassie Lang, replies that she's known Regina Altman for some time, and that she isn't a Skrull. Lila swears by her intelligence, but then asks about the boy, given that her intelligence did not mention there was a child involved. Cassie is a bit taken aback by this line of questioning, and attempts to change the subject, identifying the bow and arrow on Cassie's back as something that used to belong to a guy her father knew. Lila smirks and says that explains the shrinking tech; she must be Scott Lang's daughter, since no one else is known to have been connected to the Pym's following the Decimation. Cassie does confess to being Ant-Man's daughter, explaining that after the Decimation she was alone, and eventually found the notes of Bill Foster and Hank Pym about the Ant-Man technology. With that, as well as a rudimentary copy of the suit her father had made, she managed to duplicate the size-changing technology, but not the ability to control insects. She then repeats her warning to Lila to leave the town now. Lila repeats that she's on government business, and Cassie laughs, saying the government barely exists out in the western states now. Osborn's attempts to seize power following the exposure of President Danvers has rekindled the spirits of rebellion in some of the states, and a third American Civil War is brewing at the moment. Barton doesn't care about that now, she just needs to either verify her intelligence or not. If the woman isn't a Skrull, she has nothing to worry about. Cassie says it doesn't work that way, but something about Lila's demeanor makes her more receptive to helping Lila. She says she will aid Lila in what she wants, but she has to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions. Cassie pulls out a cellphone and dials a number, telling "Regina" that everything is okay and she can come home. Lila watches as the car pulls back around the block a few minutes later, and is surprised to see that it is not the woman who is the Skrull, but the child in the backseat who has Skrull-like features on his face.

Despite Lila's desire to fulfill her mission, she listens to Regina's story about her son, named Theodore (though the boy demands to be called Teddy.) His father had been a big energy executive before the Skrull Invasion, and unbeknownst to the woman he had been replaced by a Skrull infiltrator. However that Skrull was different from the others, and fell in love with Regina. Maintaining his identity even during the Invasion, the Skrull and Regina were eventually married and Teddy was born shortly thereafter. It was only then, when Teddy was showing the signs of his Skrull heritage, that the man came clean about his own past. At first Regina had rejected him, but after seeing how he cared for the young boy, decided to try and make it work. Unfortunately, an angry mob had found out about her husband (without knowing about Teddy) and had lynched him before they knew what had happened. Regina used the cover story that Teddy was in fact the son of her niece, who was away at school. Cassie chimes in and says that since she arrived here several months earlier, she's been trying to look out for the kid, as he sometimes has trouble hiding his Skrull features behind a human face. Lila says she understands and feels sympathy for the kid, and she deeply apologizes for what is about to happen. She says she was being tracked this whole time by government agents outside of town, and that they should arrive at any moment. Lila says, however, that she's tired of working against the people. And she agrees to stand with Cassie and Regina to fight off the soldiers. The two of them tell Regina and Teddy to hide, despite the child saying that he can help. Regina orders him to stay behind some boxes as the soldiers come marching into the warehouse where they tracked Lila to. They tell her job well done and to stand down, but Lila says she won't do that anymore. Effective immediately, she quits. The soldiers quickly turn on her and Stature, but the two heroines are able to take them out with only a small degree of difficulty. However, one of the soldiers manages to get a shot off that hits Regina in the head, killing her instantly. Lila and Cassie are momentarily frozen by the action, long enough for the surviving soldiers to get the drop on them. However they are thwarted by an Inhuman cry from behind the boxes, and a large Bengal tiger jumping from behind, landing on one of the soldiers and in one fell swoop ripping his throat out with his claws. The soldiers fumble to reload their guns, but Cassie and Lila break free and dispatch the remaining troops as the tiger transforms into a large T-Rex and stomps through the warehouse in anger, finishing off the last soldiers. The animals reverts back into the five year old Teddy, crying in anguish staring at his dead mother. Lila and Cassie can only comfort him before we fade to black of innocence lost.

Episode 5. The Last Teacher

We open on the abandoned halls of Kamer-Taj. Where once students of the mystic arts roamed this sanctuary, now only dust and debris gather. Evidence of fights long since past and friends long gone still haunt the corridors like shades of a distant memory; a deja vu recalled briefly and then dismissed just as quickly. In the library of this once hallowed place, Wong sits, the sight of reading glasses on his face the only suggestion of age and time taking their tole. He continues to read through an ancient tome, the symbols of which almost appear Asgardian in nature. Lost history and powers of the Vishanti, barely understood. He reads about a creature known simply as a Devourer of Worlds, when he hears a female voice off in the distance, crying out for a hello. Worried but curious, Wong puts down the book and sticks close to the shadows. He approaches the voice tentatively, only coming out to greet it when he sees that it belongs to former Avenger Wanda Maximoff. He asks her why she has come to Kamer-Taj, and Wanda explains she needs help teaching someone, and Wong is the only person who can do it. She reveals her seven year old son, William, behind her, saying he wants to be trained in the Mystic Arts. Wong at first tries to dismiss this away, saying that he is incapable of teaching anyone, but Wanda (and to a lesser extent William) persist. Wanda explains that her Great Aunt Agatha had at one time spoken of a place called Kamer-Taj, and asks Wong if he knew her. Wong humorously asks how old she thinks he is, before admitting that he had heard of a student named Agatha who had left Kamer-Taj many years before he got there. Wong explains that he is surprised that they found him here, for the last several years he's focused his own mystical energies on hiding the library here at Kamer-Taj from one of the few remaining sorcerers left on Earth, Karl Mordo.

Wong briefly explains Mordo's backstory as a teacher to and eventual rival of Doctor Strange, and how he became a servant of the Faltine entity Mephisto and his son Blackheart some years before the Decimation of Thanos. He also explains that Mordo has made it his mission in life to wipe out the Masters of the Mystic Arts, and with no Sorcerer Supreme to protect them, he made quick work of what students he had. The last few years Wong has been here, simply protecting the information in the library from Mordo or any like him, like Mandarin, who could use it to conquer the Earth. William enthusiastically chimes in, saying he could be the Sorcerer Supreme, which Wong humors but immediately dismisses. He again reiterates that there's not much he can teach anyone, but William insists on showing him what he's learned from his Aunt Agatha's spellbooks. He demonstrates rudimentary Eldritch magic, and Wong is somewhat impressed given that he is entirely self-taught according to his mother. He asks Wanda if William inherited his powers, but Wanda says that he has only shown limited telekinetic and empathic abilities thus far. After more cajoling, Wong agrees to "show him a few pointers."

Over the next few weeks Wong teaches William the basic forms of the Mystic Arts, remarking that he has just as much natural talent for it as Stephen once had. He also becomes closer friends with Wanda as she watches over the two of them forming a closer relationship. At one point, William is exploring the monastary and is warned by Wong not to travel into the catacombs beneath the library, as it contains powerful mystical energies. Sometime later, after demonstrating how to use a sling ring for the first time (something that William initially has trouble with), an alarm sounds in Kamer-Taj that had not sounded for many years. Wong says it is Mordo coming for them, and he leads Wanda and William deeper into the library, into a spherical room. He tells them to hide in a secret chamber, only to show that the chamber is in fact the portal to the London Sanctum. Wong seals the portal shut and goes to face Mordo alone in the courtyard. Upon seeing his former comrade, Mordo greets Wong with feigned sincerity, asking where his old counterpart Doctor Strange was. Wong says Mordo knows full well what happened to the Earth, and that he should have stayed in Purgatory with his demonic masters. Mordo says he no longer serves Mephisto...he hasn't for ages. He only serves himself now, like every other sorcerer in existence. He says the world is slowly dying due to Strange's own arrogance and misuse of magic, and all that is left to do is gain whatever you can before the end. He asks Wong who else is here with him, as he has sensed great magic here. Wong replies that there is no one but himself. Back in London, William struggles to reopen the portal and Wanda attempts to aide him, but William says the portal is one-way, controlled from the other side. He looks down at the Sling Ring on his hands and attempts to open a portal to Kamer-Taj, Wanda looking on worried.

Back in the courtyard, Wong is barely holding out against the more experienced and powerful Mordo. Mordo says he wishes he still had the Wand of Watoomb, so that he could strip Wong of his powers. As Wong's shield falls Mordo smiles and says that stripping him of his life will have to suffice instead. He is interrupted however by a portal opening. Wong mutters under his breath a whispered "no" before falling unconscious in Mordo's arms. William and Wanda come through the portal, staring down Mordo. Mordo is amused by the young boy's presence, seeing the sling ring on his hands, and mockingly asks if this is the great student that Wong has been teaching. Wanda steps in front of her son, who maintains his Eldritch shields, and tells him that it's her that he's after. Mordo laughs and shakes his head, saying he knows all about the so-called Witch. Wanda tells William to run, and though he protests he eventually listens to his mother. Wanda fights with Mordo and the sorcerer is beaten back by her telekinetic abilities. Eventually though Mordo tries to kill the unconscious Wong, forcing Wanda into a bad position and allowing him to get the upper hand on her, causing a pillar to fall on her and break her leg. With Wanda laid up, Mordo again gloats, only to be hit from behind by a rock thrown by William. Wanda yells at him to run away, but Mordo tells her its no use. There's no place he can hide here or otherwise. Williams goads him into following him deeper into Kamer-Taj as Wong starts to come to. Mordo descends into the catacombs under the monastery after William, who we see near a wall carving of a Three-Faced Entity. Mordo taunts the young man, saying that even he didn't dare to descend this far into the catacombs. The magic here is far too powerful to contain, Mordo claims, but William shouts back that he isn't afraid. He confronts Mordo in an open area, holding a similar weapon to the Staff of the Living Tribunal that Mordo used to use. Mordo smirks and taunts the boy again, but is taken aback when he briefly sees a reflection of an older teenager as the young child charges ahead. Mordo easily dispatches William, however, taking the staff from him and knocking him against a glass case where raw magic seems to swirl upward from an exposed leyline. Wong enters the Catacombs, closely followed by a limping Scarlet Witch, and delay Mordo briefly, but are defeated once more. However, before Mordo can deliver a killing blow, William removes the glass case and taps into the raw mana. A spectre of his teenage self appears before Mordo, fighting him silently and easily besting him with raw power, before fading back into the Ether, William collapsing from the strain. Wong blinks several times, saying William is a descendant of the Vishanti. Mordo tries to dismiss this, but is silenced once and for all by the disregarded Wanda, who takes some of the shards of glass and stabs Mordo through the chest with them.

As William lie in his bed, sleeping off his ordeal, Wanda asks Wong what that experience means, and what being a descendant of the Vishanti entails. Wong repeats he isn't entirely sure, but whatever the future holds, it means that William will have a hand in shaping it. And it is their duty to teach and protect him as the next Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

Episode 6. Anniversary

We open on a panoramic shot of Times Square in New York City, in 2038. The New York of the future looks mostly similar to the New York of the past, albeit with some holographic displays instead of television screens. We see the various people, more than their would have been a while ago but nowhere near as many 20 years ago, going about their daily lives with no thought to the crumbling world around them. On the various screens we see different news feeds about significant events: the world's population rebounding to above 5 billion for the first time since the Decimation and the Skrull Invasion, the escalating war between the forces of Latveria and the unified front of HYDRA based in western Europe, and the recent renewal by the United States Congress of Norman Osborn as President for life in the US. Shortly after that feed, a related story is made of a museum opening in New York, chronicling the 20th anniversary of the Decimation and the end of the so-called Age of Heroes, as well as the sacrifice of "ordinary Americans" during the hard years that followed up to the Skrull Incursion. Like many of the stories there is a tinge of propaganda, as the state-backed media decries the actions of the still fugitive Tony Stark, while lamenting the death of some All-American heroes, such as Steve Rogers. There is even doctored footage of Norman Osborn and Steve Rogers together "planning" the defense of the city.

We cut to the afore mentioned museum, where tour guides are leading eager groups of tourists, veterans and schoolchildren through the various points of history, chronicling things as minute as the destruction of Harlem by the Hulk to the major events like the Battle of New York. Individual heroes (minus Stark, it should be noted) are given their own special sections, including one set up for Carol Danvers, though the museum mislabels her as Ms. Marvel as opposed to Captain Marvel. Into this exhibit we see a Pakistani teenager running full tilt through the crowd of people marveling at the limited footage that exists of Danvers as she fights during the Skrull Invasion. Through her counterpart, a black teenager, we learn her name is Kamala. She refers to the black teenager as Miles. Kamala is entranced by the various paraphenilia from Carol's life in the Air Force, as well as an article about her heroic "sacrifice" in destroying the Skrull mothership. For his part, Miles is happy with his friend's attentions, but his eye is instead drawn to a nearer, smaller exhibit of Spider-Man. Unlike Carol Danvers, there is no mention of who Spider-Man really was, only grainy videos and a few newspaper photographs of him fighting The Lizard. Miles takes in the whole thing, hearing the narrated video about the young Spider-Man, and how he was cut down before his time by his association with Tony Stark. Miles disregards the bit of information about Stark, and checks out how the "physics" of Spider-Man would have worked, in particular he examines the web shooters, remarking that he could build something similar if he wanted to.

Sometime later, Kamala and Miles are walking home from the museum, each excitedly discussing the exhibits they saw. The streets of New York appear to be a more militant sight, with a heavier police presence than we would be used to in the modern world. Miles tells Kamala he'll see her at school the following day and heads for his subway stop. Along the way though, he is distracted by voices coming from an open door down a back alley. Curious, Miles creeps through the door and investigates, seeing a large man who speaks with a heavy French accent barking out orders to various scientists. He hears of another scientist trying to explain that they just don't have enough data on Spider-Man or his DNA to get a firm grasp on duplicating his powers with something called Neogenics. Intrigued by the term Spider-Man, Miles leans in closer, hearing the large man, identified as a henchman named Wendigo, saying that "Mr. Osborn" doesn't care for their excuses. They got DNA samples from the hero's original costume and have managed to make some of the genetic alterations. Wendigo repeats that Osborn wants a working prototype immediately. He tosses the scientist into an area where a large beam-like weapon is pointing down. The scientists go back to work, fiddling with controls and subjecting a group of spiders to the beam's rays. The scientist says they will need further studies. Miles leans in even further and accidentally causes the staircase he is on to creak. The sound startles one of the scientists, who drops a cage containing several of the spiders, with one scurrying away into the shadows. Cursing under his breath, Wendigo tells the scientists to stay put and not to lose the test subjects, as he begins to partially transform into a large bear-like beast. Miles starts to run, heading back for the outside, not seeing the spider creep up the wall and onto the platform in front of him, crawling onto his leg and hitching a ride. As Miles gets outside and stops for a moment to see if he's being followed, the spider climbs up his pants leg and shirt, coming to rest just below his elbow before biting him. Miles grimaces and tosses the spider away, but the motion attracts the attention of Wendigo. The larger man starts to give chase, and Miles runs as fast as he can to try and make it to the subway station. Though Wendigo nearly catches him, Miles is able to elude him and make it to the subway. When he gets home however, he is feeling ill, vaguely telling his mother he's going to bed and then falling asleep still fully clothed.

The following day, Miles wakes up with his mother looking over him. She tells him it is nearly noon, and she just let him skip school today with how lousy he was feeling the night before. Miles thanks her and hastily gets into the shower, though he notices he is a bit more defined muscularly than he was the day before. He thinks nothing of it and goes about his day, later telling his mother that he's headed over to Kamala's to get the homework assignments from that day. His mother gently teases him about seeing his "friend", but Miles disregards it. As he's walking along the street, his mind thinks back to yesterday and the museum, as well as what he saw in the back alley. He is so distracted that he misses a car barreling down the street. Just before it hits him though, Miles instinctively leaps into the air and against a wall, clinging to it. Shocked, Miles runs off before anyone can ID him and looks alarmingly at his hands. He notices small sparks of energy coming off of them in time with his beating heart. He tentatively places one hand on a wall and sticks to it, before continuing the process, climbing up the wall with little to no difficulty. He laughs at the prospect of this ability...and then promptly falls to the ground. He mutters to himself one step at a time, before deciding to call Kamala and tell her he won't make it for reasons. He then returns to testing out these newfound abilities.

Elsewhere, Wendigo contacts President Norman Osborn, telling him that one of the test spiders got loose. They found it in the alleyway outside, where it may have bitten some kid. Norman tells his henchman to take care of the problem by any means necessary.

Part 3- Penultimate

Episode 1. With Great Power...

We open on the streets of New York, late at night. A gang of thugs moves up and down the back alleyways of Brooklyn, picking on any passer bys that happen to get near, with one of them saying they need to feed this loot to a guy named Prowler. As they accost a young woman and her two kids, they are interrupted by shots of webbing tying them up and sticking their hands to the wall. They all look up and are surprised to see a guy in a hastily thrown together black and red suit slowly descending on a rope of web. He tells them that his name is Spider-Man, and he is here to stop them. The guys start laughing at the kid, calling him a wannabe, before coming at him with knives. The new Spider-Man, not really that experienced, nearly gets slashed at a few times. However with his agility and webbing he manages to take out most of the gangsters. He turns around and webs the arm of the last gang member, only to see him holding a gun against the woman's head. The man tells Spider-Man to give it up, and Spidey simply tells him, you first, before sending an electrical shock across his webbing, taking the gangster out. The woman thanks Spider-Man, who departs as soon as he hears sirens (but not before webbing up the gangsters and leaving them for the police to deal with). Spidey swings up to the top of the roof, hooting and hollering at himself for a job well done, before removing his mask and revealing Miles Morales underneath. As he walks along the rooftop, his cellphone goes off and he momentarily freaks out when he sees its his mother. Tentatively answering, Miles holds back the phone when he mom yells at him about getting home as soon as he can, his Uncle Aaron is coming over for dinner that night. Miles races home, changing out of his suit as fast as he can and stashing it up on the rooftop of his Brooklyn Townhouse, before heading through the front door and greeting his mother, Rio.

The two converse about their days, Miles saying school was uninteresting and Rio commenting that she didn't have all that exciting a day at the hospital either. Soon their conversation is interrupted by Uncle Aaron, who arrives carrying a side dish for this dinner. He greets his nephew and sister-in-law, apologizing for being late due to work issues. Rio smirks and says he's just like his brother was, far too wrapped up in his work. Aaron laughs at this and the three sit down to a family dinner, reminiscing over his brother Jefferson, who had been killed during a food riot when Miles was just ten years old. Aaron tells Miles that he reminds him a lot of his Dad, always trying to help people. Miles tries to deny it, saying h's just doing whatever anyone else would do, and Rio chimes in saying that Miles does it without expectation of reward or adulation, unlike so-called heroes like Tony Stark was. Aaron chimes in with a laugh of a new guy pretending to be Spider-Man. Miles tentatively laughs alongside his uncle. Aaron suddenly gets a call from his work, saying he needs to go. As he leaves the apartment, he enters a back alley and hits a button on his watch, causing a nanotech suit to form over himself. He answers the call, and the goons on the other line refer to him as Prowler.

Miles continues his work, spending his days going to school and much of his nights patrolling his Brooklyn neighborhood for petty crime. In one instance he foils a bank robbery and manages to corner one of the goons in his webbing. He interrogates him briefly (to somewhat humorous effect) but is eventually interrupted by the masked Prowler. The two fight, with the Prowler's martial arts skills and battle suit more than a match for the less experienced Spider-Man. Prowler warns Miles to stay out of his business, giving him one chance to walk away. The next time they meet, he warns, will be the last time they meet. With that, Prowler leaves the sight of the bank robbery, forcing Spider-Man to run away from the vigilante hunting police. Miles makes his way home, narrowly avoiding detection from his mother. Rio picks up that something is wrong with her son, but doesn't press the issue too much, merely telling him to remember that he can talk to her about anything. As she leaves him in his room, he mutters under his breath that he can't talk to her about this. He glances at his wall and sees a photo of his best friend, Kamala Khan, and thinks about calling her, but decides against it. Frustrated, he rolls over and gets some sleep. Over the next few days, somewhat overcome by his failure, Miles dials back his work as Spider-Man, focusing more on school. However when he sees some kids in a burning building, he wills himself into action and saves them, resolving to continue his responsibilities.

On his patrol he gets a lead on the Prowler's activities in Brooklyn, getting a bead on his location by interrogating a couple of his goons. He eventually tracks Prowler down to a warehouse just outside of Brooklyn, and is surprised to see Wendigo there as well. As he listens in, he hears Wendigo chastize Prowler for being slow on some type of scheme, saying that "the President won't like the delay for those weapons." Miles decides to just drop in on them, fighting through the goons and confronting both Prowler and Wendigo. Wendigo smiles, saying he's been waiting for a chance like this, but Prowler intercedes and says that he has dibs. He warned Miles to stay away. Miles says he can't, it's his responsibility. Prowler and Spider-Man fight through the warehouse, eventually winding up down at the docks nearby. It's a drag out fight, with Spider-Man more of a match for the experienced crime boss. However Prowler's suit takes as much damage as it deals out, eventually wearing down Miles and getting him in a position to deliver the final blow. Prowler demands to know who's behind the mask, removing it suddenly only to drop Miles in surprise when he sees his nephew there. Prowler removes his mask, revealing Aaron Davis to his own nephew. Aaron tells Miles to run and get away from there, but Wendigo intercedes, saying that the kid has heard too much. Aaron tells Wendigo that he won't let him harm his nephew, but Wendigo tells him the hero bit is overrated, before transforming into his beastial form and fighting both the Prowler and a weakened Spider Man. After a short battle, much to Miles' dismay, Wendigo kills Aaron, causing a deep gash wound across his chest that leads him to bleed out. Wendigo turns towards Miles, but Spider-Man becomes incensed and inadvertently uses his venom sting on Wendigo. Unfortunately, since Wendigo is standing near water leaking from a wall nearby, the shock kills him. Distraught, Miles flees the scene after saying goodbye to his dying Uncle.

Some time later, Miles is seen at his uncle's tombstone, telling him he is sorry for everything and that he's going to give up being Spider-Man. Miles gets a sense that someone is watching and turns around, thinking he sees his uncle in the distance. Miles runs after the shade he thought he saw, stopping short when he sees a mural drawn on a wall of himself as Spider-Man, only half finished. He looks up at the sky and smiles, saying that maybe he won't give up just yet as we cut to black.

Episode 2. Mists of Attilan

We open in the idyllic rural areas of what was once upstate New York, now a portion of the state of New England in the New United States of America. Here, at least, the ravages of the last 20 years do not appear to be as obvious. Any encroachment by man into this Thoreauesque corner of nature has since been reclaimed by nature. The only evidence of inhabitation is a lone small cabin off in the distance, a beat down tractor next to it and a small garden nearby. The quiet scene is broken however by the sudden appearance of the large beast Lockjaw, and the familiar face of the Inhuman Gorgon. Though he appears slightly older then the last time he was seen, he still strikes the same appearance more or less. He looks around and then asks Lockjaw if this is the right place. The dog doesn't answer, causing Gorgon to roll his eyes and ask where Crystal is when you need her. He spots the cabin in the distance and heads towards it. We cut to him knocking on the door, and see it open to reveal the unchanged form of Ben Grimm, formerly The Thing. Grimm takes one look at Gorgon, glancing at him up and down, before telling him to amscray and then slamming the door in his face. Undeterred, Gorgon reopens the door and barges in, demanding to speak with the rest of the Fantastic Four. The Thing regards him as if he's grown two heads, and then proceeds to throw him out of the cabin head first, before shutting the door again.

Gorgon doesn't take this for an answer, storming back into the cabin before apologizing for his remarks, forgetting about the Decimation the Terrans endured 20 years earlier. Sighing, Ben tells the Inhuman its alright, it's just a sore point for him even after all these years. It chased away the love of his life, and left him here to stew in his own loneliness. Thing asks Gorgon if Attilan was affected by the Snap, but Gorgon says it only affected Earth. However, the Inhumans have had their own problems. Shortly before the event, after the Sakarran Incident, Attilan was slowly being rebuilt after Hulk and the Sakaarans had trashed it. However, in the melee that had occured, Maximus the Mad had escaped from jail and set up a guerilla unit back on Earth, striking at Attilan in a kind of Inhuman Civil War that lasted for 15 years. Eventually Maximus was able to defeat Black Bolt, causing his brother's death through duplicitous means. Likewise, Maximus killed the entire Royal Family, Gorgon only survived by feigning support for the new regime. Ben asks if that's why he's here, and Gorgon answers in the affirmative. After some time to rebuild his forces, Maximus has decided to attack the Earth once more, but this time with a unique weapon. He plans on using a Terrigen Bomb constructed in a hidden land in Antarctica, releasing Terrigen Mist into the Earth's atmosphere. This will have the effect of causing any human with a certain percentage of Inhuman genes into undergoing Terrigenesis, but could potentially kill millions of humans who possess little to no Inhuman DNA. Ben asks why he came to him...there's other people who could still handle it. Gorgon admits he thought about going to the human governments, but saw them as too corrupt. And he couldn't get into Wakanda given the current political situation there. Leaving only Ben as his hope. Ben sighs and says he's getting too old for this, before agreeing to help. Gorgon leads him back to Lockjaw, who teleports them near Maximus' base.

When they land, Thing says that he thinks they took a wrong turn at Hoboken, since they find themselves in the middle of a jungle paradise. Gorgon says that this place is called the Savage Land, a hidden world lost to time and the rest of the world. Ben looks out in the distance and actually sees some dinosaurs wandering through the marshlands. Gorgon goes on to explain that the Inhumans found this place when Attilan was first settled. It had been built as a sanctuary by parties unknown. It is powered by machines of alien origin, which keeps a shield of perpetual mist in place, protecting the climate from the cold of the Antarctic as well as the sanctity of the place from human eyes. Ben wishes that his Great Aunt Petunia could see this now. They begin to move on foot towards a citadel in the middle of the Savage Land, Gorgon explaining that Lockjaw can't teleport them any closer while the Terrigen Bomb is being constructed. However before they can proceed too far, they are confronted by several masked guards riding pterodactyls. Gorgon informs Thing that they are Alpha Primitives, citizens of Attilan who failed to undergo Terrigenesis. They form the backbone of Maximus' forces. Ben fights off most of the guards, but is eventually knocked out by one of them, with Gorgon slowly following suit. Afraid, Lockjaw teleports away before he can be captured. Ben and Gorgon eventually awaken at the Citadel, where Maximus looks at them with disdain. He lambasts Gorgon for betraying their cause, and tells The Thing that he shouldn't have gotten involved in this. He goes on to explain that soon the Terrigen Bomb is complete, and the world will soon join the ranks of the Inhumans, with him at the forefront of it all. At that mark, the bomb begins being lifted into the air via some sort of magnetic levitation device. Ben tells Maximus he has another think coming if he thinks the world will stand by, but Maximus dismisses him, saying the world is already at the fingertips of mad despots like Doom and The Red Skull. He is merely the newest one to come along. He tells Ben that the heroes have failed, and nothing they can do will stop him.

Ben merely repeats what his brother had told him long ago: evil only wins over hope when good people do nothing. With this resolve, he summons raw strength to break free of his bonds to face Maximus head on. Maximus attempts to use his mental powers to take control of the Thing, but Ben is able to shake it off long enough to clobber Maximus into the wall. Thing breaks Gorgon out of his restraints and asks him how to defuse that thing, and Gorgon says he thinks he can get it if he can reach it. Using an assist from the Thing who tosses him up there, Gorgon catches the Terrigen Bomb and begins working at it. Maximus meanwhile has donned an energy weapon and stuns Ben temporarily, beginning to fire at Gorgon from the ground and saying he won't stop him. The bomb continues to rise, going above the mists of the Savage Land and into the air above. Before it is able to reach its target destination, Gorgon is able to disarm it somewhat, causing it to explode and only release part of its payload into the air currents swirling around the Savage Land. Back on the ground, Maximus cheers at his apparent success, only to be flattened by the Thing again. Ben plans on capturing him, but Maximus attempts to escape from the Citadel. Suddenly Lockjaw appears inside the Citadel, with the bomb gone. He attacks Maximus himself, nearly ripping him limb from limb and leaving him for dead inside the Citadel. Ben tells Lockjaw he's a good dog, before asking to be teleported to Gorgon.

Above the Savage Land, Ben comforts the dying Gorgon, who says that he managed to stop most of the mists from spreading by destroying the Terrigen Crystals within. However, some of the Mists did escape, but its likely they will not be at a lethal level for anyone who is not an Inhuman. Still, there was no way of knowing where they went. Gorgon dies thanking Ben for his help, but Ben thanks him for reminding him of his place in the world. He asks Lockjaw to take him to that Wakanda place, thinking they could use his help against his old enemy Victor, and the Inhuman Beast seemingly complies. Elsewhere a few weeks later, over the quaint area of a New York neighborhood, a familiar green cloud encroaches over the horizon.

Episode 3. The Last Avenger

We open in the Utah desert, a wasteland that appears to only be inhabited by small snakes and an abnormally large number of cacti. However, in the distance, we see a small city surrounded by a makeshift wall, as if it were something out of Mad Max. Inside the walls the city appears to be your typical American town, however we clearly see this is not the case. No American flags fly here, rather it is an unidentified flag of an unknown confederation. Overhead a small blimp flies by, telling the people to put their faith in The Leader, the gamma powered genius who has aged somewhat in 20 years. However said blimp is suddenly grasped by a red field of power and brought to the ground, crashing just outside the city. Inside we see Wanda Maximoff, 10 years older from when last we saw her, and her now teenage son Wiccan, standing over the town protecting it. Wanda explains to Wiccan that this is one of the last towns in the western half of the former United States that stands free from the Leader's tyranny. Wiccan explains they shouldn't stay here too long, that they need to get reinforcements if they are going to protect the townspeople. Wanda and William walk into a small community center, where a local militia has gathered to defend their town from an oncoming horde of gamma-powered henchmen of the Leader. Wanda simply says they'll have to work with what they have. We get a montage of them training soldiers in the art of firearms, Wiccan trying to teach two or three people the basics of spellcasting (and utterly failing in the process.) This continues until they receive word for a parlay with a warlord of the Leader, calling himself The Gremlin.

Wanda and William meet The Gremlin, a short balding man who appears to resemble a failed clone of The Leader himself. The Gremlin states the fact that he has close to 3000 gamma-powered shock troops created from The Leader's laboratory marching on this town. They are all resistant to bullets and other basic firearms (though not immune, it should be noted), and are about a third of the strength that the Hulk was in the day. Wanda tells him that her and her son are more than enough to take them out, and that they will be the ones setting terms. The Gremlin is to leave this and the other towns in this area alone and never return to them again. The Gremlin smiles and makes a pass at Wanda, only for William's temper to show as he forms a sword from mystical energy and nearly cuts his head off. The Gremlin states that "negotiations are at an end" before departing, promising to attack the town the next day. Wanda and William walk back into the city, hoping that they might get some help from the townspeople. Later that night, however, they are visited by a group of three people on ATV's. As they confront William and Wanda, they reveal themselves to be the new Hawkeye, Stature, and a grown up Teddy Altman, aka the Hulkling. They explain a bit about their backstories, having found Teddy when he was a child and raising him like he was their little brother. The trio have formed something of a family, traveling through the western part of the former United States and trying to help where they can. Wanda tells them that they can use all the help they can.

The following morning The Gremlin is preparing to send his troops out to attack the small town, only to be surprised when The Leader himself shows up to lead the assault. Gremlin is at first concillatory to the would-be dictator, doing everything he can to bow to his every whim. Eventually he gets around to saying that he thought he would be the one to lead this victory, and the Leader dismisses him derisively by saying that the fugitives they've been chasing these last few months and weeks have decided to join with the other two nuisances to make a stand as this town's Champions. That makes this operation a very important one, and one that they need to go off without a hitch, something that only his brilliance can bring. Begrudgingly, Gremlin carries out the orders of the Leader to launch the attack on the town. The gamma powered foot soldiers (resembling mini-copies of the Hulk) attack in several smaller waves, but the first waves are taken down by a combination of the townspeople with guns as well as the heroes who have joined the fight. The Leader becomes frustrated as wave after wave of his soldiers are made into mincemeat by the assembled heroes, so much so that he decides to enter the fray himself, armed with a large mecha suit as well as more advanced Hulk-like beings to be used as shock troops.

Despite the success that the heroes have, they quickly realize that they are outgunned by the sheer numbers they are facing. During a lull in the fight, Wiccan tells his mother that if things become too dangerous, they should begin evacuating the town to another of the free cities left in the west through a mystical portal. Wanda agrees, and the other three heroes agree to help with the evacuation. Eventually Wiccan reaches this point and opens his portal, Cassie and Lila helping to evacuate the remaining townspeople while Hulkling and Wanda fight to hold off the Leader. As the last of the townspeople evacuate, the five heroes agree to stand tall and face down the despotic Leader, taking down as many of his guards as they can. The battle is intense, with Wanda squaring off with the Leader directly and the four younger heroes taking on the remaining soldiers (and killing the Gremlin in rather undramatic fashion.) In the fight with the Leader, Wanda manages to gain the upper hand, destroying his mech suit and causing him to crash to the ground. The Leader, though, taunting the former Avenger, saying he has experience at destroying loved ones. Pulling a gun from his hip, Sterns fires a direct shot right at Wiccan's head, too fast for Wanda to try and stop it with her powers. She has no choice but to dive in front of it to save her son, sacrificing her life. William is broken by the sight of his dead mother, and he lashes out at the Leader before he can escape, using his magic to literally rip him into pieces. The Leader dead, the remaining soldiers flee in terror at the sight of Wiccan's power, but are all cut down by the remaining heroes. The town saved, but at a huge cost, the other three embrace the crying Wiccan as the Last Avenger's body lies on the ground before them.

Episode 4. Panther's Claws

We open near dusk in the Border region of Wakanda. The once lush and fertile ground of the Wakandan landscape has been devastated by near constant warfare, as we see several tanks advancing on the shield in place over the main city of Birnin Zana. The foot soldiers of this army appear to be Doombots, vast legions of android soldiers built by Doctor Doom for his conquest of the resource rich African nation, augmented by commanders from the Red Skull's HYDRA forces as well. The tanks fire several shells at the Shield, but like always the defensive barrier holds against their barrage. From out of the shield comes a simple armored suit. It fires a single missile down at the ground, frying most of the Doombots with a strategic EMP which temporarily disrupts the Shield, allowing some of the human troops of HYDRA to sneak in. Within the shield though, the troops are met by the dwindling forces of the Dora Milaje, as well as the Black Panther herself. Despite the near-even numbers, the HYDRA troops are routed and every last one is killed. We cut back to the Great Vibranium Mound, and see Shuri, aged and more regal looking, remove her helmet from her suit and greet the man in the armored suit, one Donald Clendenon, the former Harrier. Shuri says the EMP plan worked perfectly, but the threat from the HYDRA troops continues to grow. Donald replies that they are working on a way to try and protect the shield more from EMP bursts of their design. The problem is that the EMP's have to be overpowered to take out the Doombots, but some of the new data they can get from salvaging the tech may help. Shuri tells him to continue his work before stopping off at her old lab. She looks through the door, as if trying to find someone or something, and Donald simply says he'll see if maybe he will help. The camera backs into the lab as Shuri and Donald leave, revealing a bearded, only slightly aged, Tony Stark sitting in a chair, simply reading a book, a look of total apathy etched on his face.

Some time later we see Ben Grimm and the Inhuman beast Lockjaw being led into the throne room of Wakanda. The room looks much as it did in T'Challa's time, though there are several screens added to the walls depicting various areas of Earth as they are either fighting against or subjugated by the forces of Doctor Doom, The Red Skull and The Mandarin. Ben mutters to himself he is glad to see the US isn't on that map too much, and he is interrupted by the arrival of Donald Clendenon, who tells him that the US under Norman Osborn has become a third-rate world power. Ben laughs, simply muttering sad but true. He is introduced to Queen Shuri, who greets him as a friend and a welcome soldier to the fight against Doom if he is willing to stay. The Thing offers his support, but asks to be brought up to date. Shuri explains that in the aftermath of the snap, Doom, The Leader, Red Skull, Osborn and The Mandarin met and came up with plans to divide the world amongst themselves. However, their egos wouldn't be satiated, so this Cabal of villains collapsed almost as quickly as it was formed. Of the villains, only Doom had the forces necessary to begin his conquests early, but Doom was also content to play the long game. Shuri suspects he may have known about the Skrull Infiltration before the rest of them, and a Skrull traitor in Wakanda kept the African nation from leading the fight against their armada when they arrived (leading to a thanks for the arrival and sacrifice of Captain Marvel, though Ben doubts the "official" story that Osborn has been selling all these years). In the years since the Infiltration, Doom has focused most of his efforts on obtaining the Great Vibranium Mound from Wakanda, and though his forces have been beaten time and again, sheer attrition is starting to wear down the Wakandan's defenses. Combined with the efforts of the Red Skull to augment Doom's forces, and they've barely been able to hold the line. Donald adds in that after the fall of SHIELD and SWORD, he joined in Wakanda because it was the only place he could seem to make a difference anymore. Ben then asks where Stark is in all of this. Shuri and Donald get quiet, before Shuri explains that Tony is retired, and doesn't do anything anymore.

Their meeting is interrupted by a transmission from the command center of Doctor Doom, asking for parlay to meet with Queen Shuri. Shuri denies him this, saying she will not dignify him with meeting on the battlefield. Doom snidely replies that he was merely trying to offer a customary tradition, and then is surprised when he sees Ben Grimm in the throne room. He asks Ben how Alicia is doing, which causes Ben to clench his fist in anger as Doom reminds himself of her untimely death a few years earlier. Victor informs the group that he is giving them common courtesy to surrender the Vibranium Mound, as well as the fugitive Tony Stark, in 12 hours time. If they do not, then he will attack with a new type of device that will destroy Vibranium on contact, and potentially could devastate not only Wakanda, but the rest of Africa as well. Their choice is to be made at dawn the following morning. He says nothing else before cutting the feed to a test of his device, showing it ripping apart a small amount of Vibranium with explosive results. The feed then cuts out entirely. The group quickly goes over their possible solutions, with the conclusion eventually reached that the only reason they've been able to hold back the Latverian onslaught for this long is because of the shield over the Golden City. If Doom were to get past the shield, even without his weapon, he would be unstoppable. And none of them want to discuss the possibility of Doom with Wakanda's Vibranium stores. Shuri says their only option is to fight and to somehow disable the weapon of Doom's. Donald replies that they don't stand a chance given the number of HYDRA troops supporting Doom. They are interrupted surprisingly by Tony Stark, who tells them that he can act as a distraction while they figure that out. Ben asks if his little condition from 20 years ago has changed at all, and Tony replies that he's still as unkillable as he was back then. If they are going to succeed though, then they will have to get help from an unlikely source, Doom's own ego and the paranoia of the Red Skull.

After getting a location on Doom's weapon poised outside the shield, Tony walks out to greet his would be captor without his armor the following morning. Doom is surprised to see Tony walking out here on his own accord, and he assumes this means that the Wakandans will willingly surrender their Vibranium mound. Tony says that he's here without the Wakandan's knowledge, that he is trying to negotiate his peaceful surrender and a small portion of Vibranium in exchange for Doom's ceasefire. Doom laughs at this, asking why he would take a small piece when he can have the whole thing for himself. Tony points out that seems to be a question he could ask of his alliance with HYDRA, and Doom merely scoffs at this mentioning it is a temporary measure. Doom explains his divide and conquer plans, unaware that Tony is broadcasting the whole thing to the Red Skull in an undisclosed location, who orders his troops to abandon Doom en masse. As the HYDRA forces begin to withdraw, some attacking their Doombot counterparts on the way out, Doom realizes his mistake and Tony's distraction, ordering the weapon to disable the Shield. However, it is at this point that Lockjaw teleports Shuri and Ben Grimm in front of the weapon, as they proceed to disable it fully. Doom curses them and orders his bots to fight to the last, before blasting himself off in a ready-made capsule en route for Latveria. The Wakandans rout the remaining forces and survive another day. After the battle, Shuri asks Tony if he feels like he can get back to his old self. Tony merely says this was a one off, time will tell if he really still is Iron Man.

Episode 5. Embiggened

We open a few weeks following Doom's assault on Wakanda, on an idyllic neighborhood in New York City. We see Kamala Khan outside of her quaint suburban home, simply reading a book and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather that day. She gets a call on her cellphone, seeing that it's Mles Morales asking a question about algebra homework. Kamala quietly and efficiently answers the question before going back to her book, only to be interrupted by a passing cloud over the sunlit sky. Kamala frowns and looks up, squinting to get a good look at the offending cloud and trying to determine if its an early warning of bad weather moving in. However, she is shocked when she sees the green colored mist slowly roll down from the sky, floating on currents of wind. Off screen, we hear Kamala's mother call for her to come in for dinner. She starts to head in, but the cloud quickly descends on her neighborhood just as quickly as it arrived. She coughs as it envelopes her, and she feels a tremendous amount of pain in her lungs as if she can't breath. Around her, she can hear similar things happening to her neighbors nearby. Kamala doubles over in pain and assumes a fetal position as the gas seems to burn in her lungs, before she blacks out. Sometime later, Kamala awakens in her bed, surrounded by her mother and her physician father. Her father tells her she gave them quite a scare, but that she appears to be fine now. Kamala asks what happened, and her mother explains that on the news they are talking about an industrial chemical spill. She says Kamala was lucky, as the gas that leaked out killed at least two dozen people in the neighborhood. Kamala nods and asks for water and if she can just sleep a bit more. Her father hands her a glass and two ibuprofen before her parents leave her alone.

Kamala awakens the next morning, trying to shake her head clear of the cobwebs. She can hear her mother calling up to her, asking her how many pancakes she wants for breakfast. Kamala mutters an answer and wishes the door would simply close, stretching her hand out and closing it. It is a few moments before she registers that her arm reached clear across the room to accomplish this feat. Freaking out as she sees her elongated arm, Kamala tries to stand, only to find that one of her feet has also stretched to large proportions. She tumbles over, her limbs flayling about and changing size irregularly as she tries to adjust to this new development. She stares into the mirror, shocked to see her face morph into an exact copy of her mother, Captain Marvel, Miles Morales and then back to her own face in quick succession. After some time of trying to understand what had happened, she slowly calms herself and is able to more or less resume her normal proportions, before heading down to breakfast. She sits quietly as her father watches the news, talking about the industrial accident and the "weird side effects it has had" on some of the individuals. He quickly asks Kamala if she is having any side effects, which she quickly says no to. She finishes her breakfast and excuses herself to go outside, ostensbily to pick up the homework assignments she's missed from the last few days. Once away from her home, she finds an empty lot and tests out her new abilities, at first awkwardly stretching and growing parts of her body as she tries to come to grips with what has happened. She wonders aloud what that cloud was, remembering something about an offshoot of humanity called the Inhumans who could develop special powers under certain circumstances. She eventually seems to get a basic hang of her powers (saying she can embiggen herself, partially as a joke) before heading back to her home. She stops when she sees a statue in a nearby park, dedicated in memory to the fallen heroes of the Skrull Invasion, as well as the great hero Carol Danvers. Smiling, Kamala decides on a dangerous course of action.

Over the next few weeks we see Kamala training herself in the use of her powers, as well as crafting a suit from old clothes of hers. All of this is in anticipation of her decision to become a hero like her idol, Carol Danvers, as she adopts the moniker "Ms. Marvel" to try and emulate Carol. After she feels more comfortable in the use of her Inhuman powers, Kamala goes out early one evening while her parents are visiting a friend out of town. She patrols around the nearby streets of her neighborhood, venturing only a few miles north into the outskirts of the big city, stopping a mugging in a back alleyway among other crimefighting endeavors. As she stands atop a small rooftop, her scarf billowing in the wind, she spots a robbery ongoing in a nearby jewelry store. She quickly heads over to deal with the situation, stopping the crooks in their tracks and taking the loot. However, she is suddenly webbed up from behind, and she quickly falls over, dropping the sack full of jewels. She looks up and spots Spider-Man standing over her, asking her if she's a little young to be taking up crime. Kamala tries to explain that she was trying to stop the crooks, but Spider-Man doesn't believe her, claiming he caught her red-handed with the loot. The two continue to argue for a few minutes, while the crooks slowly slink away. When he turns to find it though, he sees the two crooks have recovered and scurried off with the jewels. Kamala breaks out of the webbing by growing her arms, telling Spider-Man to stay out of her way as she runs after the crooks again. Spidey says to himself that she sounds familiar, before swinging off to follow her from a distance.

Kamala eventually tracks down the crooks into an abandoned storefront, ignoring the sirens in the distance as she does so. She sneaks up to the rooftop of the building, but is intercepted by Spider-Man, who tells her to lay low. Kamala disregards his warnings and jumps in through the skylight of the building, grimacing as she cuts herself in the process. However she is suddenly confronted by three more goons with guns, who tell her to surrender right then and there, saying she will make a good hostage for the cops that are approaching. One of the gun toting goons reaches over to grab Kamala, who is frozen with fear at the first real danger she has faced, saying there's no reason they couldn't have a little fun in the meantime. As he goes to grab her face, he is caught off guard by a kick from a descending Spider-Man. The hero's arrival seems to shake Kamala from her stupor, and she helps Spidey take out the remaining goons, before making their escape from the police. Once a safe distance away, Spider-Man tries to tell Kamala that she isn't ready for this hero stuff, but Kamala merely looks at him funny, before guessing that it is in fact Miles Morales under the mask. Miles tries to hide his voice and disguise who he is after the fact, but his bumbling and stuttering merely gives away the answers. Kamala reveals herself to her friend, and the two awkwardly smile at "running into each other like this." Over the course of a few minutes, Miles and Kamala give brief versions of their origins, and each resolves to help the other anyway they can, despite the cops being against "vigilante heroes" like them. Miles even says maybe some other time they could do something together other than fighting crime. Smiling, Miles and Kamala depart, the latter heading back to her suburban home. As soon as she gets in, having removed her mask and outfit, Kamala gets a Skype call from her parents, asking her how her day went. Kamala says it was fine, and that she has a date for the future. Elsewhere, Miles haphazardly enters his home still wearing his suit, a dazed look on his face from asking Kamala on a date. His dream like state is ended when his mother utters an expletive at seeing him in his suit as we cut to black.

Episode 6. Reassembled

We open in San Francisco, near the former home and laboratory of Henry Pym, where a small team of ninja mercenaries is slowly stalking the outside of the home. They quietly sneak up into the front door, opening it with surprising ease and making their way into the hallway in the open. They fan out, looking for signs anyone is home, but find nothing. Suddenly, however, the five ninjas inside are tripped up by latent spells on the ground which cause them to fall over. A sixth one in the kitchen turns to see what happened, only to be knocked out by a growing Stature behind him. Outside, three more are confronted by Hulkling, who tosses them out of the yard with little effort after a brief fight. The final ninja, trying to get away, is blasted by a trick arrow that shocks him into unconsciousness. Hulkling grabs him as Stature and Wiccan come from inside the house, commenting that it was wise to move all their equipment from outside the Pym residence to a safer location. Hawkeye arrives from across the way, saying that they need to take this one with them and interrogate him, find out what exactly the Mandarin knows about their plans and how far along they are on the technology. Cassie off handedly comments they are far from a working prototype yet, but if Mandarin has already been attracted to their work, they may need to rethink this. Wiccan, with determination, says that they'll cross the bridge when they come to it. They're going to save the future, by saving the past, or they will die trying. With that, the four heroes follow through Wiccan's portal with the ko'ed ninja in toe to their more secure location.

The secure location turns out to be the library at Kamer-Taj, which has been somewhat altered to accomodate the large amount of technology that the quartet have brought with them. We see crude design models of the Quantum Traversing Vehicle as well as the Quantum Accelerator to enter the Quantum Realm. Several diagrams adorn the walls of the ancient monastary, and we see Wong slowly make his way through the mess of gadgetry scattered across the work area. He walks with a cane now, a pair of thicker glasses a nod to his more advanced age and subsequent wisdom. He greets the four, though is not happy about them bringing one of the Mandarin's goons to Kamer-Taj. Wiccan assures Wong that he is knocked out, but the ninja just as quickly wakes up and, before he can be interrogated or captured, commits a suicide spell that prevents him from betraying the Mandarin's secrets. Hawkeye curses their luck, saying that it took them a while to be able to capture one of the members of the Ten Rings. Wong isn't surprised: since the Mandarin began using the remnants of Mordo's Armies to train his troops in the Mystic Arts, they've been apt to killing themselves rather than being captured. Teddy chimes in they need to figure out what Mandarin knows about their plans, and moreover what interest he has in their tech. They are suddenly interrupted by the voice of Shuri, who tells them that she can give them the answer to that. At their surprise, Wong explains that he used an old connection to get a hold of Shuri and the Wakandans to consult on this matter. Shuri invites the four to travel to Wakanda for a special kind of get together, as they plan to stop the Mandarin's plans.

We cut to the inside of Wakanda, the assault from Doctor Doom and The Red Skull having subsided in recent weeks due to the all-out war brewing between the two despots. The four heroes (Wong having remained behind to guard Kamer-Taj) are led into the main room where they are greeted by Shuri, Donald Clendenon, The Thing, and surprisingly to all of them, Tony Stark. All four of them claimed they thought Stark was dead after all these years, and Tony can only quip that he wishes that was the case. With the whole group gathered, Stark explains what The Mandarin is up to. While Red Skull and Doom have been busy with world conquest, Mandarin has sat back and played the weaker of the three, trying to see who would emerge victorious while steadily building his forces. With Doom and HYDRA nearing all out war, The Mandarin sees a time to strike now, and to do that he has a need for Pym Particles to access the subatomic realm known as the Quantum Realm. Cassie rolls her eyes before saying they know about the Quantum Realm, but Stark says that they don't know about the mutating properties of Quantum Particles. Pym Particles, it turns out, are actually a much more stable variety of subatomic particle. Most of these particles could have unknowable and random effects on anyone who is exposed to too many of them. Ben nods his head, thinking that the Mandarin wants to use them to enhance his Army, kind of like the Inhuman guy wanted to detonate a Terrigen bomb. Stark says its similar, but to what end Mandarin wants to use these Quantum Particles is debatable. Hulkling chimes in, saying that maybe he's trying to figure out their plan, which intrigues Stark as he doesn't know what the four of them had planned. Before they can explain, however, Harrier notes an alert on screen. The Mandarin's forces are attacking Tokyo, Japan. Everyone looks to Shuri, who looks to Stark, who then utters the words Avengers Assemble.

The group arrives to Tokyo via one of Wiccan's portals, and to their shock they find the city halfway overrun with troops from the Mandarin's army of mercenaries, sorcerers, and left over gamma soldiers from The Leader's army. The newly reconstituted Avengers fight through much of these forces, surprising the local populace with their appearance. At the head of the army, the Mandarin stands in shock at their arrival, particularly that of his old nemesis Tony Stark. For his part Tony utilizies a new nano-based armor that seems to dwell within his skin, the culmination of Wakandan technology made whole within him. The Mandarin eventually just shrugs this off, saying that the time of heroes has come and gone, and that only power for power's sake is the driving force for what is left of humanity. Tony turns this down, saying that there is always something left to save, no matter what. The two old enemies fight it out as the rest of the group take out the remaining forces of the Mandarin. In the end, the Mandarin is forced to retreat, and the Avengers win the day. As they return to Wakanda ahead of reinforcements from the puppet Japanese government supported by Norman Osborn, Tony again launches into the conversation with the four new recruits as to what their plans for Quantum Particles are. Lita explains their plan is not to use Quantum Particles, but to travel to the Quantum Realm itself, where it is theorized time travel is possible. They explain that they are going to go back in time and prevent the Snap from ever happening.

Cast Lists

  • Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man- Part 1: Episode 1, 6; Part 3: Episode 4, 6
  • William Sadler as President Matthew Ellis- Part 1: Episode 1, 6
  • Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson- Part 1: Episode 1, 2, 6
  • Marisa Tomei as May Parker- Part 1: Episode 1
  • Kathryn Newton as Gwen Stacy- Part 1: Episode 1
  • Scott Bakula as Capt. George Stacy- Part 1: Episode 1
  • Colbie Smulders as Agent Maria Hill- Part 1: Episode 2
  • Elijah Wood as Donald Clendenon/Harrier- Part 1: Episode 2, 6; Part 3: Episode 4, 6
  • Maggie Q as Leila Davis-Clendenon/The Beetle- Part 1: Episode 2
  • Michael Keaton as Norman Osborn- Part 1: Episode 3; Part 2: Episode 2, 3, 6; Part 3: Episode 1
  • Dan Stevens as Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom- Part 1: Episode 3, 6; Part 3: Episode 4
  • Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin- Part 1: Episode 3, 6
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns/The Leader- Part 1: Episode 3; Part 3: Episode 3
  • Ross Marquand as The Red Skull- Part 1: Episode 3
  • Richard Wilson as Boris- Part 1: Episode 3
  • Letita Wright as Shuri/Black Panther- Part 1: Episode 4; Part 3: Episode 4, 6
  • Angela Bassett as Ramonda- Part 1: Episode 4
  • Danai Gurira as Okoye- Part 1: Episode 4; Part 3: Episode 4
  • Naomie Harris as Zanda- Part 1: Episode 4
  • Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa/Black Panter- Part 1: Episode 4
  • Dean Norris as Ben Grimm/The Thing- Part 1: Episode 5, 6; Part 3: Episode 2, 4, 6
  • Jeremy Sumpter as Cedric "Dee" Dawson- Part 1: Episode 5
  • Colin Hanks as Daniel Grimm Jr.- Part 1: Episode 5
  • Benedict Wong as Wong- Part 1: Episode 6; Part 2: Episode 5; Part 3: Episode 6
  • Matt Damon as Vice President Steve Danvers- Part 1: Episode 6; Part 2: Episode 2, 3
  • William Hurt as Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross- Part 1: Episode 6; Part 2: Episode 3
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch- Part 2: Episode 1, 5; Part 3: Episode 3
  • Paul Bettany as William Thomas Kaplan- Part 2: Episode 1
  • Marina Sirtis as Agatha- Part 2: Episode 1
  • Chandler Riggs as Harry Osborn- Part 2: Episode 2
  • Christina Hendricks as Mary Jane Watson- Part 2: Episode 2
  • Leslie Bibb as Christine Everhart- Part 2: Episode 2
  • Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel- Part 2: Episode 3
  • Ben Mendelshon as Super-Skrull Talos- Part 2: Episode 3
  • Aubrey Peeples as Lila Barton/Hawkeye- Part 2: Episode 4; Part 3: Episode 3, 6
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Cassie Lang/Stature- Part 2: Episode 4; Part 3: Episode 3, 6
  • Katie McGrath as Regina Altman- Part 2: Episode 4
  • Julian Edwards as William Maximoff- Part 2: Episode 5
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Karl Mordo- Part 2: Episode 5
  • Chosen Jacobs as Miles Morales/Spider-Man- Part 2: Episode 6; Part 3: Episode 1, 5
  • Sophia Taylor Ali as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel- Part 2: Episode 6; Part 3: Episode 5
  • Robert Malliet as The Wendigo- Part 2: Episode 6; Part 3: Episode 1
  • Gina Ravera as Rio Morales- Part 3: Episode 1
  • Donald Glover as Aaron Davis/The Prowler- Part 3: Episode 1
  • Luke Goss as Gorgon- Part 3: Episode 2
  • Joe Flanigan as Maximus the Mad- Part 3: Episode 2
  • Tyler Posey as William Maximoff/Wiccan- Part 3: Episode 3, 6
  • Alexander Ludwig as Teddy Altman/Hulkling- Part 3: Episode 3, 6
  • Toby Kebbell as The Gremlin- Part 3: Episode 3
  • Mina Anwar as Disha Khan- Part 3: Episode 5
  • Riz Ahmed as Jusuf Khan- Part 3: Episode 5
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